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  1. Well, that's just it. Whether it be a sport, or not, the SACs have continually changed their policy to extend their jurisdiction over the WWE. SACs used to govern athletic competitions, but now encompass athletic exhibitions, as well. Placing the WWE under their jurisdiction, after the WWE wiggled out of it the first time around by breaking kayfabe and becoming Sports Entertainment.

  2. This move is not new for the WWE. Back in the 80's they did precisely the same thing, which brought us "Sports Entertainment" in the first place and made them tax-exempt from State Athletic Commissions (SACs).


    I suspect that SACs have legislated over the years to continually include the WWE back into their jurisdiction, and Vince is, once again, trying to get out. SACs do more than tax, too. They can and will set Rules & Regulations on any event referred to as Professional Wrestling.


    For example, here's Nebraska's SAC Rules & Regulations regarding Professional Wrestling:





    009.01 All bouts, unless expressly approved by the commissioner, will be limited to one fall or a specific time limit. If, at the end of the time limit of a single fall bout, and neither contestant has been awarded a fall, the bout will be declared a draw.


    009.02 Bouts preliminary to the main event may be governed by a specific time limit as declared by the matchmaker, or to a maximum of three falls.


    009.03 Both shoulders touching the mat at the same time and held for a count of three (three seconds) will constitute a fall.


    009.04 If a contestant crawls through the ropes or leaves the ring and refuses to return, at the count of ten by the referee, the contestant will be disqualified.


    009.05 If a contestant does not break a hold and take two steps backward before continuing when ordered to do so by the referee, the referee will then count to four. If the hold is not broken, he will then award the fall or bout to the offending contestants opponent.


    009.06 Striking, pushing or in any way abusing the referee will not be allowed. After being warned by the referee, the offender will forfeit the fall or bout to his



    009.07 All bouts that consist of contestants using foreign objects which could cause serious injury, or any other items thrown into the ring, either by contestants, or anyone associated with the promotion, must be specifically approved by the commissioner. Including but not limited to chairs, tables, clubs, ladders, trash cans, ball

    bats, etc.


    009.08 Wrestling in the audience or outside of the immediate ring area is strictly prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the commissioner. Wrestling outside of the main arena in any portion of the facility not accessible to the general public is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the commissioner. The highest level of safety must be maintained for the contestants and spectators at all times during the show.


    009.09 All contestants must be on the premises where the bouts are being conducted at least one hour before the scheduled start of the show. A contestant who

    falls victim to an unforeseen emergency situation, must call the promoter and advise him of the problem and the anticipated arrival time at the arena.


    009.10 The ring shall be not less than 17 feet square within the ropes. The ring floor shall extend beyond the ropes not less than 18 inches. The ring floor shall be

    padded in a manner as approved by the commission. Padding must extend beyond the ring ropes and over the edge of the platform. The ring platform shall not be more than four feet above the floor of the building, and shall be provided with suitable steps for use of the contestants. Ring post shall be of metal material, not more than 4 inches in diameter, extending from the floor of the building to a minimum height of 58 inches above the ring floor. Ring ropes shall be three in number, not less than one inch in diameter, the lower rope 18 inches above the ring floor, the second rope 36 inches above the ring floor, the third rope 54 inches above the ring floor. The ropes and corners shall be padded with material approved by the commission for maximum safety for the contestants. Any exceptions to the ring specifications must be approved in writing from the commission office.


    009.11 A minimum of one commission approved physician shall be present at all times during the scheduled matches, and shall not leave until the last match is

    concluded. The physician shall be prepared to assist if any serious emergency shall arise, and shall render temporary or emergency treatments for cuts and minor injuries sustained by the contestants. An ambulance with emergency medical personnel and necessary equipment must be continuously on site during the matches in addition to the physician.


    009.12 Disciplinary action for infractions of any rules and regulations by any licensee shall mean suspension or revocation of the license of the offender, forfeiture of the offenders purse, fine, or any combination thereof.


    009.13 Any exceptions or changes to these rules must be specifically approved, in writing, by the Athletic Commissioner.



  3. Michaels is better than Orton





    Well, I personally think that Michaels has been involved in the only things worth watching on Raw this year, with the storyline's with Flair/Batista/Jericho, and whenever I see Orton, I feel like changing the channel.


    Michaels has definitely been in some great angles, for sure. Orton's been injured how long now? Even on the shelf, so to speak, he gets a great pop every time his theme starts (and it's an awesome theme, to boot). Imagine the year he would have had without injury.


    @ The Truthiness - your new sig rocks, dude. DAMN she's hot when she "says" that!

  4. This thread was like a retarded person figuring out how to masturbate.



    More like a self-proclaimed elitist group of self-righteous, arrogant, immature, circle-jerking punks trying to make themselves feel powerful and in control. Well, personally, I find it utterly pathetic, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. The only reason I'm even posting here again is to let you all know that I'm on to your "I have no life, so I'll just play tough and smart 'cause I'm online, and no one can hurt me" bullshit.


    @ Lt. Jon Kavanaugh - If I were to go to Calgary, I'd waste you dude, so watch what you wish for, you just might get it. You have no idea...


    Now, I'm all done here, so feel free to continue wasting your time insulting someone that has no time to waste on useless pieces of shit like you.


    If you're not a useless piece of shit (and you all know who you are), I'll talk to you later...

  5. Well, this sure has been fun, but it's time to say farewell. I have SOOO many better things to do than continually flame and be flamed. There is absolutely NOTHING productive that can come out of this, and it's a shame Venk even started this thread.


    Nonetheless, I know he did it because no one can seem to refrain themselves from posting off topic in the WWE Folder, and I can't blame him for that.


    So, the next time you disagree with my opinion, and you feel a personal attack is necessary, post it here, please. Hell, some of you may want to bookmark it for easy access.


    It's amazing how I can get so many people riled up in so short a time, and so fucking easy, too.


    See ya around!

  6. I remember, once upon a time, when there was a thread in NHB calling someone out, it was actually pretty entertaining, and involved personal attacks and people getting all up in arms. People's addresses were posted, people were banned for wishing death, boards were formed along ganglines, and now we've got someone who is more than likely a virgin pretending to be an independent wrestling promoter on a website for people that like a sport where oiled men roll around in tights, then getting mad when they don't "respect" him.


    Let's right this ship.


    Noah Fentz, you're a fucking bitch. I don't respect you whatsoever. I don't know you, I don't care to know you, I could care less what you have to say, and if you were to die this very instant, the world wouldn't really miss you all that much.


    Yeah, and your avatar suggests you eat your mom's pussy while she's on her period, too. So fucking what..


    Also, you are apparently one of those short-attention span asswipes that post only based on the last page, so here ya go...

    I once shared a 40oz beer with New Jack. That doesn't mean anything. I once ate breakfast with D'lo Brown and New Jack at some restaurant in Portland Oregon, that doesn't mean anything. I once helped Al Snow and Blue Meanie make fun of another wrestlers name, that doesn't mean anything. I used to live with Gangrel, that doesn't mean anything. The Barbarian asked me to find out when his match was on the card. That doesn't mean anything. CHAVO GUERRERO SR. ONCE INTRODUCED ME TO THE GUERRERO HORSE! That doesn't mean anything, but it is a funny story. I could go on and on about the things I've done with other wrestlers, but when I do and I'm asked to explain it or how I was able to do all that stuff, I do.


    You didn't tell us anything. Do you know how many couches HTM has probably slept on? How many random people did Hawk get high with? So what did you tell us? You told us absolutely jack shit.


    You'll find that earlier on in this lovely topic.

  7. How can you prefer anonymity when one of your first posts were you shutting people down because you once got high with Hawk and HTM slept on your couch (which was probably because you were to cheap to get him a hotel room.)?


    You created the shitstorm you got from everyone here and deserved to get it worse by backpedaling when people called you out.


    Scrobe, I just posted what I did, just like you asked. So, I prefer to not give specifics, sorry. All I can tell you is the same thing I told Ravenbomb. I'd like to have a better relationship with the key players here and have great discussions. It's the pettiness around here that makes that impossible.


    So, for the last time, as I've heard SO MANY TIMES BEFORE...





    Just like everyone, I have an opinion and an asshole...but I'll only share my OPINION with TSM, so get OFF MY ASS!

  8. I honestly don't care. I don't believe you, either, but I mostly don't care. If it doesn't matter, don't bring it up. If you bring it up, then people are going to ask about specifics, considering that people can say whatever they want about themselves on the internet. I could regale you with tales of selling out the Savvis Center with my independent wrestling promotion or touring the world doing rock guitar solos. I don't because I didn't, but I could, and it would have as much credibility as what you're doing. Opinions are fine. Give your opinion about blading or the way they book CM Punk. Using a list of alleged credentials to qualify those opinions and then making damn sure we all know you're never going to prove any of the things you say makes you look full of shit. Prefer anonymity all you want, nobody has any reason to respect it.


    I did everything I said I did. Is it really that difficult to believe? How many indies you suppose are out there?


    Also, if you don't respect my wishes of anonymity, then you don't respect me, so don't bother me with your petty rantings any longer, son.




  9. But them posting about how much they hate you or whatever is ON topic in this particular thread.




    Also, if you offer something up as a qualifyer for your opinion and make great pains to let everybody know that you will not back up said qualifyer, why even bring it up? If it doesn't matter then why bring it up? Wouldn't it be easier and invite less drama to just give the opinion?


    This thread is fine, I was speaking of future posts in the WWE folder. As far as my credentials...


    I owned and operated an independent wrestling organization. Our biggest draw was 1,200, which isn't huge, but I turned a profit on most shows with concessions. I worked with a lot of cool guys, both indy and pro. I was the ring announcer.


    Also, owned and operated a small wrestling school toward the end, but never really got to see it take off. A VERY unfortunate event ended my business in a brief moment.


    I've also designed both a wrestling RPG and TCG. My TCG was on the list of possible candidates for publication, but was beat out by a lesser product (IMO).


    As far as specifics, again, I prefer anonymity, and I really wish that would be respected. I acknowledge some members have felt I have been condescending, and I will make an effort in the future to phrase my posts more respectfully.

  10. Look Scroby, I'm going to say this ONCE and only ONCE. I don't OWE you or ANYONE a detailed description of who I am or what I've done. I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not. Just as you said yourself, IT DOESN'T MATTER!


    Now, I will continue to offer my opinion whenever and wherever. In the future, if you don't like it, tough shit. All I ask is that you show the board the respect that Venk is expecting from each and every one of us. DO NOT POST OFF TOPIC IN THE WWE FOLDER.


    It's pretty fucking simple, really, and it totally pisses me off that it's all coming down on me. Members should be responsible for their own actions....PERIOD.


    So, in closing, if you or ANYONE has an issue with an opinion I post, refrain from off topic posts or flaming and just PM me. You can tell me all about how you hate me in a PM, and I won't have a single problem with that.




  11. So Jericho should now book Batista in a 1 vs. Raw match, where Batista loses the #1 contendership if he loses.


    Agreed. How about a 3 on 1 handicap match, whoever makes the pin/sub becomes the #1 CONTENDER!




    Heel GMs/Owners should know better than to make that stip by now. That always just leads to the heels fighting amongst themselves to try and get the pin, and face sneaks in a cheap pin.


    I'd just like to see them learn from their mistakes.


    Sure, but that would pretty much guarantee screwing Batista out of his shot. B-)

  12. So Jericho should now book Batista in a 1 vs. Raw match, where Batista loses the #1 contendership if he loses.


    Agreed. How about a 3 on 1 handicap match, whoever makes the pin/sub becomes the #1 CONTENDER!


    Also, as GM, doesn't this enable him to book future matches, too, as any GM can? So, he could put stips on his match with Batista, no?

  13. Here's the truth on the situation: No one likes you. This is not a requirement for a message board, but it's to the point where when you do show up and comment in a thread, it overtakes discussion and becomes a problem. Others are at fault sometimes, but in most cases you seem to purposely have a desire to raise the ire and start a fire in whatever thread you're talking in.


    My powers are limited and the current stance on banning people seems to be "let's give them 13 more chances to clean up their act". That doesn't stop me from developing my own method of post moving to deal with this.




    I can no longer post in the WWE folder? What the fuck is THAT all about?!


    I post an opinion and everyone JUMPS on it. WOW, that is TOTAL BULLSHIT, Venk. I even went so far as to stop the discussion in the No Mercy thread myself and Matt PMed me. He and I are all good now.


    I think you're being a little extreme. Who cares if I'm liked. It's up to THEM to keep a topic on track. NOT ME.

  14. Bitch, please. Pinball is awesome as all hell. Check my scores in Pinball FX on the 360.


    I don't know if you are familiar with it, but there is a program that emulates pinball very accurately. An entire community, for years, have been recreating actual pinball machines using a program called Visual Pinball.


    If you like pinball, you MUST check it out.




    If you need help installing and getting it running, just post here or search for help on the VP forum.










    Here's one I designed as an original...




  15. @ Ravenbomb - Of all the "wordplays" I've seen here, you call me out on mine, eh? Well, I think it's perfect for me, but nobody seems to take it for what it's worth and I offend them... imagine that.


    @ Fentz - Show me threads about other people with jokey word-play based names and I'll say the same thing about them.


    I wasn't referring to any thread, just the names, man. Go over the member list ;)

  16. Honestly, he's worse then Deon. He really should just be gone, because if he keeps talking down to people because he ran a made up wrestling promotion that he refuses to name then problems will continually occur.


    WTF? So... because I'd rather not reveal EXACTLY who I am (which I would, naming my promotion) is "made up?"


    As I mentioned before, I'm nearly 40 and own 3 businesses. It could be bad for business divulging who I am.


    Thanks for understanding!

    The only thing I understand is how much you can backpedal.


    I called you out in this folder before asking what promotion you ran and your history in the wrestling business and you said you rather not discuss it in the Chocolate Socket but would rather discuss it in a wrestling folder. Now you had that chance to discuss your history in the wrestling business in a wrestling folder, just like you said you wanted to do, and what'd you do? You backpedaled.


    So at this point, all you are is nothing more than a lier, a gimmick poster, your nothing more than a joke.


    By the way, what happen with your Wrestling RPG that was suppose to be the biggest thing TSM has ever seen? Why did that fail so hard?


    I already told you once, but I'll say it again...


    When I arrived, I told everyone all they needed to or were going to know.


    As far as the RPG. I mentioned in the post about it that if there was enough interest, I'd scan it, post it, and rewrite the manual (since I lost the damn thing). I'm not going to put HOURS into rewriting it, if there's not enough interest.


    It is a sweet ass game, so if you're interested, let me know :)