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  1. Is drug pedelling soccer mom back? How about white rasta wannabe drug dealer guy?

    Yes. And they're married.

    Heh. I never did the drug trafficking missions, so I didn't even make the connection until just now.


    Although sadly, they made the city bigger...but seem to have taken the train away?? The train still goes around town, so you might be able to, haven't tried, but markers for it don't appear on the map.

    The train definitely doesn't work like it used to. I went into a station and waited for a train, but never got a blue light. I'm also having trouble getting cabs to take me anywhere, even using waypoints, so get used to doing your own driving/flying.

  2. I miss the Cruiserweight Belt because it meant I could see Jimmy Wang Yang every couple of weeks.


    The two Women's and Tag Team Belts should return to being floating belts. If you want thin rosters, look at the Raw tag teams:


    -Cryme Tyme

    -Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr.




    At least Smackdown has three (!) regular teams vying for their belt.

  3. I know it probably won't happen because 62 weeks is a very long time, but I really really really REALLY want to see Hass dress up as the Ultimate Warrior and beat Santino for the IC title after 62 weeks.

    But should he win dressed as the Warrior or... Santino Charella?


    I didn't mind Snitsky being the opponent for the week. He's a monster heel. He needs very little motivation to hit someone and take their belt.

  4. "Shelton Benjamin outta f'in nowhere!" is always reading this thread, but has he spoken yet? This name is my new obsession, like BOOT, or R2DFoosterMcSockman.


    I started reading this thread last week, and I'm only catching up now.





  5. (OT)


    RonL21, what's going in your signature? It appears that Jonathon Coachman has been doomed to an eternal loop of buzzkill.




    With these articles falling over themselves to say they like Sarah Palin personally but hate her positions, I wonder if any of them are salvaged drafts written for Huckabee's VP nomination.