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  1. Coming late to the thread but does anyone remember the 2 episode Action Zone feud Holly and Jeff Jarrett had over the IC title? In the first match, there was a false finish of when Jarrett pinned Holly and his foot was on the ropes and then Holly pinned Jarrett and seemingly won the IC title, but Tim White ran in and told the ref that Jarrett's foot was on the ropes. This caused Jack Tunney to say the title was vacant and then Jarrett won cleanly the next week. As a kid and getting into the WWF in 1995, I was really mad that Jarrett won the rematch. I also thought that Holly should have won the King of the Ring that year. I was very mad when I found out he lost to the Roadie on that show (although I was surprised Holly beat Mantaur in his qualifying match).

    I didn't want to see Holly win KOTR, but I did think he should have won the IC title then, as I at least liked him more than Jarrett, whose IC title reigns generally annoyed me.

  2. Did Tomko not train since he left TNA? Or is it just because Tomko isn't muscled up like Batista or even Kane?

    I'm not too surprised at his look - he looked about the same during his one-shot return against Joe in the Nash gauntlet on Impact. He's looking very "well", which is good for his long-term health, but perhaps very bad for his short-term future. It's sad to think that in about a year, he went from seemingly becoming a main event regular in TNA to now being out of a job just about anywhere.

  3. Yeah, the constant wall of blaring noise is a huge detriment - it really hit me when Foley first came out to the Impact Zone. They built it up as this big moment...and then Tenay seemingly rattled off Foley's entire career history in the time it took him to walk from the entrance tunnel to the ring while yelling OH WHAT A MOMENT THIS IS!!!!! - stopping a nanosecond before Foley started speaking. So instead of having a possible great moment in Foley's debut, it was just yet another instance of Tenay yelling...for some reason. I really can't figure out why, either, because it never gets things over and just gets in the way of whatever goal they're trying to accomplish.

  4. Yup...that would appear to be the case - I confused one feud for the other, although the 3D-Guns one still had the burial of the X division and the Guns cutting fat jokes hurting whatever drama could be built up. I still don't think that the Guns should've bladed against their will (or bled against their will in the case of having a 3D member do it - which would likely not end well, especially if Ray did the cutting) - if they don't want to slice themselves up, they shouldn't have to.


    The Guns seemingly knew it was just a mid-card feud, and since this feud just setup a joke-heavy 3D-Shark Boy/Curry Man feud, what would it have really accomplished? They would've gotten sliced up by guys who faced another team (a complete comedy act) in a fish market street fight a month later.


    One problem with 3D in TNA is that their comedy acts one month and then a serious one the next - while it's nice to have talents that can work as both, it limits how seriously fans can take them (or Angle, who also suffers from this problem in TNA and did so in WWE as well).

  5. Sure, it could've, but it wasn't a blood-worthy feud. It was four guys cracking jokes for months, with the occasional "serious" act thrown in - like 3D attacking Shark Boy. Having blood in this feud would really just be having blood in a match for the sake of having it since it was so silly. Plus, 3D's done so much bleeding in TNA that this feud actually stood out more because they didn't.


    Sure, if they'd gigged, it could've led to the Guns being taken as a serious act (like the Midnight Rockers after the Showboat bloodbath with Rose and Somers), and they seemingly wouldn't have been buried for months, but there's no guarantee of that - TNA's been known to be hot and cold about pushes anyway, and Shelley and Sabin remained over even with the burial attempt. In a few months from now, the Guns could easily be back in the tag title mix, and be in it without having to worry about their faces being willingly disfigured.