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    SWF Awards Help

    Yeah, thing is, Edwin, that was before Genesis III. So it's technically one of "last year's" matches, and not eligible for contention. -Z
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    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    Results! There's not a whloe lot to recap, but you should definitely read the main event... and also be amazed as Landon Maddix keeps his DEATH GRIP on the Television Title. I'd like to apologize for the show going up so late--I only had two matches until about 2am last night, and by that point, I was ready to logoff. And as you can see, I'm STILL missing one. Graaaaaaaa! Anyway, solid show. I'll have a card up shortly.
  3. The atmosphere is electric, the fans at the Madison Square Garden are ecstatic, and the wrestlers in the back are hyped and ready. They're warming up in what is expected to be a great SJL Crimson. "(Judge) Welcome to SJL Crimson everybody!" "(Ejiro) Oh my god the arena is electrifying. It's almost as if The Rock was here!" "(Annie) Nah, The Rock hasn't electrified anything for a long time, not even his wife." "(Ejiro) I'll have you know I'm a big fan of The Rock." "(Annie) I'm a big fan of his wife." "(Judge) Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore my partners' bickering as we prepare for a great night. We have Landon Maddix defending his TV title, the bound-to-have-action-packed Four Corners match, and many others! But first, our first match of the nig-" Judge is interrupted as the lights in the arena begin to flash and slowly and steadily the beginning riffs of "The Gauntlet" begins to air over the PA system! Knowing very well who's coming out, New York City rises to their feets and begin to chant.... "(Crowds) COCKY BITCH! COCKY BITCH! COCKY BITCH!!" Brian Kingsmen emerges from the back, flashing his usual arrogant grin as he skips down the ramp. He walks near the fans in the front row, and pretends to shake their hand- only when they reach out their hands, Brian quickly pulls his back and strokes his hair! "(Ejiro) Haha! Now that's funny!" "(Judge) That's pretty mean." The fan who got embarassed angrily throws his soda at Brian, who with his quick reflexes, dodges. The soda drops to the ground and Brian picks it up. He proceeds to hand the soda back, but instead, decides to take a drink. Brian takes a big sip, and hands the soda bottle back to the fan. The fan, confused, looks around to his friends for answers, only to get a mouthful of soda sprayed at him, courtesy of Brian Kingsmen!! "(Annie) Now that's just f**ked up." "(Ejiro) It's not Brian's fault that the fans offer soda that tastes like sh*t." Brian slides into the ring, and immediately is greeted with another loud chorus of boos. He snatches the mic away from Funyon and proceeds to rush the veteran announcer out. Circling the ring, Brian begins to speak: "(Brian) Yeah that's right, Funyon, no place in the ring for seniors. So, waasssaaaaaaaaaaaapp New York City!!!" The obvious attempt at a suckup doesn't work, and the New York fans just go on to boo the hell out of Brian Kingsmen, who apparently enjoys it! "(Brian) Yea, BOOOO! Sad sad shame, Annie Eclectic is getting booed like that. I can't believe it has come down to this!" "(Annie) WHAT?!" "(Ejiro) Haha, calm down Annie." "(Brian) Sit down Annie..... I'm just here to put a few things straight. But, since these New York fans love me so much, and why shouldn't they, I'm great. Let's just start from numero uno, last week on Wrath. I may have lost my shot at the SJL Television Championship to Landon Maddix...." The crowds roar in approval of the mention of the TV Champion, but their cheers are quickly cut off as Brian continues to speak his mind: "...as I was saying, I may have lost my shot, but then it happens. You lose some, you win some. Except in my case, that win was not official because Landon Maddix was wearing pants that are illegal in the ring! That's right, his pants were not legal! That win did not count for Landon Maddix, but since I'm such a cool guy, I decided not to report it to Commissioner Raynor." The fans boo. "(Annie) That doesn't make sense. Pants not official? Who ever heard of a rule like that?!" "(Ejiro) I have." "(Annie) Oh please, you're just saying that to annoy me." "(Ejiro) Is it working?" The camera switches back to Brian Kingsmen. "Yea yea, it's a shocker, but let's focus on the present, which is tonight on Crimson. I have been placed in a match against Aecas, Todd Royale, and Jay Morrison. This is not good odds. I mean, it's one against three. I think it's safe to say that those are not good odds at all, people." The New York city fans agree, mumbling under their breaths until: "I mean, I don't think those three can take me down even if I had both hands tied behind my back! They might have to put in 3 more guys just to stand a chance against Brian Kingsmen!! That's what's so great about this league. We are all about fairness, and Brian Kingsmen just hates that. Is it my fault that I'm just so damn talented? No, I was born this way. If you New Yorkers were born this way, then you would know how I feel, how it's so frustrating to be alone because of your miraculous talent, and because of all the women. I swear, the entire league is out to get me because I'm so damn handsome, so damn fast, so damn strong, soooo damn cool. Wait, what are you doing? Get out of the ring, it's still my time!!" As Brian continues to plead his case, two referees slide into the ring. "The Gauntlet" hits the speakers and the referees proceed to try to force Brian out of the ring, much to the delight of the New Yorkers. He tries to talk into the mic, but his mic has been cut off, and referees make sure Brian Kingsmen walks out. "(Judge) Well that was fun." "(Annie) I can't believe we have to stand for this guy. Brian Kingsmen is the cockiest bitch I've ever seen to grace the ring. God, even the technical crews just want him to shut up." "(Ejiro) I don't know, I think he makes a good point. These New Yorkers just don't see true talent even if it hit them in the face." Brian stomps up the ramp hastily, obviously in a bad mood as he starts swearing out loud. His music drowns out the language and the New Yorkers of the Garden are so relieved, cheering as Brian Kingsmen disappears into the back. "(Judge) Well now that Brian is out of the way, let's get on with the show! First off, we have Tommy Nguyen taking on Craig McLennan. It's going to be a great night and we'll see you after the commercials." The camera pans out and gives a aerial view of the Garden before fading into a Nike commercial.
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    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    We come back to SJL Crimson with an atmosphere of intense anticipation. An audible buzz is going around MSG as the crowd awaits the main event. The camera takes a pan around the arena, revealing many signs, t-shirts and banners backing the NEW SJL World Heavyweight Champion. We cut around to our commentators table. Judge Mental sits centre stage, flanked as ever by best friend and tag team partner Ejiro Fasaki, and the incomparable Annie Eclectic. Ejiro’s right hand is below the announce table, and his arm bounces up and down vigorously. Annie glimpses his motion out of the corner of her eye, cutting her from her dreamy scan of the more attractive female members of the audience. Annie: What the HELL are you doing? Ejiro shoots Annie a quizzical look, and brings his SWF US title belt out from under the table, together with a rag. Ejiro: Just giving the ol’ belt a polish. Why, what did you think I was doing? Annie: You did that on purpose, for a cheap sight gag, didn’t you? Ejiro: (giggling) Yeah! I rule! Annie: That’s funny- didn’t Judge just make you his bitch in the Genesis tournament? Judge: Hey now- it was a great match, and that’s all that matters. Anyway, aren’t you retired? Annie: I have some contractual obligations to see out…unfortunately. Ejiro: Amen to that. Judge: When you’re done, children? It’s main event time. On Wrath, Spike Jenkins became SJL World Champion. Ejiro: What a disgrace! Did you see the way he won it? It’s not good enough! Annie: Hey, Spike may have got lucky, but he has the chance to ride that luck and legitimise his championship reign right here, right now, by beating English Dragon for the second time in a row. Ejiro: The first match was a fluke, and you know it- not to mention Dragon was injured coming off his Genesis matches. Annie: Yeah, practice your excuses, Ej, you’ll be needing them again when Spike walks out with the title still his. Judge: I think we’ve all been disappointed with the SJL World Title matches of late- but something tells me this one is going to be a barnstormer. Funyon, let’s get it on. In the ring, the ever-ready Funyon nods, smiles, and raises a microphone. FUNYON: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is set for one fall and is for the ESS…JAY…ELL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! A HUGE pop from the crowd! FUNYON: Introducing first, the challenger… “Land of Hope and Glory” strikes up, and the English Dragon makes his entrance, walking slowly down the walkway, closely accompanied by his gigantic butler, Robertson. The arena rises as one to produce a cacophony of jeers that almost drown out the big F. FUNYON: From London, England, weighing two hundred twenty three pounds…he is the SJL European Champion….the English DRAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! Clad in golden mask and white trunks, the Dragon steps onto the ring apron and wipes his feet down, before ducking under the top rope. Around the Englishman’s waist is strapped the European Title, which he removes to hand down to Robertson. Dragon steps back into the middle of the ring, and the crowd BOOS at what they see. Around the waist of Dragon’s tights is printed an image of the SJL World Title, previously hidden by his title belt. EngDrag points to the picture, and then at himself, nodding, before turning and giving the crowd a friendly wave. A handshake for our official, Matthew Kivell, and Dragon bounces on the spot, rolling his shoulders, awaiting his opponent. Judge: Dragon earned this shot with a victory over the Apostle…and he looks in fine shape. Ejiro: He sure does- ready, willing and able to capture his first World Title. Annie: Do I have to keep reminding you that Spike BEAT Dragon only two shows ago on Wrath? Dragon’s music cuts, and Funyon is about to raise his mic again when the small, smartly attired man we saw on Wrath comes walking down the aisle once more. Funyon shrugs and exits the ring. The small man reaches ringside, and waves to the crowd, actually drawing a pop in this highly charge atmosphere. “Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! It’s great to be here in NOO YORK! But tell me, are- you – READY!” Crowd roars in the affirmative! “ARE! YOU! READY!” Crowd screams to assure the diminutive announcer that they are, indeed, ready. “Then allow me to present…..standing six foot and one inch tall, weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds…from Hollywood, California….the Man of the New Millennium…” The crowd impatiently chants for Spike to make his appearance! “He is every woman’s dream and every man’s nightmare…the unique…the innovator…and the NEW SJL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, ”HOLLYWOOD” SPIIIIIIIIIIIIII- ARGHHHH!” Spike’s ring announcer is cut off as Robertson, at a nod from Dragon, smashes him down to the ground with a single blow! The crowd goes BALLISTIC as they hurl abuse at the suave butler! Ejiro: YEAH! That should have been done a long time ago! Annie: Hey, the guy’s an innocent bystander! Judge: Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy that? Even a little? Annie: Well…ah…. "Kings Blend we all smoke them, cream of the crop, crème de la crèmes” The SJL World Champion’s music blasts out, and the man himself, forgoing his usual entrance routine, sprints down to the ring! Robertson backs away, and Spike helps his announcer up to a round of applause. The small man scuttles backstage, as Spike stands at ringside, staring at the English Dragon. Jenkins looks at the print on Dragon’s trunks, and laughs, before sliding into the ring. Spike spins in the ring, removing his World Title belt and holding it up, drawing a rapturous reception from the sold out crowd. Ejiro: These idiots are actually happy to have Spike as the world champ! Annie: He’s popular, a fine athlete, a good man- what more do you want? Ejiro: Oh, here’s a crazy thought- a good wrestler? Annie: Like one who can beat opponents of the calibre of, for example, the English Dragon? Ejiro: Well, yeah! Just like that! Annie: AHA! Ejiro: Damn you to hell… Spike hands his title belt to Kivell, who holds it aloft, showing the whole arena what the two men are about to battle for. Dragon and Jenkins face each other, eyes locked, shaking out their limbs, bending and stretching, as Kivell goes through the rules of the match. Both men nod their understanding, and step away from each other, even as Kivell somewhat hopefully asks for a shake between them. DING DING DING The hot crowd gets hotter as the match is officially underway. Dragon and Jenkins circle each other slowly, bodies primed to react, tension rising… Like two whips uncoiling, our competitors lunge forward, grabbing each other roughly around the shoulders and neck and going into a lock up. Pushing hard against each other, champion and challenger arch their backs, looking for the advantage. There’s no give on either side, however, and Spike breaks the lock up, stepping back. The crowd applauds the clean break, and Dragon and Jenkins begin to circle again. Judge: The atmosphere here is amazing- everyone wants to see these two tear down the house. Annie: They’ll have to wait a while. In these early stages, neither man will want to make the slightest mistake. For a second time, Spike and Dragon snap their arms around each other, struggling in the tie up for the edge. Again, however, their appears to be nothing to separate the two in terms of strength, and this time it’s Dragon who breaks, stepping back for what looks like a decidedly unexpected clean break. Annie: Well…maybe the importance of the occasion has convinced EngDrag to play fair for once- The SWF’s favourite lesbian is interrupted by the sight of Dragon stepping forward and chopping Spike hard across the chest! Annie: -nevermind. Ejiro: Hey, its not his fault Spike was too slow! Annie: You’re supposed to back away from a break like that…oh, like I said, nevermind… Jenkins winces and Dragon swings back, driving the knife edge of his right hand into Spike’s chest once again. The crowd stubbornly refuse to give Dragon any “WOOOO!”s, demonstrating the level of hatred the Englishman has attained. Dragon rocks back a third time and- SMACK! -looses a third pectoral-flaying chop into Spike’s upper body. Dragon steps back from the gasping Jenkins and raises his right hand to his lips, blowing his fingers like a wild west gunslinger would do his trusty pistol. Ejiro: HA! His chops are so hard, he has to blow away the smoke! Annie: Oh, please. I’ve NEVER been a fan of blowing, believe me. The crowd apparently concurs, as they sustain their abuse of the Dragon for this cocky gesture. Dragon goes to grab Spike, but is surprised by a stiff CHOP to his own chest from the quickly recovered World Champion! Now the crowd gets into gear: CHOP! ”WOOOOOO!” CHOP! ”WOOOOOO!” CHOP! ”WOOOOOO!” Jenkins stops and shows his hand to the winded Dragon, before repeating the Englishman’s “blowing” gesture to him. Spike gathers Dragon in, wrapping his right arm around the European Champions head and drawing him into a headlock. Jenkins clamps on the hold hard, and applies pressure downwards, trying to force Dragon to the mat. Judge: A huge factor in the previous match between these two was the injured neck of the English Dragon. Spike went after it, worked it, and ultimately it proved to be Dragon’s undoing. Annie: And Spike is going straight after the neck again here! That’s smart wrestling from our champion. Trapped in the side headlock, Dragon suddenly gets his right arm around Spike’s waist. The Londoner’s left arm is hooked under Spike’s left leg, and Dragon, with a huge effort, stands up! Dragon lifts Spike into the air, headlock still in place, before dropping back, slamming Spike down to the mat on his back! Judge: Dragon just powered out of the headlock into almost a belly to back suplex! Ejiro: Awesome! And you know what this proves? Dragon makes it abundantly clear, stepping away from Spike and rolling his shoulder, snapping his neck back and forth. Spike turns onto his front, not much affected by the throw as Dragon got little elevation, and watches his opponent thoughtfully. Ejiro: Yes, Dragon’s neck is OK! He’s been having intensive physiotherapy, massage, round the clock medical care- he got through his match against the Apostle, and is now back to one hundred per cent! Swivel on that, Spike! Annie: You really think Spike only had the one game plan? Ejiro: Duh! Yeah! Jenkins is back up, and for a third time the two men circle each other. Spike holds out his hands, offering Dragon a test of strength. The Englishman carefully interlinks the fingers of his right hand with Spike’s left…and then BOOTS Jenkins in the gut! Spike clutches his stomach, as Dragon goes to work with European uppercuts, driving his forearm into the jaw of Spike, once, twice, three times. Satisfied he has his opponent staggered, Dragon grabs his arm and whips him off the ropes. The Londoner swings wildly as Spike bounces back, and the SJL champ is able to duck down and past the blow. “Hollywood” allows the ropes on the other side of the ring to spring him back, and, now in control of his motion, flies at Dragon! The challenger is ready, however, and leapfrogs over the charging Spike. Jenkins again bounces back, this time dropping and sliding low, going through EngDrag’s legs as he turns! Judge: The tempo starting to pick up…impressive movement from both men. Ejiro: Spike’s going to wear himself down, flying around the ring like that. Before the Dragon can twist to face him, Spike leaps up directly behind the Englishman, and grabs him firmly round the waist, attempting to wrench him off the mat with a German suplex. Dragon swiftly counters, spinning out and round the body of Spike, applying his own waist lock. The World Champion twists left and right, and suddenly swings back with his left elbow, which connects with the side of Dragon’s head, knocking him back and breaking the hold Spike turns around, ducking a punch from Dragon. The swing takes Dragon past his opponent, and Jenkins is able to get behind him and cinch in the waistlock once more! He pulls back strongly, taking Dragon over, but the Englishman flips in mid-air, escaping from Spike’s clutches and landing on his feet in a crouch! Ejiro: Ha! What agility from Dragon! Spike can’t lay a hand on him! Jenkins charges at Dragon as he rises and almost takes his head off with a lariat. Ejiro: …. Spike drops down for the first cover of the match: ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Jenkins grabs Dragon by the scruff of the neck and gets to his feet, pulling the Brit with him. Spike doesn’t move quickly, however, and as both men reach a vertical base Dragon suddenly grabs the left arm of his opponent in both his hands and rolls around behind Spike. EngDrag bends the arm up, applying a hammerlock. Spike grimaces slightly as Dragon lifts up on his arm, but the new World Champion counters quickly, spinning to his left. Jenkins frees his left arm, and uses it to grab Dragon’s own left around, getting his own hammerlock! It’s the Englishman’s turn to feel the pain, and he looks left and right over his shoulders, checking on the position of Spike’s head, before throwing his elbow back. Spike sees it coming and rears away, only absorbing a fraction of the blow. EngDrag, thinking the shot has Spike staggered, tries to simply run forward to the ropes, but Spike is still holding the hammerlock, and pulls Dragon back into him sharply. Judge: So far we’ve seen nothing of the aerial abilities of these men…it seems they sense they’re in for a long, hard battle and want to establish a dominance on the mat before anything else. Annie: And Spike is proving here once again that he can out wrestle Dragon. Ejiro: Phh, Jenkins will have to come up with far more than a hammerlock to retain his title here. Dragon tries a different escape route, and bends his right arm backwards, quickly hooking it around the back of Spike’s head. EngDrag tenses hard and jumps up off the mat, using his leverage around Jenkin’s head to flip himself back over his opponent, escaping the hammerlock and landing directly behind the man known as “Hollywood”. Dragon staggers back, but regains his balance before Spike can turn, snapping his arms around Jenkins’ waist. The champion immediately runs forward, pulling Dragon after him, and grabs onto the top rope. Dragon is bounced off the back of his opponent, but as he falls takes a huge handful of the seat of Spike’s black tights, dragging Spike down with him. Dragon rolls through and sits on Spike’s legs, pinning his shoulders to the mat. The Londoner screams at Kivell to make the cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Spike kicks hard, and Dragon is flung off his body. The challenger slips forward and has to balance himself on the ropes near the corner. Spike swivels and KIPS UP! Dragon walks forward out of the corner, but suddenly stops, looks at Spike, and raises a solitary finger to him! Jenkins looks at his opponent for a beat, before charging straight at him! Spike crashes his shoulder into Dragon’s midriff, and, legs pumping, drives Dragon back into the corner! With Dragon spread on the turnbuckle, Spike starts to pummel him with punches to the head and chest, firing on the Englishman with passion. Judge: Spike UNLOADING on Dragon! Ejiro: Oh, I was expecting this- Spike gets out-wrestled by his superior, classier adversary, and so just tries to start a brawl. This IS wrestling, you know, not a bar fight! Annie: Exactly how did Spike get out-wrestled? Don’t answer- I’d rather concentrate on Dragon taking a beating. Spike takes a step back, and allows Dragon to fall forward…right into Spike’s grasp! Jenkins grabs Dragon across the chest with his right arm, and grips his tights with the left! Ejiro: Oh no! He can’t be going for that already! Dragon immediately fights back, sending quick elbows to Spike’s head, and Jenkins is forced to release him. Fast as lightning, EngDrag gets his arms around Spike’s body, pulling him in close, and spins around, flipping and slamming Spike into the corner! Judge: Release belly to belly suplex- ONTO the turnbuckles! Brutal! Jenkins collapses to the mat in the corner, his upper back and neck having been driven in hard. Dragon walks away, waving to the crowd, which is slightly hushed by that move. Ejiro: What a move from Dragon to start- and end- this match! Annie: He’s wasting time with the waving again-doesn’t he realise what’s at stake? EngDrag sees Spike struggling to get up, and cuts him off with a knee to the head. Dragon pulls Spike up and stands side on to him, slipping his right arm around Spike’s waist. Dragon hooks his left under Jenkins’ right leg, and heaves him off the mat in the belly to back suplex position. The Englishman holds Spike vertically for a few seconds, before dropping him down directly onto his HEAD! The crowd draws in their breath at the blow, and Spike rolls away, clutching the back of his neck and kicking his legs on the mat. Judge: A vicious belly to back brainbuster from Dragon! Ejiro: 1-2-3! Count them, Kivell! Dragon indeed floats over and presses Spike’s shoulders down with the cover: ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! EngDrag looks questioningly at Kivell, who holds up two fingers and shakes his head. The challenger stands, grabbing a handful of Spike’s blonde hair are dragging him up to. The Englishman again kicks Spike in the gut, doubling him over, and the stands to the side of Spike. Dragon raises his right arm high into the air, and swings the edge of hand down, hard, into a chop on the back of Spike’s neck! Spike is almost felled by the blow, but attempts to stagger upright. Dragon again swings back, however, and CHOPS the back of his neck again! Ejiro: Oh man, this is just brutal! Judge: Unusual tactics from Dragon…and it almost seems like he’s going after Spike’s neck here! Ejiro: Why not? He’s had his own targeted in his last few matches- why shouldn’t he get a little revenge? It’s the last body part Spike would expect him to target. Dragon CHOPS viciously a third time, and Spike is flung down, holding the back of his neck. Dragon takes a moment to wring out his hand, clearly in pain after chopping onto Jenkins’ vertebrae, before going down to cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Dragon, now immersed in his assault, doesn’t protest, instead bringing his opponent up as he stands. The Londoner grabs Spike’s arm and tries to send him to the ropes, but Spike stops mid-whip and pulls round, reversing so that Dragon is the one send flying to the ropes! As EngDrag reaches the edge of the ring, however, he stops dead. Our camera zooms in, taking in Robertson holding his employer’s ankle, saving him from returning to his opponent. As the crowd shows its disgust once more, Spike charges at the back of Dragon! The European Champion sees him coming, and drops down a little. Spike is moving to fast to stop, and Dragon is able to drive his shoulders up and backdrop Spike out over the top rope… . …but Jenkins comes down with his feet crashing into the chest of Robertson! The butler is flung down to the floor! Spike quickly picks himself up and leaps back onto the apron as Dragon is attempting to follow him out. Grabbing the Englishman’s head in both hands, the World Champion jumps down from the apron again, guillotineing Dragon on the top rope and sending him stumbling back into the middle of the ring! Ejiro: Hey! That was an illegal use of the ropes! Not to mention assault of Robertson- the man’s a butler, not a wrestler! Annie: And you’re a man, not a small, whiny child, but appearances can be deceptive! Spike vaults back to the apron once more as Dragon turns, shaking his head to clear it. Jenkins jumps up, landing on the top rope with both feet, and then pushes himself forwards, springboarding directly at Dragon! Flying feet first, “Hollywood” wraps his legs around the Dragon’s head and pulls backwards, flinging Dragon over head first and down to the mat, with Spike sitting on top, holding Dragon’s legs up for the cover! ONE! TWO! THREEEEEEEEEEEEE-NO!! KICKOUT! Jenkins allows Dragon’s kick to push him away, and simply, stands, waiting. EngDrag crawls to his hands and knees, then up to his knees, and his about to complete his climb when Spike steps up and just kicks him HARD across the chest! Dragon relapses into the kneeling position, and holds his pectorals. Spike bounces back on his heels and- CRACK! -lashes Dragon with a second kick to the chest. Dragon is falling backwards, gasping in pain, as Spike comes in a third time with- CRACK! -a stiff kick directly to the Englishman’s SKULL! Dragon’s body is still for a moment, remaining vertical, before slowly falling backwards to the mat. Jenkins is on top, hooking a leg for the cover: ONE! TWO! THRRRRRRRREEEEEEE-KICKOUT! Annie: Spike DEMOLISHING the Dragon! Ejiro: All it got was a measly two count. C’mon, Annie, a haiku would be more use to Spike than these moves! Annie: A what now? Ejiro: I don’t know… Spike swings himself to his feet, pulling Dragon up by his golden mask. Jenkins swings Dragon around and tries for a whip, but its Dragon’s turn to stop, turn, and reverse it, so that Spike runs to the ropes…where he too mysteriously stops! Spike turns, and sees Robertson holding his ankle! Annie: Can’t someone stop this? Ejiro: He’s providing the same service you saw Dragon get. What’s the problem? Annie: Perhaps that Spike didn’t ask for and wasn’t expecting that? Spike turns away from Robertson just in time to receive Dragon’s forearm across his throat! EngDrag pushes forwards and clotheslines Spike back and out over the top rope to the floor! Jenkins immediately starts to get back to his feet, but doesn’t see Dragon taking a few steps back into the ring, then running forward towards the corner. The challenger leaps with his right foot onto the middle rope, and steps up with both feet onto the top rope, facing into the ring. Dragon springs backwards, going head over feet and coming CRASHING down on to Spike on the floor! The crowd actually gives Dragon a small pop for his athleticism! Judge: BEAUTFIUL Asai moonsault out onto the floor from the top rope! Ejiro: Spike didn’t know what hit him! Throw him in the ring and get the pin! Dragon and Spike lie prone on the mat, and our official starts to count the competitors out: “ONE!” “TWO!” ”THREE!” ”FOUR!” ”FIVE!” Both men are attempting to crawl up. “SIX!” “SEVEN!” Robertson moves over and helps Dragon off the mat, ignoring Kivell’s protests. “EIGHT!” Dragon pauses to dust himself down! “NINE!” -before moving over to Spike and rolling him back into the ring, quickly following. Ejiro: Heh, Dragon made sure he was looking his best, even when against the clock. You gotta love that, right Annie? Annie: I expect the mask does help him look better, yeah. Maybe we should get you one of them? In the squared circle, Dragon pushes Jenkins onto his back and hooks up a leg: ONE! TWO! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-NOOOOO! KICKOUT! Dragon slaps the mat in frustration and hooks the leg again, this time driving his right elbow across Spike’s nose: ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! The Londoner springs up and advances on Kivell, shaking a finger at the official! Kivell stands his ground to a huge cheer from the audience, until Dragon’s face is inches from his own! Dragon is working up a storm of abuse, as the ringside microphones pick up: “You stupid bloody imbecile, can’t you count to three? You’re a snotty little excuse for a referee, my man, and what’s more-“ Dragon is interrupted as Spike grabs his tights and rolls him into a schoolboy pin! ONE! TWO! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-----KICKOUT! Ejiro: Hey! He attacked from behind- a cheap shot- AND grabbed the tights! Is this the kind of man we want representing the SJL? Annie: Do you want to keep a tally of how many times Dragon’s cheated in this match? Ejiro: Heh, I doubt you can count that high. Judge: The ring action, guys? Judge helpfully calls our bickering announcers attention to the sight of Dragon and Spike picking themselves off the mat following the Englishman’s kick out. Jenkins runs in with a short arm clothesline, but Dragon ducks under it, coming up directly behind Spike. EngDrag snakes his arms under Spike’s, bending them back and linking his hands together on the back of his opponent’s neck, locking in a full nelson. Dragon tries to swing Spike off the mat, but Jenkins resists. Dragon keeps the nelson locked on, cranes his neck forward and gives his opponent a swift BUTT to the back of his head! EngDrag goes for the lift again, and this time Spike is pulled off the mat. Dragon swings “Hollywood” up and over, DETONATING his head and neck onto the mat with a Dragon suplex! The Londoner keeps his back up, holding on for a bridged cover! ONE! TWO! THRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E! NO! KICKOUT! The crowd breathes out in relief as Spike breaks the bridge, knocking Dragon to his back. The European Champion is quickly back up, however, and waits behind Spike, beckoning Jenkins to get to his feet. The crowd boos Dragon as he stamps his boot impatiently. Spike slowly gets up, holding the back of his neck, and Dragon dashes forward, attacking the still woozy Spike from behind. EngDrag leans over the shoulder of his opponent and wraps his right arm forward, back and around the neck of Jenkins, locking on a Dragon sleeper! Judge: Submission hold applied by Dragon! He’s wrenching back on the head of Spike- and with the abuse Dragon has delivered to Spike’s neck, he has to be in a world of hurt right now. Ejiro: That’s right! Tap Spike! Tap like the bitch you are! Annie: He’s not going to let the World Title slip from his grasp! Go Spike! With the announcers getting as excited as the crowd, Dragon continues to pull back on the sleeper. Spike totters, losing balance as the effects of the hold increase. Dragon pushes down, and Spike drops to one knee. Jenkins’ right arm wavers in the air, and Kivell comes over to ask if he wants to give it up. A resounding “NO!” is the answer from the champ, but Dragon commands Kivell to ask again. There’s no response this time, and Kivell lifts Spike’s arm. It FALLS! Kivell lifts the arm again! IT FALLS! Kivell lifts the arm for a third time! The crowd are baying for Spike to keep it up! IT FALLS! Ejiro: NEW CHAMPION! NO! Spike snaps the arm back up before it drops fully, and he’s still in the match! The crowd stomps a rhythm as Spike crawls along on his knees, dragging his opponent a short distance along the mat. Jenkins then drops downwards, and although Dragon goes with him, keeping the hold applied, Spike can extend his legs along the mat, touching the bottom rope with his boots! A huge cheer erupts from the fans, and Kivell counts the break. When Dragon refuses to let go, the official physically removes the Englishman’s arm from around Spike’s throat! Judge: As much as I believe Dragon to be the better athlete, I have to give Spike his dues for his toughness in escaping there. Ejiro: Meh, he slipped over and his feet brushed the ropes. Lucky! Annie: I TOLD you Spike wouldn’t give it up! Ejiro: And I TOLD you, you just need to find the right man, but you didn’t listen either! Dragon stands in the middle of the ring and once again waits for Spike to rise. Again, Dragon stamps his boot, once, twice, three times, and then stops, turning and waving to the crowd, drawing a mixture of boos and laughter this time. The European Champion turns back to Spike as he first uses the ropes to pull himself up, then turns and stumbles back into the ring. Dragon meets him with a knee to the gut, and as Jenkins doubles over, pushes his opponents head between his legs. Dragon cuts the air with his hand, signalling for the end, and bends, wrapping his arms around Spike’s waist. The Englishman hauls Spike into the air, trying for the Dragon Driver, and lets Spike hang vertically down his body. As the crowd desperately calls for Spike to escape, Dragon attempts to hook his right arm back with his right leg. Spike counters by grabbing a hold of the leg, trying to pull it out and overbalance Dragon. Before he can, Dragon allows Jenkins’ body to drop down to the mat. Spike bounces back a step, and the Londoner charges after him with a lariat, that Jenkins ducks! Dragon spins back around, straight into Spike’s grasp! The World Champion snaps his arm across the chest and shoulder of his opponent, and grips his tights, lifting Dragon up high and dropping forward, SLAMMING Dragon hard to the mat with- Annie: The HIGHLIGHTER! It’s over! Spike retains! Spike retains! Ejiro: Dammit! Spike crawls over onto the body of Dragon, and hooks his left leg up. The crowd counts along: ONE! TWO! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E! Annie: YES! Spike jumps to his feet, a huge grin on his face! The crowd roar their approval at his victory, as Kivell… …waves off the pin, pointing at English Dragon’s foot on the bottom rope! The crowd expel the full force of their lungs in showing their disgust, but Kivell can only shrug and signal for the match to continue. Annie: What the hell happened? Dragon couldn’t have done that! Judge: I think this angle will show us… REPLAY From a ringside camera, we see Robertson crouched below the apron. As Kivell’s hand is descending for the three count, Robertson shoots up, pulling Dragon’s right leg onto the bottom rope, before vanishing beneath the apron once more! Annie: Aww, not again! We’ve seen that damn butler do that before! Ejiro: He was just…ah… Annie: Out of excuses, for once? Ejiro: He was checking his boss’ laces were tied! Spike scowls, but pulls Dragon up to his feet, and sets him up for another Highlighter! Before Spike can lift Dragon, Robertson is on the ring apron, about to enter the ring! The fans are in danger of losing their voices as they abuse the huge butler, and Kivell runs over to block his entrance. With our official’s eye diverted, Dragon simply shoots up his right knee, driving the bone into Spike’s groin to a huge “OOOOOOOOOOOO” from the crowd. “Hollywood” collapses against Dragon’s body, and the Englishman pushes him down onto his back. His task done, Robertson drops off the apron and walks away as if nothing had happened. Dragon SPITS on the fallen Jenkins, and walks to the corner, where he slowly climbs. EngDrag’s foot slips on the second rope, as the challenger still shows the effects of the Highlighter, but he regains his footing, climbing up to the top, facing out of the ring. Ejiro: Moonsault time again! Crush him, Dragon! Annie: GET UP! DAMMIT! The delay in Dragon’s climb proves crucial, as Spike slowly gets to his feet, suddenly rushing at Dragon and slamming a forearm shot into his back. Dragon keeps his footing on the top rope, but Spike climbs up alongside him, nailing him with a punch to the head! Jenkins stands to the side of Dragon and grabs him around the waist with his right arm. Spike’s left goes under the left leg of EngDrag, and… Judge: My God… Ejiro: Is he insane? …Spike pulls Dragon off the top rope with a belly to back suplex! As Dragon is pulled over, he falls out of Spike’s grip and TURNS OVER backwards in the air, SLAMMING down face first onto the mat with bone shattering impact! Dragon’s whole body bounces off the mat! Spike crashes down onto his back, and hold his neck. Judge: Belly to back suplex off the top rope…and Dragon was flipped over! He’s got to be out cold! Annie: Holy… “-SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” complete the fans, the ring ropes still shaking from the impact of both men. The crowd roars Spike on to make the cover, and slowly, slowly, he drags himself over, draping an arm. ONE! TWO! TWO AND A HALF! THRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!! NO! KICKOUT! The whole arena almost goes into shock as Dragon throws up an arm at the last possible second! Judge: That could NOT have been closer! Ejiro: What a man! What a champion he’ll be! Spike rolls off the body of his opponent, chest pumping. He rolls up onto an elbow, and looks up, at the top rope. The world champ clambers off the mat, and drags his weary body out of the ring to the apron, walking to the corner and starting to climb. Judge: It could time for Spike’s “Ratings Grabber” frog splash… Ejiro: Get up, Dragon! Spike is up to the top rope, and steadying himself, when English Dragon starts to pull himself up! Dragon reaches first one knee, then stands, tottering, facing away from Spike’s corner. The crowd SCREAMS for Spike to finish him, and as Dragon turns, Spike obliges, jumping through the air, extending his legs out in front of him and SNAPPING them around the neck of Dragon! Annie: Hurricanrana from the top! But before Spike can pull his opponent over, Dragon grabs him by the waist, and Spike falls back, hanging down Dragon’s body! Judge: Dragon blocked it! The challenger almost falls as Spike starts to struggle in his grasp, waving his arms to try and prevent Dragon hooking them back. But Dragon keeps trying, and at the third attempt traps his right arm! Ejiro: YES! And the other one! Come on! Dragon suddenly stops moving his left leg, causing Spike to stop moving his left arm. EngDrag strikes like a snake, trapping it back! Dragon jumps forward and down to the mat, CRUSHING Spike’s face and body on to the canvas! The Englishman is clearly exhausted, but slowly uses his legs to turn Spike over onto his back, pinning his shoulders to the mat. ONE! The crowd is begging for Spike to kick out! TWO! Dragon grabs a huge handful of tights and pushes Spike’s legs higher! TWO AND A HALF! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!! DING DING DING Ejiro: YES! Annie: NO! “Land of Hope and Glory” rings out through the arena, as Dragon rolls away from Spike, lying flat on his back. FUNYON: The winner of the match…and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….THE ENGLISH DRAAAAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! The crowd is going into an apoplexy of boos, as Robertson slides into the ring, helping his employer up, and snatching the world title which Kivell offers. Dragon weakly holds up the belt, before draping it over his shoulder and allowing Robertson to help him out. Spike slowly starts to sit up, a look of intense disappointment on his face. Judge: A new champion! And what a match! Ejiro: These men went toe to toe, and the better man won! Annie: It was a great match- I’m just sick to my stomach that a man like Dragon hold the World Title. It was another match FULL of his cheating! Judge: We’re almost out of time, from Ejiro Fasaki and Annie Eclectic, I’m Judge Mental- a new champion has been crowned! Goodnight!
  5. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    SJL Crimson comes blasting back from commercial the cameras panning around the jam-packed Madison Square Garden arena revealing the thousands of screaming SJL fans that fill the arena. The cameras drift over a plethora of sign wielding fans before finally cutting back to the commentators table, revealing Annie Eclectic, Ejiro Fasaki and Judge William Hearford III ready as always to continue calling the action. Judge: Welcome back to SJL Crimson! If you’ve just joined us you should be ashamed of yourself for missing the great matches we’ve had tonight! However luckily for you there’s still more to come tonight! Ejiro: We still have the SJL World Title to be contested tonight, as the English Dragon will go one on one with “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins after that shambles on Wrath! Judge: How exactly did Spike win the title on Wrath again? Ejiro: I have no idea…. Judge: That question aside our main event will be upon us soon, but coming up next we have a Four Corners match pitting Jay Morrison, Todd Royal, Brian Kingsmen and Aecas against one another. Annie: The odds don’t favour Aecas in this match; he’s not going to find any allies in that ring tonight. Ejiro: And where is the problem with that Annie? Oh sure he may be big and he may act all scary but he’s still going to fall to the combined efforts of these three up and coming SJL superstars! Annie: And how do you know Morrison, Royal, and Kingsmen won’t turn on each other just as readily as Aecas? Any alliances in there are going to be fleeting; these guys will do anything to pick up the victory here. Ejiro: And that’s exactly what makes them superior to Aecas Annie! The will to win by any means necessary! Blue strobe lights suddenly burst into life around the entrance way as “We Took Pelham” hits the arena speakers, the music plays steadily, unaffected by the sudden loud chorus of boos that erupt from the fans. A trumpet begins to play and a string of pyros light up down the short aisle way before spreading up around the entrance way forming an arc of sparkling flames. As the music continues to play Jay Morrison finally makes his appearance stepping through the entrance way, resplendent in his gold robe and lifts his arms to the sky flicking back his hair as the boos of the crowd get ever louder. Funyon: The following contest is a Four Corners Elimination match! Introducing first hailing from London, England! Weighing 239lbs! JAY MORRISON! The jeers and boos of the fans continue to resound around the arena as Jay walks confidently towards the ring, jumping up onto the ring apron he quickly climbs up to the top rope once again holding his arms out wide basking in the “Adoration” of the fans. Ejiro: There’s a fine example of what Englishmen should be like right here Annie. Annie: He may think he’s good Ejiro but he’s going to be seriously tested tonight just like his three opponents tonight. Morrison jumps into the ring as his music fades away beginning to remove his golden robe as the arena lights suddenly dim except for the bright white light of a single spotlight that highlights the entrance way. A soft “Ahhhhhhhh” is just audible over the raucous crowd before Motley Crue’s “Livewire begins to play over the arena speakers. Funyon: From San Diego, California! Weighing 220 lbs and being accompanied by Megan Skye! TODD ROYAL! The self styled god and his “Toddess” walk side by side through the entrance way as blue and white strobes highlight the walking pair and the jeering fans either side of them. Todd pays little attention to the fans as he climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes into the ring, he removes his sunglasses and gazes at the crowd for a few moments with a superior look on his face before pulling off his black vest, handing both items to Megan as the lights come back up once again. Todd Royal’s music has barely faded away as “”The Gauntlet” by the Drop Kick Murphy’s starts to play the fans still managing to keep up a steady drone of boos and jeers as Brian Kingsmen strolls out of the entranceway and towards the ring. Funyon: Weighing 180lbs and hailing from parts Unknown! He is BRIAN KINGSMEN! Brian slides into the ring and moves into an unoccupied corner, staring at his two adversaries as all three men await the arrival of their final opponent. Ejiro: Look at that, no frills, no fancy lighting, Brian is definitely ready for this match. Judge: He certainly looks ready for tonight’s challenge, all three of these men so, and it goes without saying that Aecas will be expecting trouble tonight. As if on cue the arena lights shut off, plunging the arena into darkness as a graveyard bell begins to toll mournfully the arena erupting into cheers as the fans await the entrance of the last participant of the match. Smoke begins to pour out of the entrance way as blood red alert lights begin to flash around the entire arena. Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin Mask” blasts through the speakers as Aecas charges out of the entranceway running down the short stretch of aisle and sliding into the ring. The music quickly fades away as all three of the Black Angel’s opponents seize the opportunity to lay in a beating before the match starts, stomping down hard on Aecas as he tries to get up to his feet. The Black Angel doggedly makes his way up to his feet lurching backwards as his opponents switch from kicks to punches, driving the giant backwards with a fusillade of blows as the crowd starts to boo thunderously once more. Judge: And Aecas wasted no time in getting into this match and straight into trouble! Ejiro: That just shows you how stupid he is, charging right into the middle of the ring when all three of his opponents were waiting for him. Annie: Eddy Long needs to get in there and break this up! The bell hasn’t even rung yet and Aecas is getting mugged! Ejiro: How many times do I have to tell you Annie, its smart tactics, especially against somebody like Aecas. Jay, Todd and Brian drive Aecas back into the corner, rocking the giant with punches as Eddy Long tries to pull the four men apart finally managing to drag Todd Royal away from the brawl in the corner. Royal rounds on Long asking the “puny mortal” what he thinks he is doing, with the odds slightly reduced to two on one Aecas uses the small opening to mount an offensive of his own. The giant’s huge right hand smashes into the face of Brian Kingsmen, sending him staggering backwards. Morrison snaps Aecas’ head back with another hard punch before doubling over as a hard knee connects with his midriff, smashing the air from his lungs. Judge: Aecas is trying to battle back here! Eddy Long has succeeded in getting Todd Royal out onto the apron but he still has to contend with these three men. Aecas grabs Morrison by the head and the back of his trunks and quickly tosses the gasping young man through the ropes and onto the protective mats that cover the floor, the Black Angel turns around catching a pair of boots square in the teeth as Brian Kingsmen goes back on the attack knocking the giant back into the corner. Eddy Long seeing that finally there are only two men in the ring signals to the time keeper to ring the bell as Jay Morrison starts to pull himself up into a free corner one hand pressed to his sternum as he glares daggers at the Black Angel. DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!! Judge: And finally the match has officially started, and we are kicking things off with Aecas and Brain Kingsmen squaring off against one another. Ejiro: Kingsmen showing a lot of guts being the first to face off against Aecas. Annie: Lets hope he has more than gut Ejiro he’s giving up a good 9 inches in height and 135lbs of weight against Aecas! Ejiro: But Aecas is a lumbering hulk compared to Brian Annie, speed can turn the tide just as easily as strength. Brian wastes no time in climbing up the turnbuckles, standing on the second rope and beginning to hammer punches down into Aecas face, jerking the giants head back with each blow. Kingsmen hammers a total of 10 punches into Aecas’ face before placing his hands on the giant’s shoulders and shouting out to the crowd as he prepares to capitalise on his efforts. Brian jumps off of the second rope, wrapping his legs around Aecas’ head and throwing all of his weight backwards into a Hurracarana! Brian’s momentum is sharply halted as large hand latches onto his left leg, holding him in place and upside down for a long moment before Aecas reaches down with his free hand grabbing Kinsmen’s arm and pulling him upright onto his shoulders. Judge: Kingsmen is in a very unfriendly place right now. Annie: Speed is good Ejiro but strength sure as hell helps. Kingsmen hammers more punches into the hard bone of Aecas’ forehead in desperation as the Black Angel calmly grabs his opponents jeans before running out of the corner and jumping high into the air, jerking Brian backwards and slamming him hard into the canvas with a Sitout Powerbomb! Aecas grabs hold of Brian’s legs and pushes them away almost contemptuously, getting back up to his feet and turning away as the crowd voices their approval of the sudden and brutal way that Aecas used to deal with Kingsmen. Annie: I think that proves my point Ejiro. Ejiro: Don’t sound so smug Annie, why isn’t Aecas covering Kingsmen? That’s a mistake right there, not taking advantage of a downed opponent. Taking advantage of Aecas’ distraction Todd Royal reaches into the ring and slaps the palm of his hand onto Brian’s back Eddy Long confirming the tag with a clap of his hands as Royal enters the ring. Aecas’ head snaps around as he hears the clap locking eyes with Royal who stops dead for a moment before starting to circle around his much larger opponent. Aecas watches Royal for a moment before mimicking his new opponent both men circling one another before they lunge towards each other. Todd Royal easily ducks under Aecas’ hands darting behind the giant a swift kick to the back of the knee sends Aecas crashing down onto one leg as the joint easily folds under the pressure. Todd arrogantly slaps the back of Aecas’ head quickly moving around in front of his opponent and snapping a foot at the giants chest, Todd’s momentum is briefly halted as two large hands grab his foot before it contacts with his chest. Both men lock eyes for a moment as Aecas’ hands start to clamp down on Royal’s ankle until Todd uses his free leg to propel him upwards, twisting his body and slamming a hard kick into the side of Aecas’ head, knocking the giant down to the canvas. Ejiro: Enzigiri! Right to the side of the head! And the plant loving freak is down! Judge: Royal had best be quick because even a blow like that won’t keep Aecas down for long. Todd Royal is way ahead of Judge as he quickly gets back to his feet grabbing Aecas’ left leg and starting to twist it around as he prepares to apply a Figure Four Leglock onto his huge opponent. Aecas however is not caught totally off guard, one large boot kicking Royal in the chest and shoving him backwards as Aecas starts to quickly get to his feet. Royal stumbles backwards into the ropes but recovers with admirable quickness, using the ropes to hurl himself back at the rising Black Angel planting his left foot on the giants knee and using it as a platform to push himself up and ram his right knee into Aecas’ face! Ejiro: Shining Wizard! And Aecas is down yet again! This is where speed helps you Annie! Keep Aecas off balance and you can beat him with a minimum of effort. Judge: Royal going for the first cover of the match here. ONE!!!!!!!! … … TWO!!!!!!!!!! … … KICKOUT!!!!!! Aecas powers out of the pin attempt before Long’s hand has even left the canvas after two shoving Todd Royal off of him as he rolls over onto his front shaking his head slightly as he pushes himself up to his knees. Judge: The first near fall of the match and it was on the biggest man, do you think this might be a sign of things to come? Ejiro: No doubt about it Judge, if Todd can stay on him Aecas will be done before he knows what hit him! Royal continues to keep the pressure on ramming his knee into Aecas’ head once more before hammering several short sharp punches into the giant’s head. The Black Angel doggedly drags himself back up to his feet as Royal runs across the ring using the ropes to enhance his momentum once again leaping into the air twisting himself sideways to catch Aecas across the chest with a high Crossbody. Aecas steps a step backwards as Todd’s body crashes into his forcing him back into the ropes but once again the giant’s strength prevails his arms snapping up to grab Royal by the back of his neck and his left leg. Annie: Todd just made a crucial error Ejiro and now he’s going to pay the penalty! Judge: Royal is truly between a rock and a hard place and there’s nowhere for him to go but down! Aecas holds Royal for a moment before lifting him up higher before dropping down onto one knee and releasing his hold sending his opponent crashing down across his knee with a savage backbreaker. Todd’s back arches around Aecas thick leg as the self styled god cries out in pain as he feels Aecas’ hands grabbing him once more lifting him up slowly before smashing the small of his back into the hard bone once again. Aecas lifts Royal up one last time but pauses as one of Royal’s flailing hands smacks against the chest of Brian Kingsmen, Eddy Long confirms the tag much to Brian’s horror as the Black Angel drops Todd rather unceremoniously and turns to face his next adversary. Judge: A pair of stiff backbreakers for Todd Royal from Aecas, and through desperation or cunning Royal managed to tag in Brian Kingsmen! Annie: And he does not look happy about that at all! Ejiro: He’ll be fine Annie! He just needs to get some confidence behind himself in this match up. Annie: Going it alone against somebody that big in this kind of environment? Ejiro: Exactly! Annie: ……. Kingsmen hesitates on the apron for a brief second before stepping into the ring keeping his distance from his huge opponent, darting away as Aecas lunges for him running to the ropes and hurtling back towards the Black Angel leaving his feet and smashing both boots into the giant’s chest rocking him with a Dropkick. As Aecas reels from the hard impact Kingsmen runs behind the giant jumping onto the second rope and using as a springboard, Brian twists in mid air his right arm hooking the back of Aecas’ head his momentum pulling the giant off balance and smashes him face first into the canvas with a huge Bulldog. Brian is on his feet in a flash running over to the nearest corner and vaulting up to the top rope with the ease of long practice, perched on the top turnbuckle like a bird of prey as Aecas starts to get up. As soon as Aecas gets back up to his vertical base Kingsmen pounces! Leaping off of the top he dives straight for Aecas flipping his body in mid air and grabbing the giant under the chin with both hands as he pulls the Black Angel backwards and off his feet yet again with a bewilderingly quick Flipping Neckbreaker jarring the head of his opponent as it strikes the canvas with a gruesome THUD. Ejiro: There’s the confidence I was telling you about Annie, he’s on a roll now and Aecas can’t keep up with him! Kingsmen kips up after the huge impact of the Neckbreaker, raising his arms and making a cartwheel motion with his fingers as his signals that the end is near for Aecas, the crowd erupting into boos yet again as Brian jumps back up to the next turnbuckle, Jay Morrison looking on with a grin. Kingsmen launches himself from the top as soon as his feet touch the turnbuckle, bringing his legs in close as he performs a spectacular 450 degrees flip in mid air before landing with a SMACK on the canvas as Aecas rolls aside! Judge: Critical miss by Brian Kingsmen! He gambled it all lost! Annie: That’s where too much confidence can get you Ejiro. Aecas rolls back up to his feet looking down at Brian as the smaller man clutches at his sternum for a moment before leaning down and grabbing Kingsmen by his shirt forcibly hauling him back up to his feet. Grabbing hold of Kingsmen’s right arm Aecas Irish Whips him across the ring into the ropes crouching slightly as Brian runs back towards him. A second before the two collide Aecas’ arms shoot out grabbing Brian underneath the armpits and hauling him up into the air and taking a single step forwards grabbing the waistband of his opponents jeans with both hands. Brian seems to float in mid air for a brief second before Aecas pulls him straight down, Powerbombing him into the canvas hard enough to shake the entire ring. Annie: Descent into Darkness! Kingsmen is outta here! Aecas looks down at the broken from of Brian Kingsmen an evil grin splitting his face as the crowd urge him to go for the pinfall, the Black Angel just shakes his head turning towards Jay Morrison holding out his hand for a tag, Jay looks at Aecas for a brief moment before grinning himself and tagging himself in nodding to Aecas raising his arms to the boos of the crowd as he places a boot on the chest of Brain Kingsmen for a pinfall. Annie: What the hell is Aecas doing? Judge: Looks like he’s forming a truce with Jay Morrison! And the fans don’t like this one bit! The crowd don’t know what to think as Aecas watches Morrison with a satisfied smile on his face, Eddy Long drops down to his front raising his hand to count the pinfall. Before Long can count one Aecas steps in behind Morrison ducking low and grabbing Jay by the head and the legs lifting the startled Englishman onto his shoulders and into a Burning Hammer position, shaking his head as the fans explode into cheers once again. Annie: That’s the quickest truce I’ve ever seen Judge! Aecas holds Jay tightly as he moves over to the still prone form of Brian Kingsmen, the Black Angel pauses for a moment before he places his left hand underneath Morrison’s left leg pushing up hard as he yanks the Englishman’s head down with his right. The Black Angel twists his body, as Morrison is catapulted forwards, sitting out and driving Morrison chest first onto Brian Kingsmen with the Betrayer! The Black Angel quickly rolls out of the ring as Long seeing Jay Morrison covering Brian Kingsmen starts to count the pinfall. ONE!!!!!!!! … … TWO!!!!!!!!! … … THREE!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************* Eliminated: Brian Kingsmen. Eliminated By: Jay Morrison, via “Assist” from Aecas. ********************************************* Annie: Brian Kingsmen has just been dropped like a bad habit! Judge: And we are down to three, and it looks like Todd Royal is going to pick up where Aecas left off. Todd Royal quickly steps through the ropes and into the ring, planting a solid boot into the head of Jay Morrison as the Englishman lifts himself up from Brian Kingsmen. Morrison jerks backwards as the kick connects, another boot snaps his head back retaliating with a hard shot to the belly of Todd Royal quickly following it up with a second as he fights his way back up to his feet both men wasting no time in slamming together in a collar and elbow tie up. Ejiro: And finally we are going to seem some proper wrestling in this match up! Judge: Indeed. Both men starting up with a strong collar and elbow tie up. Morrison and Royal strain against one another each man trying to overpower the other before Todd breaks the tie up, slipping behind Jay and wrapping his arms around his opponents waist. Judge: Todd with the go behind into a waistlock. Morrison strains against the waistlock for a moment before both glands go to Royal’s left arm breaking the hold and twisting it up behind his back. Judge: Morrison reaches through and comes back with a Hammerlock. Todd slaps at his shoulder as Jay hikes the pressure up before twisting and dropping to his knees wrapping his free arm around Jay’s legs and flipping him forwards onto his back reversing the Hammerlock into an Am Wringer as Jay hits the canvas. Judge: Nice Fireman’s Carry take over into an arm wringer by Todd Royal. Jay is grounded for a moment but as Royal seeks to keep him that way he fights his way up rolling forwards out of the Arm Wringer and leaping back up to his feet twisting Todd’s arm back up into a Hammerlock. Royal reacts instantly snapping his right elbow back into Morrison’s face before reaching back and grabbing Jay’s head dropping to one knee as he pulls his opponent over with a Snapmare. Judge: Jay rolls through and counters with another Hammerlock. Good counter by Royal with the elbow and then the Snapmare. Morison pops right back up from the Snapmare charging at Todd Royal and runs right into an Arm Drag flipping him high over Royal. Judge: Deep Arm Drag by Todd Royal, Morrison still coming at him though. Jay ducks under a huge sweep before trapping Todd with a quick Arm Drag flipping him over as he returns the favour. Judge: Clothesline ducked and jay Morrison comes back with an Arm Drag of his own. Royal quickly gets back up to his feet quickly making his way into a corner but Jay is hot on his heels slapping a hard Knife Edge Chop across Todd’s chest getting a “Wooooo!!!!” from the crowd with the stinging slap. Royal staggers out of the corner across the ring clutching at his chest until he reaches Aecas’ corner, Jay follows his opponent slamming yet another HARD chop into Royal’s chest before grabbing an arm and Irish Whipping the self styled god into the ropes. Judge: Two hard Knife Edge chops from Jay Morrison as he puts the pressure on Todd Royal but he’ll have to watch his back with Aecas that close to him. Todd Royal rebounds from the ropes and runs right into a Hip Toss from Jay Morrison but as the young Englishman reaches down to grab his opponent Royal retaliates kicking Morrison away and quickly getting back up to his feet. Morrison comes at Royal once more, ducking under a second clothesline attempt before slamming a Superkick into the face of Aecas! The Black Angel is taken completely off guard by this attack and flies off the apron to land with an unhealthily SMACK on the protective mats of the outside. Ejiro: And Morrison gets his revenge! Judge: Aecas never even saw it coming! Morrison steps up to the ropes pointing at the downed Black Angel as he shouts in triumph, the sound barely audible over the wave of hatred the fans direct at him, Morrison grins arrogantly as he looks down at Aecas. Todd Royal wastes no time in taking advantage of his opponent’s distraction, he runs up behind Jay Morrison dropping down and reaching up between the Englishman’s legs grabbing a fistful of the singlet at his belly and pulling back hard. Morrison’s arms windmill briefly but Todd’s body rams against the back of his legs knocking him off balance and down and over into a School Boy pin Royal quickly moving up to his feet and holding the Englishman down grabbing a fistful of the singlet as Eddy long makes the count! ONE!!!!!!!! … … TWO!!!!!!!! … … THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************* Eliminated: Jay Morrison. Eliminated By: Todd Royal, via School Boy Pin. ********************************************* Ejiro: And Todd Royal plays it smart with a handful of tights! Judge: We are down to our final two! And it should be interesting to see how Royal will deal with Aecas! Annie: Jay Morrison fell prey to the DX Fondle! Judge/Ejiro: …………. Judge: The DX what?! Annie: Uhhh nothing..... Morrison leaps back up to his feet with a look of total shock on his face as Long orders him out of the ring; hardly able to believe he just lost his chance of winning the match. Royal grins smugly as a fuming Jay Morrison steps through the ropes onto the apron and jumps down to the floor walking up the short aisle of the arena still shaking his head in frustration. Back in the ring Aecas has finally managed to get his wits about him and slowly slides into the ring getting back up to his feet and advancing slowly as Todd Royal continues to taunt the retreating Jay Morrison. Judge: Celebrating is all well and good but too much can be dangerous! Ejiro: Watch out Todd! Megan Skye shouts out a warning that comes just a second two late as two huge arms force Royal’s arms up into the air as Aecas lock his opponent into a Full Nelson, Todd’s eyes go wide as he struggles to free himself from this new predicament. Royal’s struggles are quickly proven to be in vain as Aecas muscles his opponent up and over, arching his back as he smashes Todd head and shoulders first onto the canvas with a huge Dagon Suplex! Annie: Forget about it! This one is as good as over! Aecas lets go of Royal’s suddenly limp body, rolling back up to his feet slowly before bending down to grab Todd by the head hauling him up to his feet before flinging the self styled God across the ring into a corner with a hard Irish Whip. Royal slams against the turnbuckles and slumps down in the corner as Aecas moves backwards to the corner diagonally opposite grinning malevolently as he crouches down one hand urging Royal to stand back up. Judge: Aecas setting Royal up for a Gore. Annie: If he hits this it will definitely seal Todd’s fate. Ejiro: But Megan isn’t going to let Aecas get away with it! Megan Skye certainly isn’t about to stand idly by to watch Aecas goring Todd, the one and only “Toddess” leaps up onto the apron stepping through the ropes and jumping onto Aecas’ back her sharp nails raking his face, searching for his eyes. Aecas surges back up to his feet with Megan dangling from his shoulders desperately cawing at the giant’s eyes, Aecas stumbles for a moment before he jumps backwards squashing Megan between himself and the turnbuckles to a roar of approval from the crowd. Aecas turns around slowly as Megan sags into the turnbuckles and slaps his right hand around her slender throat dragging her from the corner as she struggles to break the iron hard grip. The Black Angel looks out at the fans as he motions for a Chokeslam the fans quickly giving him a response… DRILL THE BITCH! DRILL THE BITCH! DRILL THE BITCH! DRILL THE BITCH! Needing no further encouragement, Aecas places his left hand on the small of Megan’s back before hoisting her up into the air by her throat, the giant holds his victim in the air for a long moment before slamming her down into the canvas, the huge Chokeslam BOUNCING Megan off the canvas! Ejiro: Oh my god! Judge: Aecas has just destroyed Megan Skye in front of Todd Royal! What must be going through Royal’s mind right now?! Ejiro: Revenge Judge! REVENGE! Todd Royal regained his feet just in time to see Aecas smash Megan into the canvas with a huge Chokeslam and lets out a wordless shout of anger, rushing at the grinning form of the Black Angel. Aecas starts to run forwards, meeting Royal in the middle of the ring Todd ducking under a huge Lariat that would have taken his head off. Both men run into the ropes and rebound towards one another meeting in the centre of the ring as Aecas FLOORS Royal with a huge Yakuza Kick! Annie: YAKUZA KICK! Royal just went down faster than Monica Lewinsky! Ejiro: …….. Judge: First Megan and now Royal, Todd and his Toddess are completely at the mercy of the Black Angel! Aecas moves to the nearest corner and slowly starts to ascend the turnbuckles as Royal lies in the centre of the ring, the Black Angel crouches on top of the corner for a moment before slowly straightening up standing perfectly balanced on the top rope as he looks down at his opponent. Judge: And the big man is up top! God only knows what he’s planning from up there! Aecas crouches low on the turnbuckle before using the huge strength in his legs to push himself off of the top ropes and into the air, the Black Angel’s huge form sails through the air in a graceful arc until gravity finally takes hold and he plummets down smashing an elbow into Todd Royal’s head! Annie: Hard Rain! Royal just got his lights dimmed! Aecas bounces on the canvas laying stunned for a few moments, the fans going ballistic at the spectacle they just witnessed, the giant drags himself over Todd Royal and hooks a leg as Eddy long counts the pinfall, the fans canting along. ONE!!!!!!!!! … … TWO!!!!!!!!! … … TWO AND A HALF!!!!!! … … TWO AND THREE QUARTERS!!!!!!! … … THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!!!!! Funyon: The winner of the match by pinfall! THE BALCK ANGEL! AECAS! Aecas rolls off of Todd Royal as the arena erupts into cheers, Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin mask” blasts back through the arena speakers, vying for dominancy with the roaring of the fans as Aecas rolls out of the ring and slowly makes his way up the aisle, leaving the prone forms of Todd Royal and Megan Skye behind him…. Judge: And it’s all over…and the aftermath of this conflict is evident in the ring. Aecas came into this match with a possible three on one disadvantage but he’s leaving as a winner. Annie: Its not surprising Judge the others were all too busy trying to taunt or cheapshot one another to pay much attention to what Aecas was doing. Judge: It’s been a fantastic Crimson folks but we aren’t done just yet, coming up next is our Main Event with the English Dragon taking on the SJL World Champion “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins. Will pike Jenkins manage to keep his hands on the coveted World Title? Or will the English Dragon take the initiative and ascend to greatness? Tune in after the break to find out! SJL Crimson fades out to commercial as Megan Skye painfully drags herself over to the unconscious form of Todd Royal, glaring hatefully towards the backstage area…
  6. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    Judge- Welcome back to Crimson!!! The rabid crowd begin to rise off their seats, trying to get their signs on T.V, such as “TODD-AWFUL”, “I OWN YOU” and “HAIKUS SUCK!”. Meanwhile, the commentary team of Annie, Justice and Rule sit ready to call the next match. Judge- We are 100% live here in Madison Square Garden, and sitting beside me are the other two contingents of the best intergender announce team in the world… Ejiro- That’s damn right Judge…and we’re ready for another Landon Maddix match. Woo freaking hoo. Judge- Well, we just heard comments from a determined Landon Maddix…and he seems to be on a revenge mission here tonight against Dominic Korgath. SJL ring announcer Funyon steps into the middle of the ring, his presence almost instantly quietening down the crowd. Funyon- Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SJL World Television Championship!!! Zack de la Rocha's “March Of Death” plays, and with no introduction the large figure of Dominic Korgath steps out from the back, to boos from the crowd. Totally dwarfing the fans as he passes, Korgath methodically walks down the aisle towards the ring. Annie- Korgath of course earned his match here by…well…losing last week. Ejiro- Are you casting aspersions on Korgath…do you not see that iron staff in his hand? Annie- Yeah…you think he’s compensating for something? Ejiro- I hope you realise that if he hears you, you’ll be served up as ‘rotisserie lesbian’ for the big celebration party he’s got planned. Placing the iron staff against the steel steps, Korgath walks up the steps and enters the ring, to more boos from the crowd. He looks to the side, giving referee Matthew Kivell a seemingly nonchalant, but at the same time intimidating glance. Kivell tries to ignore it, talking to Funyon to do so, as Korgath just smiles wryly, and leans against the ropes. Slowly, chants of ‘Landon…Landon…Landon’ begin to become audible through the Garden, right up until the opening chords of Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” kicking in. The chants are quickly drowned out by a big crowd pop, as Landon Maddix steps through the entrance doors, looking distinctively more determined than ever. Instead of his usual sprint down the aisle, Maddix walks slowly down past the fans, ignoring the outstretched hands he would usually be more than happy to tag. Funyon- Introducing, the reigning SJL Television Champion. From Huron South Dakota, and weighing 206 pounds…LAAANDOOON MAAADDIIIX!!! Judge- Man…Maddix looks focused here tonight. Ejiro- I kinda like it…you know, the new attitude. But how can he beat Korgath…the hoss from Azeroth. Judge- Err…Ejiro… Annie- You used that one last week. Ejiro- Huh…I. I did, didn’t I. Well…well, at least…at least I…came up with it. Annie- Swish… Getting to the apron, Maddix rolls into the ring. Funyon quickly makes his exit, as Maddix pulls the belt from around his waist, drops it to the mat, and showing no fear walks right up to Korgath. The bell rings, as Kivell quickly gets the TV Title out of the ring. Despite the almost full foot of size difference, Maddix shows no fear, staring coldly into the eyes of Korgath. With a smile, the big man simply reaches forward, and pushes Maddix backwards. The TV Champ sprawls backwards, but rolls through the fall and strides right back up into Korgath’s face again. Annie- Man, this kid has got some guts. Judge- He’s also got a whole lot of anger built up inside him. Nonchalantly, Korgath pushes Landon again, but again Maddix gets right back up as soon as he falls, and right back in Korgath’s ‘face’ he goes again. The crowd have gotten even more fired up upon seeing Maddix’s determination, and the Garden is suddenly buzzing. Not saying a word, Maddix stands tall in front of Korgath, showing he has no fear. As if he saw Maddix as a fly flitting about in front of him, Korgath swipes out with his hand, catching Landon across the face and dropping him to a knee. A stiff knee driven to the gut knocks Maddix onto his back, as Korgath turns away from Maddix, a big smile on his face. Judge- Well, size advantage or not, Korgath should have learned last time…don’t get over confident against this kid. Annie- Looks like it’s too late Judge… Judge- And the kid is up already! Indeed, the Television Champion is back up to his feet. Shrugging off the last two blows, Maddix sprints forward, jumping onto the turned back of Korgath and firing rapid right hands to the head. After a good 8 to 10 rights, eventually Landon overbalances, falling off the back as Korgath gets a few seconds to recover. Those seconds are abruptly stopped with more rights from Maddix, as the crowd get a little louder with each connecting punch. Ejiro- Where the hell did this come from! I’m actually starting to like this kid… Annie- Really? Ejiro- Well…no. But this is an improvement on the pretty-boy high flier attitude. The big man begins to get staggered, the speed of the right hands backing him into a corner. Maddix aims a couple of stiff kicks to the gut of Korgath, which slump him against the turnbuckles, before jumping to the middle rope and grabbing a handful of mask. Raising the other arm, the crowd cheer as Maddix wails away with a fist…and then another…the crowd chanting along with number… THREE! Then FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEEENNN!!! Landon takes a few steps back, as Korgath stumbles from the corner, groggy from the repeated fists. Leaving his feet, Maddix nails a dropkick on Korgath, striking him hard in the chest. It doesn’t put him down though, so Landon hits a second dropkick…but still Korgath stays up. Landon quickly runs to the ropes, as Korgath looks dazed. As Landon comes back, Korgath manages to swing with his right arm, but it’s ducked. Maddix runs on, and he jumps forward, as Korgath turns around. The Urban Decay member is caught with a leaping clothesline by Maddix, but still he doesn’t go down. In fact, the move seems to have more effect on Maddix, who lands awkwardly. Still, he quickly gets up, only for Korgath to step forward and take Landon’s head off with a clothesline! BOOOOO!!! Korgath smiles again, but stops as he sees Landon fighting his way up. With teeth gritted to block out the pain, Maddix pulls himself up using the ropes, and again walks up to Korgath. A right hand to the temple puts the kid down, but he immediately begins to get up from it, much to Korgath’s shock. Ejiro- You know…this kid has issues. I mean, there’s no need for this… Annie- Oh yes there is. Since he got here, he’s been seen as the ‘little guy everyone can beat on freely’. Korgath sees him as that. And he’s sick of it. Ejiro- But still…you’ve got to draw a line. If he keeps getting up, Korgath’ll keep putting him down Flicking his hair back as he gets up, Maddix makes sure Korgath can look into his eyes. Not phased, Korgath hits another right hand, and this time drives a stomp to the back as Maddix hits the mat. Obviously not wanting Landon to get up, Korgath continues the stomps, all the while the crowd booing in the background. Korgath then leaves his feet, dropping his leg across the back of Maddix’s weak neck, before rolling him over for a cover… …ONE… …T…Landon shoots a shoulder up. Angrily, Korgath slams his elbow into the side of Maddix’s head…not once, but twice. He then hauls the kid up, and grabs him by the throat. Now Korgath looks pissed off as well, as Maddix tries to move towards the ropes. Before he can get to them, Maddix is suddenly lifted off his feet, and thrown by the throat over the ropes. Crashing off the apron, Maddix carries on into the barricade, hitting face first. The ringside fans try to help him out, but soon stop as Korgath follows out. Almost effortlessly, Korgath pulls Landon up and throws him into the apron, as Landon collapses on impact. Matthew Kivell tries to get Korgath back into the ring, but another intimidating look from Korgath is enough to shut Kivell up. Judge- This is not where Maddix wants to be…not with Dominic Korgath. Ejiro- And Kivell is an idiot for trying to tell Korgath what to do. Korgath’s angry too you know…it’s not just Maddix and the ‘bleeding hearts club’. A swift kick hits Maddix in the back, as Korgath starts to fire his boot into the laid out Maddix. Dominic backs up, allowing Maddix to his feet, but clearly planning ahead. As Landon gets up, Korgath has a plan, as he grabs a handful of hair, and hurls Maddix forward… SMACK! Maddix connects face first with the ring post! Seeing this, Kivell leaves the ring, but is again intimidated away by Korgath. Pulling Landon up, Korgath again needs little effort to throw Maddix back in. As Korgath follows in, Maddix tries to pull himself up, away from the drops of blood from his forehead which now stain the mat. Ejiro- Oh boy…Korgath is now the shark that smells blood…literally! Annie- He’s a shark? The TV Champ tries to shrug it off, but as he gets up, he’s met with a yakuza kick from the charging Korgath! The force sends Maddix crashing through the ropes, but he grabs on in time to land on the apron. With a smile, Korgath runs to the ropes, looking to charge into Landon again. With as much effort as he can muster, Landon suddenly slingshots himself back into the ring, at the right time to stick an arm out and catch Korgath charging in with a slingshot clothesline. Landon drops into a desperate cover… …ONE… Korgath pushes upwards, LAUNCHING Maddix into the air to kickout! Both men get back to their feet at the same time, but Maddix is too weak to run. Korgath sees this, and hits a boot to the gut, before pulling Maddix forward for a powerbomb. Judge- Oh no…no…he’ll crush his neck! Ejiro- Well, quit whining and call the paramedics then! Some of us want to watch this. The crowd are on their feet booing, as Korgath hoists Maddix into the air. With fear etched on his face, Maddix reaches out for an escape, but it’s too late as Korgath SNAPS him down to the mat. Crashing to the mat, Landon is immediately hauled back up, and drilled with a second hard powerbomb! Releasing Maddix, Korgath soaks up the boos from the crowd, as Maddix lays flat out on the mat. Ejiro- Korgath is loving this! It isn’t just about the belt…Korgath wants to make the kid SUFFER! Annie- Which is why Landon came out here so fired up in the first place… Breaking away from the fans, Korgath backs off the ropes, before dropping a big leg across the sternum of Maddix. Seeing the blood oozing from Maddix’s forehead, he decides to not to make a cover, instead pulling Maddix to his feet. With a big shove, Korgath forces Maddix into the corner, before charging in and avalanching him in the corner. Taking a step back, Korgath uses his massive frame to hit a second avalanche, crushing Landon again. Referee Kivell tries to check on Landon, only for Korgath to literally block him off, and hit a couple of right hands to Maddix. Maddix staggers out of the corner from the punches, as Korgath steps back and allows Maddix to simply slump to the mat. The big man drops another leg across Maddix’s head and neck, before rolling him over for a cover… …ONE… …TWO… …T… …H… Foot on the ropes for Maddix. Judge- I think Korgath has broken Landon’s resolve finally. Ejiro- And now, it’s a matter of how much more does Korgath want to hurt Maddix? Judge- That may very well be the case… With an angry look on his face, Korgath grabs Maddix by the hair, and pulls him to his knees. Not giving up, Landon gets to his feet, as Korgath waits metres away. Reeling back, Korgath swings with a right hand, only for Maddix to somehow duck to cheers from the New Yorkers in attendance. Looking confused, Korgath turns back, to be met with more right hands from Maddix! Annie- The kid’s fighting back! Through blood, sweat and tears, he’s fighting back! Korgath throws a right, but Maddix blocks… and hits a right of his own! The shock of the punch almost causes Korgath to lose his footing, as Maddix leaps to the second turnbuckle. Seeing this, Korgath charges forward, to be met with a boot to the face, which sends him back a couple of steps. Landon takes this opportunity to step up to the top rope, and straight away launch himself into a crossbody. Korgath sees it coming though, and steps forward to catch Landon in his arms! The building crowd noise is stopped dead, as Korgath walks around the ring, with Landon still in his arms. Ejiro- He’s just picking his spot…as a wrestler, this is the best thing that can happen in a match. Judge- Very true. You can see from Korgath’s face, he’s enjoying this. Ejiro- Yeah, and from Maddix’s face, I’d say he’s absolutely petrified! Still walking around, Korgath seems to be parading around for the Madison Square Garden crowd, just showing off. After a few more seconds, Korgath stops with his back to the ropes. Lifting the helpless Landon up, Korgath drops the TV Champ across his knee with a backbreaker, but keeps him in his clutches and brings him right back up afterwards. With Landon still helpless in his arms, Korgath takes a couple of steps backwards, before tossing Landon over his head… …over the top rope… …and CRASHING to the concrete floor, with a release fallaway slam!!! Judge- OH MY GOD!!! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! Judge- Landon…Landon may be finished. Ejiro- For good! Stick a fork in that turkey, ‘cause he’s done! Maddix lays motionless on the concrete floor, the holy shit chants beginning to decrease in volume. Referee Kivell leaves the ring, and checks to see if Maddix is even able to continue. Meanwhile, Korgath takes a breather, leant up against the ropes, looking highly pleased with himself. A few fans at ringside become the focus of Korgath, as he decides to spend the time getting into an argument. Amazingly, back on the outside Maddix is trying his damndest to get back up! With a shake of the head, he seems to tell Kivell he wants to carry on, as Korgath sees this and goes to the outside. Annie- I don’t know what this kid is taking, but I sure as hell want some. He just fell at least 10 or 12 feet to the floor, and he’s still fighting! Ejiro- I know…it even scares me. And I’m the SJL US Champion! Annie- Yes, we know. You don’t have to bring it up Ejiro. Through sheer guts, Maddix tries to pull himself up using the apron, his effort getting the crowd fully behind him. Meanwhile Korgath is getting ever closer to Maddix. Just as Landon manages to get near to his feet, a swift kick to the gut from Korgath puts him right back down. Yet still Landon fights, so Korgath hits a second kick. This time, Maddix stays up, so Korgath changes tactics. Korgath grabs Landon, and quickly presses him up over his head! Again fear overcomes Landon as he tries to escape, but before he can Korgath presses Maddix up and back into the ring, over the second rope. Judge- Korgath is still in control here, but you get the feeling Landon Maddix has still got something left. He always seems to. Ejiro- Well he doesn’t look like he has much left right now. Annie- How many times have you said that, only for him to eventually win? Judge- It’d be about 7 now, wouldn’t it? Ejiro- I stand by my opinions. Coming in over the top rope, Korgath re-enters the ring, with Maddix struggling for energy just feet from him. Korgath walks over, and grabs Maddix’s arm before hiptossing him a good way across the ring. The TV Champ hits the mat, but gets right back up. Korgath again grabs the arm, and tries a second hip toss, but a twist in mid-air allows Maddix to land on his feet, and hit a backhand punch to the gut. With Dominic doubled over, Landon runs off the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm. Korgath doesn’t go down though, so Maddix has to run into the ropes again. Another flying forearm is aimed at Korgath’s temple, and hits, this time staggering the big man. Judge- He’s fighting back now…just shows you can’t count the kid out. Landon charges to the ropes, and looks for a third flying forearm. As Landon flies through the air, somehow Korgath manages to duck this and catch Maddix at the same time. Then, in a déjà vu moment, Korgath throws Landon over his head and over the top rope… …only this time Maddix grabs the top rope, landing on the apron. Korgath turns, and looks shocked to Landon on the apron. He’s even more shocked by a knee to the gut from Landon, and falls across the middle rope. Maddix waits for Korgath to ‘settle’, before jumping up and dropping a leg which bounces Korgath’s head off the middle rope. Quickly, Maddix re-enters the ring, and runs off the ropes, looking to hit the Wraparound. Ejiro- Wrong move! Korgath is too big! The MSG crowd see this, and begin to get to their feet, as Maddix grabs the ropes and swings around. He manages to hook his legs around Korgath’s head, but as he twists back, Korgath is too heavy for the move, and Landon doesn’t complete it. Ejiro- See! I was right…I was right all along. Annie- Yeah great…here’s a cookie. Take it and shut up would you? As Maddix’s feet slip free from the move, he lands on the apron and curses himself for trying the move in the first place. This causes him a distraction, and gives time for Korgath to get up. As Landon turns back towards the ring, Korgath is up, and he grabs Landon by the throat! Lifting him up with one hand, it looks momentarily as if Korgath will throw Maddix to the floor. This time though, Korgath thinks about the title, bringing Landon into the ring with an incredible twisting chokeslam!!! OOOOOHHH!!! Ejiro- It’s over! That’s it…let’s get this party started… Korgath quickly drops an arm over the motionless Maddix… …ONE… The crowd try to encourage Landon up… …TWO… Ejiro- This is it!!! …T… …H… …R… …E… …LANDON’S SHOUDLER SHOOT…EEEEE!!! Ejiro- THREE!!! Annie- NO, KICKOUT!!! The crowd don’t know whever to cheer a kickout, or boo a pinfall, as Korgath thinks he’s won. Referee Kivell looks almost as confused as the fans, not knowing whever to call the three or not. Ejiro- That was three… Annie- It was TWO! Ejiro- I saw his hand hit three damn it! Judge- Well…was it three or not? Ejiro- YES! Annie- NO! With more intimidation, Korgath wants to help Kivell out, telling him it was three and to give him the belt. But this time, Kivell doesn’t react to the intimidation techniques, and holds up two fingers, to an almost deafening cheer from the crowd!!! Judge- It’s not over!!! Ejiro- IT DAMN WELL SHOULD BE! This is…is…an OUTRAGE! Korgath should be the World Television Champion! Annie- But he’s not… Judge- Not yet anyway! Taking his anger out, Korgath shoves Kivell to the mat, but at almost the same time, Landon Maddix crawls over and nails a lowblow!!! Ejiro- This is ridiculous…there’s a lowblow… Korgath falls back, as Maddix rolls him up for a pin… Kivell leaps into poisition… ...ONE… …TWO… Ejiro- IT’S A QUICK COUNT!!! …T… …H… …R… NOOOOO!!! The Garden lets out it’s collective breath, as Maddix holds his bloodied head in despair. Ejiro- Thank god…Maddix can’t win, even with the referee in his back pocket! Annie- Oh please. Ejiro- Are you watching a different match…Kivell’s cheating! Judge- Please calm down Ejiro. Landon and Korgath both get to their feet. Maddix charges, and ducks under and outstretched Korgath arm, before jumping up to the second rope. He springs off, as Korgath ducks a back kick attempt, but Landon still lands on his feet, and kicks at the knee of Korgath. Another couple of kicks connect with Korgath’s tree like leg, until he drops to one knee. As he does, Landon quickly goes to the apron, and gets the crowd behind him. Korgath sits on one knee, as Maddix launches himself to the top rope, springboards off… …and on the way down, nails a shining wizard kick to the back of the head!!! Judge- SPRINGBOARD SHINING WIZARD!!! Annie- That was beautiful! And I’m talking Megan Skye level beautiful…almost. Maddix drops down for a pin… …ONE… Suddenly, Landon gets up off the cover. Seeing the blood flowing from his forehead, Maddix suddenly snarls…an angry, uncharacteristic snarl. With the angry look on his face, Landon runs his thumb across his throat. The crowd react with more loud cheers, as Maddix begins to climb to the top rope. Korgath is out cold from the kick still, as slowly Landon ascends the buckles, and gets to the top. The cheers ringing in his ears, Maddix propels himself forward very suddenly, and lands head first across the shoulder of Korgath! The landing jolts Maddix’s neck, and he takes a couple of second to make the cover… …OOONNNEEE… …TWOOOOO… …T… …H… …R… …E… …NOOOOO!!! Judge- How the hell did KORGATH kick out…this is amazing! Annie- A match befitting this great arena, and the TV Championship on the line here. Maddix looks drained, as slowly he gets to his feet. Korgath too begins to get up, as Maddix again runs to the ropes. Coming back, he goes for a jumping clothesline, which Korgath ducks, and as Maddix turns around, Korgath throws him up for the Torture Rack!!! He nearly gets it locked in… …but Maddix scrambles his legs free, and kicks off the top turnbuckle nearby, to counter with a swinging bulldog!!! Korgath crashes to the mat head first, as Maddix dives into a cover… …ONE… …TWO… …T… …H… …R… …EEEEE!!! Judge- It’s over! This time, it’s finally over! The belt is passed in, as Maddix looks drained, but still manages to raise it in the air. “The Fight Song” starts up, but can only just be heard over the MSG crowd, cheering wildly for the efforts of Landon Maddix. Kivell raises Maddix’s arm in the air, the belt sitting proudly over Landon’s other shoulder as he exhaustedly looks down at Korgath, and for about the first time in the night, lets out a wide smile. Funyon- Your winner, and STILL SJL World Television Champion…LAAAANDOOOON MAAAADDIIIIX!!! Maddix leaves the ring, making up for earlier by this time tagging hands with the crowd on his way down the aisle, the T.V Title still over his shoulder. Ejiro- What was that? What was that if Maddix isn’t in cahoots with Kivell! Judge- Ejiro, please. Matt Kivell is a fine refere… Ejiro- He’s an idiot. A dishonest, tool like idiot. And Korgath should be the TV Champion! Annie- But he’s not! And Landon Maddix is! Judge- And let’s give credit where credit is due. Landon Maddix overcame a fantastic challenge from Korgath tonight, it could have been either man’s night, but in the end it was Landon Maddix’s. Maddix leaves ringside, as back in the ring Korgath begins to get back up. Kivell tries to do his job and check on Korgath’s condition, despite the obvious anger on Korgath’s face. Suddenly, Korgath snaps, wiping Kivell out with a clothesline!!! Annie- Hey come on! That’s not right. Ejiro- It is in my book…squash him Dom! Squash him good! Spitting down on Kivell, Korgath angrily leaves the ring, storming off after “La Cucaracha”. Judge- This issue, it seems, is not over…we’ll be back after this break…stay with Crimson… Ejiro- …or we’ll send Matthew Kivell over to screw you. Judge- Ejiro...please.
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    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    The image of inside Madison Square Garden is suddenly replaced with that of the parking lot outside, as an ‘Earlier Today’ symbol appears in the bottom of the screen. SJL reporter Ben Hardy stands with Gus the cameraman, seemingly looking for someone to get some words from. Ben, who we can actually see on the camera shot, is looking distinctly bored. His face suddenly lightens up however, as a black car pulls into the parking lot and right up beside Ben. This is enough to snap Ben out of his boredom, and send him into reporter mode, quickly running up to the driver’s door. Hardy- Folks, Ben Hardy here, and we’re about to…hopefully…get some words with whomever this is arriving to legendary Madison Square Garden. The driver’s door opens, and Ben smiles as obviously it’s someone interviewable who begins to step out. Hardy- And welcome to Madison Square Garden reigning SJL Television Champion, Landon “La Cucaracha” Maddix! Landon, can I get a few words… Maddix steps out of the car, and trying his best to ignore Hardy, he slams the door shut, before going to his boot. An uncharacteristically angry look adorns Landon’s face, as he grabs a couple of bags from out of the boot, and slams it down. Hardy- Err…Landon. Could I please get some words with you. Again Landon ignores this, and tries to walk into the arena itself, as a determined Hardy steps in his way. Hardy- About your match tonight maybe? Maddix- Oh, I’m sorry Ben. Did you want…‘some words’. You want some words from little ’ole me? Suddenly, Landon actually tears the microphone from out of Hardy’s hand. Hardy, taking the hint, steps aside as Maddix looks into the camera and with determination of his own, begins to speak. Maddix- You want words…here’s your words. For the past month or so since I have gotten into the SJL, I have tried my best, to do my best. I’ve tried to be the ‘model employee’. You know, trying to give the fans a good time. Tried to play by the rules. I’ve tried to be the ‘nice guy’..every..single step of the way. And look at where it’s got me. Everyone in the SJL sees me as some sort of…kid. That’s the trouble with being the nice guy kid. Everyone thinks they can take advantage of it. They look for an opportunity to get ahead, and they see me as the easy option. Jay Morrison, Dominic Korgath…Todd Royal. Well you know what… I’M NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!! I’ve got Morrison bad mouthing me, Korgath sneak attacking me after our last match, Todd Royal attacking me last week. And I am sick to god damn death of it. I shouldn’t be doing this, I know. I’m ‘the nice guy’ and I have to keep a ‘nice guy image’ so the fans will like me. Apparently. Well I’m sure everyone will forgive me for this. From this moment, I’m not going to be the kid who everyone sees fit to take advantage of. I’m standing up for myself, against the bull I have to put up with. This Television Championship is going to stay around my waist come hell or high-water. So I don’t care WHO it is, or WHAT you do to try and use me as some sort of stepping stone. It’s not going to happen. So, I’m 5 foot 6, 200 pounds. I’m not the biggest, or the baddest. But what I am is one determined sonnuvabitch! You bring your kendo sticks, your iron staffs…your ‘working girl’ associates. It won’t make the blindest bit of difference. The days of messing with Landon Maddix are OVER! Stopping, Maddix spits down onto the concrete floor beneath his feet, trying to regain both his breath and his composure. Maddix- And to Todd Royal. You especially have gotten under my skin. Congratulations, I know that was your intention. Well Todd…I’ll make this very simple. If you want a rematch against me, then I’m not hard to find. You and your whore don’t need to run around setting traps for me. Just come find me, and if you have the guts to do so, just ask me for a match. And I will give you your match. See, when you try these sneak attacks and traps, all it does is get me angry. Watch tonight Todd. Watch me tonight, and see what I do to Dominic Korgath, and what happens when you make me angry. I haven’t forgotten Korgath, what you did to me after I beat you last time. I still feel the effects of those devastating powerbombs to this day. Tonight, you come to take my title. Well guess what…I have something to gain tonight. Revenge. But also, I want to send a message to you Todd. I may be a so called ‘nice guy’, but I have limits. And when you make me angry, I forget about being a ‘nice guy’…and focus on kicking somebody’s ass! So, do yourself as favour. Don’t come out after my match tonight…you’ll only regret it! Finishing up Maddix chucks the microphone to the side, as Ben just manages to catch it, and storms off carrying his bags over his shoulder. Hardy meanwhile tries to shrug off the humiliation of what just happened, and regain control of proceedings. Hardy- Ahem…well, an…angry Landon Maddix. We may very well see a very different Landon Maddix tonight. From Ben Hardy…this was…Landon Maddix…saying watch out Todd Royal. Now…back to the show.
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    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    McLennan vs Nguyen ...would you believe I don't have this goddamn match yet? Arrrrrrrgh! Posted when I get anything--and I hope I do, as it's one of the reasons I put off posting the show. ...in the meantime, here's Bowers vs Deamon, which I forgot to post. Ugh. ====== The crowd is still buzzing from the previous match. Funyon enters the ring again, carrying an SFWL-branded microphone. The camera pans across the side of the Garden, zoomed out to show the near-capacity crowd of excited SJL fans, many of them holding up signs, foam hands, cardboard cut-outs and other objects representing their favorite competitors, and most of them cheering – not necessarily about the particular match that is to come, but about the promise of more wrestling in general. Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his SJL debut here tonight...he hails from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada...he stands six feet tall and weighs in at two hundred and ten pounds...DAEMON! “Her Ghost In The Fog” by Cradle of Filth begins blaring throughout the arena. The house lights dim at Daemon emerges, backlit, from the entryway. Daemon, walks out of the entryway – his attention is focused solely and intently on the ring. Daemon is shirtless, displaying the large ankh tattoo on the left side of his chest, and his dreadlocks hang all the way down to the waistband of his pants. He slowly walks to the ring, ignoring the few boos and occasional shouts coming from the crowd. Eijiro: Seriously, what’s with all the Canadians? Daemon never once takes his eyes off of the ring – the crowd has no effect on his focused state. The music fades as Daemon takes his corner. Annie: Daemon’s not huge physically,but he IS intimidating! Daemon has been staring Bowers down from the moment he came out here, and I think he’s having an effect on him! Eijiro: Daemon has two essential characteristics that are going to give him an edge – he’s fast, and he’s indestructible! I’ve seen footage of Daemon in action, and it’s insane what this man can stand up from! Judge: Daemon is going to be looking to make this a war of attrition. He can just plain outlast Bowers. Eijiro: He’s also likely to be eyeing Bowers’ injured right arm, which can’t be fully recovered from Wrath. Funyon: And his opponent...fighting out of... [The houselights cut out and the video screen cuts to static. “The Gash” by The Flaming Lips begins playing as Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot emerge from the entryway.] Funyon: (regaining his pace after being interrupted) ...fighting out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada...standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-six pounds...Brian Bowers! Brian Bowers lopes to the ring, staring at the floor the entire time. He’s wearing his duster jacket over his ring gear, and is carrying another soda can, this time Grape Crush. Kate Elliot is carrying her backpack. Bowers receives some boos and taunts from the crowd, and pauses to shout a reply at one particularly grating fan. Annie: Mister Showmanship here... Brian Bowers enters the ring and takes his corner as the music fades out, stepping between the middle and bottom ropes as the lights fade back up. Bowers puts his soda down, hands jacket to Kate Elliot, then picks the drink back up and cracks it. He takes a long swig as the music fades out, then sets the can down on the apron. Judge: Last time, a soda can was the deciding factor in Bowers’ match. Apparently, he’s sticking with a winning formula. Annie: This has to be quite the experience for both of these rookies – Bowers wrestling for the first time in Madison Square Garden in his career, and the same is likely true for Daemon...and yet somehow I know neither one of them appreciates it. [Daemon doesn’t even wait for the bell. He bounces back-first off the ropes for extra momentum, and nails Bowers with a clothesline as he enters the ring. The surprised Bowers falls hard, his back colliding with the ropes on the way down, and immediately has to contend with a flurry of stomps to the midsection and shoulders.] Judge: Daemon not even waiting for the bell! He ran right over Bowers with that clothesline, now he’s stomping the hell out of him! [The fans aren’t sure how to react to Daemon. There are a few scattered boos, and even a couple of cheers. Daemon connects with at least a half-dozen stomps before Referee Anthony Michael Hall calls for the bell.] *DING DING DING!* Eijiro: The bell being sounded, signifying the official start of this match! Annie: These fans aren’t sure what to think of the intense, silent Daemon... [Daemon goes for another stomp, but Bowers catches his foot. He throws both arms upward, using McLennan’s leg to pitch him to the canvas on his back. Bowers briefly holds his right arm at the shoulder and stretches it out, loosening it up. Daemon is already on his feet.] Judge: Daemon barely even hit the mat before he was back on his feet! [Daemon is on his feet as Bowers steps in on him. Bowers moves in, possibly looking to hit a kick to the midsection, but takes a stiff kick to the chest instead!] Eijiro: Bowers needs to get in close and grapple with Daemon, shut down that striking ability. Bowers is slower than Daemon, but he’s bigger – he needs to make full use of his leverage advantage and wear Daemon down with power moves. [Daemon hits Bowers with a kick to the ribs, then comes in close for knee that connects just below Bowers’ solar plexus. Bowers crumples to his knees, and another kick to the chest from Daemon puts him on his back!] Judge: Bowers is NOT strong against striking – we saw that in his match at Wrath, and Daemon obviously saw it too. Lateral press by Daemon! [There are still boos audible for Daemon, but there are scattered cheers as well. Daemon quickly covers Bowers...] Judge: Daemon with an early cover attempt! Referee Hall there to make the count... ONE TWO KICKOUT! Judge: Daemon picks up an early two-count, and he’s actually starting to get some cheers! Annie: Well, they’ve got to cheer for someone – you don’t see a crowd in Madison Square Garden sitting on their hands – and Daemon gives them more reason to than Bowers. He’s athletic, he’s got a hell of a look, plus, he kicked Bowers in the head! If Daemon’s not careful, he’s going to end up a fan favorite in spite of himself! [Making sure he stays in Bowers’ line of sight the entire time, power-jogs across the ring, reaches through the ropes, and grabs Bowers’ soda. He holds it out over the ropes and turns it over, pouring the contents onto the mats at ringside. As Bowers pushes himself up, Daemon hauls back and two-hand crushes the can flat against his own forehead, not even blinking as he does so. This draws more cheers than boos, as a look of genuine fear crosses Bowers’ face.] Judge: Daemon sending Bowers a message! Annie: And that message is getting through! Since he brought another drink down with him, Bowers was likely planning something like he pulled on Nguyen at Wrath...but Daemon just did it to HIMSELF, to NO ill effect! [As Bowers pushes himself up to his hands and knees, Demon snags him with another kick to the head, connecting underneath Bowers’ jaw with his bootlace and snapping Bowers’ head back! Bowers falls face-first back to the mat. Having taken Bowers down again, he locks on a headscissors submission, trapping Bowers’ head between his legs in a vise-like grip! As he locks the hold on, Daemon uses his legs to turn Bowers’ upward from the mat, wrenching his neck. Bowers struggles to break the hold, trying to roll Daemon by planting his feet and shoving off the mat toward Daemon.] Judge: You can see exactly what Daemon’s doing here – taking advantage of that already-injured right shoulder, snapping the neck back with those kicks, and now using a neck submission...this is all building to the Katahajime! [bowers makes a wedge with his forearms and tries to force Daemon’s legs apart. His right arm in particular shakes with the exertion of this. Daemon tries to lean in on Bowers, taking a couple of jabs at him, but Bowers is able to exert enough force to pry his head free. He gets up slowly, but Daemon stays on him!] Annie: Bowers putting as much space as he can between himself and Daemon! [Daemon comes in high on Bowers, throwing an arm across his shoulder looking for a judo throw...but Bowers counters with a short punch to the ribs! Bowers steps in on Daemon and hooks his left arm around his neck, pulling him into a left-side front headlock. As soon as he has Daemon hooked, Bowers throws himself down and backward with as much force as he can manage, dropping Daemon nearly on the top of his head with a DDT! Bowers gets up slowly, still clutching his neck.] Judge: Bowers suffering some whiplash on that move! The impact from that DDT shot right through his spine! Annie: I think it hurt him as much as Daemon... [...but Daemon is already on his feet! He doesn’t look like he even felt the DDT! Bowers, panicking, immediately throws something else at Daemon – a left-handed chop across the chest! A significant portion of the crowd is booing Bowers now, as he lays in two more!] Annie: Those chops aren’t having any effect! Daemon’s got a nice red streak going on his chest, but the pain signal just isn’t reaching his brain! He keeps staring Bowers in the face, like he’s asking for more! [As Bowers draws his arm for another chop, Daemon fires back in dramatic fashion, pivoting ninety degrees on his heel and planting a side kick in Bowers’ chest! Bowers reels back toward the ropes, trying to stay on his feet.] Judge: Precision kick by Daemon! Bowers left himself open, and Daemon fired a side kick right into the gap! [Daemon leaps at the staggering Bowers, and – inverting himself, snaring Bowers’ head with his legs, and taking him over, all in one motion, takes him down with a Hurricanrana! Daemon gets to his feet, turns away from Bowers...then hits a perfect standing moonsault, leaping backward in a short but mathematically perfect arc and landing hard on Bowers’ chest! Despite some holdouts, the fan reaction to Daemon is becoming increasingly positive. He hooks the leg and stays on for the cover... ONE TWO TH...KICKOUT! Annie: Two and a half that time! Bowers JUST barely kicked out! [ignoring the fans entirely, Daemon remains focused. He turns Bowers over and positions himself beside him, trapping his right arm between his legs. He clasps his hands together and pulls back on Bowers’ jaw...it’s the Crippler Crossface! Daemon pulls back, bending Bowers’ neck upward and rolling his hips away from Bowers to put more pressure on the shoulder.] Judge: Daemon with another move desigend to inflict the maximum amount of damage on Bowers’ neck and shoulder, this time the Crippler Crossface! [bowers starts thrashing, trying to break the hold. Kate Elliot is yelling instructions from the outside as Bowers thrashes his body left and right, trying to use his mass to break the facelock. Bowers is unsuccessful in breaking the hold this way. Anthony Michael Hall comes over...and sees Bowers’ foot on the bottom rope! And Kate Elliot jumping off the ring apron looking innocent! Boos are echoing throughout the arena as Hall orders Daemon to break the hold.] Annie: And Kate Elliot forces the break! I have to think Daemon had him there! [Daemon ignores the referee, torquing back even further on Bowers’ head as Hall begins counting down the hold.] ONE TWO THREE FO... [Daemon reluctantly releases the facelock, letting Bowers’ head drop on the mat.] Annie: Daemon turning one of his strategies from Wrath against him! [Daemon grabs the prone Bowers by the right arm, and, bracing his foot on the mat and pulling back, hoists him to his feet. Bowers is barely able to remain upright under his own power as Daemon sends him half-running/half-sprawling with a cross-corner whip. Bowers collides chest-first with the turnbuckles, knocking the wind out of him. Daemon sprints in right behind him. Bowers staggers backward...right into the Katahajime!] Annie: Katahaji...NO! This is unbelievable! A low kick prevents Daemon from locking on the Katahajime, which WOULD have ended this match! [before Daemon could cinch in the choke, Bowers caught him with a mule kick, preventing him from locking on the hold, and stopping him in his tracks. Daemon groans, but stays on his feet.] Eijiro: That was a mule kick, a perfectly legitimate and recognized move, and it hit him in the stomach! I say this not as a supporter of Bowers, but as an official commentator! [bowers ducks out underneath Daemon’s arm, gets behind him and locks on a choke sleeper! He catches Daemon’s neck inside the crook of his left elbow while locking his right across his forehead.] Eijiro: Bowers applying that carotid restriction hold! [With Bowers still holding on, Daemon kicks both his legs up and plants them firmly on the center turnbuckle. He kicks off it with incredible force, knocking Bowers over backward and landing hard on his chest. Bowers releases the hold as Daemon rolls over and attempts another cover...] ONE TWOSHOULDER UP! Judge: Weak cover that time by Daemon. He needs to always hook the leg, especially against a larger opponent like Bowers! [bowers and Daemon grapple as they get to their feet, with Bowers coming away from it in a better position. He grabs Daemon by the neck and applies a front headlock.] Judge: Bowers able to exploit his leverage advantage there even with an injured arm, overpowering Daemon! Applying a front headlock with his right arm, Bowers waistlocks Daemon with his left. Bowers lifts Daemon up until he’s almost upside-down (and leaning slightly to the left as he’s forced to hold more of Daemon’s weight in that direction)...then falls backward to the mat with the Northern Spike!] Eijiro: Northern Spike! Daemon’s vertebrae just got compacted! [The move itself draws a couple of cheers, while Bowers draws a lot of boos.] Annie: Bowers’ neck is still giving him problems, though. Look how slow he is to make the cover! [bowers slowly gets up, holding his neck. He then covers Daemon, reaching all the way around Daemon’s legs with his left arm to hook both behind the knees.] Eijiro: Bowers has got him folded up! Anthony Michael Hall starts the count... ONE TWO TH...KICKOUT! [Daemon sends Bowers’ arm splaying off to the side as he forcefully kicks out of the pinfall attempt. A cheer goes up for Daemon.] Judge: He only got two! The Northern Spike is one of Bowers’ finishing maneuvers, and Daemon kicked out at two! Annie: Bowers simply hasn’t worn him down enough! He hasn’t worked the neck to a degree where the Northern Spike could put Daemon down! Judge: I’m starting to think there isn’t anything in Bowers’ arsenal that can! [bowers hoists Daemon to his feet, looking for a cross-corner whip of his own. Daemon, even in his dazed state, is able to reverse it.] Judge: Bowers didn’t have the arm strength to whip Daemon there – he was trying to lead with his right, and he got reversed! [bowers takes the top turnbuckle in the shoulder this time. He lets out a yelp, then then rolls under the ropes, clutching his shoulder.] Annie: Bowers to the outside – I think he’s hurt! [Kate Elliot jumps back on the apron and starts frantically making the “time out” sign, screaming as only she can. Anthony Michael Hall is trying his best to get around her to start a count on Bowers. Daemon goes through the ropes…AND EATS A CHAIRSHOT! Bowers blasted Daemon with a side-arm chairshot to the head.] Eijiro: Bowers was playing possum! Annie: Daemon went through the ropes, looking to do more damage on the outside, but Bowers was waiting for him with a steel chair! Judge: Daemon’s still standing, though! [bowers throws the chair to the side and grabs the stunned Daemon’s right arm. Pinning it behind his back, he shoves Demon into the ringpost! Bowers releases the hammerlock as Daemon falls to the floor.] Eijiro: Bowers just bounced Daemon’s head off the ringpost! Judge: For the first time in this match, Daemon’s actually staying down! It took a steel chair and a head shot off the ringpost, but I think Daemon might be out cold! [Kate Elliot is still arguing the merit and necessity of a time-out call with Anthony Michael Hall. Rather than following up on his chairshot, Bowers grabs his jacket and starts going through the pockets.] Judge: What’s he doing!? This is his only chance! [He finds a half-used tube of Deep Heat and squeezes a large dollop of it into his left hand. He rolls up his sleeve and smears the Deep Heat on his right shoulder, not really working it in thoroughly but getting a good coat on there.] Eijiro: He takes Daemon down for once, and his follow-up is applying ointment? That’s it – I take it back. This guy sucks. [He looks over, and, seeing Daemon already getting up, rolls his sleeve down and ducks back into the ring. As soon as he’s through the ropes, he starts backing away.] Judge: Bowers putting as much distance as he can between himself and Daemon! Eijiro: So would I! [Hall turns his back on Kate Elliot, who continues yelling in a now-failing attempt to distract him. Daemon does one quick left-to-right neck crack, then dives back into the ring and runs at Bowers like a freight train. The crowd provides an appropriate sound effect with a slowly building wide-spread cheer.] Annie: But Daemon’s right back on him! He’s relentless! Big clo... [bowers ducks underneath the clothesline, bracing his arm across McLennan’s chest. At the same time, he throws his left knee inward, connecting squarely with Daemon’s groin. This shot puts Daemon down on the mat, as he falls backward.] Judge: Daemon caught him sleeping when he hit the clothesline at the beginning of the match, but this time Bowers expected it! Annie: Bowers blocking Hall’s view of the point of impact with his own body to avoid the DQ! Eijiro: He can’t call it if he didn’t see it – Bowers has to be given the benefit of the doubt on that call! Annie: I don’t see WHY – he hasn’t exactly proved himself trustworthy. [bowers reaches up under his sleeve and rubs his right shoulder, as the fans boo him out of the building.] Judge: I know Bowers likes to irritate the fans, but he REALLY should be following up! [With as mighty a leap as he can manage (which isn’t all that mighty) Bowers lunges at Daemon and grabs him by the face! Applying the clawhold with his left hand, Bowers sinks his fingers in, grabbing the back of Daemon’s head with his right for support.] Eijiro: Of all the possible moves, Bowers goes for a clawhold! He doesn’t even know what he’s going in there! [Daemon grabs Bowers’ wrists and attempts to pry his grip apart – at the same time trying to get back on a vertical base – but suddenly appears to have a more pressing concern. He yells out in pain as his breakout attempt changes from trying to break Bowers’ grip at the wrists to frantically clawing at his hands.] Eijiro: (with a flash of realization) Of course! A CLAWHOLD! That’s brilliant! Demon got a face full of Deep Heat, and it just kicked in! Between his eyes, his nose and the cut on his forehead, that has to be agonizing! [Daemon plants his hands and tries to get to his feet, but Bowers leans in on him, grinding his palm down harder. Daemon fights and kicks...AND HE TAPS! DAEMON SUBMITS! Hall watches for a second, to verify it’s a legitimate submission and not just part of his struggling, then calls for the bell!] *DING DING DING!* Eijiro: THIS pain is one gift Daemon didn’t want! Annie: This is just sad! Bowers steals ANOTHER one! Daemon tapped SOLELY because he’s got two eyes full of Deep Heat! He’s as tough as they come, but he had no choice there! The fans are on their feet booing Brian Bowers. Anthony Michael Hall never gets a chance to raise Bowers’ hand, as he’s already rolled out of the ring and he and Kate are running for the hills. Daemon fumbles his way out of the ring, but can’t see to catch up with them. He grabs a hand towel from the announcers’ table in an attempt to wipe his eyes clear. An EMT arrives at ringside with an eye wash bottle, which Daemon refuses. Funyon’s voice booms over the PA: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Brian Bowers!” Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot are long gone, out the service doors and probably already in their van. Daemon, violently shoving a cameraman out of the way as he leaves ringside, storms to the back.
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    SJL Crimson - September 12th

    Card: NO-SHOW AND YOU’RE GONE MATCH Tommy Nguyen vs. Craig McClennan Description: You guys awake? Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & Countout apply. NEWBIE MATCH Brian Bowers vs. Daemon Description: And here’s Daemon, another wrestler from the refuse of society, turning his rage on the Smartmarks Junior League. Kill. TV TITLE MATCH Landon “La Cucharacha” Maddix© vs Dominic Korgath Description: Since when did losing a match get you a title shot? These two have fought each other on Crimson for the TV strap, and here they go again. Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & Countout apply. FOUR CORNERS MATCH Jay Morrison vs Todd Royal vs Brian Kingsmen vs Aecas Description: Morrison wrestles a tune up match to prepare for his European title match on Metal. However, it’s not just a tune up match when sudden returnee Todd Royal is thrown into the mix. And Brian Kingsmen, who lost the TV title bout on Wrath is here, too! And... and... Aecas! Rules: DQ & Countout apply. Each man is free to tag out to either of the two men who will be on the apron. This match is elimination-style. MAIN EVENT WORLD TITLE MATCH English Dragon vs Hollywood Spike Jenkins© Description: A Haiku? You’re kidding me. Dragon cashes in his shot against Spike Jenkins here. I have no more words. Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & Countout apply.
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    How old be you?

    I turned sixteen about two and a half weeks ago. -Z
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    Since this kind of fell by the wayside, I decided to pick up the challange myself... Amazing what a few Photoshop tutorials and a bunch of time to kill will do, eh? -Z
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    The SWF Awards Show

    Trust me, Thugg, I've heard more discussion of the awards recently than ever before. There's no question that people want them this year. I think having CC hammer out the primary nominations, work out the ballot from there, and then pitch it out to the fed a week or so before Genesis is still the best way to do it. I get the feeling it would be too disorganized and ruin some of the suspense of the awards if a thread was set up for everyone to nominate. As a side-note, you won't be doing it all yourself like last year, right? No offense, but some of your noms (well, JL, specifically) were a little... wonky. -Z
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    SJL Wrath Card, 9/7/03

    Well, yeah. -Z
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    SJL Wrath Card, 9/7/03

    I was just informed by Rando in chat that you were intending to return next show, Todd... whoops. I never got a PM detailing how long you wanted off from the fed, so I was actually just tossing you out to see if you were still around. Good to know I didn't miss by that much... -Z
  15. the.weej

    Metal Comments

    Comments of the head booker guy dude! First off, on the overall, much better show than the last few with a lot more effort going into the matches--with the exception of the main event, which was... disappointing. Anyway, now keep it up, and I'm a happy dude. Anyway, some match-by-match quickie comments! Jay Morrison: As mentioned in your promo comments, I'm sorry for thinking you were dead. Heh. It's doubly good, because you've got potential to go to the top with some effort. About as strong a three-way I've seen from someone with your experience, although there were some visible weak spots--the description, while adequite, could've used some polish to make the tree-way a bit more coherant. There were also mild grammar mistakes throughout that hurt the readability a bit. I think the finish probably could've used better build, but your basic construction is very good. As always, just read matches from more experienced people, and it should be a matter of time before you find success. Korgath: Dude, you're talented. You need to write more often. The Conklin match was short, so there's not a whole lot I could individually comment on, but I liked what you have. You've got a solid grasp on commentary, flow, description, pretty much everything. You just need to write more often, and I can start shoving you places. Kingsman: Good match all-around. It was somewhere between a brawl and a semi high-flying match. Kind of. It was a good enough spotfest, none the less, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that the match would've benefitted from more cohesive direction. Your finish could've been built better, and you need to work on Annie, Judge and Ejiro, but otherwise, you're in excellent shape. There's no real problems with your prose at all. Spike: First off, before I say anything about Spike's match, let me say that this is the closest match I've marked in ages. Holly literally inched out the victory, so Dragon, if you've got any concerns or questions over losing, I'd be more than happy to answer them in a PM. Anyway... excellent match from top to bottom. The wrestling was logical, sensible and cleanly described. Of course, you've never really had a problem handling things like that, Spike. But I was cheifly impressed with the way you did your homework and played up Dragon's last match in the WF tournament with Judge, and incorporated that into this one. The attention to pyschology is what really put your match over the edge, although the little details were well handled, too. Robertson was a small yet important factor in the match, and I bought into a few of the near falls. I think the finish was kind of innovative, too. I didn't really see any rust on the match, although you could probably polish your commentary, if that counts. ...eh. So I guess these aren't really "quickie" comments at all. But then again, I've never given short comments. Once again, I'm much more impressed with this show than the last few, and hope you all can keep up the effort. Maybe even adding a few promos, perhaps? -Z Now. More people comment!
  16. the.weej

    He's Alive

    "Look at my opponent this week. A gangster pimp, who probably couldn’t spell bling, despite professing a love for it, last time I checked a hoochie was a drink dammit!" -- that's a great line, as a note. Anyway, excellent. Yes, I forgot about that one card off between the match with Maddix. Whoops. I'm absent minded, sorry... Anyway, good to see you are in fact living, and producing a nice promo to boot. Establishes Jay's snooty rich-kid background, and misery towards Maddix for his loss. I see short-term feud potential... -Z
  17. Okay. On Crimson, about 35% of the people booked showed. 35% Now, normally, I don't get that upset about a lot of no-shows. I'm in no real place to critisize or blow up, as I did it often in my own career. However, this isn't something that happens every few months, so I can overlook it. This is the third show in a row with an ABYSMAL amount of effort put into it. And that's not the only thing. Look at the JL board. Three active, recent topics. Three! No-one promos anymore. No-one comments anymore. No-one predicts anymore. And barely anyone writes anymore. Seriously, what the hell is going on? I will not name names. Granted, there are still a few people who put good effort into the JL, and I don't mean to discredit them. Furthermore, I know the time of year it is. People are headed back to college, high-school, whatever. I know that getting oreientated can put a strain on your time. But you know what? If you're strained for time, or you're getting burned out, or if you just need a break from writing, you PM me and tell me how long you're out. I'm perfectly fine with that. If you're on the roster, and you haven't asked me for any time off, you are EXPECTED to show. You are EXPECTED to write a promo every few shows. You are EXPECTED to put some effort into the community aspect of the JL, and make it a better experience for everyone, yourself included. I admit, however, that Thoth, Pete and myself haven't taken a terribly proactive approach to Junior League. And although there really hasn't been a whole lot to comment ON recently, I apologize for that, and pledge that ALL of us take better part in the JL. However, I expect no less from each and every one of you. Let's pick it up, JLers. If I don't see a CONSIDERABLE improvement in effort for Metal, the shit will REALLY hit the fan. This all said, here's the card: SJL Metal, September 2nd, 2003 Due Date: Tuesday, 8pm EST Venue: The Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio Send To: Longdogger_Pete Show Me You're Alive, Please "Suicidal" Jay Freeman vs J.T. Playa vs Jay Morrison I don't quite recall the last time I saw any activity from any of these guys. Time to show you live, or get dropped from the roster. Rules: Triple threat. First pin wins. Word Limit: 3500 Send To: WrestlingDeacon Danny Conklin vs Dominic Korgath Both losers on Crimson. Looking to turn the losing trend around here. Rules: Standard singles match. Word Limit: 3500 Send To: Kibagami Brian Kingsmen vs Craig McLennan Kingsman takes a big step up in his second match, as McLennan's no-showing antics have him dropped down to near welcome wagon duties. Rules: Standard singles match. Word Limit: 4000 Send To: Tod deKindes English Dragon vs ??? The English One returns from his WF tourney stint, which unfortunately did not last long. His next challange is a mysterious one... (???, PM your stats to Dragon ASAP) Rules: Standard singles match. Word Limit: 4500 Send To: realitycheck MAIN EVENT WORLD TITLE MATCH Viktor Tarakanov vs Tryst Victorious over Craig McLennan on Crimson, the Sherwood Fable gets his second crack at Tarakanov for the world title. Although Viktor is still in the SWF Genesis tournament, call it... intuition he'll be avaliable for this one. Rules: Standard singles match. Word Limit: 5000 Send To: Longdogger_Pete The matches are all normal, sans the opener, and the word limits are small to encourage everyone to write. So get to it, folks.
  18. the.weej

    All the WFers.

    I think what's really amazing, imo, is how a good 2/3 of those who were ever part of the WF are still around in some capacity--be it a booker, regular in chat, or just some infrequent posts on the boards. When you're WF, you're really WF 4 Life, it seems. -Z
  19. the.weej

    SJL Metal Card - 03.09.02

    Non-title, correct. -Z
  20. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - August 28th

    “Isn’t it sort of odd to start off a show with a triple threat? Last I checked, wrestling usually started with a couple guys flying around the ring and not really doing ANYTHING.” “Well, that’s true Ejiro. You’ll notice that we didn’t start our show with a triple threat, though. That’s a line you were supposed to use a few shows ago, remember? But on the subject, we’re apparently trying to change our image. We’re trying to be different, so we can pull in what the network is calling The Outcast Viewer.” Ejiro looks at Judge, and doesn’t hesitate to bite. “Outcast? That guy sucked.” They look at Annie for her to rebut, but she just sort of looks around as if she has nothing to say. “Well,” Judge begins, “let’s get on with this match. It’s a Hardcore Match, pitting Tryst against Craig McLennan. For the contendership to the world title. Now, Keep in mind, Tryst is still looking for a comeback win in what is now his fifth match on the comeback trail. My money’s on him.” “That’s monopoly money, Judge.” Ejiro waits for a laugh, but is sorely disappointed when he receives an annoyed stare instead. “You guys need to get a sense of humor. I hear they’re going for very reasonable prices on e-bay, nowadays.” “Tryst vs. McLennan up next, and I just have to say that if Tryst doesn’t beat the unholy hell out of this prick, then I’m going to rape him myself.” “Well, he’s sort of a flamer. Besides...rape, Annie? I thought you were into girls?” “I am,” replies Annie. “He’s no more a man than you are.” Suffice to say, Ejiro shuts up and tries to hide his sulking as the lights darken out..."Feuer Frei" by Rammstein begins playing over the PA as Craig McLennan comes out onto the entry ramp, doubled over like a village whore after a party. The Smarktron brilliantly flashes to life, the video showing clips of McLennan going around and setting things on fire for no reason, and then watching them burn. He runs down to the ramp like a typical wrestler, takes a zippo lighter out of the crotch of his spandex wrestling attire, and places it lovingly at the corner of the ring. He leaps onto the apron, grabs the ropes, and flips into the ring. He lands slightly off balance, and has to struggle not to fall as the raucous audience erupts into fits of laughter. “Tryst is wasting no time today!” Annie excitedly cries out. “He’s fired up like me a cheerleader camp!” The crowd drops to a dead silence and their eyes are drawn to the entry way, where a deep green spotlight shines down from above. The Smarktron comes to life, the video running through a lush green forest at great speeds, finally stopping about 20 feet in front of a man, wielding a bow and arrow. He pulls the arrow back, releases, and as it reaches the screen, pyrotechnics on the opposite wall explode as ““Forest”” by System of a Down blasts across the loud speakers, and the sleeping crowd comes back to life as Tristan Whitt, also known as Tryst, comes rushing out of the back to stand within the spotlight, Bow in one hand, arrow in the other. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...the following competitor stands at six feet, one inch tall, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds...he hails from Bairnsdale, Britain...Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Tryyyyyyyyssssst!!! Making his way down the ramp, Tryst takes off his quiver of arrows and hands it to the timekeeper, along with his bow as he rolls into the ring and soaks in the cheers from the rhapsodic crowd. The lights fade back up to normal, and he rushes in towards McLennan. Catching him off-guard with a spear, he tackles him to the ground and aggressively begins to strike at his opponent with lightning quick right hands to the face. One after another, his eyes are almost glazed over in a sort of trance; he keep striking and striking until the crowd drops silent as they watch in a silent daze while their hero assaults his opponent like an attack dog tearing apart a rag doll. “Wow, this is a different side of Tryst. We’ve seen it before, albeit rarely.” Judge confers with his notes. “ It was back in one of his first few matches here in the SJL.” Ejiro applauds. “Well, it’s about time he got riled up. I was beginning to think he was a complete tool.” Upon hearing this, but crowd begins to chant “Black – and – Deck – er!” whilst a blown up photograph of former SJL flunky David Blazenwing catches their eye from the Smarktron, and balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling. “Don’t say that, Ejiro!” Annie jokes. “His Daddy might sue you!” “Nonsense,” Ejiro shrugs. “I invented and hold a copyright on the idea of the lawsuit.” A fan from behind the announce table suddenly grabs Annie’s headset off of her and puts it on, screaming “I called him a fucktard! I called him a fucktard!” He, like all fans, is wearing a name tag...and that name tag says ‘Ted Polak.’ Tryst manages to get himself up and falls backwards into the turnbuckle. McLennan stands to his feet, shakily. He already seems sort of dazed, blinking his eyes rapidly to try and clear his vision. He stumbles in towards Tryst and locks on a grapple, trying to whip Tristan into the corner on the opposite side. He swings him out, but Tryst pulls him in and hooks him, pulling back and using the added momentum to slam McLennan with all of his weight upon his head. McLennan convulses a little bit as he hits the mat and Tryst gets back to his feet, pulling Craig to the center of the ring and laying him there, face up. He leaps into the air and does a backflip, landing knee first on CM’s face. The referee drops in for the count as Tryst pins the shoulders... ONE! Coming out hitting hard sure gives Tryst the advantage, although a win so early would be a fluke. TWO! The crowd doesn’t seem to know whether or not to cheer Tristan; they’re not used to seeing him so aggressive. TH-no! Craig kicks out and Tryst is back on his feet in no time, waiting for McLennan to do the same. CM gets to his feet, and they meet in the center of the ring in a lock-up. Tryst reverses it into a hammerlock, and CM reverses it into a textbook drop toe hold, rolling through and applying an armbar of some sort on The Sherwood Fable. Twisting every which direction to try and get out of it, Tryst gets to his knees and swings his arm as hard as he can, connecting with Craig’s kneecap and forcing him to let go with a reflex action. They simultaneously get back to their feet and Tryst whips McLennan into the corner, following in. Craig lunges backwards with his elbow as he hits the corner, but Tryst ducks under it, grabs him around the neck, and pulls him to the ground with a vicious sleeper slam! “Ooh, Tryst used that maneuver to defeat Sean Atlas a few months ago, in one of Atlas’ only losses here in his JL tenure.” Judge, always one to know the facts, continues seamlessly. “Atlas, of course, has been revealed to be Spike, one of the charter members of the IGN Wrestling Federation, our founders.” “Yeah, he’s an old guy alright. I’m surprised he came back, but I guess he needed the money.” Annie chimes in. “Ejiro, don’t you ever have anything to say that doesn’t make you look like an ass?” “No,” he says. “That’s why I make the big money.” Seizing a golden opportunity, Tryst heads for the air. He rushes to the corner and climbs up them as quickly as he can. Once he reaches the top, the cheers begin to build as he mocks shooting an arrow at McLennan, and leaps into the air, front-flipping and landing in a splash– “He missed!” Judge exclaims. “Ouch. He took a risk, and it did not pay off. As they say, a flier lives and dies by the air. That might come back to haunt him in the end of this match-up.” McLennan, having rolled out of the ring to avoid the damage, laughs at Tryst as he stares into the ring, looking in underneath the bottom rope. The crowd begins to chant an obscenity at him, but he ignores it, beginning to taunt Tryst about this and that. At some point, he pulls out a pouch of gold coins and tosses it on the ground by the entrance ramp. It catches Tristan’s eye, and seems to awaken him from the trance; it does now, however, weaken his fierce resolve. He backs up against the ropes and rushes for the other side, leaping over the ropes with a front flip and attempting a take-down on CM. He, however, is ready for it....he manages to catch Tryst just enough to slam him to the mat with a vicious powerbomb! The crowd groans with the slam and fall silent as Tryst stops moving. CM uses leverage to make the cover.... ONE! What a vicious hit. If not for the mat, he might’ve cracked his head on that one. TWO! He’s beginning to move. His eyelids flicker to life. He moves his fingers. He starts to move his head, but then stops. THRE-no! “Out of nowhere, McLennan slams Tryst with the hardest powerbomb that I’ve personally seen in a looooooooooooooong time, and somehow Tryst manages to kick out of it?! Wow. I can’t wait to see how this one ends,” Judge enthusiastically declares. “It ends with someone being a loser, and the other one being a bigger loser! ...seriously, I hate this job.” “Tryst is showing quite a bit of resilience....and at this point, neither man can really walk out of this a loser. Both men are relatively undersized, and they’re not used to hardcore. I think just fighting a match to the best of their ability will show just how good they are. How good Tryst is, anyway. Oh....and Ejiro, why don’t you just quit if you hate it so much?” Ejiro considers Annie’s argument for a moment. “Well, I really don’t have anything better to do.” He chuckles. “That is, unless you want to come to the back with me and–” Annie cuts him off. “Die.” “Yeah, I kinda thought so.” CM lets go of Tryst after the broken pinfall, and heads over toward the announce table to grab a chair. He pushes Ted Polak out of his chair and gets flipped off as he heads back toward where Tryst was. He looks in vain, however, as he can’t find him. He searches one side of the ring...and then another side of the ring...and then another side of the ring...and then the last. Finally, he rolls into the ring and pulls the ref aside, trying to get the ref to make a count-out, but being a no-dq match, the referee refuses. McLennan, losing his patience, tosses the chair to the mat in frustration. From behind him, Tristan rolls out from underneath the ring with a kendo stick in hand! As he dives into the ring, Craig doesn’t have enough time to react before getting clocked in the head with the kendo stick! One! Two! Three! Four! He drops to his knees on the mat, and takes one more slash to the back before falling all the way down. Tryst tosses the kendo stick to the ground carelessly and proceeds to tie McLennan up into a figure four leglock! McLennan pounds the mat in frustration as he tries to find his way out of the hold. “Quick thinking by Tryst, and he’s back in control here! It’s hard to see where he’s really focusing his attack, other than to say that he hasn’t targeted much. Of course, he has been a bit more pre-occupied with the head than anything else, I suppose. Appears that he’s looking to end this one rather quickly with a Crusade.” “It does appear that way, Judge. But to answer your other comment, targeting the entire body limits the speed of McLennan, which is really his greatest weapon. If Tryst can bring him down to his own speed, it’s all but done.” Annie watches the action in the ring intently as she speaks. Ejiro, on the other hand, is rather disgusted. “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Tryst sucks! He hasn’t won a match since he’s come back, in case you hadn’t noticed...doesn’t that say something to you? He’s never going to win. He’s like Xero, he Ubersucks.” Everyone has a hearty laugh at that, until Annie threatens to smack Ejiro, and he mumbles something under his breath that she doesn’t catch. CM struggles as he reaches for the ropes in vain. The crowd begins first with a solitary yell, slowly building into a full-fledged chant for their hero. The emotion conveyed from them is enough to supercharge their hero, as he locks the hold on even tighter! Stretching out in desperation, McLennan lunges for the ropes...and gets them! Tryst is slow to release the hold, but he does so surely as he gets to his feet and, energized as he is, awaits Craig in the center of the ring. McLennan is slow to get to his feet, and as soon as he’s up, he’s whipped into the corner by the Sherwood Fable. Tryst follows him in and quickly reverses, whipping him towards the other side of the ring. As CM connects with the turnbuckle and bounces backwards, Tryst comes running in and connects with a leaping roundhouse kick to the back of his head! He falls to the mat from the blow, while Tryst lands on a knee, and immediately goes for the pinfall. ONE! Could it be? CM is in a daze... TWO! The crowd holds it’s collective breath, silently pleading for the hand to fall... THRE-no! CM kicks out and manages to roll himself out of the ring before Tryst can sustain him with any further damage. The crowd boos for this, but Judge applauds it. “Smart move by McLennan, there. There is no sense in staying in the ring if you don’t have your bearings...especially against that man right there. He’d get eaten alive.” “But, what about fair play?” Annie chimes in. “Running away every time you’re at a disadvantage is hardly honorable.” “And in case you hadn’t noticed,” comes Ejiro with the save, “Craig McLennan doesn’t really care about honor. Who really does, anyway? Only stupid losers like Tryst and you do. At least he’s crazy.” “Tryst,” she says, panting, “...is NOT crazy. Okay?” Obviously missing the shot taken at herself, she quiets when Ejiro does the same. Tryst is quick to leave the ring and head straight for McLennan, who is taking a breather. He spies the Sherwood Fable out of the corner of his eye, and swings for him as he gets near, dropping him with a surprise clothesline that knocks the air out of him. Clutching a grip on the bottom rope, he lifts himself onto the ring apron and leaps off sideways, flipping and landing a leg drop onto Tryst’s stomach! The blow further emphasizes his lack of air, and he struggles to regain control of himself. McLennan tosses him back into the ring without waiting much longer, and Tryst stumbles up to his feet at CM goes for a chair from the outside. He dives into the ring under the bottom rope with it, and takes a swing at Tryst. He misses, and the Sherwood Fable tries to counter...but takes a chairshot on the second try! CM goes for a quick pin. ONE! Desperation pin. Tryst is motionless, but the fire still burns... TWO! Tryst kicks out. Craig pulls him back to his feet and knees him in the stomach for good measure, heading for the top rope. “He’s trying to end it!” Ejiro frantically yells. “Goooooooooooooo CM!” “Not a smart move,” Annie replies. CM leaps without looking...and Tryst, shaking off the cobwebs, manages to dodge out of the way! CM collides hard with the mat as he tries to land on his feet, and Tryst is quick to take advantage! He’s got him up to his feet, kick to the stomach! “HERE WE GO TRYST! WOO!” “Calm down, Annie. And on another note, it does look like Tryst has just made McLennan pay dearly for trying to win too early.” Judge studiously watches the in ring action, knowing the inevitable. CM falls back into the ropes, stumbles forward, and Tryst lifts him up....for the Crusade! CM is driven to the mat like a six foot tall brick, and the crowd erupts! Tryst rolls him over and hooks the leg... ONE! Die by the air. TWO! McLennan is out like a light. THREE! “Forest” by System of a Down blasts back onto the speakers as Funyon declares the winner. “Your winner....and Number One Contender to the World Title....TRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tristan rolls from the ring, quietly stumbling towards the back as the cheers reign in from the crowd. “For Ejiro and Annie Eclectic, I’m Judge Mental signing out.” And thus, we fade out with Annie and Ejiro arguing about the horrifically short Main Event.
  21. A whisper in the dark disturbs the silence. “Ow! What the hell?” Stillwell reaches out and turns on a lamp that has electricity running to it for some reason. He looks underneath him, and realizes that his bed of feather has been replace by a giant, smooth squarish rock. “Ugh...TRISTAN?!” Tryst comes running in from the deck outside to investigate the yell. “What is it?” Stillwell, exhausted from a long day of chasing Tristan around the city, shows his irritation. “WHERE THE HELL IS MY BED?” Tristan, of course, looks at him like he is crazy. “Stillwell, we talked about the smashing rock. I can’t understand your surprise.” “You were SERIOUS? Oh Dear Lord.” “Me serious?” Tryst queries. “It was your idea!” Stillwell sighs in frustration. “It suddenly occurs to me that you don’t know what the hell a JOKE is.” All of a sudden, a branch is heard cracking overhead. Tryst groans in anticipation. “The Fortress is going to fall! Get out while you can!” Looking at Tryst like he’s crazy, Stillwell then realizes that he is. And so, he just shakes his head. “That noise came from above us, Tristan.” “...above us, you say?” Tryst calls from down below the treehouse. He quickly makes his way back into the ‘fortress’ and starts to investigate. As they look up at the ceiling, it creaks a little. And then, a little more. And before you know it, there is another loud crack, and a teenage boy falls through the ceiling! “STOP, FIEND!!!” Tryst draws his sword and moves to strike the boy, who only yelps in pain. “...ow.” Stillwell, ever the voice of sanity, pushes Tristan back and convinces him to sheath his sword. “He’s just a boy, Tristan. He’s not a spy from Nottingham.” “And how do you know this? Nottingham likes to have funny looking fat young men as spies.” Sighing, Stillwell makes it very clear that he knows this boy is no spy from Nottingham. Assured of his safety, Tryst salutes the young man. “I am Tristan of Sherwood. Who might you be?” The fat teenage kid stands up and groggily answers. “I’m Crusen.” “But where are you from? Ah...” The camera catches the front of Crusen’s shirt, which says ‘I’m from Australia.’ “Ah...Crusen of Australia. Will you join me?” “Uh...sure I guess. I’m not really gonna do anything, though.” Crusen turns around and falls asleep on the smashing rock, while the camera zooms in on the back of his shirt. “Hate the dues?” Stillwell queries. “What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?” Tristan stares off into the distance. “It means he’s an enemy to Nottingham, that’s what it means. It means I’m going to smash Viktor Tarakanov’s head on a rock.” Stillwell is almost afraid to ask. “...you mean the smashing rock?” “...the smashing rock, friend.” ...ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Crimson. (Fade to the Crimson logo.)
  22. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - August 28th

    The outside of the Lone Star Arena is shown, as SJL Crimson comes back from commercial. "(Judge) Welcome back to Dallas, home of our venue for tonight, the Lone Star Arena. Plenty of action has gone down tonight, despite the fact that our European and World Champions are off competing in a tournament for the boss company. But now, we continue on, as we're now set for Danny Conklin versus Manson." "(Annie) Conklin captured a European Title shot on Metal, to be cashed in at a later date. Going into his future title match, he looks to gain momentum…" "(Ejiro) However, the veteran Manson has had a bit of rest, as he's had the last two shows off. Manson's experience, not to mention his good health, may put a damper on Conklin tonight." "(Judge) Not to mention, despite never facing him in the past, Manson HAS teamed with Conklin. So Manson at least knows some of what Conklin is capable of. But that also goes for Conklin, who also knows of what his contemporary can do." "(Annie) Conklin may be at a disadvantage, but I can say that Manson HAS been upset in the past by rookies, most often due to underestimating his opponent or simply not having his head in the match." "(Ejiro) But he's wisened up since then, I guarantee you, especially since his loss versus Apostle." "(Annie) And Conklin has Janet Quinn in his corner. She doesn't just have looks, as she's been known to get involved in the match if it'll help Conklin in any way." "(Judge) Enough bickering and what-ifs. Let's to go the ring." The cameras switch over to Funyon, standing by, with referee Matthew Kivell standing behind him. "(Funyon) Ladies and Gentlemen, the following singles match is scheduled for one-fall!" "Danny Boy" by Off Kilter kicks up and the fans rise up to their feet as they begin cheering. Danny walks out with Janet Quinn a few steps behind him. Danny raises both arms into the air, and he begins making his way down the ramp, with Janet in tow. "(Funyon) Introucing first, being accompanied by Janet Quinn and hailing from Dublin, Ireland! He weighs in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, and stands six feet even! He is… DAAANY CONNNKLIN!" Janet hands out clovers to a few lucky fans sitting ringside, as Danny slides into the ring. He walks toward his corner in the lower right hand side of the ring and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, as Janet stands below him on the floor. Conklin blows a kiss to the crowd with his hand before revealing a big bright smile and Janet claps while looking up at him. Conklin climbs down and begins to limber up, as the house lights drop to pitch black and red strobes rapidly flash on and off, as "Hate Song" by The Haunted hits. Manson emerges and stares dead ahead towards the ring, before throwing up a one-handed devil's horns taunt to the loud pop of the crowd. He sets his arm down slowly, and makes his way down the ramp. "(Funyon) And making his way down to the ring, hailing from Denver, Colorado, USA! Weighing in at two-hundred and twenty five pounds, and standing six feet tall! He is the Hate Machine… MMMAAAANSONNN!" Manson rolls in under the bottom rope and upon standing, slings off his trademark leather jacket and throws it to the floor below. He makes his way to his corner, in the upper left hand corner of the ring, opposite from Conklin. Manson stares across the ring at Danny, as Danny shares a few last words with Janet. Funyon escapes the ring, as Kivell calls for the bell. ::DING DING!:: Manson and Conklin approach each other in the center of the ring, as Conklin cordially offers his hand in a show of respect. Manson takes a few moments to ponder this, but slaps the hand away, leading to a chorus of boos for Manson. "(Judge) No respect for his one off tag partner at all. And the crowd is just letting him have it..." "(Ejiro) Manson is doing what he has to, in order to win this match. He clearly doesn't care for Conklin at all." Conklin looks up from his slapped away hand, just in time to see Manson charging towards him. Manson extends his arms, and Conklin does the same, as they lock up. Manson backs Conklin into the ropes, on the right side of the ring. Kivell tells Manson to break, and he does, but quickly tries to close in on Conklin once again. Conklin ducks though, and treads backwards into the center of the ring. Manson charges and closes in on him again, but Conklin quickly hooks the right arm of Manson and takes him over with a deep armdrag. Danny keeps an armbar on, as Manson lays on his side. "(Judge) Manson establishes his strength advantage, but Conklin is quick to show just how much faster he is." Manson gets to a knee, and soon comes to a stand. He looks for a way out, first reaching for Conklin's legs in an attempt to trip him. Seeing no recourse, Manson simply swings his right hand upward, and clocks Conklin upside his head. Conklin releases the armbar and takes a step back, clearing out the cobwebs. Manson pursues, and maneuvers around to the back of Conklin. Manson locks in a behind waistlock, and hoists Conklin up, just to drop him down onto his stomach. As Conklin hits face first on the mat, Manson dives down and wraps his right arm around Conklin's head in a front facelock. "(Ejiro) So much for Conklin's speed advantage." "(Judge) Most definitely. Despite Conklin's speed, Manson is still a superior mat wrestler. Manson will have to keep doing this in order to keep Conklin from flying around." Manson doesn't keep Conklin on the ground for long, as he pulls him up onto his feet. With the front facelock still on, Manson raises his right knee up and drives it into Conklin's gut. He then alternates and brings his left knee up, doing the same. He switches once more, and brings the right knee up again. Manson doesn't even give Conklin a chance to breathe, as he throws the right arm of Conklin over his shoulder and grabs onto the waistband of his tights. Manson looks into the crowd and the crowd shows their disapproval, as Manson kicks and quickly pulls Conklin back with a snap suplex. Conklin holds his back, as Manson floats over into the cover. "ONE!!" But Conklin kicks out at one! "(Judge) Manson seems to be all business tonight, as he's been taking it to Conklin thus far." "(Annie) Unfortunately." Manson gets to his feet, and is on the attack again, as he begins stomping at the chest and stomach of Conklin. Danny rolls away from the assault, and pushes up off the mat, emerging in the lower left hand corner of the ring. Manson is on him again, as he clutches Conklin's right hand and whips him into the opposite corner. Conklin hits the buckles, and Manson charges in, leaping for a splash, but Conklin gets his feet up and kicks Manson square in the face. Manson stumbles back and goes to a knee, and Conklin follows. Facing Manson, Conklin balls his right hand into a fist, and lays it flush into Manson's cheek with a hook punch. Manson falls to the mat, and Conklin quickly covers. "ON--!" But Manson kicks out before Kivell can even count! Conklin gets to a standing position, and pulls Manson up to his feet. Manson hits Conklin with a hard forearm to the face though, and Conklin stumbles back. Manson goes back to the mat, wrapping his legs around Conklin's, and tripping him up with a drop toe hold. Tryst falls forward, as Manson quickly mounts him. Pulling Conklin's head up by his short hair with his left hand, Manson takes his right and begins laying in cross forearms to the side of Conklin's head and neck. Manson lets go of Conklin and he falls back down face first, but Manson is quick to grasp Conklin's left hand with his right, and his right hand with his left. Manson then crosses the arms in front of Conklin's face, and pulls back, arching his back and putting pressure on his spine. "(Annie) We've never seen this before…" "(Ejiro) It's a cross-armed choke, for reference." "(Judge) And apparently he calls it the Requiem. This could conceivably be it for Conklin." Conklin stares wide-eyed as Manson continues applying pressure. Desperate to get out of the hold and with the crowd behind him and Janet rallying them, he musters up his strength and begins pushing ahead towards the entrance ramp side ropes by using his feet. With Manson's tenuous grip on Conklin slipping, he dismounts and pulls him up onto his feet. With a look of anger on his face, Manson whips Conklin back down to the mat, with Conklin banging the back of his head on the canvas. "(Judge) Well, Manson now seems to have this match firmly in control.. As Conklin lays in the ring, holding the back of his head and attempting to get to his feet, Manson ducks out of the ring and runs through his hand through his hair, before grinning. He stomps over to the timekeeper's position, and grabs a chair, before sliding back into the ring. Conklin gets to his feet and Manson raises the chair, as Kivell begs him to put it down. Manson ignores the warnings though, as he swings the chair downward, and strikes Conklin on the back as Janet Quinn looks away… ::CRACK!:: Conklin goes down like a house of cards, as Matt Kivell calls for the bell and Manson stands over Conklin. ::DING DING!:: "(Annie) Dammit, what the hell is the point? Manson was doing well, and could have possibly come out with the win, but he chooses to hit Danny with the chair anyway?" "(Judge) I don't know, but I think he'll have a lot of explaining to do to Chris Raynor before the night is through." "(Ejiro) I thought it was fantastic." "(Annie) You would." "(Judge) Anyway, we'll be right back with our main event, after this." Manson throws the chair down and slides out of the ring to the back, as the show goes to commercial.
  23. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - August 28th

    The Lone Star Arena in Dallas Texas greets us, with thousands of Texan fans on their feet cheering away…SJL Crimson returns from a commercial break…and as usual, the commentary team are deep in meaningful discussion. Ejiro- I’m telling you…J-Lo is hotter than Britney ever was. Ha…I just thought. How many chicks do you know Judge that you can have this conversation with? Judge coughs and says forcefully… Judge- Well…welcome back to SJL Crimson. Anything you have to say Ejiro…about this next match. Ejiro- Err…yes? Oh…yes. Maddix is going to get killed. Judge? Judge- Ever the optimist. It’s Dominic Korgath one on one with Landon Maddix for the SJL TV Title, and Korgath has indeed got the weight advantage… Ejiro- Well that’s an understatement. 144 pounds difference between the two. Annie- That doesn’t have to matter. If Maddix can use his speed, then he may confuse the big guy. Size isn’t everything… Ejiro- Well, being a lesbo you would think that… Zack de la Rocha's “March Of Death” plays, and immediately boos ring around the arena, as out walks Urban Decay member Dominic Korgath. The big masked man stops at the entrance and raises his arms up in the air, before continuing down the aisle, dwarfing the fans at ringside as he passes. Ejiro- How in the hell can Maddix stand up to that? He can’t…the run ends here, I’m telling you now. Judge- Well you’ve said that before about Maddix…constantly. And he still has the belt. Korgath enters the ring, pointing upwards once more as his music stops. A few seconds pause to build up the crowd is broken by the starting of Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song”. The crowd rise to their feet, as Maddix steps out from behind the curtain with the TV Title proudly wrapped around his waist. The youngster runs down the aisle and jumps to the apron in one bound, before holding out his arms on the apron thanking the crowd for their support. Judge- Wow. This kid seems to gain in fan-base with each passing week. Annie- Almost like me… Funyon- This contest is for the SJL Television Championship. Introducing…the reigning SJL Television Champion…LAAANDON MAAADDIX!!! Entering the ring, Landon removes his belt and passes it on to referee Sexton Hardcastle. Taking the belt, the ref quickly shows it to Korgath before raising it in the air. Maddix looks up at the belt a little nervously, as Korgath’s gaze is fixed solely on Maddix. The bell rings and the belt is passed to the timekeeper, as Landon looks nervously over at the intimidating figure of Korgath. Ejiro- Look at this…this kid is outweighed by 144 pounds…he’s about a foot shorter. This is going to be a good old fashioned squash match. Korgath suddenly moves forward, stepping closer to Landon as the weight and height differences become more obvious. Korgath then stops dead again, as Maddix looks at a loss for what to do. Chants of ‘Landon’ ring around the arena, as Korgath threateningly stomps his foot, looking to scare Maddix. All he gets is a look of mock fear and the Scoot Hall ‘ooh I’m scared’ hands gesture from Maddix, which seems to anger him as he charges forward. Landon smartly exits the ring before Korgath can get to him, and tries to think out some strategy. Annie- That’s proof this kid won’t be scared by Dominic Korgath…scary dragon mask or not. Ejiro- Excuse me…first, it’s not a dragon, it’s an ‘oni’. And secondly, when you insult the honour of the mask, you insult the hundreds of Vietnamese kids who make them. After a while thinking, Landon gets back onto the apron and re-enters the ring. Korgath stands dead still waiting for the fight to come to him, obviously thinking he has an easy task tonight. Finally the two meet in the middle of the ring, and with a smile showing through his mask, Korgath raises his right hand in a signal for a test of strength. Maddix tries to keep a grin off his face, as he slowly raises his arm…but stops and raises his left arm instead. Korgath raises his left, only for Maddix to drop it and raise his right hand, just toying the big guy. Again, Dominic falls for it as Maddix changes hands again, and starts to mock Korgath again by rapidly changing his hands back and forth…but gets wiped out with a STIFF clothesline! Ejiro- Oh ho!!! Beautiful!!! Judge- Well, just like last week, the neck of Maddix is going to be an important factor in this match. That clothesline will do him no favours. Looking stunned, Maddix pulls himself up as Korgath takes a step backwards to get a run up. As Landon returns to his feet, Dominic charges and hits another hard clothesline. Maddix bounces off the mat on impact, as Korgath backs off the ropes and looks to drop a big legdrop, but Maddix rolls out of the way in time. Using his speed, Landon sprints across the ring and hits a dropkick to the face of the seated Korgath, knocking him to his back for a cover… …ONE… …TW… Korgath pushes upwards, pressing Landon up and through the ropes to the outside. Ejiro- Awesome strength! This kid is in big trouble! Literally. Maddix picks himself up on the outside, a look of surprise on his face from the show of strength. He rolls back into the ring, but gets met with stomps to the back by Korgath. Allowing the TV Champ to his feet, Korgath goes for another clothesline, this time with much more authority, but Maddix ducks. Korgath avoids crashing into the corner, but turns around into rapid right hands to the head. Landon backs up to the opposite corner, as Korgath looks a little stunned, and charges towards him. The big man sees him coming though, and hiptosses Landon sending him upside down into the turnbuckles!!! He hits violently, and lands in the same way, as the crowd ‘oooh’…feeling his pain. Judge- Good god…that was brutal! Ejiro- That was great! Annie- Well, I hate to say it…this may be a step too far for Landon. Ejiro- Oh face it, it’s over. Landon lays flat out on the mat, as Korgath just looks down on him with a smile. Grabbing him by the hair, Korgath easily pulls Landon up from the mat and hits a knee to the gut. The Champ seems out of his feet, being held up by Korgath until he gets thrown into the corner. Hitting the buckles, Landon bounces back out again and into the waiting arms of Korgath who hoists him up to his chest, and throws Maddix over his head with a fallaway slam. Ejiro- Screw the neck injury, Korgath wants no excuses when he wins. He’s working on the back, so you can’t whine about the ‘injured neck’. Annie- Or because his finisher is the Torture Rack…a move which hurts the back. Ejiro- Well…yeah…I guess that would be a reason too. Maddix ends up about halfway across the ring, as Korgath slowly walks over to him and drops a big elbow drop, leaving the elbow for a nonchalant cover… …ONE… …TWO… …THR… Kickout by Maddix. Korgath again pulls Landon up to his feet, before hoisting him into his arms for another fallaway slam. In desperation, Maddix starts ramming his elbow into the side of the head, until Korgath is forced to release him. He quickly shakes off the pain in his head though, as Maddix runs to the ropes and hits a flying forearm. Although he connects square on the head, Korgath does not go down. Ejiro- That’s like having a fly flying into your head for Korgath. Annie- Oh, he felt it… Ejiro- Yeah…you’d feel a fly hitting your head, but it wouldn’t hurt. That’s my point. Maddix backs up to the ropes and hits a second flying forearm, this time Korgath staggers back a little, and after a few seconds drops down to one knee. Instead of taking time to gloat about it, Landon is smart and charges forward again and nails a stiff shining wizard kick to the back of Korgath’s masked head! Korgath flies forward, and rolls to the outside of the ring as Maddix raises an arm in the air. Ejiro- No…no, he’s not gonna… Judge- I think he might. Maddix suddenly sprints off the ropes, Korgath looking disorientated on the outside as Maddix launches himself over the ropes into a… Judge- CORCKSCREW PLA…NO! HE GOT CAUGHT! Holding out his arms Korgath manages to catch Maddix in mid corkscrew plancha, as the crowd’s building applause is cut short. With Landon in his clutches, Korgath charges and rams Maddix ribs first into the ring post, before laying him down onto the ring apron. Ejiro- See, this is a squash…this kid has been down more times…well, I’ll avoid the long winded joke Annie and just call you easy. Annie- Then that makes me your kind of woman I guess… Judge- Why do I have to sit in the middle of this? Korgath rolls back into the ring, and pulls in Landon before hitting a big kick to the ribs. Pulling his opponent up by one arm, Korgath irish whips the kid into the ropes, and as Maddix is coming back he runs straight into a big boot to the face from Korgath. Again Maddix is down and seemingly out, as Korgath is just taking his time over his next move. After a few seconds listening to the boos of the crowd, Korgath gives the signal for a Torture Rack. Ejiro- Well here comes the end. They might as well ring the bell now. Judge- He hasn’t even put the move on him yet… Ejiro- We all have places to go. This just saves us some time. Dragging Landon to his feet, Korgath hoists him up onto the shoulders, and wrenches back with the Torture Rack synched in. Pulling down on the head and the legs, Korgath tries to snap Landon in half, as the crowd are on their feet trying to get behind the TV Champion. Ejiro- He’s got to submit…Korgath’ll snap him in half if he doesn’t submit. And you know what…he’ll enjoy doing it… Annie- That’s the kind of sick person he is I guess. Ejiro- Determined Annie…I’d call it determined. Korgath begins to move around the ring with the move, turning around to try and dizzy Landon into submission. Maddix desperately reaches out for the ropes, but Korgath keeps relatively central. Fighting, Maddix manages to free one leg from Korgath’s grip, and with the free leg Landon starts to hit knees. The knees don’t affect Korgath at first, but as they begin to the big man pulls back synching the move up and halting Landon’s fight back. Judge- A great amount of guts from Maddix…but it may be more guts than brains on his part. Annie- Oh please…this kid is fighting to keep his title. Of course he’s going to fight to the end. Judge- But sometimes you’ve got to see the bigger picture. He’s been in the SJL about a month, and already he’s suffering from injuries. He’s got to think about his career. Just look at Jeff Hardy… Ejiro- Who? The crowd are clapping madly trying to encourage Landon to find an escape, but it seems in vain as he looks to be lifeless. A couple more wrenches of the shoulders from Dominic tighten up the hold, as Hardcastle begins to check on Maddix’s level of consciousness. Seeing that he is seemingly out, Hardcastle picks up the loose arm of Maddix… …and drops it once. Ejiro- It’s over…he’s out cold from the pain. Hardcastle grabs the arm again… …it drops again, as Hardcastle signals to the timekeeper to get ready. Referee Hardcastle takes the arm once more… …and it drops… …but stops halfway!!! The crowd react with huge cheers, as Landon starts to feel the adrenaline running through him. Ejiro- God damn it…he keeps doing it…damn it how. Annie- This kid is a fighter! Sensing the tide beginning to turn, Korgath releases the torture rack. Landon hits the mat and immediately starts to get up, only to get clotheslined straight to bah gawd hell!!! Korgath hooks the leg off the clothesline for a cover… …ONE… …TWO… …THR… …E… Landon shoots a shoulder up, stopping Hardcastle at 2 and seven eighths. Again Maddix is hauled to his feet, the Champ clearly feeling more fatigue than the challenger. A scoop slam with ease brings Maddix back into contact with the mat, as Korgath is already charging into the ropes. With Maddix down, Korgath slows down coming off the ropes, and drops an elbow across the sternum of the TV Champ. Getting up, he drops a second elbow to the same area as the first, before getting back up and dropping a final third. With a nonchalant cover, Korgath goes for the win again… …ONE… …TWO… …THR… Kickout again by Maddix. Judge- That’s what you get for not hooking a leg. Ejiro- Yeah…but deep down, Korgath is enjoying this. Deep down he wants the match to continue so he can dish out more punishment. Korgath gets back up, and waits for Maddix to get up, seemingly confirming Ejiro’s thoughts. Slowly Landon does pick himself up, feeling a little woozy he falls back towards the corner. Korgath moves more in line, and suddenly charges looking to squash Landon in the corner. The TV Champ doesn’t seem to be moving, but as Korgath gets close he suddenly leaps up, leapfrogging Korgath and causing him to charge straight into the turnbuckles! Annie- He may be big, but he’s not too smart. Ejiro- It’s not his fault Maddix has to fake injury to get an advantage. Annie- Yet when it’s one of your favourites, it’s called ‘playing possum’. Ejiro- Well my ‘favourites’ don’t spend weeks off with phoney neck injuries so they don’t defend their title. The big man stumbles back from the turnbuckles, and gets a roundhouse kick fired into the kidneys. Another two kicks connect with the lower back, as Korgath becomes more bent over backwards with each kick. Eventually, Landon can reach up, hook Korgath’s head and drive the big man down with a diving reverse DDT. Both men are down after this… …but only for about a second, as Maddix suddenly kips up! The crowd are going crazy as Maddix is calling for Korgath to get up. Ejiro- This is crazy. Why won’t this kid stay down? Maddix backs up into one corner, and with the crowd behind him he stamps his foot down…and then stamps it again. Stomping repeatedly on the mat, the crowd know what he’s signalling for and start clapping along with him. Korgath begins to pull himself up, and stagger back into the middle of the ring as Maddix is waiting…and he nails the Sweet Chin Music kick to the jaw!!! Korgath goes down from the kick, but gets straight back up! Ejiro- I don’t know what these guys have been taking before this match, but I want some! Judge- Now Maddix has to try and figure out what to do to keep Korgath down. Korgath gets back to his feet, motioning for Maddix to bring the fight to him. Landon fires a few right hands at Korgath, not doing him too much damage at all. Eventually tiring of the punches, Korgath hits a stiff punch of his own sending Landon reeling across the ring. Landon quickly gets back to his feet though, as Korgath goes for another clothesline from hell. Seeing it coming, Landon manages to duck as Dominic has to put the brakes on to avoid crashing into the corner. He manages to, just, but as he turns around Maddix is aiming a spinkick at him. Korgath catches the leg across his chest, Landon thinks quickly and lifts his other leg going for a headscissors takeover…but Korgath quickly counters that with a tombstone piledriver!!! Judge- Man what an awesome exchange! Korgath somehow managed to keep up with Landon through that, despite his sizeable bulk. Ejiro- I’ll tell him you said that. Judge- That I complimented him…you do that. Ejiro- No…no…oh wait, you did, didn’t you? Maddix is out cold, as Korgath tries to regain his breath from that exchange. Eventually he makes a cover… …ONE… …TWO… …THR… …E… …NO! Maddix kicks out at two! Korgath pulls Maddix to his feet once more, pushing him back into the corner. Charging at Maddix he lets out a roar of intensity, as Maddix cuts him and his screaming off with a foot to the jaw. Quickly Landon hops to the middle rope, as Korgath staggers a little, adjusting his mask. Eventually he stumbles into a position where Landon can hook the head ready for the Crash Landon, but Korgath quickly senses it coming and hits a headbutt to the shoulder to break. Ejiro- See…he’s smart as well. He had Landon scouted there. Judge- Well he did, yes. Hooking his arms around Landon’s waist, Korgath brings the TV Champ off the ropes with a body crushing side belly to belly! Placing an arm over Maddix, Korgath goes for another nonchalant cover to try and become TV Champion… …ONE… …TWO… …TH… …R… …E… …TWO!!! Again Korgath drags Maddix to his feet, as the look on his face through his mask seems to be growing ever impatient. Grabbing Landon, he irish whips him to the ropes and waits for him to come back. As he does though, Landon suddenly leaves his feet and hits a dropkick, which staggers Korgath back a couple of steps. Landon tries this again, hitting another dropkick which sends Korgath further back across the ring. A third time Landon runs off the ropes, and hits a dropkick which sends Korgath into the opposite ropes…and his weight sends him falling through them to the outside! Judge- Now Landon needs to be careful here…Korgath caught him last time and changed the tide of the match… Annie- But this kid doesn’t care. Landon goes to the apron and turns towards Korgath…but looking at the crowd, he smiles and starts to climb to the middle rope on the outside. The crowd begin to rise to their feet, as Landon composes himself, and dives off with a BIG crossbody which wipes out Korgath!!! Big chants for Maddix start up, as he too looks hurt from the dive. Judge- Beautiful crossbody to the outside! That was awesome. Ejiro- How many times do I have to say this…it was stupid. This kid…is stupid. Annie- You’re just jealous because you could never do something like that. Ejiro tries to get over the shock from that statement, as Maddix gets to his feet and salutes the crowd. Then he goes back and tries to pick Korgath up, but struggles with the weight, so he just waits for Korgath to get up in his own time. As he does, Maddix hits a couple of boots to the gut before rolling into the ring. Korgath begins to follow, but Maddix is running across the ring, and baseball slides into Korgath’s right leg, causing the big man to fall from the apron and hit it face first. Ejiro- He’s making Korgath mad. You won’t like him when he’s mad. Korgath again climbs onto the apron, and seeing Maddix charging towards him he holds out his arm. Landon doesn’t slide under this time, and gets grabbed by the throat! Keeping a hold of Landon, the big man enters over the top rope and looks threateningly into his eyes. Korgath then raises Maddix ready for a chokeslam, but Landon swings his foot, nailing a shining wizard kick to the back of the head to break!!! Judge- Wow…nice innovation to counter the chokeslam. Ejiro- This kid can’t win again…please. Korgath drops to a knee, as Maddix jumps to the middle rope, springboarding backward with a leg lariat which catches Korgath in the face! Quickly Landon rolls into a cover… …ONE… …TWO… …TH… …R… …E… TWOOO!!! Maddix pops right back up, and drops a quick legdrop on Korgath for another cover… …ONE… …TWO… …TH… …R… Two count again. Again, Landon gets right back up and begins to climb to the top rope. Korgath is just getting to his feet, and sees Maddix just in time to catch him coming off the top rope with a flying crossbody. Maddix gets thrown over Korgath’s head with a fallaway slam again, and bounces across the mat from the impact. Korgath meanwhile is still trying to regain his breath, as he takes a couple of seconds to follow up. This time allows Maddix to hit a forearm to the gut of Korgath, and then a second. Neither one fazes the big man, who picks Landon up and hits a big clothesline. Smiling, Korgath pulls Landon up…and hits a second clothesline. Judge- Why is he not going for the win? He should go for the Torture Rack before Landon fights back. Annie- Maybe he’s scared Landon won’t give up again. Ejiro- MAYBE…he’s enjoying himself too much. I know I am. Judge- Yes, but… Ejiro- But nothing buddy. Everytime Landon tries to fight back, Korgath just squashes him again. Dominic knows what he’s doing. Landon gets pulled up again, seemingly moments away from becoming the new TV Champion. Knowing it, he gives a signal to his waist to show he’s going to be champ, before going for a third clothesline. The current champion manages to duck it though, and use the arm to swing around Korgath’s back, and hit The Nose Job! Korgath’s face bounces off the mat, as Maddix goes to the middle rope, grimacing slightly and seemingly favouring his neck again. Korgath stumbles to his feet, and suddenly charges at Maddix, who sticks his boot up to block. The big man charges face first into it, stopping him dead and Landon hooks the head over his shoulder, and launches off the ropes hitting the Crash Landon!!! Taking two face first bumps in a row, Korgath looks dazed as Maddix quickly hooks the leg… …ONE… …TWO… …TH… …R… Ejiro- PLEASE kickout!!! …E… …EEEEE!!! Hardcastle counts the three, Landon wins again! Funyon- Here is your winner, and still SJL World Television Champion…LAAANDON MAAADDIX!!! Ejiro- NO! Damn it…Duran’s gonna be pissed about this. Annie- So is Korgath…well, when he wakes up. Maddix is passed the title belt, and with a smile he raises it in the air celebrating another victory. Korgath looks literally like a bear with a sore head as he begins to get to his feet. Maddix meanwhile continues the celebration, going to the middle rope and holding the belt aloft. The Dallas crowd cheer their approval, but the cheers suddenly turn to shouts, as Korgath is back up…and looking pissed. Maddix jumps from the apron confused at the change in reaction… …and gets WIPED OUT with a clothesline from hell!!! The bell rings in a futile attempt to get some help, as Korgath looks down on Maddix, snorting angrily. Judge- Come on…get some bodies out here. Ejiro- Screw that…get a body bag out here. This kid is gonna need one. Judge- This isn’t right. Ejiro- Judge, since when did you worry about what’s right. Kill him Dom! Korgath goes to pull Landon up, as Sexton Hardcastle tries to intervene. He is shoved to the side however, as Korgath drags Maddix up and shouts threateningly at the kid. Maddix is holding his neck, looking dazed out of his head, as suddenly Korgath shoves Landon’s head downwards, and picks him up for a powerbomb. Judge- NO!!! DON’T DO IT!!! Ejiro- YES…DO IT!!! Korgath walks around a few steps, the crowd booing as referees begin to pile out from the back…but not in time, as Korgath DRILLS Landon down with a vicious powerbomb!!! Korgath breaks into a slight smile, as he picks up the TV Title belt, and drops it across the motionless body of Landon Maddix. The boos grow ever louder, as Korgath leaves down the aisle, walking past the stretcher being wheeled down the ramp for Maddix. Judge- This is sick…that may have broke Maddix’s neck. Ejiro- Oh boo ho… Annie- The kid has an injured neck already, and that attack was uncalled for. Get some compassion you heartless pric… Judge- Ahem…err…we’re going to a break. Stay tuned for…more SJL action.
  24. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - August 28th

    Hybrid vs Nguyen Double no-show.
  25. the.weej

    SJL Crimson - August 28th

    The Lone Star Arena in Dallas, Texas beckons with its countless multicolored lights, signaling the beginning of an SJL show. It's Crimson and these Texans couldn't be happier. With the intro to the show finishing and the normal lighting returning to illuminate the ring, the two SJL announcers take over the show with their charismatic voices! Judge: Welcome to another edition of Crimson! Ejiro: Why do you have to sound so excited? Annie: Because he is. Ejiro: Who asked you? Judge: We've got a slimmed down night but a great show nevertheless. Stay tuned because later tonight, Tryst will take on Craig McClennan for a shot at the World Title! This is gonna be a great one! Ejiro: Yea, but we've got like 5 matches before that happens so let's just concentrate on this first one. Annie: Two newbies in a basket! Judge: After last week's loss to Hybrid, JT Playa is pitted against another newcomer in the name of Brian Kingsmen. Let's see how that goes. The spotlights in the arena flicker on once again and begin sailing through the crowds, dancing to the beat of "The Gauntlet" by the Dropkick Murphys. A mixed reaction showers down, nobody sure what to do of this newcomer. Brian walks out, fully clad in a jersey and baggy cargo pants. He slides into the ring, hopping around to warm up as his first match in the SJL is about to begin. Funyon: The following match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. Introducing first, from parts unknown, weighing in at 180 pounds, Brian KINGSMEEEEENNNN!!!!! Funyon's voice echoes off the speaker system as Eddy Long slides into the ring as well, ready to officiate the upcoming match. "Br- Br- Br- Braaaiiiinbusta!!!!" "Brain Busta" kicks up over the speaker systems and immediately the fans rise up from their seats, watching as JT Playa emerges from the gorilla position. The cocky newcomer walks near the most attractive woman he sees and allows her to begin undressing him. Funyon: And his opponent, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 227 pounds... J! T! PLAYAAAAAAA!!!!! With all his before-the-match antics, JT doesn't notice Brian sliding out the ring and racing towards him. He pays the price as Brian floors him with a nasty clothesline!! Judge: Whoa! Brian wasting no time to get some punishment in before the match ACTUALLY begins! Ejiro: Hell yea! Stupid singers think they can wrestle.... who are you rooting for Annie? Annie: Whoever won't go for that hot chick right there. Brian mounts himself on JT's chest and begins to rain down a series of ferocious punches, each one when connecting with JT's chin, lets out a sickening POP! The crowds are into the match now, cheering for whoever they cheer for. Brian continues the punching before bringing JT Playa back up and rolling him back into the ring. ***Ding ding ding!!!*** Judge: And the match officially begins! Brian slides in, and immediately goes for the cover this early into the matchup. Long wastes no time to drop down on the canvas to begin the count- ONE!!! TWO!!! T- and a kickout! Unphased by the count, Brian brings JT up to his feet and decks him with a hard right. Brian moves in and swipes his backhand across JT's chest! Crowds: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!! Brian delivers another hard chop! Crowds: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!! Brian delivers one more hard chop before grabbing hold of JT's wrist and hurling him to the ropes. JT rebounds and immediately seeks for some offense, throwing his forearm out without thinking- only to find Brian Kingsmen ducking under! JT catches his balance and turns around, and gets floored by a superkick!! Ejiro: YEAH! That's gotta hurt! Annie: No kidding... Judge: Brian Kingsmen doing most of the offense in this matchup but we have got to believe that JT Playa may have something up his wrist. Brian drops to the canvas for a cover, but before the referee can even count one, JT counters that into a rollup cradle!! ONE!!!! T- and Brian kicks out hastily! Both men rise to their feets, and stare down each other as they begin to circle the ring. Finally, the two lock up in the middle, and JT Playa immediately gets the advantage, snapping on the hammerlock on Kingsmen. Brian tries to fight out of it, but JT Playa twists the arm even more before whipping Brian to the ropes. Brian rebounds, and ducks an incoming clothesline before the momentum carries him to the opposite trio of ropes. A second rebound and Brian quickly dives into the air, forearms straight out there- - but JT Playa realizes the move and wisely drops down on his back and counters with a monkey toss!!! Judge: Nice counter by JT Playa! Ejiro: Oh yeah, very nice! JT Playa rides the momentum and quickly pushes Brian into the corner before releasing punch after punch into Brian's sternum! A left, a right, a hook- anything that hurts! Playa finishes it off with an uppercut that stumbles Brian out into dangerous territory. Brian staggers around, long enough to get kicked in the gut by JT Playa. Brian doubles over and Playa wastes no time, pulling Brian's head in between his legs. Grabbing hold of Brian's waist, Playa hoists the high flyer into the air, in position for a powerbomb. Brian fights out of it, delivering point blanc punches into JT's face before rolling down behind Playa into a pin! ONE!!! TWO!!! THR- no! JT kicks out before the three! Judge: Nice counter by Brian, showing that he's got the speed to counter JT's all-around attack! Annie: Yeah, speed is always better! Ejiro: I thought girls were always better... Annie: That too. The near three count angers Brian, who immediately gets right into Eddy Long's face. Eddy Long is cornered, and can't move anywhere. Playa slowly struggles to his feet, and seeing the opportunity, quickly goes in and circles his arms around Brian's waist. But before JT can attempt any move, Brian quickly sends his foot straight up into the groinal area of JT Playa, getting a rousing set of boos to go along with that!!! Judge: LOW BLOW!!! What a cheater!! With the referee too scared to notice too!! Brian grabs JT by the wrist and hurls him into the corner, hard. The impact sends JT staggering forward, allowing Brian to rebound off the perpendicular set of ropes to deliver a one handed bulldog that lays JT in the center of the ring!! Brian walks by and kicks JT in the face, getting another set of boos before ascending to the top of the corner! Without even hesitating, Brian leaps into the air, honing in on JT Playa's body while completing a somersault in the air!! CRAAAAASSSSHHHH!!!!!!!! 450 Splash!!! RAIN OF THE KING'S MEN!!!! Brian hooks the leg- ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!! ***Ding ding ding!!!*** It's all over. Funyon: The winner of this match....... BRIAN KINGSMEN!!!! Judge: Not a bad match for newcomer Brian Kingsmen, who finishes this with the blatant cheating!! Ejiro: Whatever he has to do to get the win, right? Brian slides out of the ring, now paraded with even louder boos as he walks up the ramp, the camera picking up his every step and his large arrogant smile. Judge: Well don't go away, we've still got plenty of SJL action!!! Annie: Do we really? Ejiro: I think he's just paid to say that. *Fade to black*