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  1. On the other hand, PR turns things into national issues. As it is, you're PRESUMABLY voting for someone from your neck of the woods to represent your area's situation in Ottawa. But people vote for parachutes and generally put the national agenda over their own local issues.


    You're SUPPOSED to be electing your MP on things like "I'll bring more money for projects like highways to our riding" and not on things like "our party supports a national decriminalization of marijuana" but unfortunately nobody ever does.


    I understand this perspective, but it's important to consider how much more disciplined Canadian political parties are than ones in the US or UK. It's not unusual for Congressmen or Senators in America to vote against the party line for various reasons - up here, simply abstaining in a vote is asking to be marginalized in caucus. Voting AGAINST the party leader means you better be crossing the floor tomorrow, because you're guaranteed to be turfed. Most Canadians definitely vote because they identify with a party/party leader, and it makes sense, because what the party leader believes is the de facto ideology of all the rest of his MPs.

  2. Looking at the box scores from Friday, I can't help but be confused. Did the Oilers really score three power play goals? Really? The Oilers? It really is a brave new world. The weird happenings that always pop up at the start of a new hockey season are exciting, but I've learned to never, EVER trust anything that happens in October. Habs fans should remember the strange performances of Brian Savage in Octobers past, that's always my favourite example.


    Czech - I think the idea of "keeping it in the family" springs from the success certain organizations have had with it, although I guess it might just be TWO organizations that have ever had any success with it, since the Oilers and Canadiens are the only ones that come to mind. Still, sports teams seem to be easily seduced by ideas that have no proof of success in any other environment.


    Not to rain on the parade or anything, but be wary of Quenneville. You're right about his history with goaltenders; a friend of mine is a big Avs fan and has nearly had his head explode multiple times over the last couple of seasons thanks to Coach Q. He's also probably chiefly responsible for the Avs' mortifyingly poor specials teams last season, and holds at least 40% of the blame for the Blues going from the best team in the NHL to a team that sorta kinda looks like it could be the best team in the NHL. I really don't understand this coaching change at all, frankly.

  3. Nobody made me aware of this thread, per se, but I did a randomly fortnightly check-in at the right time, I suppose.


    I'm disappointed Toxxic does not wish to drink deep of my invigorating, wholly organic masculinity, but amused that Holly still thinks I'm a douchebag. It's all good, though - I am a major douche, when you get right down to it.


    See, I never felt too bad about being surly over making cards, but that's probably because I'm surly basically all of the time.



  4. We came up with it in concert. I think. I'm pretty sure one or the other suggested it, and the other one egged 'im on to do it. Generally speaking, it's usually my fault for coming up with something and Janus's fault for making sure it sees the light of day. What a team.


    By the way, Lost at Sea was awesome. How dare you guys? Definitely one of Strangler's better ideas, and he participated in a match on ice.



  5. It's at this point I feel obligated to chime in, because everyone seems to have purged it from their memories, but at my insistence Raynor and Janus booked a series of matches taking place in fictional worlds like Racoon fucking City and the furry world in the comic he writes for.


    Landon has a long way to go before he catches up to me and mine with our terrible, madcap ideas.



  6. Yeah, but I mean, assuming you include the principle of choosing your own entrance order, many of your own competitors and a list of people who for sure wanted to be included or write the match, it still should've worked. Consider me duly impressed.


    Also, the correct answer is that nobody thought of it three years ago because I have never actually booked a CF card. Obviously.



  7. Unnecessarily retarded flipflopery? Autojob.

    Define "unnecessary."


    Baby, you knows I gots love for you. But I gotta lay down the law.


    Seriously, WC, I'm not sure I've ever jobbed you to anybody. I think I even gave you a win over Ejiro...



  8. Yes, and I even remembered to send my matches in. Since it's Genesis, I actually even read them!


    For those of you who missed the memo, this is how I roll, with no roll ups. Those are autojobs.


    Finishers out of nowhere? Autojob.


    Head drop, followed by no selling long enough to lariat somebody and then selling? Autojob.


    Mat work that you think looks cool to start a match and then goes nowhere? Autojob.


    Unnecessarily retarded flipflopery? Autojob.


    Chairshots, ref-bumps and Dusty finishes? Autojob.


    Spike Jenkins? Autojob.


    Failure to display an appropriate reverence and military-like command of the English language? Autojob.


    Basically anything I see or deem to be unworthy of my considerably important time? Autojob. Compliance is not optional. That will result in an autojob. Further complainers will be autojobbed again, and then booked in a match against Ebony. What, you don't think I can still make that happen? You underestimate my power.



  9. Yes. I'm genuinely surprised you've never listened to Echo & the Bunnymen before, but I was positive you'd be all over Ocean Rain. It's one of those albums I get swallowed up in and lets the world disappear for a little while.


    Supes: I'm surviving - it's been a busy couple of years. You're actually still on my AIM list, having endured as one of those "I don't really talk to this guy but keep him around for his amusing away messages" people.



  10. I'm not sure I understand how being critical shows I don't care. If I didn't care, I wouldn't say anything at all. As I mentioned before, as far as I'm concerned my comments on the current situation are a reflection of reality. However, I do detest fatalism in all of its forms - while I guess what I say implies that the SWF is doomed, I'm aware that may not actually happen. Christ knows the fed has teetered on the edge of a knife before, countless times before, and reeled itself back in. Everything I've said was more or less a supporting argument for my comments about the long title reigns; I didn't realize that should have come with a twelve point plan for the fed's recovery.


    For the record, I've suggested a couple of ideas, privately at least, as solutions to the SWF's problems. I don't think you'd like most of them, since they tend to advocate a haitus and total restructuring, which I believe is the only genuine long-term solution. Again, I see returnees only as a band-aid fix, both writing, booking and marking wise. That said, I've also considered returning to competition myself, but that's hinged on who's participating at the current time. You'll forgive me for wanting to involve myself in the fed with people I'm friends with.


    Also, what I've said isn't a dig at Landon, or anybody else. The discussion about who's had the most title reigns came up, and I mentioned I felt the unnecessarily long runs are a byproduct of less competition. For a change, I actually think that's an objective statement to come out of my mouth; I don't think it really matters who's holding the belts in that case.



  11. Well, I'm sorry I'm not Mr. Positive. Next time I'll save any relevant criticism firmly in the back of my mouth and spew mindless praise instead. Oh, wait, no I won't. I'm not particularly concerned about whether what I says helps anything, and I'm terribly sorry my pointed commentary apparently devalues your fake title reigns in make believe wrestling. How inconsiderate of me.


    The fact you even consider four or five new writers, the balance of which are returnees, to be a promising sign is telling. Filling up the roster with returnees has never, not ever, indicated a good sign for the health of the SWF. Returnees have limited shelf life, especially if they're people that have been involved on the writing end of the spectrum for a long time, or have been away from the fed for a long time. But I suppose only know this because I have been a returnee multiple times, and booked them for the better part of two years or so. And again, this is an infinitely smaller crop of returnees and new writers than regularly occured in the past. The SWF is still in a weaker state than it's ever been; argue with me about everyting else all you like, but I can't fathom how you're disputing that.


    By the way, where in the fuck did I say anything about the World Title needing the best writer in the fed to hold it, or the second and third best writers in the fed to compete for it? I didn't even imply that. All I said was that the World Title needs the highest level of COMPETITION in the fed, which is to say it needs to have a steady stream of able challengers. Sitting on the title for months because only one person that wants to write for the championship is retarded. And for Christ's sake, Toxxic, I advocated more angles more often than any other booker in history - what you just said is so stupid it's ignorant. Of course I know angles are important, but belts are important, too, because if you're not striving for something other than the inevitable co-written PPV blowoff, then we really are becoming the OAOAST. There has to be some kind of balance that can be maintained. I also realize that the Lethal Lottery and World Title Tournaments were terrible ideas that just bred the resentment of the fed. But angles, by their nature, should be flexible. I've never understood why so many people found it impossible to do a feud without booking every match against their opponent for six weeks ahead of time and not thinking of any way they could simultaneously be worked into a title picture. It isn't hard, and I routinely tried to help people with it. If you'd like to continue building straw men, I'll direct you to the CE folder where that kind of horseshit is acceptable.


    And by the way... I've been a part of the SWF in some capacity, actively involved or as a spectator, for over five years. Don't try to guilt me with your thinly-vieled, cockpulling arrogance with statements like "..but just because Landon's taken the time to keep track and compile the history of this place, don't come in and start badmouthing the last couple of years." That's beyond insulting. You don't think the current state of the fed upsets me? You don't think I realize that there are people that continue to put unnecessary amounts of time into this silly game, just because they don't know why they love it? I'm aware that you are one right now - but I was one in the past, and the fed matters enough I'm still willing to make a positive contribution in the future. But save that rubbish for someone without the will to return the effort; it's not going to stop me from being realistic.



  12. Eh, I don't think Z's opinion has counted since the end of '05.


    You act like it ever did. I am, however, always right, regardless of who's paying attention.


    The fact is that the World Title is still the World Title, and as a result it should always have the highest quality of competition. I have always felt that if the World Title isn't being valued on the whole, it reflects incredibly poorly on the rest of the fed and displays a lack of initiative. I remember being incredibly frustrated during the whole world title crisis in 2004 because I constantly had to prod people into the world title division to make up for the string of retiring champions, and most of them didn't respond well because they felt they either weren't "worthy" of the main event or weren't good enough.


    That said, everything you mentioned was valid, although it's really missing my point. The quality of competition has declined irrecovably since 2005, as the result of a tiny roster, a lack of new participants and an increase in no-shows, which was already pretty high at any point in fed history. I was simply using the World Title as an obvious example. I'm not marginalizing the contributions of people that have actually put effort in since then, but the biggest reason they've had the unparalleled success title wise is because writers that are consistently writing are few and far between. You feel me? Don't get mad at me for telling the truth; no sane person can say the fed is better off now than it was in ANY previous year.



  13. I'm just saying, after that point the fed basically existed on the strength of you, Toxxic, Johnny and... uh... well, I guess Mak came back for a while, and Rando has the title now. Let's be truthful, the only reason there's been record-setting title reign after record-setting title reign is because little legitimate new talent has entered the fed SINCE Toxxic. Up until '04, the main event would get a forcible realignment every three to five months. In my mind, a 30 day title reign in 2003 is worth about 75 now, and a 30 day reign in '01 is worth about 90. It's kinda like inflation, I'm not just being Muzzesque.



  14. If we're counting the JL/ML, then Landon is actually the all-time winner with 18 title reigns, closely followed by Muzz with 17. I personally find Muzz and Thoth's reigns to be the most impressive - Muzz has held basically every title in the fed except the JL TV, JL Euro and Cruiserweight. He's also the <I>third</i> JL world champ, a fact that is rather wonderful/scary. Thoth holds the distinction of being the only person to have won all of the world titles in federation history, ML, JL and WF, the kind of record which is just really cool.


    Personally, I think a whole bunch of these reigns are superfluous - I honestly wouldn't count anything after the end of 2005.



  15. Oh, man, you didn't like Pavement? That's unacceptable. I second the motion of retrying with Slanted and Enchanted, and further the point by stating if you do not find that album to be somewhere in the realm of awesome to totally awesome, you can't be on my Cool People List anymore. You don't want to be off of my Cool People List. That'd mean you're pretty uncool.


    I'm so far out of the music scene it isn't even funny, but let me see what I can offer. If you haven't heard of Pavement, you probably haven't heard of the Afghan Whigs. Take one Congregation and call me in the morning. I am willing to be that you have heard of Echo & The Bunnymen, in fact they seem like the kind of thing you'd be kinda into, but I'll go out on a limb and call for some Ocean Rain as well. This is just because it's become one of my favourite albums over the course of a couple of years. Also, if symptoms worsen, I have another prescription for Grails' Black Tar Prophecies. It's kind of metal. It's kind of not. It's mostly instrumental, and Crowe is responsible for putting it on my hard drive. I've listened to it several times and I still can't figure the goddamn thing out, maybe you can help.


    Also, if you're feeling adventurous, keep on the look out for Bongwater's Double Bummer. I have not actually heard this album, but... well, read allmusic.com's description and you'll understand why I've searched for four years. I have yet to unearth any tangible physical form of it, though; maybe you can do better.



  16. Man. I don't remember the last time someone wrote an in-ring promo outside of a show. I know, back on IGN, it used to happen all the time, particularly in the JL/ML promo threads. In fact, the whole concept of promos happening outside of the ring/arena was completely foreign until several writers - I think Xstasy in particular - started to do it in earnest.


    I love the "perpetual arena" concept anyway. It's a grand halmark of efeds, almost as much as black trenchcoats and teenage angst.