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  1. Man, fuck reusing losing matches, I know people who've reused winning matches before. With the exact same marker. Quite famously, Kibagami had something he called the "Ash Match." He had so much disdain for Ash that after he beat him the first time in his early SWF run, he reused the match three more times against him and pulled off three more victories. He also used it another time for another victory against a different opponent I don't remember, but I'm sure it was somebody he didn't like. That brings that match to a perfect 5-0 record.


    I also remember one time TNT was too tired to write, so he had me throw in a few hundred words to his match. I ended up creating some sort of Frankenstein's Monster there, using one of my old matches with the same opponents to pad the wordcount. Of course, I forgot to edit out all the different names, so he lost, but still. I have no qualms against reusing matches. In fact, I'm disappointed Tom never reused his Mercury match.



  2. I see that Justice has apparently been convinced by Tox, but I'm just going to touch on something he mentioned earlier about an "organized effort." In my opinion, while reforming the entire function of the fed is vital, reforming and reorganizing Creative Control is equally important. Ultimately, any kind of changes on the surface of the fed can't be accomplished without the people in charge of everything working unanimously to make it all happen.


    The lack of a cohesive, functional CC has been a problem that's slowly grown for months now, and mainly stems from the fact Tom and Raynor are exhausted. The whole of the SWF basically runs based on which one of them is paying attention for a given week. Mike was in absentia for a very, very long time, I haven't seriously involved myself with administration for almost a year now, and I sincerely doubt anyone who was booking before us is interested in doing it any longer. Ultimately, that's the big problem: Attracting new people to CC has been a huge issue since as early as 2004, and as a result the guys currently involved have long since burned out.


    Before we can go forward with anything, a new CC has to be selected. I think it would preferably be filled out with people who haven't involved themselves with the booking aspect of the fed yet, and are willing to spend the enormous commitment that fixing the SWF is going to be. On top of that, a new CC has to regain the proactive nature that made other reigmes most effective, and I think has to work much, much harder to help give people direction and promote a reward system for writers who make the effort to write. I also think that it's also going to come at the price of amusing, but hairbrained ideas like the Lethal Lottery or Fictional World Tour. Let those be a lesson as to what unsucessful public works projects are.



  3. I totally disagree with Justicar up there. MySpace is unconventional and would require some kind of acrobatics to figure out how we'd do shows and promos, but it has tremendous upside. MySpace is individual based, yes... but think of all the bands that have MySpace pages, and how popular that's become as a medium to push music on a new audience. Movies and games have MySpace pages now. Frankly, the commerical aspect of MySpace is quickly starting to overpower the personal "social networking" aspect it was founded on. We could alter the joining format in such a way that you had to create a MySpace page for your character, which opens up different opportunities for individual character expansion.


    If MySpace isn't really workable, smaller sites in the same vein like Nextopia also have the same potential. This is a radical, make or break idea, but it has the potential to pay much, much bigger dividends than even IGN could have. The only problem is what's already been mentioned: For it to work like it's supposed to, the entire operation must be moved. This goes the same for anything else; you can't half ass it like the website and have it just kind of sitting there, seeing if it magically "gets popular" while it's business as usual on the boards and we ignore it like some leper.


    Honestly, what have you got to lose? If it kills the fed, well, that's that. At least we tried something, and tried on a scale large enough to make an impact.



  4. Oh, why not. I'm glad to see that even in the intervening years, Mike still has not lost his terrible taste. Right on.


    Real Name: Chris Belcourt

    Characters Portrayed: Z/Alexander Zenon, Dante Crane, The Inquisitor

    In SWF Since: March 9th, 2002.

    Real-Life Height: 5'11"

    Real-Life Weight: 135lbs

    Real-Life Age: 19

    Real-Life Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Picture: SP_A0056.jpg

    Pardon my emo. I was in "need" of new dyes and a more trendy hairstyle, apparently.


    Education: Woefully inadequate.

    Accomplishments Outside of SWF: What, the fact I am indeed capable of living a perfectly normal life isn't a big enough accomplishment for you? I was also recently promoted to an assistant manager for Canada Safeway Ltd.

    Favorite Band: Pink Floyd.

    Favorite Song: "Wish You Were Here" by the above.

    Favorite Movie: Lawrence of Arabia, because I am a voiceferous vigilante in vanguard of true film and great cinema! Gaze upon my superior tastes and despair!.


    ...and the empire strikes back when i'm being honest...

    Virgin? Explain.: Well, I have a girlfriend now.


    Accomplishments Within SWF: My most hallowed SWF related accomplishment is being one of the biggests busts in history despite having more writing talent in my little finger than most English departments would allow. I made up for it by being probably the most tenured administrator ever, starting with marking, working my way up to booking for the JL, then becoming head booker before getting promoted to the SWF, where I would also become head booker. My run atop the WF probably saw a more disparate amount of success (Toxxic, Kibagami, Va'aiga, another rejuvinated tag team scene) and failure (the end of the JL, the world title crisis) than anybody else's. I was also a chat op, and am one of three people to sucessfully conclude a storyline with Kibagami.

    Favorite SWF Moment: The entierity of Chirs Raynor vs Edwin MacPhisto at Genesis III, still the greatest match ever written in the history of the SWF. The conclusion of Mark Stevens vs Edwin MacPhisto, the the promo on the following show highlighting Mark's career. The Boston Strangler no-selling getting hit by a car. Thoth finally winning the world title. Everything Thoth did, for better for worse, for that matter. Tom's use of belt girls. The Crossfire finish. Annie and Strangler's DNS match, as well as Kibagami and GOdrea's DNS match. Toxxic and IL's through the show hardcore match. Thugg retconning Bastion out of existance. Anything Ebony. Wilson being Wilson. Me beating Wilson with the Stone Cold Stunner. Cyclone Comet. CIA. I could go on.

    Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Edwin MacPhisto. Could there be any other? EDIT: Yes there could, what the fuck is wrong with me? WILDCHILD!

    Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I don't really even know who's currently active right now. Tom? JJ?

    Why You Joined The SWF: I lurked for an epoch before joining. I loved the community, loved the characters, and just really wanted to be a part of it all.



  5. I figured there'd be a couple of people who would jump all over the idea of the fed's imminent death and try to fight against the tide. Admirable, but to be perfectly honest, I don't think the SWF is going to last into October in any legitimate form.


    I believe we should use the remaining time to get in touch with as many ex-writers as possible and find a way to make the end of days for the fed as memorable as possible.



  6. My bogey opponent was Edwin. I think we only faced each other a few times, but he dispatched me easily, causing me to have a spazz after one PPV.

    Hey, has anyone else done Wargames since? I haven't followed closely enough to know. If not, get 8-10 people together, write about 20 promos between the lot of you to set everything up, and then do it. I was pissed for a week when we lost but the whole thing was totally awesome overall, and watching PromoWars unfold is my second-fondest memory of all this. (The Grand Slam retirement angle is my fondest.)


    Whether or not the roster has been strong enough to support WarGames since 2003 is debateable (I think it's been close at least once or twice each year), but there have been several people I know of that tossed the idea around. I'd like to think their fatal mistake has been sharing their idea with me, since I tend to spiritedly advise them that they're fucking crazy.



  7. Cross: Just think, that could've been a match you'd written there.


    Anyway, if I could add something to what Toxx said, because I only ever seem to post when I'm replying to him, one of the biggest reason midcarders/upper midcarders haven't won the title is because most of them freak out at the idea of being in the main event. There is, for reasons I cannot functionally internalize, this crazy idea among many writers that they aren't any good and that they do not "deserve" to be in the main event. There is also the bizarre perception that the world title somehow involves more effort.


    My advice to people is to allow their egos to start swelling and hold a disproportionate belief of how good their writing talent actually is. Kibagami, Johnny and Spike all thought this way, and hey, two out of three ain't bad.