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  1. CuddlyKnife

    In Honor of Halloween

    that was awsome i love hanted dolls but they missed some of the story
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfxjL-YjT6U Really? How out of touch is this guy. He said he doesn't trust government to run healthcare. Oh yeah, like Wal-Mart is any better?
  3. CuddlyKnife

    Mad Men

    this show is interesting
  4. CuddlyKnife

    Guitar Hero Optical Illusion

    http://www.freshbite.info/fnews_1222046912_10991.htm If you stare at this picture long enough you can see that she's playing Guitar Hero.
  5. CuddlyKnife

    Led Zeppelin to tour in 2009

    it's definitely worthy, whatever
  6. CuddlyKnife

    RIP Paul Newman

    RIP We lost another great actor