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    Well, Sayid has lost everything, the love of his life, then he lost his humanity being turned into an assassin by Ben, so it makes sense he'd snap. Also, an original cast member has died every season of Lost... Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Michael.
  2. Swindle


    Yep, Jack getting blamed for deaths is all kind of wrong. Its Charles and Ben who's responsible if anything. Everyone got caught in the crossfire of their feud during season4.
  3. Swindle

    American Idol Season 8

    If Alexis were any good, the judges wouldn't have spent her entire run telling her to whore it up. Please let a guy get the boot next week.
  4. Swindle

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    Marriages fail all the time. I'm sure Jericho's wife and children will be taken care of financially.
  5. Swindle

    American Idol Season 8

    Lill talked back a bit too much I think. The stuff with Adam was HORRIBLE. Didn't really like tonight on a whole. Can't imagine the show wants only 3 girls on the tour, but I think Allison goes tomorrow.
  6. Swindle

    American Idol Season 8

    The counter argument would be that they are looking for someone versatile. Besides, plenty of contestants have circumvented the theme nights in the past and just sang their style of music anyway. I find it amusing how the alleged country singer in past seasons doesn't even do all that great on country night.
  7. Swindle

    American Idol Season 8

    oooo... time for a big AI grassy knoll conspiracy.... THE FINAL FOUR IS ALREADY PICKED BY TPTB! LINK
  8. Swindle

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    I love the Vader mask!
  9. Swindle

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    There's no way Jericho is going to come out on top of this feud even if he wins the match.
  10. Swindle

    American Idol Season 8

    I hate Danny. What is he going to be if he wins? Some lame-o Christian singer. That is not what AI should be looking for, yet they praise the hell out of that fatass. Having a dead wife is not a substitute for marketable talent. The rule change is stupid. It will be used, but only right before the top 4. It will not be used on obvious fodder, only Adam or Danny. The great moments on the show are the OMG!shocking eliminations. Is anyone seriously going to agrue Tamyra should have gone on to the finals to face Clarkson and win? Kelly is one of the better success stories coming out of AI and Tamyra is where exactly? Justin had the only counter fanbase to survive to the finals. JenniferH crock. The judges wanted Fantasia all along season3, and never were interested in Jen, only when she won an Oscar did their tune change. Hicks should have never been allowed to the voting rounds. The judges have themselves to blame for that one.
  11. Swindle

    What are you reading?

    I'm not a big book reader, but today it was raining, I didn't feel like tv or video games, so I picked up a book from my dad's collection and tore through it. An Innocent Man by John Grisham. The story is so insane, I thought it was just a crazy fictional crime drama, til about half-way through, when I saw the photos of the big time players. It was non-fiction! Damn. Two men convicted for rape and murder, one sent to death row, all based on junk science and jailhouse snitches. And one of the star witnesses was the guy who actually committed the murder. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in about 10 hrs. Then I did a google search and found the district attorney Bill Peterson has a website nitpicking the book. What an idiot.
  12. Swindle

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    The screaming girls are painful.
  13. Swindle

    Guys who you KNEW sucked

    The one guy who I always rolled my eyes to was Skinner. His offense seemed weak and he never won matches, and I clearly remember him getting a title shot against Randy Savage on Prime Time Wrestling and by then he had lost countless matches.
  14. Swindle

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    I'm digging the trailer. Its nice to see Jason running again. The voice over from him mom is great. It looks like we're going to get a Jason movie using today's production standards and I'm all for it. Also, god knows all this torture horror has gotten stale. Bring on a good slasher with an iconic lead!
  15. Swindle

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Logically, Orten should have beat the crap out of Shane and then replied, If that's what you got planned, I got nothing to worry about. I'm trying to understand why Shane is sooo pissed anyway or Steph for that matter. Vince has gotten way worse in the past on air. Now if Steph had everyone on Raw kick Legacy's ass, that'd be on thing, but Shane... ummm, yeah, that was just stupid.
  16. Swindle

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Imagine if Shane was in the Rumble last night... he'd have won the entire thing!!!!
  17. Swindle

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Whoa.. Shane is booked to make Orton look like a bitch. Yikes. Guess we're back to the McMahon era were everything is about them. *yawn*
  18. Swindle

    Royal Rumble 2009

    Rumble was fun at the beginning, lot of fast paced action, but the longer it went on, the less enjoyable it became. Too much people laying around the ring while the new guy pulled a couple moves. Also, way too many near misses (all to put over the Big Show near miss?)… meh, not the most existing Rumble ever. It was fairly obvious that it'd come down to Legacy, I thought it was going to be against Taker, though.
  19. Swindle

    Rise and Fall of the IWC

    So, WWE plays to its crowd, meanwhile this guy is pissed that more people aren't pissed at the product. Maybe its time he found something different to watch? ho hum.