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  1. FUCKING POST GOD DAMMIT. What the fuck is the point of coming on a message board if you aren't going to add anything? I am sick of seeing threads get 100 views and 2 replies. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT?

    People read the thread curious if its interesting but find that it doesn't interest them enough to jump into conversation? You want 98 people posting "I have nothing worth adding"?


    I am just sick of seeing decent threads of hundreds of views and 5 replies.

  2. Game has turned into a complete blowout. This has to be one of the worst home losses if not the worst for the Celtics in the playoffs. Losing a game 7 by 20 points? Jesus Christ!!!!!!



    Lakers vs Nuggets


    Magic vs Cavs

  3. The Blue Jays are the darlings of Baseball so far. I do predict that they will fall back to earth once they start playing the rest of the AL bEast.


    I just want to mention that the Yankees have had 3 walkoff wins in a row against the Twins. This is the first time since 1972 that the Yankees have had walkoffs 3 times in a row.


    Friday night. Melky Cabrera with a 2 run single off of Nathan to win the game.


    Saturday Afternoon. ARod with a walk off 2 run homerun to win the game.


    Today. Damon with a walkoff homerun to win the game.

  4. 2/3 falls for me, which is what i think they should have done for Edge/Hardy. Have Hardy win the 1st fall really quick, then have Edge win the 2nd fall, then for the 3rd, have Edge get DQ'd or counted out so they can keep the feud going and have the blowoff at SS in a TLC match, assuming Jeff resigns by then.



    I was just thinking of the 2/3 falls match between Flair and Bobby Eaton. It was on either WCW Saturday Night or one of the clashes. Bobby Eaton was a pretty good worker and Flair made him look evee better that night. I was a 10 year old mark who honestly thought that Eaton had the chance to win the title. That kind of match could really elevate someone while maintining the heat of the winner/champ.

  5. YKRG asked where I was and how I've been, so my views on him have changed. He's also about 63% of what goes on here and Mike would surely fire Matt for removing that traffic.



    Yeah. I had quite the laugh when I saw you posting on Scott Keiths site.