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  1. Thank you Atlanta as well. The Giants now have a 2 game lead for the best record in the NFC and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. All the Giants have to do now is beat Carolina in week 16 to seal the deal.

  2. Yeah but the Celtics were putting all of their eggs in one basket for an NBA draft which had unproven players. The Knicks are putting all of their eggs in one basket to sign a franchise player or two. Even if they dont get King James, there are still going to be Bosh and Wade and everybody else. Even if they dont sign anybody they can stand pat and wait a year. Plus most of the fans who go to games are Rich and go because it is more of an event than anything. Diehard fans are not sitting in the courtside seats that cost $2000 a seat. The diehard fans are the ones who have been crying for a change and to rebuild.

  3. I meant that I think Mussina will be this generation's Blyleven. Blyleven should be in, in my opinion, but all we hear are reasons why he shouldn't be in rather than why he should be in. Mussina didn't win 300 games and just won 20 for the first time last season. Just seems like something that the voters will harp on, like Blyleven who never won 20 or 300.



    Mussina has the unfortunate luck of being a pitcher who spend his whole career in the toughest division in baseball during the Juice Ball era. Mussina had the unfortunate luck of pitching during a time when Pedro was the best ever and the years when Roger was winning Cy Youngs due to him sticking a needle up his ass. If Mussina had pitched in the National League he would have won 300 and be compared to Glavine and Maddux. Mussina is a much better pitcher than Glavine. More K's, a better Era plus, a lower whip. Glavines career era is only .08 better than Mussina's. Mike didn't have the luxury of pitching against the pitcher every game and playing in a lesser quality division his whole career without facing the dh.


    As far as the 20 wins comment. Mussina was hurt by the strike shortended seasons of 1994 and 1995. In 1994, Mussina had 16 wins with close to 50 games left in the season. He would have had another 10 starts to win 4 more games. In 1995, Mussina won 19 games in a strike shortened 144 games. He would have had another 3-4 starts to win 1 more game if the season were 162 games. In 1996, Armando Benetiz blew what should have been Mikes 20th win of the season at the end of the season. Mussina isn't a borderline Hall of Famer he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. He will go down as the second best pitcher in the American League during his generation. Pedro will go down as being number one. Clemens is removed due to his cheating.


    I hope that Mussina isn't hurt in his chances of entering the hall due to him not winning 300 games and falling 30 short. I rather seem him retire out on top instead of becoming a complier like Randy Johnson and Glavine who both stuck around 3-4 years too long to win 300.

  4. The Giants are a really funny team. I cant believe what they are doing week in and week out. I still cant believe how they won the Superbowl last year. The Giants are on one of the best runs ever since the start of the playoffs last year. They are beating playoff caliber teams week in and week out. I believe the best part of them having a difficult schedule is that it forces them to bring their A game and maintain their excellence. The loss to the Browns was probably the best thing to happen to them this season because it reinforced that you cant take anybody lightly and you have to maintain that A level if you want to win in this league.

  5. Finally, how do the Knicks lose the city?


    If they don't get a superstar in 2010, then they will have gone almost 10 years with nothing to show for it but rising ticket prices. It's pretty much an all or nothing move at this point.



    Ok, well they are in posistion to get 2 superstars in 2010. If they could find someone to take Fat Albert off of their hands it would be even better. Even if they dont get a superstar, they would have the flexibility to get someone the year after. The Knicks aren't going to win this year or next. They aren't going to become the NBA version of the Rays and make it to the finals. You dont build your team around Randolph and Crawford. Especially when they are beyond overpaid. I rather see the Knicks spend 40 million a year on payroll and win 30 games then spend 120 million a year on contracts and win 32 games. The knicks are in a much better posistion to win than they were on Thursday.



    Plus, most of the Knicks fans who call into WFan having been crying/screaming for the Knicks to rebuild since 2002. It's a shame that it took Dolan 6 years to finally listen to the voice of reason.

    What were the Knicks supposed to do? Keep Crawford and Randolph? When were they going to win? Their payroll was well above the salary cap. They weren't going to be able to sign an impact player. The Knicks were/are too stupid of an organization to just tank the season and try to win in the lottery to get the #1 pick. Look at the end of last year for an example. I am sure Thomas was happy to get those last couple of wins to screw their chances. The Knicks now have an honest chance at winning in 2011. Keeping this team the way it is was only going to delay everything years. They aren't the Yankees/Red Sox who can retool every year. They are the Knicks who have to rebuild.

  6. I'm torn. I don't like it, but at least it makes some sense to me.


    On the one hand this puts us in great shape for the 2010 offseason, I get that, and I'm down with that plan. It's a crapshoot of course, but with money to burn, the allure of NYC and a coach that most guys around the league would be happy to play for I like our chances to get at least one of the big names.


    On the other I hate that we're throwing in the towel on this season by trading our two best players and dismantling a fun team that had a legit shot at the playoffs. It just really sucks as a fan that we're looking at another season that's essentially over before it started. For different reasons than the last couple years and with a greater sense of optimism for the future, but it still crushes any hope I had that this would be the year that things would be different.


    I guess from Walsh's perspective he felt like he had a pair of palatable deals on the table and it was better to make them now than to wait til later on, in case the team continued playing .500 ball, in which case it would anger the fanbase a lot more than it might so early on in the season. And I guess maybe it's better to make deals while you can than to wait til the trade deadline or the offseason when the landscape might change and you might not find the right trade partner to suit your needs.


    D'Antoni was trying to spin it like even though it was obviously a move for the future the players we got back will give us a chance to win now. I don't really buy that. I don't think we'll be terrible, but we won't be very good either. This is a such an obvious step backwards in talent, it would be a miracle for D'Antoni to get more than 35 wins with this group. Al Harrington and Tim Thomas are essentially the same player, outside shooting 3/4's who've played center in smaller run n' gun lineups. Not that I expect the Italian to give us anything this year, but with him in the lineup that would be 3 outside shooting big men. We lose our best rebounder and we now have no post presence whatsoever. Maybe this puts Curry back in the picture but he's been deeply entrenched in D'Antoni's doghouse so I wouldn't bet on it, and he doesn't pass or move well enough to fit the offensive flow anyway. I doubt Marbury reenters the picture either. Mobley might be a good fit but he's an average player and our backcourt is really small now. The one upgrade I see here is that our defense might improve a little, Thomas is pretty good I think, Harrington I haven't seen enough of in recent years but I know he was regarded as a pretty good defender when he was with Indiana, Mobley is a wash, better at staying in front of his man and using his body than Crawford but won't create turnovers and fast breaks like Jamal did. Bottom line is without any sort of inside presence the defense still won't be very good.


    Nate Robinson has had a really good season so far and now it looks like he's our best player. He's going to have to be mini Michael Jordan for this team to be any good.


    I dont understand why you can hate the trades. I really dont. I am a long time suffering Knicks fan since 1992. My first memories of the Knicks was when they got creamed by Jordan and the bulls in game 7 of the EC Semifinals in 1992. Lets not forget about Charles Smith in Game 5 of the 1993 ECF. How about starks in game 7 of the 94 finals. Or how about Patrick Ewing going for a fingeroll instead of a dunk at the end of game 7 in 95 against the Pacers. How about the brawl against the Heat in 1997 with Ewing getting suspended for having the nerve to go halfcourt and watch the fight.


    The 2000's have been the worst decade by far for the Knicks. Knicks have only made the playoffs one time in 2004 and were swept. Every single season this decade has been a losing season. The Knicks are coming off 50-60 loss seasons for the past 4 years. If they are lucky to make it to the playoffs this year or next, it will be a first round ouster by the Celtics, Pistons or Cavs.


    Walsh had to make these trades due to the Knicks having two of the worst GM's in the history of the NBA. Drafting Frederic Weis over the hometown product named Ron Artest. Not letting Ewings contract expire. Trading Ewing for the massive contracts of Luc Longely, Travis Knight and Glenn Rice. Signing Houston to a 100 million dollar contract. Giving big deals to Howard Eisley and Shannon Anderson. Drafting Nene Hilario instead of Amare Stoudamire in 2002. Trading Nene for Antonio Mcdyess. Then we have the Isiah Thomas years. I supported the Starbury trade, it was the right thing to do at the time. Thomas did well in the draft by getting Chandler, Robinson and David Lee. However, he messed that all up by trading away first round draft picks two times. The trades for Curry, Randolph, Steve Francis and Jalen Rose combined with the signings of Jared Jeffries and Jerome James all crippled this franchise.


    The Knicks suck and they will suck for the next couple of seasons. They have a couple of good young players that you would like to use as role players but not players to build a franchise around. Walsh isn't here for the team to win 40 games and lose in the first round. He is trying to build a team that can win 55 games year in and year out. He is trying to build a team that can win 2-4 playoff series every year. The Knicks had to clear the cap space to give themselves the chance to sign a superstar or two.


    Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph are two young above average players but you dont build a team around them. Crawford and Randolph have only played for losers. Neither one of them has carried their team to the playoffs. Lebron James, Chris Bosh have done more in this league with lesser talent for teammates than Randolph or Crawford.


    Finally, how do the Knicks lose the city? The Knicks have played what 4 home playoff games this decade? A losing season every year this decade? Even if the Knicks aren't able to get Lebron, Bosh or Wade, they are still able to be under the cap and be able to get the players that they want. Not the players that Thomas left over and they cant get rid of due to horrible contracts. Friday was a huge step in the right direction for the Knicks.


  7. I saw a commercial saying Toys-R-Us will be having a Buy 3, get 1 free sale. I don't know if that's just black friday or what the deal is there. I am hoping for a sale too, there are 3 games I'm looking to snag for the PS3.



    That deal is for today and Monday. Not that really good of a deal considering that they just did Buy 2 get 1 free a month ago.



    Gamestop is doing a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all used games and items starting Wednesday and lasting till Sunday.