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  1. I never understood WWF taking established AWA guys and making them work under completely different gimmicks...other than the Rockers, of course. The Beverly Brothers were incredibly generic, where at least the Destruction Crew showed some personality. You also had Badd Company brought in under a completely different gimmick (Orient Express).


    Well the Beverly Brothers had a pretty good gimmick in theory (for the early 90’s anyway) as rich, stuck up brothers from Shaker Heights. I just don’t recall them getting much mic time to get it over.


  2. I've only seen the last few minutes, but that included the punt. I think even Randy knows the difference between punting random wrestlers and fathers, and punting his boss. Although a 'Randy Orton has anger management issues... oh sorry was that your head?' might be vaguely interesting.


    He doesn’t have anger management issues. He just hears voices in his head, they council him and they understand.


  3. Flair’s entrance at Chi-Town Rumble where he had like 40 women come out to a trumpets and line the aisle. Then Flair entered. Find it on youtube, one of the grandest entrances ever. I always used to love The Road Warriors coming out to Iron Man and pounding the ever loving piss out of jobbers before the music even went off. New Jack’s entrance was also unique in that Natural Born Killers played during the entire match. And this list isn’t complete with mentioning The Sandman’s entrance at One Night Stand.

  4. Why is the Orton running kick sold as death, taking victims out for weeks or months when similar type moves happen as part of a match? How can it be sold to be so much more potent than a pile driver, running knee, chair shot, DDT? Super Kick, Pedigree etc?


    Why is it Sweet Chin Music is more "deadly" than a regular Superkick, or Jake Roberts' DDT/Raven's Evenflow/Dreamer's DDT more effective than a regular DDT? This point can be made about any move that is used as a finisher.


    I always liked to think that the logic behind that is that the reason those moves are finishers for those guys and not for others is that because they practice them and know the proper technique to delivering the move. For instance, lots of guys use a ddt but do it pretty sloppily (Rock’s floatover ddt that he botched sometimes) thus it didn’t knock the opponent out. However, since it was Raven’s favorite hold, he practiced it more and executed it better, therefore making it more effective. That’d be a pretty good kayfabe explanation anyway.

  5. Rumour has it Kelly's getting depushed because she turned down playboy.


    How exactly are they going to de-push her? Make her appear dumber in her storylines (but I thought we had something special Randy!) ? Job her out to better female wrestlers who should be beating her anyway? Make her date Test again?


    Randy Orton could take a shit in her purse......


    I wonder if he trashed their hotel room after he was done banging her.


  6. I never understood why they brought in DiBiase to join the NWO. He was like, the fourth or fifth member! TED DIBIASE!


    I think that was just to give a kayfabe explanation of how the nWo was getting their money to recruit new members, more than anything. Even though they couldn't call him "The Million Dollar Man", they were hinting that he was bank rolling the operation.


    Also, wasn’t he supposed to be DDP’s mysterious benefactor; giving DDP money to entice him to join the nWo?


  7. Was David Flair intentionally bad?


    No way WCW could have let a wrestler that untrained into a live match.


    From what I’ve read, he actually wanted to stay off camera and learn in the Power Plant but WCW wanted him out there to use in angles. I’m sure didn’t object to strenuously as I can imagine he probably got paid a lot more to be on camera than being in a gym getting yelled at by The Sarge.

  8. dandy.jpg

    I dunno...I kinda doubt El Dandy ever knocked anyone out with a punch...


    WCW announcers always did tout El Dandy’s punch as being one of the best in the sport. He never used it as a finisher (I believe he used a La Majistral style roll-up he called the Dandy Roll or something) but the announcers would always note when he hit his big punch. My favorite El Dandy moment was when Flair and Anderson were bribing him to lose to David Flair back in 99. Flair’s bribe was hilarious, saying something like, “steak every night, stay on this side of the border, permanently.” Then during the match, El Dandy got pissed at David for something and knocked the piss out of him which prompted AA to spinebuster him so that David could get a cheap win via the figure four.


  9. Rikishi's match with him if only for the splash.





    I just got around to watching this. It's the Rikishi vs. Val cage match from Fully Loaded a long time ago.....1999 maybe? 2000? It's actually a respectable **3/4-*** affair and the splash spot is worth watching the match for. Recommended.


    Fully Loaded 2000. That was a damn good card. Jericho and Angle got buried when they needed big wins but the Last Man Standing Match b/t Y2J and HHH was excellent as was Rock and Benoit. I remember that Rikishi vs. Val cage match. Tazz came out and hit Rikishi with a camera or something to stop him from getting out of the cage after the splash.


  10. Add Stephanie McMahon's assistant. From F4W:


    Mary Blinstrubas, Stephanie's executive assistant who had been with the company since November of 2006, was cut. She was said to be pretty much incompetent and "constantly was sending out creative scripts via e-mail to random departments within the company, putting random people in the loop on creative before Vince even had a chance to review the shows, [and] had humorous slip ups where she'd call Michael Hayes 'Virgil' and call Virgil 'Brian' (after Gewirtz). She'd also accidentally patch in important calls with random extensions on the WWE board during conference calls with Vince." She also grocery-shopped for Steph, bought her clothes, relayed messages to her nanny, etc. Said to be not a fun job.


    "I'm all grown up -- NOW!"


    If she was this inept at business related tasks, its amazing that she was kept for so long.


    Don't you know one of the fundamentals of business? You rise to the level of your incompetence.

  11. The NWO angle had a few good months before it got really stale, I can say that from watching the old Nitros on 24/7. By early 1997 it was already stale as hell compared to the WWF's crazy new direction. Bischoff put all his eggs in that Starrcade 1997 basket. Most of 1997 was filler to get to that show. When you're a booker and you do that then you better deliver big on that show, and he certainly did not.


    I've kinda wondered how they would've booked the end of Starrcade had the whole Montreal thing not gone down. Bret Hart was a goner from WWE after Survivor Series, regardless of how his match with Shawn Michaels plays out, but let's say things between Hart and the WWE end amicably. This changes a number of things:

    1. WCW likely never gets the idea for the false finish in the Hogan-Sting match with the 'fast' count.

    2. There isn't nearly the sense of urgency to rush Bret Hart onto WCW TV, forcing him into the Hogan-Sting match where he didn't really fit and wasn't needed.


    They probably still would have royally screwed up Hart's run with the company, but the booking for the Starrcade main event absolutely would've been different. And there's pretty much no possible way they could've booked a Sting victory any worse in that situation... right?


    Totally agree with that point. I think they would’ve gone with the scenario that everyone wanted to see which was Sting destroying Hogan. Then again, it was WCW so who knows. Also, if that match goes differently and Sting does indeed dominate Hogan and controls the belt for a while, what would that have done to Goldberg’s big push in hindsight? Does Sting take Hogan’s place in that match in the Georgia Dome against Goldberg or does Goldberg’s push to the belt get delayed while Sting fights off the nWo throughout the year?


  12. Former WWE Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff posted a blog today commenting on a few topical subjects.


    Bischoff issued his thoughts on Waxman's report regarding steroids in professiona wrestling. "The market will mandate that WWE clean up their act," Bischoff wrote. "Advertising dollars determine who survives and who gets the ax in the world of television. No advertiser wants to be associated with a program or company that has the kind of record that WWE was piling up."


    Bischoff ripped Matt Hardy (as well as his brother Jeff) over his recent review of The Wrestler. "Matt, you are a friggin goof," Bischoff wrote. "Lets set aside the fact that your brother is walking a 'three strikes and you're out" tight rope as a result of his drug abuse, and if internet "news" was accurate, suffered the loss of his home and property due to a fire because he was too irresponsible to insure it. Your recent recap of your "lifestyle" frames you as a candidate to the Jake Roberts Hall of Fame. Your suggestion that you and your generation are "smarter and more responsible" than previous generations of wrestlers makes me sick. You are a mid-card talent that should be grateful to even get a check every other week. Enjoy it while it lasts. And rather than looking down your nose at previous generations of professional wrestlers, donate a portion of your check to one of them and ask them to point out all the parallels between your current career path/lifestyle and theirs. It would be the smartest and most responsible thing you could do."




    Bischoff usually has plenty to say on his blog. Wonder if he has a second book in the works.


    And Bischoff was just some shitty announcer who got lucky that Ted Turner basically gave him a blank check which allowed him to sign everyone under the sun. Who's he to criticize anyone? The one good idea he had was ripped off from Japan.

  13. My guess is that they’re calling this the “biggest Wrestlemania ever” and trying to make it appear more special than the others is that it’s the 25th one, the Silver Anniversary so to speak. JBL/HBK’s storyline should blow off on a big stage like that but I’d rather see a big epic match like Taker/HBK. I don’t care about the Texas tie-in, Taker/HBK just has more of a big time feel to it than JBL/HBK, regardless of storyline.

  14. It didn’t help that they did hackneyed crap like actually have him jump out of a birthday cake to attack Triple H. Like the one poster above said, he didn’t actually do anything to warrant being a face. He got his ass kicked by his heel friends b/c he wouldn’t give up the belt and continued acting like a douche afterwards (RKOing the faces, spitting in Triple H’s face).