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  1. I need that Mr. Wonderful theme. It's too epic NOT to have!


    I watched that episode last evening, and now I sorta have the song stuck in my head. And it's kinda funny how Mongo and Brain just sometimes ramble on about it.


    Never realized that the old Nitro shows took place in smaller buildings, compared to when WCW gained steam. And even when I was younger, I still thought it was stupid for WWE to kinda give a sneak peak at the following week's Raw, showing a match that hadn't even aired at the moment.


    Yes, that was stupid marketing.



    ...damn WCW for making such a catchy song!


    Wonderful... Wonderful...

  2. My new band Corrup†ion is holding auditions for new members (actually, the first members)! It's heavy metal, in the AC/DC style, and needs 4 people.


    We need:


    A guitarist

    A bassist

    A drummer

    A vocalist

    And a part-time lyric writer.



    Whoever shows off their best skills will be in the band. And here are the songs from our first album, Haunting The Temple.


    1. Amongst The Perverted

    2. Mutilator of Nobility

    3. Twisted Pit of Solace

    4. Fallen Cathedral of Tears

    5. Thief's Comfort

    6. Legion of Atrocity

    7. Slayer of Mercy

    8. Innocent Annihilation

    9. Pervert Your Ecstacy


    Thanks for reading!

  3. This new episode of Nitro is actually very boring. In fact, I'd actually want to watch Kid Rock's performance at WM25 again! Plus, this week's RAW has been put up 23 times since 2004. All in the month of December. And now we got a fucking CHRISTMAS show on demand in APRIL! Seriously, what the fuck?

  4. What the hell do you mean, you "fooled" us? There have been countless websites and accounts of people pretending to be wrestlers online. On Livejournal there was once an entire ring of folks keeping fake blogs which claimed to be basically the entire WWE roster.



    Dude, that's not even a real website! It's one that Axe made up for pranks!

  5. I pawed through the new WWE Encyclopedia book tonight at Barnes and Noble, and I must say I'm impressed. This book is thorough, covering just about everything of importance in the companies history, and profiling nearly every single wrestler / gimmick to appear, including one shots like Friar Ferguson and Phantasio, and Ed Leslie's unidentified masked character that appeared twice and vanished. I'm sure someone will eventually come up with a list of everyone who was ommited, but just from my quick look through the book, TL Hopper and Jim Neidhart's "Who" character are absent, which I find odd seeing how they were at least as noteworthy as Battle Kat or Freddy Joe Floyd, both of whom do appear. Velvet Macentyre is also absent from the book, and she held the Women's title! Other than that however, I couldn't find anyone else they had missed, regardless of obscurity.




  6. I just realized. I bet someone at Connecticut saw the trailer for Mad World.



    It'll take Vince 9 or 10 years to figure this out, though. And by then, WWE TV will be rated G.






    It's been my problem with 24/7. This is a pay service which clearly caters to the older fans. Only adults can order it and pay for it through their cable bill.


    Complete bullshit. It's also complete hypocracy on McMahon's part. The man who has given us, among other things, Katie Vick and wanted to be the father of Stephanie's child on-screen called TNA's programming reprehensible while defending the HHH/Orton home invasion angle. This led to Raw on Monday where Orton again beat up Stephanie McMahon and kissed her, acting more like he was going to rape her. Not to mention the "affair" storyline involving Big Show, Vickie Guerrero, Edge, and John Cena. Real family-friendly stuff you got going there, Vince.


    This is why I don't throw out my old wrestling tapes, including WM X-7.