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  1. The last two weeks haven't been quite as good as some of the previous shows, but it's still a very solid show that's consistently worth watching. I actually thought the contract signing for the women's match was great as I absolutely loved Angelina Love's promo. She's such a cocky bitch that even when she's scared, she still just can't help herself from being completely patronizing and taunting Kong even more. I actually liked the Rocky angle too, the part where Mick was actually taking punches from the cutout while the guy hides behind Rocky like he doesn't want us to see him there was pretty funny. I mean, you can't expect too much new storyline development once the whole card's already set, but I still thought tonight's show was more entertaining than not.


    The way Don West sold that Rocky angle had me laughing nonstop. That and Tenay's disgust of the whole thing.

  2. I actually thought that Don West was pretty good last night. He's favoring the heels but not being over the top with it. Tenay's gotta go though.


    What I'm really digging is this "who's side is he on" storyline with Jarrett. Vince Russo is doing a great job with this and this is the type of storyline that he's good at...it kind of reminds me of the Rock/Foley/Corporation story that lead up to Survivor Series 98 where they were planting all kinds of seeds for months and months and then the Rock heel turn came out of nowhere. I'm not saying that we'll see that type of a payoff with the Jarrett thing but that's the kind of vibe that I'm getting from it.

  3. Say what you want about what the match quality of Sting/Foley might be but I think the buildup has been great. Foley slowly morphing into the crazy Cactus Jack and his promos have been awesome and Sting's sitdown interview from last week was really good too.

  4. So I gotta take a piss test for a new job and I've been smoking weed pretty much every day for the last two years and don't really want to stop. Anyone know any good detox solutions or other creative ways to pass the piss test (excluding the infamous urine in a condom method)?

  5. What, no talk yet about that hilariously awful Joe stuff? The guy is supposed to wrestle Bashir, but drags him to the back, ties him upside down, and threatens him with a knife. Has Joe been watching a lot of 24 lately, or is he a big Liam Neeson (Taken) fan?


    Yeah, this new Joe gimmick is a little crazy but I think it's a lot better than what he was doing before. As much as people wanna deny it, Joe's look is a huge problem. There's nothing that stands out about him...Yes, the way TNA booked him didn't help but the bottom line is that casual fans won't really buy into a fat, average looking man with average promo skills who likes to pretend he's a MMA fighter when it's pretty obvious that any average MMA star would destroy him in a real fight. This new gimmick atleast makes him stand out a bit....I can buy into crazy, knife-wielding Joe a lot more than wanna-be MMA fighter Samoe Joe who's offense looks fake as shit.

  6. 1. The Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde/Roxxi/The Governor

    BONUS (1pt): Who gets pinned? - The Governer

    BONUS (1pt): Who scores the pin? - Velvet

    2. Samoe Joe vs. Scott Steiner

    3. Booker T (TNA Legends Champion) vs. AJ Styles

    BONUS (1pt): Will the title be on the line? - yes

    4. Match of 10,000 Tacks: Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

    5. TNA Knockouts Title: Sojourner Bolt vs. Awesome Kong©

    6. TNA X Division Title Ultimate X Match: Suicide vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley© vs. Chris Sabin

    7. TNA World Tag Team Title: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D

    BONUS (1pt): Who gets pinned? Storm

    BONUS (1pt): Who scores the pin? Devon

    8. TNA World Title with special referee Jeff Jarrett and special enforcer Mick Foley: Kurt Angle vs. Sting