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  1. Formally known as CubbyBr, I had to change my username since I didn't remember the e-mail address I had registered the old username with. Almost missed this little dig by HTQ in the process...



    It's as if he's under the impression that Russo has a major hand in writing the show and has shown a tendency to try and recreate the Attitude Era over and over and over again.


    The "having a hard on for Russo" comment was due to the fact that it seems like he has some kind of man crush on the guy since he mentions him in almost every post. Maybe he should be under the impression of the fact that Russo is, at the most, a third of a booking committee lead by JEFF JARRETT. Jarrett has the final say on everything that gets on TV and the direction of the company is Jeff Jarrett's and Dixie Carter's not Vince Russo's. Many of the things you complain about in TNA have been around for years, way before Russo was hired back in 2006.