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    TNA Spoilers for 4/2

    I know I can't and plus he has a tat that looks like a penis on his face. ANY other tribal design would have worked. The pants and vest combo need to go as he looks as though he is trying to be a Bushwhacker for some wrestling themed party he is going to. The 6 man and the main event should be good.
  2. White Stripes Sabin

    Examples of Randy Savage Having a Good Mind for the Business.

    Savage sounds like the uncrown "Mr. WrestleMania".
  3. What are they? Sgt. said that he wants him to call Vince and patch things up because WWE needs his mind and he has a great mind. Great mind for the business? Is there ANYTHING Savage has done to show he has good ideas and that people need him now?
  4. White Stripes Sabin

    Examples of Randy Savage Having a Good Mind for the Business.

    All sounds good. Make sense. Is there a program that Savage had a major hand in from start to finish?
  5. White Stripes Sabin

    ROH vs. CHIKARA: Would it Work?

    Everyone remembers the ROH vs. CZW feud. One of the best in recent memory and LEAGUES past The InVasion angle. I would like to know everyone's thoughts. How would something like this kick off? What would be the purpose of them crossing paths? How will it end? What's the top three biggest matches that can occur? Will it draw any money? I thought about this for some time and I think the dynamic would be interesting but it would be a REAL clash os styles as CHIKARA is full of gimmicks and is heavy on the Lucha style whereas ROH is more serious and realistic and everyone is about the mat,technical style, and high flying. I can see a CHIKARA invasion working on a small level as a mini program with some of ROH's most serious and uncharismatic guys. It would be ROH guys like The American Wolves,Erick Stevens,Strong and Brent Albright battling it out against some of CHIKARA's best. Most of the matches would be comedy and the whole angle would be CHIKARA trying to bring humor to ROH and have the guy mentioned to loosen up and 'be more cool in the ring', and the ROH guys will be pissed because CHIKARA is always playing around and not taking anything serious so they are going to beat some seriousness into them. The writing for this would have to be very delicate though because it can easily verge straight into wrestlecrap. However seeing Brent Albright take a powerbomb through a table that is covered in sprinkles...would put a smile on any smarks face.
  6. White Stripes Sabin

    ROH vs. CHIKARA: Would it Work?

    I don't see how PWG/ROH would be interesting as most of the guys they book ARE ROH guys, but then again Steen,Hero,Generico,and Tornado made it big over there before going into ROH...so who knows.
  7. White Stripes Sabin

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Sounds like a good show. All of the reviews of TNA's house shows are positive. I never hear or read of a negative review.
  8. White Stripes Sabin

    Wretling gimmicks in 2009

    ROH should take note and come out of the 90's. The whole setup is so ECW and that's not a good thing.
  9. White Stripes Sabin

    TNA Impact - March 26, 2009

    The ending segment worked. West switched back into heel mode and was irrate. He was pissed. He was screaming about conspiracies and wasn't takingthe face's side. A good heel and Tenay was adding reason to West ranting to clear it up for the fans who might agree with West. I see nothing wrong in the exchange and in fact found it to be one of those rare commentary gems that occur in TNA every-now-and-then.
  10. White Stripes Sabin

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    JBL Nazi Salute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5seo6wuDq0
  11. White Stripes Sabin

    Kane, what can he do next?

    Vince Russo is that you?
  12. White Stripes Sabin

    ECW reunion show - Legends of The Arena, 6/27 in Philly

    Stevie is with TNA and I'm sure TNA will not be sending ANY of their guys to that show. I'm mainly talking about Team 3D and Richards. I think the show is stupid and all those wrestlers are broken down and the nostalgia was good back when it was first going around, but now its tiresome and has been beaten to death. The majority of those guys can't go in the ring anymore (much less bump).
  13. White Stripes Sabin

    Wretling gimmicks in 2009

    I always hated when 90% of the roster wears black. It really brings down the visual presentation of the show. I remember in 1997 WWF everyone and their mom was dressed in black and very dark theme colors and ROH currently has the same problem. Gimmicks are being pretty well done on the indy scene especially in CHIKARA.
  14. White Stripes Sabin

    The Old School questions thread

    Has anyone else noticed that Dean Malenko has a habit of rubbing his wrist and then flicking his right arm out on the way to the ring? What was with that? He ALWAYS did that.
  15. White Stripes Sabin

    Bonaduce: Shaking the TNA Foundation

    I wonder how this is going to play out live? I can really see the crowd taking a dump on this match.
  16. White Stripes Sabin

    Wretling gimmicks in 2009

    The audience is different and times are different and because of that some gimmicks work and other do not. I believe that is it honestly in the execution as TONS OF SILLY GIMMICKS have gotten over because the marks love them and the smarks become marks when those gimmick wrestlers come out. I don't know about some of you but I loved Pirate Paul Burchill swinging down from the Smackdown stage on a rope, I loved the silly moments and promos produced by Hurricane and Too Cool. I will never get tired of gimmicks, just dumb gimmicks and a promotion that is overun with gimmicks that aren't fully developed or aren't trying to be developed at all (TNA I'm looking at YOU!).
  17. White Stripes Sabin

    Warrior's title reign

    When I was a kid and Warrior won the title. I marked, I thought it was cool and it looked so historic and important. After he won the belt and the reign was officially kicked off I watched as he competed in matches that not even Hogan would do. I wasn't a smark then but I saw Warrior going after guys Hogan wouldn't even touch and so it just came off as second rate and a fluke. The 1k clotheslines during matches did not help either. The music was cool and so was the look, but once he got into the ring it was just 1k clotheslines, no selling, and just an all around bore to me. Even now Warrior matches don't interest me.
  18. White Stripes Sabin

    Kane, what can he do next?

    Kane has been in the WWE for a long time and the worse thing that WWE can do at this point is change his gimmick or do anything drastic. Kane is in a position where people buy him as a midcard and as a main eventer. Not a lot of wrestlers have that luxury and not a lot of fans will buy other wrestlers doing that.
  19. White Stripes Sabin

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    TNA programming is pretty bad and I agree with McMahon about them being stuck in the past and need to get with the times. TNA is following the WCW playbook almost to the letter and its pretty scary. Vince, however, should be THE LAST PERSON to talk about taste. TNA deserves Vince's silence.
  20. White Stripes Sabin

    Kevin Nash: what a bore

    I never liked Nash in WWE during his run in the mid 90's. I remember watching his match against Taker at Mania XII and just thinking 'man Diesel is boring and I only like his finisher, its sweet!" That was the mark in me when I had NO CLUE what workrate means or even considered myself a smark. I just knew that whenever the belt rung, I did not care what Diesel did in the ring. The promos were okay and so was the look and music, but the slow walk to the ring and the slow boring matches did nothing for me. The Nash jumped ship to WCW and things got interesting really fast for the simple fact that it was one of the first times (in my life at least) where major lines of 'reality' were being jumped. Nash and Hall showing up was sweet and just taking out everyone in WCW. Nash's WCW was largely entertaining to me because of the shoot promos and other silly antics he would do in the ring. I LOVED The Outsiders and The Wolfpac.Once Nash and Hall broke up I never really cared for the guy, his return to WWE was meet with the same reaction as when I was a child during his run in the mid 90's. Then Nash came to TNA and once again the funny promos came with him. Nash is at his best when he is able to walk into a promotion and pretty much do what he wants to do and display the charisma he has. The Paparazzi Productions and other segments were made gold because of the guy. I guess what I am trying to say...in short.... Nash on commentary and on the mic is always fun, but Nash strapping up the boots causes me to tune out and watch something else.