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  1. Wow the board truly is dead now. I haven't been on here in 4 months or so and just a few posts yikes. But I am still very much alive and am bumping this for a real reason. Joe Schmo Season 2 has finally been released on dvd, five years later. I found it at Target last week for 5 bucks. Now some third rate company seems to have put this out, as there are no extras and the quality is very poor, like someone taped it straight off TV and converted it to dvd on a cheap home recorder. The audio is bad too, sounding Mono and rough. But for 5 bucks I can't complain. I started watching it and wound up sitting there for almost three hours watching the first 3 or so episodes. Haven't seen them in years so I forgot a lot of the stuff so it was fun to rewatch. Sad they never had another season as the first two were awesome. Gerald and TJ still rule and Bryce is still creepy after all these years. Anyhow for anyone who watched this show and/or posted in this thread, here's a link to it at the Target website, it's not available online, but you probably can find it at your local Target store. http://www.target.com/Joe-Schmo-Complete-S...joe%20schmo%202 Funny thing is on the back of the case, it lists the names of the Schmos as Tim and Amanda, yet shows a pic of Tim and Ingrid. Plus inside the book like case, it has the dvds (two of em) in individual paper cd envelopes. Yea high-class all the way. Hope everyone is doing well. I have been frequenting the wrestlecrap forums lately, I post there as "Frank In New York".
  2. Jericholic82

    Michael Jackson

    Warrior, always good for a caring word. I'd hate to seem him do a Eulogy speech. RIP MJ
  3. Jericholic82

    Game Show Wrestling Music!

    When Anthology dvd set came out, I guess they didn't have the rights to it, but they have since got them back I guess. It was clearly directly cut and pasted from the Anthology set. It's not like WWE is going to take the time to go back in and re-edit out all the "WWF" references, so they simply use the Anthology version. Interestingly on the Dusty dvd from 2006, the song is not dubbed out, but Ventura's commentary was. To really confuse you more, on 24/7 On demand about 2 years ago, the HOF speical for the month was on Sherri Martel, so in the Legends section they aired the WM 6 mixed tag, which had the entrances and everything, and the song was not dubbed, and Jesse was heard. So I'm lost here.
  4. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - June 2009

    Smackdown didn't come on in NY untill about 12:05 AM due to the Yankees-Mets game. I don't know abotu anyone else, but on MY9HD the sound was horrible for SD last night, it sounded like I had a blown speaker but it was the channel itself as all other channels were fine. Anyhow I enjoyed the show. Interesting how JR makes it seem like it's a big deal for Morrison to beat Punk, as he has beaten him several times before, including for the ECW title. I know they are trying to push him to the moon now , but the blatant ignoring of history annoys me to no end. WWE acts like the ECW title is a world title sometimes, but then treats it like a joke at other times. Morrison is already a multi time tag and IC champ, as well as ECW world champ. I'm not even going into Rey and the mask. Nice to see Mr. Mcmahon back to his heel ways, despite continuing his hatred of Orton. But I wish he would stay away now that the Orton-HHH feud is apparantly getting a final blowoff with the match at the PPV (you'd think it was the end, with the stips of the match)
  5. Jericholic82

    WCW Clash Of The Champions 18

    Just watched this last night. A really good and fun show from one of my favorite time periods in WCW. The opener with Steiners vs Vader and Mr. Hughes was a nice power match. Cactus and Van Hammer had a nice little FCA match, featuring Abdullah dressed as a cowboy, Nick Patrick with a sweet mullet that made him look like Kenny Powers, and Missy Hyatt taking a bath in a horse trough. The Rhodes/Windham/Simmons vs Arn/Eaton/Zybysko match was pretty good as well as the main event with Sting/Steamboat vs Rude/Austin. Plus we saw the debut of Jesse Ventura as then WCW head K. Allen Frye introduced him and announced the main event of Superbrawl II to be Luger vs Sting. Plus WWE dubbed EVERY theme song except for The Freebirds (who came out to lip synch their new song badly), yes even PN News needed a theme dub. The best part was Big Josh being dubbed in favor of a horrible generic instrumental version of "O Susanna" I'm starting to get a feeling that WWE just doesn't care any more and just dubs everything to save time finding out what they can and cannot use. But at least WCW had started to use different audio channels for their TV shows by this time, so we had no need for fake Gary Michael Cappetta, or drowned out commentary. So anyone watch yet? Please discuss amongst yourselves.
  6. So what does everyone think of Conan on the T.S. so far? I'm happy that he's still himself, and I felt like I was still watching Late Night in a new studio.
  7. Jericholic82

    WWE Extreme Rules

    LMAO if that is true. Kennedy would be peeved if it was. Anyhow just watched the show on youtube. Pretty fun show with some shocking moments. 4 title changes in a usually throwaway PPV gets your attention here. I'm really liking the Rey-Jericho series and I'm guessing it's going to continue. As for Punk, here we were worrying about him jobbing two ppvs in a row after winning MITB, but he comes back to win two in a row vs Umaga, then steals the title from Jeff. Great stuff. I'm not sure if that was a heel turn, but the crowd sure seemed to think so. I think he should just be sort of a tweener, he can defend vs Jeff (if he is sticking around), Edge, and probably Umaga to continue their feud. The ladder match was much better than last month's Edge/Jeff match, with some nice cringe-worthy spots lile them crashing through the ladder (harkening back to the WM 23 MITB match), that looked like it hurt a lot to say the least. And I liked the finish with Jeff sticking it in Edge's face literally. Of course all that was rendered moot by Punk. Glad to see Jericho win, Tommy get his due (and Striker sold the moment perfectly on commentary I must say), the cage match was short and inoffensive, and the crap was kept to a minimum at least (though Show/Cena went on too long as per the usual). Thumbs up for the show, it gets a solid B from me. Better than Judgment Day, clearly not as good as Backlash, but probably the best non ECW ONS/ER show.
  8. Jericholic82

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    I guess my Kennedy shirt will be a collector item now huh? Anyway, why did they bother to bring him back in the main event of RAW, only to can him days later? Wow, just 3or so years ago we all thought he would be a top star of the future, now we remember him for being hurt all the time, also for injuring Cena in October 07, and for letting his mouth and choices ruin a big push in summer 07. TNA will probably try to use him, but without the gimmick, he will just be another guy. Wonder if they could call him Mr. Anderson, his original WWE name and his real name. But WWE probably trademarked that too.
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    I have yet to get the dvd of last year's reunion, but I guess that's cool they are doing another one. Also I marked out seeing Kaos on ECW, being squashed by Kozlov under his real name of Joey Munoz. But the longer curly hair looked weird on him. Plus I had not seen him without the bleached hair look in years. Any new chapters to the retrospective coming anytime soon?
  10. Jericholic82

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    II got my WM 25 BD on Sat, and my WM 17 dvd from ebay came as well. Sweet. Didn't watch the show yet, but noticed not only no Kid Rock concert, but the song was dubbed over when Santina dances. That makes sense, KR must have asked for too much money to use his songs or likeness. Did they edit off the ACDC song too? I didn't notice from what I saw, but I got to watch it thru yet. The HOFwas good, if not very brief. Even the parts that were on USA weren't edited much, guess they wanted to get back to the hotel to sleep well. Best part was Frankie II crapping on the stage. Even Grisham made fun of thay saying he left a present.
  11. Jericholic82

    Legends Programming

    In that match Dusty Rhodes mentions that young Cody Runnels won his first medal in the 90 pound division. Pretty wild if you think about it. Yea I heard that too. Wonder why he didn't say his son Cody he just sounds like he is talking about some random kid.
  12. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    We'll see how the crowd reacts. Cali tends to have deader crowds, but that's mostly when they have the show In Anaheim. The times I went to the Staples Center for WWE events, the crowd has been pretty good. There's a lot of old-school fans in the So-Cal area I can attest to that.
  13. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Great point there Swindle. I also was an Allison fan, but I think she has a great career ahead of her. Kris was also multi-talented and could play instruments, so he's more of an all-around performer so using that logic, he deserved to win. Kris was also on Leno last night and came across really well and funny. He really developed a personality and confidence as the show went on, so he was by far the most improved contestant, after all I didn't even understand how he made it to to the top 13, but he did and made me take notice by getting better every week. That being said I never voted once this year, the one time I tried, it was busy so I said "screw this". Damn Idol allowing only AT&T cell users to text vote.
  14. Jericholic82

    UFC 2009

    I played the demo. Had a lot of fun with it too. Not a big UFC fan but it was addicting to play. Might pick up the real game when it gets cheaper.
  15. Jericholic82

    MLB Thread

    Gotta like long winning streaks, but they always make me nervous, as the Yanks seem to fall flat whenever they end a long streak. The only thing I worry about is the bullpen, obviously. They are winning the type of games they were losing two weeks ago. Hell they could be in first place by now, if their luck had gone the other way in some April and early May games. I think it has a lot to do with them having fun and being a tighter clubhouse unit for the first time in forever. Cross my fingers and hope for more wins.
  16. Jericholic82

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I still haven't got it yet. Damn DD.com. I'm never ordering from them again. Anyhow I was able to pick up a new dvd copy of WM X-Seven on ebay for only 38 bucks. There's even some auctions with lower bids than that for lesser condition copies. I guess the market for OOP dvds has dropped( the economy works in our favor for once). There's even an auction for a WM 18 dvd starting at 10 bucks with no bids as yet. Score! EDIT: I got an email from DD.com, apparantly because I pre-ordered WM with other in-stock items, the first items were sent with fast shipping, but the WM BD was sent regular mail. But why did they emial me last week saying it would be here in 2-5 days? This is what I get for buying stuff while still Unemployed . Serves me right.
  17. Jericholic82

    Legends Programming

    Weird match on the latest update- Eddy vs Jerry Lynn from WCW Sat Night December 95. Not J.L., Jeryy Lynn. I never knew he also competed as himself during his run as J.L. Decent match though, Lynn looks strange with short hair and clean shaven.
  18. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    Like most LAL fans I know. This whole thing was kinda odd. But Vince was in the right here. They booked the building first. However he should have solved the problem by agreeing to tape RAW on sunday. Simple as that. He didn't have to be a dick about it. However at least he finally got some relatively positive exposure on mainstream TV.
  19. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    My gut instinct was right for once. Congrats to Kris. I think he may have won due to the fact he is more of a "normal" guy as opposed to Adam's over the top look, and singing style (very theatrical). Plus he is from the south and now 5 singers from the South have won the Idol title. Don't underestimate the Country and Middle America votes. However it bothers me less, because Kris is not really a country singer, he's more of a soft pop and ballad style singer. I would have been okay with either fo the two winning though. Adam is gonna make something of himself I'd b et. If he isn't starring in a broadway show within the year, I'd be shocked. It doesn't matter that much, because the winner doesn't always have the most success (e.g. Daughtry). I expect to hear from a number of this seasons finalists again. The show last night was fun, if not oftentimes bizzare (Steve Martin playing the banjo?) A lot of performances too. I guess they got to get ready for the tour. And it was cool to see Nick/Norman again, less much Tatiana. The audience was full of random celebrities as usual, which always makes me chuckle a bit. Plus former Idol contestants (yes we had a Justin Guarini sighting, probably looking for spare change) All in all, a nice end to perhaps the best season (talent wise) yet. IMO it revitalized the show, which I was becoming bored with after 7 years. Wonder if we have seen the last of Paula.
  20. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    It's a strange thing. A large segment of tweens will vote for guys like Kris, but in real life they'll be the first in line for the latest Miley CD. So, I do think Allison has a shot at a career with that in mind. As for Kris, he was/is the least objectionable of the three guys. Danny was villain of the season. Adam is flamboyant. Kris is just sort of there with a pleasant if not unremarkable voice. It isn't my thing, but I understand his advancement to the finals. Good points, although I don't think Danny was a villian persay. I thought he had a great voice, but he never showed it to his potential due to bad song choice and overperforming. Actually to me Matt was more of the villian cuz he stayed on way too long, got the save only cuz it was the last chance to use it, and outlasted Annoop even though he was better than him in the week he was eliminated. But I guess it doesn't matter who wins and whatnot, as it's up to the fans to buy thier records after the show and not forget about them. And I can see quite a few of this season's finalists getting record deals pretty quickly. And dare I say even becoming top popular artists. In any event, I look forward to tonight's show. The sentimental part of me hopes Kris wins, though Adam is the obvious favorite. Though as I said before last year I was convinced David A. would win easily. So the favortie is not always the winner, but it happens a majority of the time on Idol.
  21. Jericholic82

    Legends Programming

    Yea Funk made Eddy look pretty good for a TV squash match. And the piledriver on the floor looked nasty.
  22. Jericholic82

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Damn DeepDiscount.com, my WM 25 Blu-Ray should have been here by today at the latest, since I had expedited shipping. Anyone get the WM DVD/Bluray yet?
  23. Jericholic82

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    Anyone else bored to tears by RAW last night? I watched it on DVR after the Yankees game was over so it was kinda late and was tired anyway, but the show did little to keep me awake. So we get the predictable Batista/Orton and Cena/Show rematches YAWN. Although Show lost clean at JD so he really doesn't have a gripe like Batista does. Extreme Rules seems like it may break the recent string of good PPVS (I guess outside of Mania since we didn't seem to get a consensus on that). With WWE going PG on us, it's kinda useless to have such a PPV, since there will be no blood and tamer fighting.
  24. Jericholic82

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    I still don't get Vince's obsession with hometown guys losing. It's if he's saying "How dare you be from here, I'll show you, you go job now!" As if he's trying to hoodwink the fans expecting the hometowner to win. Although by now we know to expect the opposite. But it's a tough spot, Umaga needs to be reestablished as a serious threat, so he needs a PPV win. But by jobbing Punk two ppvs in a row, they are going to make the fans care less about him, therefore when he does cash MITB in, he'll get less reaction and if he does indeed win the title, he'll lose it soon thereafter and look like a chump. Hmmm it almsot seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy by WWE Creative. Now I'm sick of the IWC whining, but this is pretty blatant sabatoge. But outside of all that the match itself was really good, and the PPV as a whole was pretty good, outside of the obivous slow points, so at least WWE is becoming more consistent with their PPV shows delivering.