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  1. Jericholic82

    Wrestling Link Game....

    Who was in the Gimmick battle royal at WM X-Seven.....
  2. Jericholic82

    ECW 5/12

    Now we know what DH stands for Anyhow, good debut for the new Hart Foundation team. At least Striker recognized the Hart Attack, imagine if JR, Lawler, or Cole were talking. Plus he even acted as if them doing the move was a bit blashphemous. ECW is again becoming a fun show, and I am glad to see it. At least the younger guys have a place to go and get noticed now. Although redoing Kozlov as a typical Anti-American foregin heel is really dumb, considering he was already established as a dominant monster heel.
  3. Jericholic82

    Saturday Night Live

    Well the digital short, the mascot skit, and the Barry Gibb talk show made SNL for me this week. Everything else was weak, including Weekend Update.
  4. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Well the dark horse made it. Although looking back at Tuesday's show, Danny was better than Adam, at elast in his second song. I had a werid feeling Kris was going to make it, and to be the first one safe was a shocking moment (does that mean he had the most votes?) . But his secong song sealed it for him (probably the best performance of Tuesday's show) Now you'd think Adam will win this easily, but don't count out Kris just yet. Remember last year it was easy to assume David A. would win. Should be a great final.
  5. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    Yea that's what I got out of it too, after rewatching it a couple times. That's why House wasn't in pain, or still showing detox effects. Plus why would Cuddy fire him, if it was true. But a psychiatric hospital? I guess it makes sense, as he will detox there as well as have counseling. Nice cliffhanger for next season. Plus the patient with the split brain was interesting, and we got the Cameron-Chase wedding. At least this season ended on what you could call a high note, although to be honest I enjoyed this year, despite it not being as good as previous years.
  6. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    With the release of the Season 4 dvd (which I just picked up), and the new season coming up, I figured we could start our discussion of one of the best shows on TV. So any thoughts, predictions, etc. I'll refrain until I watch the dvds as I missed most of the post -strike episodes.
  7. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    I never would have guessed Kris would have made it this far, but he has improved so much he probably deserves it (and this is coming from me, who thought it was an outrage he made it into the top 13 in the first place). But he is likely the one to go home this week. Danny has seemed to coast by on sentiment from the audience. Even though I feel he has a lot of talent, he has never been able to show it in a single performance. So despite having IMO the best pure voice, he has never clicked on stage. Allison was arguably the best "performer" on the show (I guess outside of Adam). She had incredible stage presence for her age, as well as crazy vocal skills. But she never seemed to click with the voters for whatever reason. But then again, let us remember that most of the votes are likely coming from pre-teen girls texting their votes by the truckload for whatever guy they think is the hottest. Honestly I never voted more then a couple times for anyone, cuz I don't have the patience. I don't know about anyone else.
  8. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    So has House officially jumped the shark now? I mean the sexual tension between House and Cuddy has always been one of the main factors on the show. But I guess after 5 years you need to do something. Wonder what the "big shocking ending" is tonight. Damn I hate when the tv season ends.
  9. Jericholic82

    NWA Weekly Programming Thread

    I agree cabbage, the angle has been more fun than I would have thought. I didn't have cable back in that time, plus I was 4 so I didn't follow the NWA/WCW back then. So it's cool to be able to see all these oldschool shows and learn more about the old-school storylines and such. The Valiant/Jones angle is simple wrestling storytelling and was able to strecth out for months with so many twists and turns, yet kept you interested. Even now, I want to see Jones get his.
  10. Jericholic82

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    Good to see you back Dr. Venk. Anyhow, I noticed on the latest Primetime episode, at the end, there is some different music playing. Before this weeks, there was some obviously overdubbed music over the end credits. This week it was different and it didn't sound overdubbed. Anyone else catch that? Either way good show, as you got to see the Hogan/Andre conttoversy in full, complete with post-match interviews, and Jack Tunney announcing the tourney for WM IV.
  11. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Danny screwed up by picking that song. Either that or he shouldn't have done the scream at the end. He said in the video package he had to, but no he didn't, remember "it's all about originality" However I don't think that'll cost him. I predict either Kris or Allison go home tonight, but to be fair Danny had the worst performance so in all fairness it should be him. And what was the point of the duets? I guess to fill time. Of course they could have let the 4 do the longer versions of the song. I mean they are longer then they were weeks ago, but still cut short. That all said I like all 4 of them, so any way I'll be a bit pissed tonight.
  12. Jericholic82

    R.I.P. Dom DeLuise

    NO NO NO, that sucks. I loved him in Fatso the most. I quote that movie all the time. Damn RIP
  13. Jericholic82

    "Playboy" Buddy Rose Dead

    Sad to hear. I was just rewatching my XPW tv dvd set and saw Rose's debut in the fed. He was pretty funny as "Gigolo" Steve Rizzano's mentor. Steve was lurking around Hollywood looking sad and forlorn and he went to "Rose's place" and found him in a bathtub with several chicks. Rose took him for a walk and told him how to be a ladie's man. The best part was Buddy explaining he can't even walk the streets without the ladies recognizing him and stuff. He proves it by walking across the sreet, (Cue lady screaming "Oh my god, it's Playboy Buddy Rose!" RIP Playboy.
  14. Jericholic82

    So....How 'bout that Cinco de Mayo?

    Benoit /Finlay was 06, Benoit was still on RAW in May 05 (drafted back to SD in June of that year) I didn't pick up the IC dvd yet, so I'll defin watch it one WWE Classics.
  15. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    Yea but wasn't that the criticism when Orton was kicked out of Evolution? That he was a face only cuz his buddies beat him up? Then again those kind of Face turns always happen. Just pointing out the connection to Orton. However I do like that fantasy booking there.
  16. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Just for that I hope Eddy's ghost haunts Titan Towers this week. Horrible and lame.
  17. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    Best episode of the year. House arguing with his own mind equals gold. Plus him rocking "Fight The Power " on an old school looking boombox was tremendous. Wilson getting wasted was hilarious. Tons of great lines to boot. "If I get drunk there's good chance I might make out with one of the strippers, or become one" "Ever seen Caligula?" (House burps) "And then a clever response"
  18. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    So my prediction came true. Actually almost any result would have been okay, as Tuesday's show was one of the best ever, with no one outright sucking, and very entertaining. Glad to see Matt go, as he is sort of a weak link compared with the others. Great final four left. I would still be shocked if Danny or Adam don't win the thing. Personally I think Danny should take it as he is the best pure singer left. Adam AKA Emo boy, has a powerful voice, but is a little too over the top at times and very theatrical. He really should take it down a notch and just sing it normally as he has shown he can do. Kris has kind of grown on me lately and is by far the most improved. Allison is a pro, simple as that. She has incredible stage presence for her age, and a strong, unique voice to boot. Should be good from this point on.
  19. Jericholic82

    MLB April 19-25

    I hope the homer thing is overblown and will settle down. Nice win last night, today's game starts in 15 mins, it' Brett Anderson vs CC Sabathia, Yanks need to win this one with that matchup.
  20. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Surprsingly good show for a disco theme. But then again this is one of the strongest talent pools they have had on Idol. Based on last night, the bottom 3 should be Annoop, Lil, and Matt but you never know. Personally I am hoping for Matt and Lil to go, but I still think the final 4 will be Adam,Allison, Danny, and Kris.
  21. Jericholic82

    Monday Night Wars

    They are probably trying to lure in new subscribers. Or maybe they are doing it so they have more time to edit the 98 shows, lots of logo burring to do, plus they got to hack up Nitros so we don't see Benoit, especially when it gets to the Booker T feud.
  22. No ECW thread I guess so I'll post in here. The Bourne v Burchill match the only real match on the show so that was the best part. Glad to see Bourne get to work longer matches, and Burchill gets some TV time. Good match. The Swagger\Christian segment was ok, made it look like a serious feud and made you want to see the match. Worst part of it was Tiffany, who apparantly stole Torrie Wilson's acting skills along with her theme song.
  23. Jericholic82


    I got to say it, CAN'T SLEEP, CLOWNS'll EAT ME. Anyhow, I don't care much for clowns. They are kind of creepy, plus I just don't get their appeal. My aunt isl ike deathly afraid of them, at my cousin's kid's 4th bday, we had a clown and my aunt had to turn around and face the other way so as not to see the clown.
  24. Jericholic82

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    It appears with the new DLC, I am being plauged by the custom music skipping problem I had with the Legends game. It only happened with the new DLC guys, As I had previously done custom songs for many of the regular characters as well as CAWS., and Plus the previous dlc. I double checked it and it only happens with the dlc pack 2 guys. Damn.
  25. Jericholic82

    Legends of WrestleMania

    The message boards at gamefaqs.com seem to confirm that this is happening to multiple people, so it may be a glitch.