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    WWF short live gimmick characters

    Astro, I stand corrected. Sorry but I never saw the AWA. Didn't get into wrestling until the 1990 survivor series. Thanks for the info though, as I am sure It'll be useful somehow.
  2. Jericholic82

    Austin/McMahon feud

    oops almost forgot vince and the stooges going to bars and diners in texas looking for austin prior to valentines day. he was trying to get austin to attack him unprovoked (this was the storyline clasue in his n ew contract after vince fired him after the oct 98 judgment day for being a lousy ref) if austin attacked him unprovoked, vince could fire him (hmmmm sounds similar co-gm of raw anyone?) lol patterson hitting on some lady and she hit him in the groin lmao "Vince:Have you seen austin? Bartender: I reckon not Vince: you reckon not? Where I come from we don't reckon"
  3. Jericholic82

    Austin/McMahon feud

    yea how about the next raw after th epost wm 14 raw when austin got arrested. He came down with a suit and tie (and a sc baseball cap). vince asked him about the cap and he took it off. Then at the end after you thought (well work with me here from the marks pov) he had sold out austin asked vince to take a picture with him, then hits him low with a quick shot and then takes a pic of vince holding his ummmm area. priceless. even though a lot of crash tv was dumb this feud at least the original part of it from late 97-wm 15 was gold. also the raw before valentines day massacre, vince has the corporation hold austin back in the corner and screams at him something to the effect of "your never going to get that title as long as I live, NEVER NEVER NEVER look at me NEVER!!!!!"
  4. Jericholic82

    WWF short live gimmick characters

    sincere actually debuted in the summer of 96 and actually got a superstars main event aganist then WWF champ Shawn Michaels. He got squashed by rocky maiva at the free for all for IYH:Its time I think. He stuck around for the next year, though rarely see on tv. in late 97 mero was goingg to face sal (this was when mero and sable were fighting and about to break up). but he went on the mic and said a man of his caliber shouldnt face this jobber with a bad gimmick, then he called him by his real name. but when he turned around to berate sable, brandi dropkicked him i think. he had a short push including teasing that sable would become his manager, but that was dropped as the breakup angle was pushed up till after wm 14. btw sincer/brandi first got on the national scene in wcw as Johnny Gunn, and tagged with Tom Zenk for awhile. man I have a good memory of things most fans would forget, I wish they had a wrestling game show lol
  5. Jericholic82

    The WWE PPV DVD Thread

    The music dubbing really gets on my nerves. The 2 wwe ppv dvds I have are summerslam and unforgiven of 2002. The only music they dub is flairs (his old wwf theme) and edges (you think you know me theme). But on the flair collection dvd the theme is on there. They seem to be selective about that. anyways bookers, and rvds themes are fine on those 2 but I guess it gets selective. and I am shocked that sseries 03 dubbed out limp bizkit as they din't do that with previous dvds did they (like wm x7 and 19). anyways unforgiven 02 kept the adrenaline song from the xxx movie soundtrack so thats cool.
  6. Jericholic82

    Mania XXI @ Staples Center in LA

    I wonder if they could fill the rose bowl or coliseum now? But despite apathetic crowds wrestling is very popular in so-cal. and I would mark out if they held wm at yankee stadium but that's just personal bias lol. and of course they are quiet during most laker games, cuz most of the fans there are posers and front-runners. but thinking of it now, 2 ppvs within a year is stretching it, it's like 95 when PA had 3 wwf ppvs (king of the ring in philly, summerslam in pittsburg and in your house 5 in Hershey ,I think). but as I posted before, when I went to unforgiven 02 at staples, the live crowd was pretty into it. But I digress. Here's hoping I finally go to a Wm in my lifetime (though I'm sure I will miss part of it cuz I don't think I can wait 4 hours to use the restroom like I could 2-3 hours for other events lol)
  7. Jericholic82

    WWF short live gimmick characters

    I am surprised no one mentioned Waylon Mercy as most smarks think it was a great character. Yea I remember the "home improvement match" too. do you also remember when duke feuded with hhh in early 96 and trips cut his hair off? as for others not mentioned, how about fatu (rikishi) in 95/96 it was after the headshrinkers and he was basically the same character as rikishi except his BUTT was not as big. he was a face that warned kids about not being in gangs or being involved with drugs. it's commonly referred to as "make a difference" fatu. he even danced then! this caused rd reynolds of wrestlecrap to decree that the only reason rikishi got over was cuz of the big BUTT since dancing didn't work earlier. and another "great" gimmick was the ringmaster. good thing steve thought better of it and convinced creative it wasn't going to work. I didn't even realize it was steve austin at first cuz of the shaved head and I didn't watch raw too much at the time. I finally read in wwf magazine an article that reffered to him as "ringmaster" steve austin.T hen again I was 13 at the time and thought shawn michaels really collapsed on raw so I could be easily fooled lol.
  8. Jericholic82

    Lee Marshall gets his ass kicked

    Lee Marshall is a complete jerk. He's the main dj on my local am oldies station (great carreer move). He thinks he is a big shot and a "legend" in the music business and wrestling. My father met him cuz he was doing a charity concert stuff back about 2-3 years ago. He was a jerk to my dad so I hate him more. It's ok we got back at him. I eamiled him a link to wrestlecrap when they posted the awa team challenge series with the turkey on a pole match lol My dad even asked him about it and he laughed but he looked mad hahahahah anyways I can't stand the guy. Go to the station website and read his bio, you'd think he was an important person or something (and apparently he was "the voice of monday nitro") www.1450theboomer.com
  9. Jericholic82

    Mania XXI @ Staples Center in LA

    Did you guys also hear that this years judgment day(SD PPV) is also going to be at staples (it's on may 16 tix go on sale april 10, I got this from wwe.com) as for me, I live close enough to LA so I would like to go to wm 21. The 2 times i have seen wwf/wwe at staples have been fun. Last time was the unforgiven 2002 show and I had a blast. The crowd wasn't too bad that night. Except for the loud boos when they booked a no-finish to brock-taker. well anyhow, i missed the last 2 wms here so I hope I can make it for the next.I also missed wm 10 when I still lived in ny (moved to ca that summer). maybe I'll go to judgment day first.
  10. Jericholic82

    Wrestlemania XX DVD

    Tell me about it. I bough t the set in 2000 for that price and it was a ripoff considering the tapes are in really crappy ep mode with terrible video quality an dsound. I hope for the dvd treatment but you really only need 1-14 cuz 15 on are all already released on dvd (though difficult to find).
  11. Jericholic82

    The New Undertaker

    Kudos to the Simpsons reference!!!!!!
  12. Jericholic82

    The New Undertaker

    I thought he'd have the black shirt with the cutoff sleeves (his original attitre) with the long grey gloves (or maybe shorter black ones-again original attire from 1990). But hey it wasn't about him reverting if you think about it, it was mind games to get back at Kane (I'm thinking storyline-wise). Although I must say he should have stayed with the short hair since his hair line is apparently the only dead thing about him. But stop complaining this is not the cartoon WWF era of the 80s and early 90's. It was like a combo of all past incarnations. Whatever, hopefully he'll have a good farewell run. Maybe WM 21 will be his final farewell. (and I hope to be there considering they'll be in LA) Off topic for a sec, why do you think WWE is again running WM in a smaller venue again next year? I thought this year was an abberation since it was the 20th one.
  13. The match was brutally boring and you could see that Brock was especially razzled by the response. I'd bet that WWE would rather not have said anything about him leaving but JR was probably forced to when the crowd responded that way. Anyways, kudos to the MSG crowd for telling Brock the business and telling Goldberg exactly how much he means to wrestling history. Hey you're in NYC, you aint gonna get off the hook easily.