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  1. Jericholic82

    ECW Discussion- 4/14/09

    LMAO, I see. Well I have been posting here since the old blue and yellow board, so I will continue as long as we are around.
  2. Jericholic82

    Ridiculous old school rumors

    Sounds legit. I remember that rumor as well. Not the "renting WM 14" part, but I remember reading a completely serious news story about how Tyson, unable to be reinstated into boxing, had decided to sign full time with the WWF as an on air performer/wrestler and would debut as the higher power. Of course, that never happened. I do remember reading how it actually was Vince in the outfit when he revealed his face to Austin on the RAW before the big reveal (via front row fans who saw his face). I heard that version of the Tyson story at the time as well, but the video store clerk thing was funnier to post. Anyhow I always thought it was dumb that when Vince took off the cloak, he yelled "its's me Austin" when Austin already knew from the week before.
  3. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    No replies yet? I mean Cameron and Chase got engaged you'd think that would warrant some. Anyway, ok episode this week, best part was Wilson toying with House. Next week should be good, House is hallucinating about Amber.
  4. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Kinda blah show tonight. I thought Anoop was pretty good and Adam did his usual crazy performance, but overall it was kind of boring. And note to FOX, if you are worried about going overtime, how about cutting one of your commercial breaks. The last one was totally unneccesary and took far too long, Lil didn't start her song untill about 858. FOX is far too concerned with getting a boost to Fringe's ratings it seems.
  5. Jericholic82

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    That's a good answer. Hadn't thought of that. And I would like to suspend my disbelief, but what I meant was I'd be cool with a surprise now and then.
  6. Jericholic82

    ECW Discussion- 4/14/09

    Yea what is up with the boards, where did everybody go? Anyhow yea ECW was pretty good tonight. Gotta love Striker making fun of Matthews nosebleed on RAW. Morrison v Bourne was very good and the triple threat was good for what it was. Did they tape ECW before RAW last night? Would have spoiled the draft. Anyhow I'm irked that I can't see the Christian v Finlay match since I don't get WGN here (oddly enough I did get it when I lived in Cali and was only good for when they showed White Sox vs Yanks games) Wake up TSM!
  7. Jericholic82

    Ridiculous old school rumors

    When the higher power was going to be revealed on Raw, the oddest rumor I read online was that it was going to be Mike Tyson. The odd thing was the source, some guy said his friend worked at a video store and Tyson and Austin came in together to rent WM 14. The clerk asked Austin who the HP was and Tyson told him it was him. Yes this was actually posted on a wrestling rumor news site as fact. Too bad I can't remember the site.
  8. Jericholic82

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Talk about avoiding the obvious, why is it that the supposed random draft never drafts jobbers and low carderson the telveised version of the draft? It would be funny if say Funaki was drafted to RAW, and the announcers had to react. Anyone else notice when Punk was drafted he cameout with a generic black briefcase, but later when he came out for his match, he had the case from WM with the WM 25 logo on it?
  9. Jericholic82

    MLB April 5-11

    Swishermania is running wild! And a very good comeback by CC, pitched his BUTT off today. Texieria didn't play due to apparant tendinitis in his left wrist, but apparantly thinks he can play tommorrow. Joba gets pushed ahead and takes the hill tommorrow Afternoon. Should be interesting game as the Royals counter with Gil Meche who always seems to own the Yanks.
  10. Jericholic82

    MLB April 5-11

    Great pitching by Pettite today. That umpire sure loves to call strikes it seemed. CC needs to bounce back tommorrow, if only for his own state of mind,
  11. Jericholic82

    NWA Weekly Programming Thread

    Unintentional joke of the day goes to Ricky Morton when talking about the Andersons "There's nothing we can do to stop you from jumping on us,but there's a whole lot, brother, we can do to get you off" Anyhow the Valiant vignette was, odd. Face turn for Baron too, interesting . Should be interesting to see how they handled the Magnum crash.
  12. Jericholic82

    MLB April 5-11

    Yea, that's the problem. They haven't had a fast start since 2003 (then again that year they started like 18-3 WITHOUT Jeter, so it's kind of an anomoly) Even in 98 they started kind of slow and people were panicking. Yankees started of 98 0-3 after being swept by Seattle in the Kingdome. Torre was rumored to be on the chopping block. The Yankees didn't look back after that series though. So it really wasn't a slow start just a bad first 3 games. right, it wasn't much, but similar to them starting 0-2 this year, that's why I brought it up. Anyhow good bounce back game yesterday, Burnett was good enough to win. If we had that in the first two games, we'd be 3-0. You don't have to always be dominant, just keep the team in the game and achance to get a crack at the opposing bullpen. Good to see Swisher have a big game, I have a feeling he may be a key part to the team this year, if he plays enough.
  13. Jericholic82

    MLB April 5-11

    Yea, that's the problem. They haven't had a fast start since 2003 (then again that year they started like 18-3 WITHOUT Jeter, so it's kind of an anomoly) Even in 98 they started kind of slow and people were panicking. I'm not worried too much, outside of the health of CC and Wang. They scored 10 runs in two games, with good pitching those could have been wins. They were too hot coming off spring training,a letdown is not too surprising. Plus the Orioles always seem to play up against the Yanks, especially in Baltimore. At least Tex finally got a hit in the 9th. He's just going through his normal April routine I guess. Shades of Tino in early 96, trying too hard.
  14. Jericholic82

    Why do these pop up websites seem to pop-up?

    Looks like an adware virus of some kind. I have had problems like that on my last couple PC's. Try to run anti-spyware software and keep running virus scans, sometime it's hard to get rid of.
  15. Jericholic82

    Legends of WrestleMania

    Anyone else have a problem with custom music? No matter what song from my HDD I put in an entrance, it keeps skipping during the song in the entrances, sometimes stopping alltogether. Glitch? Or something wrong with my PS3? Cuz my SDvs Raw 09 has no such problem with my HDD music, as well as my MLB 09.
  16. Jericholic82

    American Idol Season 8

    Gotta say Adam has shown he has the talent. Was annoying at first, now he found his niche. Danny has kinda been on autopilot the last few weeks, he needs to step up, you can't coast on fan sentiment alone, Scott had that happen last night. Allison also continues to impress, and finally wasn't in the bottom 3. Also been impressed by Kris lately. Not that impressed by Matt, though he did a good job this week. But his style is relevent in today's music scene so he could make it. Tough final 7 left, although I'd say Lil and Anoop really need to wow next week. Much better season that last years all around.
  17. Jericholic82

    House Season 5

    Kinda weird to kill him off like that, but I guess they did it that way to add more dynamic to Dr. House, as he now has to deal with something that isn't cut and dry, black and white. The end did get to me a little though. I'll miss Kutner, he was the new guy who least annoyed me and had some funny dialouge with the others.
  18. Jericholic82

    Eastbound and Down

  19. Jericholic82

    South Park Season 13

    The end music video saved the show for me. "I'm a fish yo, gay fish yo" Great now I'll be using the lame fishsticks joke a lot '
  20. Jericholic82

    The OAO Wrestlemania Streams thread

    I was trying that route, then just waited until Monday and watched the whole show on Youtube, in pretty good video quality.
  21. Jericholic82

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I had the same thing untill yesterday, it was fixed but now I have Part One of No Mercy 04 and no Part two
  22. Jericholic82

    WCW SuperBrawl V

    Good god, did this show ever suck. Glad I didn't have to pay to see it. It got so bad, that I started doing other stuff and just let the dvd record. The crowd seemed to pop only for the Nasty Boys' apparant title win (which was marred by the Dusty Finish) The one highlight may be Heenan's commentary. Line of the night during Hogan-Vader (which was the only match that was even remotely entertaining outside of the Sting/Savage tag match) "He's (Vader) gonna hit him so hard on the head, his hair will grow" Plus I would be remiss in not mentioning the appearance at ringside of the WWF super fan Vlad. Also two guys in the front row of the hard camera side, dressed as a Harlem Heat member, and Meng (the bodguard version-complete with Black suit shirt, white tie, and glasses) What did Roma do wrong anyway? Was it too much showboating? Playing to the crowd? (which actually treated him as the face, not surprisingly) And why wouldn't Vader have kicked Flair's ass for costing him the match?
  23. Jericholic82

    Is Barry Windham an all-time great?

    Maybe they wanted to induct him, but he refused since they recently fired him. Real reason probably is he was a NWA/WCW guy so Vince doesn't see him as anything special. As far as I'm concerned, he could be considered an all time great, but he never lived up to his full potential due to either booking choices, injuries, or personal decisions. I was a big Windham fan when I first watched WCW back in 91/92, for whatever reason, so I have a personal bias here. Too bad we never found out if he could run with the world title (and no his 93 reign as NWA champ doesn't count to me for obvious reasons). And The Stalker could have worked, if he was a heel instead of face.
  24. Jericholic82

    Moments So Contrived

    Orton and Batista came out to help HHH beat up Scott Steiner the night after Royal Rumble 'O3. The next week HHH announced the formation of Evolution. Batista was being managed by Flair, so it made sense like you said.. Orton was coming back from injury and the whole RNN updates which kinda turned him heel during his rehab,so this was his official heel turn . Not much connection there, but in kayfabe HHH saw Orton as a rising young star and wanted to be associated with him as he made his ascension, I guess.
  25. Jericholic82

    South Park Season 13

    thanks for the video link, AWESOME episode on the economy this week, and Kyle's argument was very valid. Great to see the "tookrjobs" guys again.