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    Signs You Are a Wrestling Fan

    I concur, last week as we were clearing out my store for final closeout, we had this huge ladder, I did infact feel like doing a moonsault off it onto a coworker or costumer. Fortunately, I am not too keen on climbing ladders and heights, plus am not athletic enough to do a moonsault. Does doing a bad Savage impersonation everytime I am at a graduation count?
  2. Jericholic82

    History of ECW

    That's an understatement Zack, Louie was insanely over at the bingo hall in the most recent episode. The pops he got caught me off-guard as I had forgetten how over he got in such a small time, due mainly to in-ring talent and natural charisma alone. Time nakes you forget he was the man to popularize the death valley driver. The fans ate up everything he did in that match vs Storm. Joey joking with Taz about his hatred of Devon Storm was hilarious.
  3. Jericholic82

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    It kinda starts to sting when we are burying people who debuted in the Attitude era (Crash was another one). I wish this would just stop already. Add another one to the list of guys I have seen live dead. Well actually I didn't see him wrestle, I was there the night he joined the Alliance in LA. I guess Mick Foley will have to find someone else to make fun of in future books. Seriously though, this is sad. Condolences and prayers to his family. RIP Big Man.
  4. Jericholic82

    Keanu Reeves appreciation

    Me too, anytime I come across it on tv, I'll stop and watch it if nothing else is on. Line of the movie John Madden: "He appears to be necking with that cheerleader!"
  5. Jericholic82


    I'm still baffled by my Circuit City's liquidation sales. People were happily paying full price for open box and display tvs. We were out of all tvs by last Thursday and we closed Sunday. Hell they wre buying in droves the first week, when Tvs were "10 percent off" (really 10 percent of the MSRP, which is higher than our regular prices were of course) The liquidators must have made a killing on this closeout. Considering the all sales final thing, pretty funny to watch. Of course most of them didn't give a crap about me losing my job, so I'm not exactly losing sleep over their problems.
  6. Jericholic82

    Wrestling Quirks

    Or my favorite example Summerslam 89 with Ventura and Schiavone. During Rude/Warrior, Warrior hits Rude with the IC belt outside the ring. Jesse rightfully goes nuts that Warrior is not dq'd for that. Tony's answer is that it happened outside the ring. Jesse goes off on Tony, saying (not exact quote) "So you mean if you shot someone, as long as it's outside the ring, it's legal?" Why is it that whenever some outside person jumps on the apron or comes to ringside, the enemy of that person immediately stops what he is doing and pays attention to them, causing them to either lose the match or the advantage. This works with both heels and faces (last night's Jericho/Kofi match for example). Faces are really prone to this. Also to add to that, why does the ref sometimes seem concerned by stuff happening outside the ring, instead of paying attention to the guys inside. Like a tag match when two guys are fighting on the floor, ref goes outside to stop it, misses face's pin attempt, or heel cheats or has someone interfere. You'd think the ref would stop falling for that.
  7. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Just saw the new Wrestlemania speical WWE magazine at the local store. No I didn't buy it, as I am now unemployed. But I did notice when they showed the results for all the manias, any match Benoit was in was either not mentioned, or vaguely described, like WM 20 now shows, "Triple H lost the World Championship". Wm 17, his match vs Angle is not mentioned at all. Not that I am shocked or anything, but still funny to read.
  8. Jericholic82

    WCW SuperBrawl III

    well to be nitpicky, only Tom Pritchard wrestled on both ppvs. By the time the Bodies got to WWF, Jimmy Delray replaced Stan Lane in the team.
  9. Jericholic82

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    I have that magazine somewhere in my room I'll have to check I do remember that pic.
  10. Jericholic82

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    Superbrawl 3 last aired on 24/7 just prior to the Benoit incident in the late spring of 07. A quick check of my burned dvd confirms it was June 2007's pick your big one winner. There you go. Thankfully I had recorded it then with the Scorpio match on it, as on 24/7 it didn't remove Ventura's commentary like on Benoit's dvd. So yea it came on 24/7 2 weeks prior to the Benoit murders.
  11. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    At Uncensored 96, Buffer announced Hogan/Savage as the "Mega-Force". Plus Savage/Warrior were the "Ultimate Maniacs". I just saw the October 92 SNME so I can confirm that. Like it matters.
  12. Jericholic82

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    I assume the new priceless song is a cut on the new volume 9 cd. I had my dvr set to 19 mins past the hour so I got to see the punt, but it cut off once they went to replays.
  13. Jericholic82

    WWE / Low-Ki talk

    Perhaps he should change his name to "Jobber" cuz that's what hell likely be doing if WWE every calls him up. At least he has a job, I'm soon to be unemployed. But on the bright side this is my 5,500th post woohoo.
  14. Jericholic82

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Change it we are dead. Now I am officially needing a new job. Great time for that huh? I saw this coming but there aren't many jobs available these days. Hopefully Best Buy will consider my recent application
  15. Jericholic82

    TSM Universe Talks: Michael Cole

    Yea, Cole was awesome on the Shea show. Comments like " as Burl Ives looks on at ringside" and my favorite, during the Andre/Hulk match "As the men in leasure suits look concerned " Cole is truly limited by Psycho Vince on the headset.
  16. Jericholic82

    ECW - January 6, 2009

    You're right it did, unless when they cut to her in the ring, the song got to a part we haven't heard before. Anyhow the match was indeed better than the Paul/DJ match. Henry has pretty much lost his aura with multiple losses to small guys like Hardy and Finlay. Send him to Smackdown full time and maybe try a face turn? Or reunite him and DLO. Swagger does need a finisher name, "JACKHAMMER" would be good if not for the existance of Goldberg.
  17. Jericholic82

    The WWE PG 13 Philosophy

    I PLEDGE ALLIGIENCE TO THE NATION OF DOMINATION. ONE NATION, UNDER FAROOQ, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR NO ONE!! Back to topic, I agree with what you're saying, Vince always seems to stick with a formula well past its time, driving it into the ground, over and over again, like he has with the attitude formula for the past decade. I don't know what would turn the tide now, but I doubt going back to the "cartoon era" will do it.
  18. Jericholic82


    You're trying to save money and you bought a MONSTER surge protector? Buying anything by Monster is the tech equivalent of lighting your cigars with 100 dollar bills. Only cuz I needed to get rid of the interference I was getting. Plus I got it at work with my employee dfiscount. Yea it was a neccessary evil I suppose , however I usually don't go for the Monster products.You don't have to tell me about stores pushing Monster products, I know all about it. Customers actually fall for it too,that's the sad part All in all ,it got rid of my problem so that's what matters. I just won't be buying any toys for awhile
  19. Jericholic82

    OaO WWE Raw - January 5, 2009

    That show was kind of good actually, the Shawn-JBL stuff was furthered well . Damn I was just thinking earlier how weird is it that we have had no Vince for 6 months, yay more McMahon family feuding! Also have to note the dude sitting next to Beth's fan with a "Rosa Mendez's Fan" sign held up during her appearance. I think I saw her notice it, she probably had a laugh at that. So now we get the IC rematch, Kane vs Orton, and Shawn vs Cena next week, should be fun.
  20. Jericholic82

    WWF Royal Rumble 1995

    Ok, maybe it's not, but I was pointing out that they had to come up with silly reasons for the feud to continue. I understand one guy stealing the urn, but you immediately do it again in the blowoff match? That's kind of a stretch. I suppose the kayfabe reason is Dibiase figured it would weaken Taker, but then he beat Bundy without posssesion of the urn, so you figured Dibiase would call it a night and leave Taker alone.
  21. Jericholic82


    I know 22 isn't that big but it's for my bedroom, plus I don't have that much cash right now. I was saying it was a deal to me as I have seen smaller 720p TVs at similar or higher prices so I jumped on it. All I know is it sure beats the tube set I was previously using to play my PS3 on For now, it fit my budget and finally updated me to 2009 in at least a small way.
  22. Jericholic82

    Dixie finally reveals target demographic

    LOL poor Dixie. She was in a no win situation with that question. Now she knows what I felt at Lockdown 08 when she jokingly told me to stop texting and watch the show as she made rounds in the aisles thanking all of us for coming . I didn't realize who was talking to me and ignored her handshake attempt, then clumsily apologized when I recognized her. So TNA's Target auidence was Nathaniel from Wrestlecrap Radio? Too bad the new Trolla Tron killed him. Come on there has to be one of the 12 listeners posting here along with me.
  23. Jericholic82

    WWF Royal Rumble 1995

    I still don't remember what the Taker vs. Million Dollar Corporation feud was about. Well Dibiase was still mad at Taker for beating his imposter. At Survivor Series 94 IRS interefered in the Taker/Yokozuna match , then spent weeks insulting dead tax cheats or some nonsense. At the Rumble King Kong Bundy stole the Urn, leading to the WM 11 match vs Taker, where Kama ran off with the urn and had it melted into a chain. Once Taker beat him, at Sumnerslam 95, the feud was over. So to summarize , a whole bunch of nonsense BS was the cause of the feud.
  24. Jericholic82

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    So, how did everyone celebrate the 10th annivesary of "The Fingerpoke of Doom"? Sorry to go off topic there, but it had to be acknowledged . Of course Foley's WWF title win aired opposite it. Anyhow, I am thinking that WWE will surprise us with the Rumble this year. Afterall, the winner could lose his shot before Mania, so why not give a rub to someone else for a change? I know,I know I must have gotten into Kendrick's stash for thinking that.
  25. Jericholic82


    Nevermind ,today I picked up a Monster surge protector with ground protection and "Electronic Noise reduction" and it eliminated my problem.