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    The NHL all-time draft

    Taken from the "I can't believe he's still available" pile, I'd like to warmly welcome Stephane Richer to the Northern Lights Five. - Talented: Surpassed 50 goals twice - Clutch: Scored 4 OT playoff game winners - Dangerous: Broke Brodeur's cup with a slapshot; luckily, Brodeur's vagina was unscathed in the incident
  2. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    If you believe the stories, people are offering ginormous money at Mats Sundin, including one offer in the $10m/year range (presumed to be Rags or Habs). Maybe that alleged 12/100 offer isn't as nauseating as I'd thought.
  3. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    I'm shocked that none of the big names went right away ... Campbell, Hossa, Sundin, Jagr, et al. Especially because the Post had that rumor about Boston offering Hossa 12 years & $100million.
  4. nl5xsk1

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Thank you. It drives me up the fucking wall when people start discussing things like NBA Finals ratings. There's just no reason for fans to care. I agree to a point ... but then I think of a sport that's comparatively struggling, like hockey. I want my favorite sport to get better coverage by ESPN, the leading sports channel in the US. If the Stanley Cup shows improved ratings, it increases the likelihood of ESPN pretending to care about the sport. Once a sport or TV show is 'established', though, I'd agree that it's stupid to care too much about the ratings.
  5. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Alex Auld impressed me in limited time last year in Boston, and has been a decent starter in the past. You're not going to win the Cup with him in between the pipes, but he's good enough to hopefully keep the score down while all that firepower racks up the points. And he'd also sign for short money. And while it's barely "NHL Offseason News" ... raise your hand if you saw Ray Bourque on Main Street today while walking to get your morning coffee. Wait, why am I the only one with his hand up?
  6. nl5xsk1

    Songs I never want to hear in bars again

    Skynyrd definitely has some decent songs ... I just never, ever want to hear them on a jukebox again. Two good (and popular) options would be either Creedence or ZZ Top. Both have songs that are every bit as good as LS, but are played far less frequently.
  7. nl5xsk1

    2008 so far

    Agreed on "Inside" - I'm normally not a huge fan of the "someone is trapped in a house getting terrorized by someone else" genre but I really, really liked that movie. And agreed on Carnival; TSM would be a better place with more Carni.
  8. nl5xsk1

    The NHL all-time draft

    No time for a write up or a picture ... the Five would like to welcome Terry O'Reilly to the 4th line. And would like him to give Eric Lindros another concussion in retaliation for CG taking such delight in me missing my 8 hour window.
  9. nl5xsk1

    Pictures I Like

    Not to get all Mole on y'all and assume everything's fake ... but that second one is just markers, right? If not, it's among the worst non-prison tats I've seen.
  10. Kim Kardashian is famous because either her, or someone behind her (no pun intended) is a great marketer. She wanted to become famous, and <voila> she's famous. She got some attention for that horrid sex tape, and just kept her name, face, and ass out in the public; the paparazzi picked up on it and it worked out for her. Anyone that's moderately attractive & has the financial means could probably do the same thing. And re: the blaxploitation genre ... I love bad movies, and cheesy movies, and I'm pretty queer for the movies of the 70s. But I just cannot get into the blaxploitation genre. Seen a few, found 'em all unmemorable, and really have no interest in seeing one again.
  11. nl5xsk1

    Hogan/Austin: The Thread

    And that's who their target audience should be. I don't think there would be any mainstream attention from an Austin/Hogan match. Best case scenario would be to get them on a show like Leno, and try to whip up some publicity from that. But most mainstream folks (and former fans) would be more likely to focus on how old both guys are, and would be surprised that either would still be wrestling ... I don't think there'd be many people that aren't fans already that would say "Oh, wow, I have to see those two fight".
  12. nl5xsk1

    The NHL all-time draft

    Just kidding.
  13. nl5xsk1

    The NHL all-time draft

  14. nl5xsk1

    The Concert Thread

    Yeah, but you're a grown ass man. My dad has good taste in music, or at least he used to, but he doesn't listen to music anymore, because of his religious beliefs. (not that they forbid him from music, just the kind of music he likes, ie. Sabbath et all) There was a father & son parked next to me at the Iron Maiden show last Friday - the old man (who was about my age) was taking his 14 year boy to his first concert as a reward for not getting suspended from school. Unfortunately, the kid was also being forced to repeat 8th grade, so it wasn't all good news for the family. What started off as a somewhat "that's a cool thing for a father to do" turned creepy, quickly, when the dad painted both him & his kid in permanent marker & glow-in-the-dark paint to "look like Eddie so we get on-stage". And then things went from bad to worse after the show, when the son mentioned that he was getting tired, and the father advised "I'm too fucked up to drive. Go sleep in the truck if you're going to be a pussy."
  15. nl5xsk1

    The NHL all-time draft

    Since there are more good forwards out there than d-men, I think it's time for me to draft my third pairing, before it's too late ... Mike Ramsey, defense, welcome to the Five - 4-time All Star - Gold Medal winner with the Miracle on Ice team - Capable of playing the blue-line, which is what I needed
  16. nl5xsk1

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I know someone suggested it earlier, Dama, but do you have any "Irish pubs" or sports bars near you? If so, call them and see if they carry any rugby games on satellite. I know that there are a few near here (Boston) that show some of the major tournaments or just random games on weekends. I quickly looked at http://www.planet-rugby.com/Story/0,18259,...1723446,00.html but didn't see anything in Oklahoma, but this is far from an extensive list; there are local bars that I know for certain show the games that aren't referenced on the list.
  17. Hey, some of us enjoy turd movies ... oh, wait, you don't mean literal turd movies, do you? Nevermind.
  18. nl5xsk1

    TSM Missing Persons Bulletin

    I stopped going to the Pit when Barron and KOABIAB stopped going there. They were the wind beneath my wings & all that jazz.
  19. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    I think it depends on the player. There are, maybe, 10 or so "franchise" players that are worth that much money. VLC, I'd say, should be considered a franchise player and thus is deserving of the contract. The problem is that players that AREN'T franchise players are being treated as such. This off-season, for example, will probably include Hossa (who I don't consider a franchise player) getting paid like one. Plus, it kind of makes sense to lock up someone like Ovechkin or Lecavalier to a contract like that, before the salary cap goes up (and thus the player-salary ceiling goes up, too).
  20. nl5xsk1

    TWIBsies! June 23 - June 29

    Maybe al - or someone else - can answer this for me ... why does it seem that an appeal in MLB takes weeks & weeks to be heard? The brawl with the Rays was June 5th, and their appeals were going to be heard just this week? Can't they use videoconferencing and get that shit done within just a few days of the suspension?
  21. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    I should have read further down the thread before posting ^ ... sorry for the consecutive posts, y'all. I don't trust Timmy Thomas to repeat last year's success. Having a good platoon is going to be key this year, and while MFMF is going to get paid more than a "platoon goalie" should, I feel more comfortable with Thomas/Fernandez than I would with Thomas/Auld.
  22. nl5xsk1

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Add niskie & cnnsi's Allan Muir to that list of knuckledraggers. The guy plays Thornton's game, but with less skills (and, arguably, softer). And we all know how well Thornton's style of play went over in Boston. The pick, for me, goes against the 'physical, initiating contact' style of player that Chiarelli had been targeting. And in response to: & I started to dislike most of the people on the Bruins board so much that I moved on to the bostondiehards site. Most of the better members from the Bruins board are there, and they've done a good job of keeping bigger idiots out. I'm at the point that most of my hfboard posts are in the non-sports folders. (max, let me know if you need a link to the BDH site)
  23. nl5xsk1

    Who here is racist?

    I'm not racist, I can see the positives in all races: Whites are good at organization, we do a good job of building businesses and things of that nature, and know how to tap into money. Blacks are gifted at worship and celebration, just go to a black church and you'll see people jumping up and down because they really get into it. Hispanics are gifted in family structure - go to an hispanics house and they'll have 20 or 30 people in there. And Asians? They can turn a television into a watch.
  24. nl5xsk1

    Songs I never want to hear in bars again

    Since I presume you're talking about jukebox songs, and not songs being played by an actual band on stage ... Tubthumping: Yeah, we get it, the song includes lyrics about drinking and you're in a bar. It's not funny. Anything by Skynyrd: There are other Southern rock bands that aren't as cliched or played out. Play something by one of them. Anything by the Doors: There's not a good time or place to play something by them, and a bar includes a time and a place. Just don't, please & thanks.
  25. nl5xsk1

    6/24: Time To Bail(out) On Queer Ads

    What a lazy sack of shit. The mall is close enough that it's referenced as "more than a mile" and yet the kid can't just walk there, or ride his bike? Hmm, lazy ... car thief ... I think you missed the easy joke, kkk.