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    Ashley Massaro Linked to Escort Service

    That'll cost extra. That's quite a burn. You must've gotten an STD from her. I gave her one as well, though, so it all evened out in the end. And I'd do horrific things with Ashley sexually ... I wouldn't pay for it, but I wouldn't pay for it with anyone, so it's not a knock on her as an individual as much as it's a knock on prostitution in general.
  2. nl5xsk1

    The NHL all-time draft

    Count me in ... and while I'm pretty laid-back about roster sizes & whatnot, I do think having a full roster makes sense (12+6+2, plus a coach). I think players that are too old-school would be detrimental to your cause. If we're doing this the same way the NBA one is done, we'd be agreeing on a "best team" winner at the end, correct? And if the person isn't well known by the masses, it might hinder your chances of winning.
  3. nl5xsk1

    NFL Offseason Thread

    What're you talking about, Ripper? How (or when) did they "blatantly" lie about the extent of the cheating? And what's been proven since then? I'm not asking to troll or anything, I'm legitimately confused by what you're saying. Walsh's tapes just reiterated what the Patriots had told the league all along; he wasn't able to provide anything new, other than the oh-so-tittilating footage of the cheerleaders and assorted women in the stands. What's changed since last September when this first broke? How does that mean it wasn't tapped and that the reporter should be fired? Is he only allowed one source? I don't expect anything to happen because it calls the integrety of the game into question, but I am still disgusted by the blatant cheating that the Pats used. If there is another person out there with the tape of the walk-through, why didn't they speak up in these last 3 months? Why did they let the whole process procede without speaking up? Unless, of course, the person is still in the Pats organization ... but why wouldn't Tomase have referenced THAT in his article, instead of stating/implying (I forget which) that it was an ex-Patriot employee.
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    Spiff & I are all alone in this world.
  5. nl5xsk1

    Serial Killers

    Just 8 days shy of two full years, Brody ... you should have waited. And even after two years, my 'cereal killer' joke still sucks. Y'know, IMHO, serial killers are old & busted. The new hotness should be forced incarceration, e.g. the guy that Brody uses in his avatar. Just killing a lot of people is kind of tired - unless you're going to kill thousands of people, it's tough to come up with something that'll really wow me. But keeping someone as a captive and raping them for decades? That's impressive.
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    Maybe he didn't start out on a suicide mission, but he's so angry & blinded by rage after his team got attacked by the Smoke Monster, he's not thinking as straight as he normally would. Off topic, but it cracks me up that Lance Reddick (the guy that plays Abbadon) is known as "that guy from the Wire" ... I've never watched that show, but know him as "the guy from OZ", so it's strange to see people refer to him as famous from one show when I only know him as another. Sadly, no one else calls him "that guy from OZ", so I'm all alone in this world.
  7. nl5xsk1

    2008 Stanley Cup playoffs - conference finals

    Neither guy deserved a suspension for that ... and, really, IMHO, not even fines were warranted. So many hockey fans complain about how Bettman turned hockey into figure skating, and yet so many hockey fans immediately view every incident as suspension-worthy. (not talking about you as an individual, packwingfn, but going by what I see on the hockey boards that I post at). And, IMHO, what Osgood did with his stick was more dangerous than what Ribeiro did. Putting the BUTT-end of a goalie-stick where a player will skate into it is more likely to hurt someone than the retaliatory slash. Still, though, neither infraction was that bad in my eyes. /day late, but I wasn't near a computer yesterday so couldn't post.
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    A coworker of mine referenced that she thought that it was a Smoke Monster deterrent. I disagreed, as I don't think of Keamy as being the kind of guy to use sound waves; he seems more of a guns-a-blazin' kind of guy that would use might more than mind. Having said that, though, and it contradicts what I just said: I presumed at the time that it was somehow noting the pulse of his heart, and would trigger something drastic if/when his heart stopped. Kind of like a bomb that would be triggered by his death. Then again, I'm also the one that fucked up the chronology of Michael's existence, so it goes without saying that I'm not that bright
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    I'll admit that I was wrong, and fucked up the chronology of what happened ... but will amend my statement to "the show's already shown us that Michael can't be killed until his work 'for the island' is done, and it's not done yet". Or, and more simply: "niskie hates the flash-forwards, and looks for reasons to bitch about them" EDIT: I just read Jingus' post from right before mine. Jingus, that was well-put.
  10. nl5xsk1


    But if Aaron = Jacob, why does the island let him leave with Kate & the "Oceanic Six"? And not to beat a dead horse, but it was tough to sense ~drama~ when Keamy had the gun to Michael's head, since the writers were nice enough to show us that Michael is alive & suicidally well in the future.
  11. nl5xsk1

    Ashley Massaro Linked to Escort Service

    That'll cost extra.
  12. nl5xsk1

    Jonathan Coachman leaving WWE for ESPN

    If he wasn't suspended for being a racist (well, for being too outspoken of a racist, I guess) ... Michael Hayes. While I think he was more of a color guy back in the day, he knows the business well enough to call a match.
  13. nl5xsk1

    NFL Offseason Thread

    Well, the Matt Walsh videotapes have been delivered to the NFL. And they're just reiterating what was already known, what Belichick had admitted to, and what the league had punished him & the team for. That was worth the wait. But the new rumor seems to be that there's another disgruntled ex-employee that has the videotape of the Rams walk-through before the Super Bowl. One has to wonder why this person didn't come forward to corroborate Walsh's story 3 months ago when this story ... nah, why bother, let's just presume the Pats are guilty.
  14. nl5xsk1

    2008 Stanley Cup playoffs - conference finals

    Nightwing, I didn't mean to disrepect the Detroit fanbase or anything, I was just wondering where the number came from. Boston routinely announced their attendance at 12,000+ even on nights where there were obviously no more than 7k or 8k in the building. And I was at a game in Washington in December of 06 that had an announced crowd of like 13,000 even though I'd say the actual attendance was approximately 3k. I lived with some Wings fans when I was in college, and remember seeing how full that barn was every night, even against a nothing team on a Tuesday night in January, so seeing so many empty seats at the JLA was surprising.
  15. nl5xsk1

    Fundamentalist Christian Chat Rooms

    I'm presuming that it's just a TSM meme that I don't remember, but is the above quote supposed to be numerically inaccurate?
  16. nl5xsk1

    The 2008 MTV Movie Award Nominees

    I'm sure Javier Bardem is nervously awaiting the results of his epic "best villian" clash with Topher Grace.
  17. nl5xsk1

    2008 Stanley Cup playoffs - conference finals

    Attendance is down, but I don't think 'trouble' is all that fair. It was like when Tiger was allegdly slumping in 2003. Detroit's got a lot to cheer for right now in the Pistons and the Tigers - still, 18,000 a game is hardly trouble. I'll admit that I didn't watch many Wings games this year, but the few that I watched had a lot of fans dressed up as empty seats. Was that 18k in the building, or 18k tickets sold?
  18. nl5xsk1

    Does niskie like it Raw?

    So, I decided that I was going to do a "running diary" of Raw last night. It didn't go as well as I liked. For one thing, I didn't think to keep track of the times as I was writing my notes, so I can't say what time it was when a certain something happened. For a second thing, I have the attention span of a retarded monkey, and thus can't stay focused long enough to, y'know, do a running diary. So here's what I came up with: Show opens with Vince McMahon, so I'm presuming it's about 9:00 or shortly thereafter. I chuckled that he got the "jobber entrance" of no music, but presumed that his decade-old "No Chance in Hell" theme might not fit what he's there to babble about. And I'll have to be honest, I missed a lot of what he said, as I was very distracted by the guys that were close to a mic that kept trying to start the "asshole" chant, even though at the time Vinny Mac wasn't acting heelish. But from what I pieced together, he thinks that what Regal did was a-ok. And remember the "second thing" that I referenced in my opening paragraph? Well, I got bored and flipped around for a while, so I missed Regal's theme & walk to the ring, and then part of his speech. But I came back for the end, and saw some footage of what he did last week, and then saw Kennedy's introduction. And for the second time, noted that the mic'ing seemed off, as his introductory "KENNEDY!" seemed kind of quiet, at least compared to the fan's reaction and, well, everything else that was being mic'ed at the time. Kennedy left me largely unimpressed on the mic. His dialog wasn't bad (kudos to the writers) but his delivery just seemed off. Weird cadence, weird pausing. Just weird. I've read how awesome he allegedly is on the stick, but for the few times that I've heard him, 'meh' is as high as I'll go. And then HHH came in. You know, I really like HHH's theme music, but otherwise don't see much about him that interests me. As ghey as it sounds, his 'look' is just weird. His aesthetics peaked during his "blueblood" gimmick, and then has fallen off the charts since. And since I presume(d) that he picks his own t-shirt designs, I have to laugh at how New Hampshire PWT he really is. Remember that whole "second thing" that's been referenced twice now? Third time's the charm. I missed most of what he said while thinking about his theme song & his wardrobe and whanot. I caught the 'punishment' part at the end, now, where it'll be a two on <whole roster> handicap match. Oh, that sounds riveting ... can't wait for 11:00 for that! Sadly, the announcement of the main event is what made me question my decision to do a running diary. I mean, watching this until 11:05 or whatever, when the main event is a "heel GM puts together a horrible mismatch"? Thanks, but no thanks ... I'll see how long I can last, though. The show then proceeded onto the divas match. I have to admit that Mickie James looked the hottest that she's ever looked, IMHO. Still finished third behind Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly, though. Which is weird, because (1) I'm normally not a big fan of the 'generic blonde' appearance so having MM & KK as my top two is odd, and (2) normally Maria is pretty much my favorite "diva" to leer at. She had that horrible New Jersey Shore Whore look in full effect, though, so she didn't do much for me last night. (Is that for a gimmick/angle, or is that what she chose to wore?!?) The match itself was so sloppy I couldn't look away. The hilarious do-si-do that they did when they fucked up an attempted back-slide was great; haven't these two been in the ring together a bunch of times? And the end sequence? Melina should have just announced, "wrestling's fake" as she stood there and DIDN'T hit MJ in the back of the head. I don't know if I'm supposed to give star ratings or something, so will give the segment *** for aesthetics, * for actual wrestling, and **** for "it's so bad it's good" entertainment value. Plus, partial thong shots always get a star from niskie. Ok, my notes get kind of scattered here. Jericho came out to chit-chat with Regal, and then was put in a match with Michaels against the new M&M. I don't know why or anything, though. And all I wondered was "why put a guy from Toronto, that'll likely get cheered, in a tag with Michaels, who's probably still hated in Canada?" Sadly, though, I missed the actual match so I have no idea if they got along or if the fans did the boo/cheer thing or if they won the match or anything. I saw that someone - who I found out this morning was Paul Birchill - had a match that seemed to be a boy/girl v. boy handicap match, but I had the TV on mute because I was on the phone, so don't know why or anything. Still, I was entertained by the match, and thus I'm going with ***. I flipped around again for a while (My Name is Earl was on TBS, and a "girls prison" movie with Kristen Bell was on Lifetime ... she showered with another girl!) so I might have missed a segment or two, but when I went back, it was CM Punk v Randy Orton. Now, the first thing I though about was "people will bitch that they wasted this match on free TV instead of PPV" but I haven't really checked to see if that's true or if I was being overly cynical. Regardless, I found myself passively interested in the match until Regal came out to shut out the lights. So, at the end of it, I guess Punk is 'over' enough that his match getitng cut short will add to the heel heat. Or something. **-and-a-half stars. And, sadly, that was the end of my Running Raw Diary experiment, as I flipped away and never went back. I actually forgot I was doing a raw diary until I saw my notebook on the coffee table, and by then was beyond apathetic about finishing it. Maybe it's for the best, this blog entry is already longer than it had any right to be ... imagine if I'd made it through the full 2 hours?
  19. nl5xsk1

    Does niskie like it Raw?

    Thanks for the valuable constructive-criticism, my friend. And go Penguins ... make Western Pennsylvania proud.
  20. nl5xsk1

    2008 Stanley Cup playoffs - conference finals

    Only if it's Detroit. (or if Philly wins the East) I don't see Dallas beating Pittsburgh if that's the match-up in the Cup. I've been wrong about Dallas each time, though, so should probably learn my lesson one of these times. But I don't see that happening, I'm far too old to learn a lesson.
  21. nl5xsk1

    Does niskie like it Raw?

    Another post-script comment ... I actually just went back and fully re-read the Raw thread, and found out that the girl in the "Birchill+a girl" handicap match is someone named Katie. And I remember thinking that the girl was hawt while watching that match. So, I wanted to take a minute to give her props for being attractive. And while I'm being lecherous and just adding on un-needed commentary: Victoria is getting up there in age, but still carrying it well. She looked hotter than quite a few of the younger, allegedly more attractive "divas" out there. /pervin' is awesome
  22. nl5xsk1

    Does niskie like it Raw?

    I just thought of another thing that I'd thought during my "diary" ... the WWE has gotten better about hiring all shapes & sizes. Beth Phoenix is just a bigger girl, not a Chyna-esque freak of nature. And two of the lumberjills (snicker, snicker) were big-boned as well. "Cherry" and "Natalya" I believe their names are. Considering it was once ALL about the T & A, seeing some bigger girls was positive. Or something. Still not much in the way of diversity in terms of skin-tone, but I'm presuming that they know their demographic, and there are probably quite a few wrestling fans that prefer their divas white.
  23. nl5xsk1

    OAO 5/5/08 Raw Thread

    I'll preface this with the admission that I didn't watch much of Raw, and didn't see the match. But I always thought that the faces lost the first/early matches in a feud/angle, and then built from there to get the come-uppance at the end. Having the face win right away would defeat the purpose of everything. He has to fight & claw his way to get to the heel that put him in that situation. Just my $0.02.
  24. nl5xsk1

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    Ripper, I think a lot of people - fans that otherwise aren't attached to Boston or Atlanta - will probably remember the blow-out loss more than the fact that ATL took the series to 7. I think their success did a lot to regain relevancy in Atlanta but to Joey Sixpack, the 30+ point loss will be what's remembered about this series. Having said that, though, the announcing in that series was atrocious. Even as a Masshole, whose team was getting the benefit of the one-sided announcing, it was hard to listen to. And in regards to the "6-4-3" conversation from earlier in the thread ... I guess doing that would be kind to any blind people that happened to be keeping score at home. Y'know, make it a little easier for them & all.
  25. nl5xsk1

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    In no order ... Aphex Twin Bon Scott (AC/DC) Greg Ginn (Black Flag) Burzum Chris Doherty (Gang Green) Charles Mingus Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Black Flag, now the Lemonheads) Trey Anastasio (Phish) Ian Mackaye (Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi) Wattie Buchan (the Exploited)