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  1. While it's far from my favorite sport, it's the only one that I'm actively playing right now: Beer league softball.


    Strengths: Quick: able to beat out most balls hit to the left side of the infield & frequently scores from first on balls hit to the OF ... Versatile: plays all 4 OF positions, along with 3b & 2b ... Good contact hitter: hitting roughly .850 on the season and capable of hitting the ball to all fields ... Strong arm: among the team leaders the team in assists (or putouts, whatever they're called when it's an OF throwing someone out) ... Likeable: hooked up with the 19 year old catcher from the DSS team (even though player is almost twice her age) as well as the cather on own team (even though she lives with her BF)


    Weaknesses: Power: virtually non-existant with 0 'over the fence' homeruns in 3 years of play ... Apathy: it's obvious that player only plays for the excuse to drink during the week, and he regularly forgets how many outs there are, what the score is, or what inning they're in ... Knowledge of the game: e.g. not sure about putout/assist in "strength" category


    Overall assessment: Should have a long, productive career in beer league softball.

  2. Exorcist III is incredibly underrated, ans scary as hell. I'm still waiting for that Special Edition DVD.


    You liking the list so far?

    Yeah, so far, so good ... I'll have to admit that I've never seen Zombie Bloodbath, as I try to avoid the (as you appropriately referenced) Shot on Camcorder genre. While I applaud someone's willingness to make a movie on the cheap and push it out there, I want at least a semblance of professionalism in the output, and most of the ones that I've seen have lacked that.


    But having said that, Carnival of Souls is painfully overlooked, and giving it a 10/10 is most assuredly accurate, and as a huge fan of Italian horror I have to give you a golf clap for the The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue review ... and for the heads-up about the 2-disc DVD that was released. Looks like I'll be doing some shopping this weekend.

  3. Since I presume you're talking about jukebox songs, and not songs being played by an actual band on stage ...


    Tubthumping: Yeah, we get it, the song includes lyrics about drinking and you're in a bar. It's not funny.

    Anything by Skynyrd: There are other Southern rock bands that aren't as cliched or played out. Play something by one of them.

    Anything by the Doors: There's not a good time or place to play something by them, and a bar includes a time and a place. Just don't, please & thanks.

  4. A 7-year-old boy drove his grandmother's car more than a mile to a shopping mall before another motorist blocked the car and took the keys, police said.


    What a lazy sack of shit. The mall is close enough that it's referenced as "more than a mile" and yet the kid can't just walk there, or ride his bike?


    Hmm, lazy ... car thief ... I think you missed the easy joke, kkk.

  5. Another post-script comment ... I actually just went back and fully re-read the Raw thread, and found out that the girl in the "Birchill+a girl" handicap match is someone named Katie. And I remember thinking that the girl was hawt while watching that match. So, I wanted to take a minute to give her props for being attractive.


    And while I'm being lecherous and just adding on un-needed commentary: Victoria is getting up there in age, but still carrying it well. She looked hotter than quite a few of the younger, allegedly more attractive "divas" out there.


    /pervin' is awesome

  6. I just thought of another thing that I'd thought during my "diary" ...


    the WWE has gotten better about hiring all shapes & sizes. Beth Phoenix is just a bigger girl, not a Chyna-esque freak of nature. And two of the lumberjills (snicker, snicker) were big-boned as well. "Cherry" and "Natalya" I believe their names are. Considering it was once ALL about the T & A, seeing some bigger girls was positive. Or something.


    Still not much in the way of diversity in terms of skin-tone, but I'm presuming that they know their demographic, and there are probably quite a few wrestling fans that prefer their divas white.

  7. <taps mic, adjusts it to the proper height, grabs speech from pocket & clears throat>


    Ahem. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd be deemed the #3 poster in kkk's list.


    That's because my wildest dreams normally involve dog-sex, blood-play, and 'safe words' that are only occasionally acknowledged. But even when I allow myself to fantasize about message boarding, an honor as prestigious as this wouldn't ever cross my mind.


    I'd like to thank kkk (for being my inspration & the wind beneath my wings), God (for giving me the ability to type words), and Al Gore (for inventing the internet). I really couldn't have done it without them.


    I'd also like to take this time to speak about the trials & tribulations of women in the African nations....


    <gets drowned out by loud music, indicating that my speech has run long>

  8. Plus, his arguments with the likes of Paul and niskie got annoying really fast. So good riddence, I say.
    I couldn't agree more ... some people are fun to argue with, some are not. Spoontoaster was one of the latter.


    And are you still down on me for "defending" Leena? Last I remember, you told me that you lost a lot of respect for me ... hopefully that was a short-term thing.

  9. Lazytown: If you've ever flipped through channels in the afternoon. then there's a good chance that you've seen this nightmare from Nick jr. Featuring unhealthy attention to men's packages and asses, and creepy puppets, this show is as disturbing as children's entertainment hets. The kicker though, is Stephanie, a girl (who's 15) with a pink wig and a disturbingly short skirt, who's become a pin-up fantasy for pedophiles world wide.


    I'm presuming the number of google searches for Lazytown Stephanie just skyrocketed.