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    The Darkness...

    They are an absolutely tremendous live experience, and yeah, I don't like to admit it now that everybody and his mother has the album, but yeah, I enjoy it.

    Great Album TITLES

    Sparks - 'Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins'. I know we'll have done this before, but I had to pimp the GREATEST ALBUM TITLE IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC. And that, at least, is what was accomplished here today.

    What's so bad about Saliva??

    As I said, I just cannot listen to that style of music, whether it be described as pop-rock, nu-metal, romany-skiffle-core or anything else. It's not that they're the worst band ever, but I dislike any band that uses guitars in the way they do (for show more than anything else, with horribly weak distortion) and I can't see they have anything to offer outside the mold that I hate, so I hate them. If you like them, there's nothing I can do about it but those are the reasons why I loathe them as you requested.

    People who's avatars

    If he were alive, he wouldn't have been able to sit idly by and watch MSP get shitter, and shitter, and shitter. As opposed to when they used to be less shit.

    People who's avatars

    I remember about three or four months ago there were all these RICHIE EDWARDS FOUND headlines, then the first line was 'Police found an adult male skeleton...'

    People who's avatars

    Screw you hippie. Anyways, I've just stuck with Richie Edwards until I settle on a signature for a while. At least with a fey goth, people know it's me. And, at the end of the day, isn't that what really matters? Take it down when they find him.

    Stupid Question I have

    My prime may be just around the corner. I'll show you. You'll see. There it went.

    What are you listening to right now?

    RESIDENTS - Bad Day On The Midway (icky flix) A lot of fans don't like the new versions, but I think a lot of them actually improve.

    Would a trade be good

    Yes, we need no more Benoit/Angle. They have to be savng Benoit/Lesnar and Angle/Guerrero for rainy days....

    Songs to beat people to

    'Goggles' by Melvins

    What's so bad about Saliva??

    I can't be bothered with flaming people for taste in music anymore. Well I can, just not now. I'll never understand why people listen to that stuff, and I have very strong feelings about the people who produce it, but if you like it, whatever, we'll never agree on that subject in a million years so let's move on.

    So I wrote an English Paper on MetallicA

    Well, seeing as I relate most topics in which I have nothing to offer to XTC's Go 2 album, maybe I should write a 10,000 word essay on it. I could discuss the artwork, and, er, how I don't think it's that bad. Yeah.

    Brits! Please torture David Blaine!

    Well check up on the 'City Official' then. Or should I say.......MRS. DAVID BLAINE!!! Hey, I think Rich from Sheffield UK is my homie.

    Name Change Please

    How about Forget About Saturn, Here's Uranus I'm thinking about NoNotThePlanet.

    Great Album TITLES

    As far as I'm aware sax and violins will be used, those sounds are common in sparks songs. I know part of my love for this is that I think Ron Mael is the most underrated songwriter in the history of rock music. But I don't care. When I get sparks (their classic 70s look- I smile every time I see a picture of them from back then) tattooed on my back, that's the tagline, probably in some cheesy 50s billboard text. So I'm not budging on this, even though I pretty much know I'm wrong.

    Great Album TITLES

    hate to break it to you, but 'gratuitous sax and senseless violins' is painfully unfunny. Hmm. You evidently have a neurological impairment of some description, so I won't hold that comment against you. Maybe a bit of shrapnel hit the precise bit of your brain that makes it possible to appreciate the title in question. Interesting. BRUJ0's is good.

    Would a trade be good

    Austin's mic work - At insurrextion, he did the hi-lite reel with Jericho and Bischoff, and whilst the segment was ridiculously long, all three were having the time of their lives and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand from start to finish. It was tremendous to behold. I don't think it's his ability, his character as a non wrestling badass with a confused backstory, particularly in terms of the balence of power coupled with banal storylines and no heat is to blame. We all now that when he's unmotivated, he doesn't hide it.

    Name Change Please

    Anyone think I should change my name just out of interest? I mean, it's supposed to look markish and stupid, but I don't think it's the best expression of that, and everywhere else it's morphed into SaturnDayNiteLive.

    Why Should I hate Bill Goldberg?

    If he decides to stick around long enough (and with HHH out of the picture for a few months that's a lot more likely) I think he'll improve as a worker, his new attitude to selling at least shows that he's making the effort and that means he's not JUST there for the $$$. As he is now, I'm by no means adverse to watching him.

    Pitbull Anthony Durante Dead

    Look, I was never interested in the guy as a wrestler, but fucking hell, reading about two young children in the house with his corpse and used needles lying around sends shivers down my spine. That's just awful.

    Great Album TITLES

    C'mon, the only ones anywhere near the league of my pick that you folks have mentioned are Stabwound Intercourse, because it's hilariously daft, and Songs about fucking.

    What's so bad about Saliva??

    Guitars that sound like they do in every Saliva song I've heard, and 'vocals' in the same vein accentuated with the most pedestrian rhythm section trash imaginable mean I just can't listen to them, and would consider paying money to avoid listening to them. I still think Coldplay are the worst band on earth.

    Eddie's Opponent at No Mercy

    As I posted in another thread, I want to see this match. Eddy will win, and though it will be because of all the cheating under the sun, that's how he got over in the first place. This is why they keep Show around, it looks impressive when people beat him in a main event environment. Less impressive when they do it every week, thus he stays near the top.

    Really, Really Bad Album Covers