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    Some matches I want to see!

    True, Regal's ideal, maybe teach him some chain wrestling and that would rule. I liked them as a team. Surprised he isn't managing La Resistance, though I guess our government is dumb as well so it wouldn't work.

    Favourite bands and songs

    I'm not ashamed of anything, but some of the stuff I like is pure cheese and I only like it when 'm drunk, dancing to it. The biggest example at the moment is 'Gay Bar' by Electric Six. I think 'Danger! High Voltage ' was a good pop song, and I like this one too. It is, however, crap that exposes them, like everything else they've done. But the moment I listen to it, I don't care. Another one is 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' by Oasis. I've never given a shit about anything they've ever done, but when that intro hits, I'm happy, and nevermind why. No doubt KISS will crop up and spark a debate. I accept responsibility for this.

    TSM Poster Tournament II: Round II

    very ghey. Can I be fucked with voting for you? Voting is ghey.

    My apologies to Banky...

    I have to say, I'm SHOCKED this thread didn't read Banky, I'm sorry. That you're so GHEY~! lOL!!!!11

    Robert Palmer

    Every time a certain friend of mine gets wasted and goes out, a cult figure dies. We were having a death pool, and I'm still holdin out for the pope, but none of us had Robert Palmer. We were goin down that road though...

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Don't need to tell me twice...

    Robert Palmer

    Well, I certainly didn't expect THAT.

    I Hate Ray

    Duck STAB~!

    I Hate Ray

    Alright, Kevin Nash has better mic skills than Benoit. Who's the better wrestler?

    "The Name Game"

    Great Muta

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sisters of Mercy - 'Vision Thing'.

    Dave Grohl's metal project

    I like Mike Dean....

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Yeah, most of my hate for them is because every time I talk to some idiot girl in a club and they say they don't like AWK because he's repetitive (don't get me fucking started) the one band they ALWAYS like is The fucking Deftones, when they're just as, if more repetitive. They are just there I guess. Better than Athlete!

    Return the Champagne Bottles...

    Sorry, didn't really have anything to add cos I don't give two shits, but felt left out. It's not that bad of an album...

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Fair dos. They're better than The Thrills

    Are there any good metal bands anymore?

    I still love Sign of the Cross. That was a good album, I was just getting into them at the time so it's got kind of sentimental value. The special edition double CD of Best of the Beast still brings back memories.

    Really, Really Bad Album Covers

    Someone here had an UNBELIEVABLE photo of Pantera in their sig about a year back.

    Some matches I want to see!

    Move it, whatever. I'll stick to my current WWE ones in case. Benoit/Lesnar - This has potential to be Brock's best match, both guys can bump for eachother and are willing to sell. Eddy/Lesnar - Their smackdown match a while back seemed to be somewhat of an off night for Guerrero, this seems a more likely program than the above, yet it remains to be seen if they'll ever bother with a REAL push as long as taker's around. Eddy/Show - Surprised they haven't done this yet, can't see anyone else pulling *** out of Wight, and if he's willing to sell (and he usually is, bless 'im) this could be something. It will, of course, be Eddy using everything and it's mother to win, whilst bumping all over the place. As long as he goes over (he will, I'm fairly sure) it can't be too big a disaster. They've put more stock in Eddy than they did with Rey, that's for sure. As or Goldust/Orton, I think that you need someone with more unique offence to get a good run with Dustin. He's a good worker but just a bit too vanilla to carry people as bland and green as orton on his own. I'll say this though, I dug Goldust/Rico at insurrextion.

    Smoking Lounge

    Give me a cigarette and I'll smoke it, but that's about it. Never been hooked. Smoke the skunk occasionally, but not anything like regularly.

    Ric Flair's best match....

    To be honest, I actually enjoyed Flair/McMahon more than Flair/Taker on first viewing, but of course in the first instance I'd had a long period without Flair, and that made it more special. Come to think of it, I hate just about every taker match I've ever watched live, because there's usually about 5 of us and we can all call the entire thing for the most part. But yeah, A second viewing was kinder to it.

    Fuck the McMahon devil child

    I thought all American kids had dumb names. No way would you get an English kid called Kurt or Shelton or Brock.

    Can you work with music on?

    Remind me never to try and complete important tasks whilst listening to Sparks, I'll be playing air keyboard within seconds.

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    There must be a reason people place them above other Nu Metal bands. Because A LOT of people do. Seriously, If you like them then alright, I didn't say they were nu-metal I just consider them to be on the same level of bad, maybe a bit higher. But what the hell does that mean? A lot of people say The Thrills are good, millions say Coldplay are great. So that argument I have a problem with.

    Really, Really Bad Album Covers

    Oh my GOD, that had only just left my mind. I saw it on vinyl hung up on the wall of a shop once, and had to leave.

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    I still cannot believe people place Deftones above all the nu metal types. They did it first and did it slower. Wowsers.