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  1. I believe sunny was doing an interview with Vader at no way out 98, and LOD hawk just walked through a door into the hallway, looked stunned and went back in. Whilst it would have fitted with his gimmick at the time, surely he would have said something if it was planned. That guy never was quite there.

    Ric Flair's best match....

    Yup, that one caught me unawares. I'd like to possess such timing at that age...

    Crazy people...

    Working in a supermarket really opens your eyes to how much of the population is just a bit fucked, and how many old men seem vaguely sexually attracted to me.

    Are there any good metal bands anymore?

    ! Beautiful, in an absolutely hideous sort of a way.
  5. You know, most holier-than-thou twats usually make sure they have two brain cells to rub together before they start posting.

    Really, Really Bad Album Covers

    You know, for as much acid as those guys did, you'd think they'd come up with a good album cover. The first one was ok, being kinda creepy and all, but Paranoid's is just retarded, and everything else is just pretty...meh. It's an album cover though, not everything can be as crazy as Axis: Bold as Love Another reason the Paranoid cover is a load of ass is that it shows a policeman weilding his nightstick and shield, ready for battle. guess what the original title was going to be. Oh and Chave, that Genesis one is about the worst thing I've ever seen.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Melvins - 'Stoner Witch'. Hell yes. If you dig the track 'revolve' check out the new version from 'Electroretard'. Come to think of it, that LP rules as well. They sample TV static on the new version of 'tipping the lion' and the first time i heard that i was pressing buttons on my remote. Now THAT'S production.

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Joe Radio doesn't know him yet, but if he tries to get Sep back together and then it doesn't work out, he's sooo becoming a whore. Lars would be hilarious, he wouldn't so much flip out as try to.

    Have you ever tried Haggis?

    Well, if I wasn't fucking starving before.... Breakfast time. (it's 1:40pm here)

    Last time WWE had a **** match?

    The Rumble match is overrated actually. Angle's shoddy selling really annoyed me. ***1/2...maybe 3/4 The rumble match owes a lot to crowd heat, that's true, but it was the right match, got Angle over as a strong champion without making Benoit look like his bitch, as was evidenced by The Standing Ovation~! © The last match that came close to ***** in WWE for me was Rock/Austin, X-7, and I don't mind saying that as a stand-alone match, I choose it over Flair/Steamboat.

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    I'm interested to see if Cavalera flips out completely as well...

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    As long as Chrissy dies alone, preferably in a pit of human waste and used needles, and his band collapses, I can sleep well again. It's tough, none of the primadonna idiots in rock seem to last long enough anymore to go to the absolute top before they fall into obscurity and hell.

    Last time WWE had a **** match?

    Oh, and I was especially impressed with Haas/Benjamin v Tajiri/Guerrero on Smackdown, just after the faces won the belts. Tremendous.

    Last time WWE had a **** match?

    Benoit/Angle at the rumble is the last one I think was worthy of that, I enjoyed Jericho/Michaels and Angle/Lesnar at WM as well, I guess they break ****.

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Who will be the next Axl/Durst? I'll go with Chris Martin, though he fucking sucked in the first place and has transcended bad music into audio based human rights violations.

    Anyone else

    I've always said this, for media success you NEED a slight spark of madness, in fact I think Robin Williams said it and someone had it in their sig. I can't think of one celebrity I respect or idolise that isn't nuts.

    Anyone else

    Saturnmark post, take 2.....

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sparks - 'I like Girls'

    ~Guilty Pleasures~

    Big Show has always, and always will be, my number one guilty pleasure. I don't see the point of arguing over this topic, the title clearly states that we're discussing wrestlers you like, though they aren't all that good.

    Rocky belittles wrestling on Letterman

    I doubt it, that kind of thing isn't really necessary in today's environment. Austin got over from WM 13 while jobbing to Bret. HHH retired Foley and went over a bazillion guys and never got over. I see your point, but HHH got extremely over retiring Foley. It's more to do with the fact that you can't pinpoint a single occasion in some cases, Austin/Bret was a huge milestone in Steve's career, but he was never going to survive based on that for as long as he did. Whilst Austin has the feud with McMahon and all the rest, HHH made the mistake of crippling himself, overexposing himself and sucking.

    I'm going on a date tomorrow...

    Now, how could I tie in a reference to XTC's Go 2 album...

    I have 10 hours to type four 2000 word essays!

    I just KNOW as soon as I go to uni I will find myself in the exact same situation. And, being one of those twats who can get away with it, I'll acheive similar results.

    To hell with Ticketmaster

    I know, Stewart Copeland was awesome too, but how can you not find enjoyment in bashing Sting?

    Non-soiler Smackdown Match Listing

    I actually screamed out loud when I read that spoiler on 411.

    Brits! Please torture David Blaine!

    Surely that water pipe is full of sugar, nutrients, vitamins etc. has anyone checked it?