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    Ask Incandenza

    Yes, I suppose you're right, however last year's 'Lil' Beethoven' is truly something else.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Throbbing Gristle - 'Something Come Over Me' off 'Psychic Rally'.

    Sell Me On:

    Yeah, can't say I care who writes the songs.

    Are You Cool?

    Benjamin Seville is thought to be cool by many. Saturnmark4life is that prick who always posts pics of XTC's Go 2 and has never said anything worthwhile.

    Ask Incandenza

    Do you like the band Sparks, and if not, why not? Why am I the only one with Sparks markage here?
  6. I have no real desire to see the match either, but with both guys as faces it might be interesting. If he taps, that's all I ask, no long feud.The only reason to put him in the main is fr him to tap to Angle, so do that and get him the fuck out of there.

    Most Underrated Bands.

    KISS are underrated as a pop band. I just love how a band could produce the cheesiest music on earth and be accused of worshipping Satan. And I always preffered the older stuff too. EDIT: I found this funny, my friend was walking around London wearing a KISS shirt, and these skaters shouted 'Hey man, don't force your beliefs onto us!'

    Well Rounded Music Fans

    Whilst I should be above hating people simply for their taste in music, I'm afraid that when somebody's justification for liking things is 'they rock' and nothing more, you wonder if humans shouldn't just give it all up to the insects right now.

    Sell Me On:

    He's wearing off me now, but Like I love you, Cry me a River and Rock your body were all sweet pop songs. For that, I don't hate him.

    Current Hates and Likes

    They aren't current, but at the moment I'm beginning to absolutely love Wire.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Meet The Residents. And now, 'Rembrandt Pussyhorse' by the Butthole Surfers.

    Current Hates and Likes

    Will you be seeing Frank Black on the September/October tour, saturnmark? Got my ticket...saw him in the same venue (Leadmill, Sheffield) in 2001 and he blew the roof off the place.

    Reading & Leeds festival....

    Just heard British Sea Power are coming to Sheffield in October. Fuckin' A.

    Sell me on:

    I just thought it was funny that Clutch managed to release a rap song. (careful with that mic...) They're everything a jam band should be, but without being a jam band IMO.

    Current Hates and Likes

    Jesus fucking Christ on a bike. An Actual Uncle Kracker......fan. I thought you types had been culled by the government. As I've said several million times I listen to Sparks more than anything at the moment. As for current artists, I likes Melvins Tomahawk (the first album was better though) The Streets Roots Manuva (Probably my favourite hip-hop artist, don't know if he's made it to the US yet) The Darkness Frank Black and the Catholics Dillinger Escape Plan Rocket From The Crypt Justin Timberlake (just the first three singles really) British Sea Power and pretty much don't give a shit about/hate everything else. I'm sure there's a lot more that I like, but those are ones I really dig. And of course Sparks, Tom Waits and Residents are still releasing material. I will name the absolute biggest offenders, the ones who I think should be imprisoned/fined. The Thrills The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Coldplay U2 Kings of Leon Athlete Deftones (just because they are so much more overrated than the rest of 'those' bands, and nothing dissimilar) Finch Staind Alien Ant Farm A Incubus and anything that resembles emo in any way, shape or form. It's on the same plain as child abuse.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Tom Waits - 'Blood money'. For the Waits fans here, just tell me, Blood Money or Alice? I'm really torn at the moment.
  17. Brock/Hogan. Not a good match, but if you don't slip into fits of evil laughter at brock laughing off the lockup of death, or shrugging off three hulk-ups, I bid thee farewell. The first sign of brock being something special.

    What are you listening to right now?

    "At home, at work, at play." by Sparks. No-one was structuring songs like this, or producing such fantastic lyrics at the time IMO.

    Reading & Leeds festival....

    Did you guys manage to get campfires? Or did some schoolmastery dude come and stamp them out? I really wanted to see British Sea power actually, did anyone intelligent skip metallica for them?

    Seriously is there any Rock respect?

    'Rock' still exists? Bah Gawd. I don't see why they'd put Cash up for anything if wasn't going to win. Can't complain.

    What Has Everyone Got Against Nash

    Is the world ready for a Barron/Mole feud?

    What are you listening to right now?

    Pulp - 'Do you remember the first time?' God, I've had this track since I was like 12, and only now has it consumed me completely. SHEFFIELD PRIDE~!* *SHEFFIELD PRIDE~! is not applicable to artists such as Def Leppard, Dubstar or Hoggboy.

    An interesting statistic

    You have a problem.

    Your Five Favorite Anything

    You know, for so long, Agent, I thought your sig was a dumpster. Huh. S P A R K S version. 1. Reinforcements 2. Happy Hunting Ground 3. Something for the Girl With Everything 4. How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall? 5. Here In Heaven Of course, that was like choosing between several albums of my own children, good job I haven't got the entire catalogue or that would be near impossible. They're really gaining on The Smiths and The Residents now. To be honest, I probably listen to Propaganda every day.