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    Did I dream this?

    OK, so I'm a cashier and one of my supervisors tells me today that because I have spiked hair, that is a hazard to Health and Safety. I am now being threatened with disciplinary action. I can't quite believe this. My hair isn't even particularly long. It isn't even spiked all over. There's no dye in it. I spent time getting it to look as neat as possible. It's basically swept up into a row of small spikes on one side (the spikes aren't even twisted/defined). I've been asked to lower my hair before, and I did. When I did that, it was more than twice as long as it is now and the spikes were fully separate from one another and a few inches long, so I could see where they were coming from and complied. This wouldn't bother me so much if they'd produced anything approaching a vaild reason. The supervisor that was sent to inform me of this said she herself couldn't believe that the reason was 'People might poke their eyes out.' I stood there in disbelief. I'd have to try pretty fucking hard to injure anyone with my HAIR. Another thing is, I'm good at my job. My performance was reviewed last week and I scored 100%. Regular customers make sure I serve them because they appreciate the service. I actually quite enjoy what I do, I was only going to do it temporarily and I've been there a year now. I don't want to make it sound like I'm leaving my job over a haircut, I intend to find something more structured with more £££ before I go to University next year, but the company's recent policies and the mismanagement of our store are starting to piss me off as well, and of course I take the fall for that. This just pushed me over the edge. TWATS

    Hogan Not In HCTP

    If there isn't a CAW for Hogan that a 5 year old could master in that game....

    Most Fake or Unrealistic Moment in Wrestling

    The Black effing Scorpion.

    What are you listening to right now?

    Husker Du - Candy Apple Grey. I really, really do not like 'Crystal'. I like the rest fine. What should I get next if I need more convincing?

    Vince doesn't like Ultimo

    "Even though it seems obvious, Vince McMahon has reportedly lost faith in the Ultimo Dragon. Originally Dragon was set to face Rey Mysterio for the cruiserweight title at Summerslam, but McMahon opted instead to go with the current Rey/Kidman storyline. McMahon apparently feels that the Dragon doesn't connect with the live crowd like he expects, and doesn't work the WWE style." - torch Gotta agree, haven't seen a spinebuster yet...

    Most overrated films of all time

    Matrix is good for the effects. Citizen Kane was groundbreaking in terms of production. They can't be overrated in those contexts, but as a whole they are. Everyone pretty much realises how bad Titanic was now. And I was considerably let down by Spiderman. That's only because all my friends loved it however, I wouldn't call it a bad film, I just really didn't like it.

    The board time is 10 minutes ahead

    Dammit I just phoned the pizza place to claim my free delivery....they still have ten minutes.

    Did I dream this?

    The bonuses are good, my pay recently moved up to £5.05 (Though I dunno if it's the starting rate, people who've started recently say it's not nearly as good as it was when I did). Like I said, I've enjoyed it really.

    Who Got Over on Vince?

    ^And didn't Vince openly trash Kev in front of a PPV audience after a shite main event?

    2 news items

    Savage's answer to "Hulk Rules?" Yay! We have the setup for a rematch now!

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mr Bungle - 'Egg'

    Vince doesn't like Ultimo

    Yeah, but it's clearly a sound quality problem. I mean, you can see the crowd cheering in the background but there was no noise. The cruiserweights were over in WCW. Big time at their peak, and they could be over in WWE. True, on the very same DVD behold the difference in crowd heat from the first match with Dean Malenko to the second one. The fact that the crowd is so much more hyped for the second one displays the wrestlers' ability to get over on their own merits and leave the crowd with an interest in seeing more.

    Did I dream this?

    Sainsbury's. I've enjoyed it up to now really, and i don't mind flattening it whilst i look for something else. But as a whole the company seems to be insulting people's intelligence as of late.

    What are you listening to right now?

    XTC - 'Sgt. Rock (is going to help me)'

    Vince doesn't like Ultimo

    Just because we've heard this rant about cruisers before doesn't trivialise the problem.

    The Return of Primus

    Yeah, I thought 'Riddles are abound tonight' by Sausage was a cool track as well, though I haven't heard the whole CD.

    Vince doesn't like Ultimo

    Though I haven't watched velocity, I've heard that too.

    Last time a turn really suprised you

    The Radicalz turning on Foley was tremendous. Noble's face turn was kinda out of nowhere, I'd rather he were heel personally but I suppose he (gasp) wasn't going anywhere.

    I need your help

    Shitmouth Shucklehucker The Pickled Goats

    Sting in NWA TNA

    He has so much more to offer to TNA than WWE, and working a part time schedule means he doesn't fill all the time like the old fucks inhabiting WWE. Come in for name value, job to young guys, that's that.

    David Gray

    NO. Well, he's good for what he is, but...GOD NO. He's overexposed to the same levels as Coldplay in the UK, I guess I'd give him the nod over them, but then, I'd give Good Charlotte the nod over them.

    2 news items

    I somehow doubt the album would be particularly serious...

    Coolest Songs EVER~!

    Primus - Shake Hands With Beef

    What are you listening to right now?

    I love that track, but I'm not that impressed with the album to be honest. I'd say it's half good overall. Listened to the first one again today though. Ahh. Sparks - 'How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?'

    Your Five Favorite Anything

    17:54 GMT Thursday 7th of August 2003 edition. Wire - 'I am The Fly' Sparks - 'Happy Hunting Ground' Brian Eno - 'Here come the Warm Jets' The Residents - 'Abraham. Road' Morrissey - 'We'll Let You Know' (live version)