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  1. London is good to visit, not so good to live in. I've come round to it a lot recently with a lot of my friends moving there, but it's definitely for tourists. Manchester is great. I can only assume the 'most unenglish' comment was just racism/xenophobia as well, so ignore that one.

  2. Not seen much of the MLS but Beckham's really impressed me for England recently and still looks a class above when he comes on, but that probably says a lot about the rest of the English team. Not watched him in Italy as yet but he seems to be doing the business as part of an aged Milan side, so fair enough. Looks like he kept fit in the MLS at any rate. I suppose there is an argument for less glamorous veterans like Huckerby & Angel going over there, with the standard being lower at present, especially if they influence the coaching side of things.

  3. Ade Akinbiyi's the latest championship clogging veteran to be linked with a move to the US. That says a lot about the standard, unfortunately. Do they use a draft system with youth players coming through colleges?

  4. Back in t'championship, Luke Varney has joined on loan and Laws has already mentioned a permanent deal. Dunno what franchise thinks with his utter failure at Derby but I've always thought he was ok. As long as this doesn't mean shoving Tudgay out wide again, as that cocks up most our attacking play.

  5. We've not got a real replacement for Beckham yet, Ashley Young may be World Class by the time of the World Cup, but we wouldn't lose out by having Beckham in the squad. Fabio Capello actually brought Beckham back into the England team (on the proviso he proved his fitness and earned his place, just like when they worked together at Madrid) after the appalling Steve Mclaren dropped him to try and stamp his authority on the team more than anything.

  6. Wednesday 1 Reading 2


    No thanks! Bloody Berkshire bastards. Absolute robbery. The ref and his assistant should be put down. Fucking hell. After some disastrous offside decisions, we scored a superb goal ruled out for nothing, they went up the other end etc etc. Soul destroying after we deserved at the very least a draw against a far superior side. Our keeper went up for 3 corners in injury time and so, so nearly scored an equaliser. If his header had bounced an inch earlier the keeper wouldn't have got there. My God. I'd have been on the pitch. So they can fuck off and die, who's next? Wolves. Hate them as well, McCarthy got one of our players sent off last time out. Twat. Still, least these decisions aren't threatening to send us down like they did last year.

  7. I'm trying to get into the new Morrissey album, but it hasn't been clicking. Sucks, because I really want to like it, but other than a few songs here and there, not much stands out.


    I think the first two tracks are far and away the best, and it struggles to maintain focus thereafter. Still some gems here and there. 'Sorry Doesn't Help Much' is a dud, 'Black Cloud' isn't particularly good, but I can get behind the rest. A lot of the reviews were correct about the album as a whole but picked out the wrong songs. Some douche dismissed 'Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed' as 'tuneless' which is crazy, it's tremendous. His band have also been criticised amidst the most recent bout of 'he should get back with Johnny Marr' garbage, but having seen them live they blew me away.

  8. Inter were the better team 2nd half, so I suppose that's a fair result. Mourinho starting Rivas ahead of Cordoba was madness, though the 18-year old full back looked solid. As for Arsenal, they'll be disappointed only to have a one goal advantage. Carlos Vela must despair when he continually sees Nicklas 'I should play every minue of every game' Bendtner on the team sheet ahead of him.

  9. And if Hiddink (Who should have been England's choice after Sven) tries to juggle Chelsea's demands for instant success with the Russian national side then the pillocks running Chelsea will likely destroy his reputation as well.