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  1. A win! I would remiss were I not to mention Michael Johnson's unbelievable, majestic twatting of the crossbar from 300 yards against Bolton. And Franchise, I am so, so sorry it didn't go in. That's the end of that chapter.

  2. I listen to Clap Your Hand Say Yeah's first album every now and then, but three songs are in my regular rotation. I mentioned them here before at some point: "Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away," "The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth," and "In This Home On Ice." Great songs all. If they could replicate that kind of energy and interest in everything they did, they'd be a great band, but alas, evidence to this point suggests they've only got so much in them.


    Agreed. The first album just exposes them straightaway. I think it was that utterly, utterly pointless guitar interlude, 'Blue turning Grey' that killed the whole thing and showed how quickly they'd blown their load.