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  1. This is likely premature and flippant, but less than 4 points from Hull and Burnley this week = Laws out, methinks. I've not spoken to anyone who would object were Sturrock re-appointed tomorrow. That's the thing, no one wanted him out in the first place, he had 14 senior players injured when he was sacked, and it was his team who started winning again, not Laws'. Even when we were winning last season, we were often lucky and were never really playing that well, often building a lead then coming within inches of throwing it away in the second half. It was alluded to last season: no one actively dislikes Laws, but could any of us ever love him?

  2. Man, Hartlepool must fucking hate us! First the play-off final and now we scrape through in the 120th min with a crap goal after an alarmingly inept performance. Still, it's a win and I'm delighted Folly scored his 1st goal for us, he's a quality player who's been out of the side for ages, 3 members of his family have died in the last few months.