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  1. True story: Morrissey is coming back to Kansas City on the two year anniversary of the murder of my roommate's mother. The roommate with the "Viva Moz" tattoo on his wrist.


    Besides the fact that a grown man will be openly sobbing all over me, I'm looking forward to seeing him again.


    A warning - one of the best songs on the new album is the thunderous 'Mama lay softly on the riverbed'. So enjoy that one.

  2. Pulp

    Streets ahead of Blur & Oasis et al. Always were. I might be biased because they're the best thing to come out of Sheffield, but they're pretty much the best band to crack the mainstream over here for about 20 years. Not many bands can top the brilliant run of His 'n' Hers, Different Class, This is Hardcore. Jarvis is an incredible performer, his stage patter is hilarious. Solo album's good too.

  3. When you walk through the garden

    you gotta watch your back

    well I beg your pardon

    walk the straight and narrow track

    if you walk with Jesus

    he's gonna save your soul

    you gotta keep the devil

    way down in the hole

    he's got the fire and the fury

    at his command

    well you don't have to worry

    if you hold on to Jesus hand

    we'll all be safe from Satan

    when the thunder rolls

    just gotta help me keep the devil

    way down in the hole

    All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword

    and they'll shield you with their wings

    and keep you close to the lord

    don't pay heed to temptation

    for his hands are so cold

    you gotta help me keep the devil

    way down in the hole

  4. No particular order, but nothing will ever top Seamonsters, I don't reckon;

    The Wedding Present - Seamonsters

    Morrissey - Your Arsenal

    Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes

    Pulp - Different Class

    Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

    Slint - Spiderland

    Wire - Pink Flag

    The Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician

    The Stooges - Fun House

    The Residents - Not Available



  5. Got Gene: The Collection. Just dire. I'm going to gob all over this and punt it over a rainbow. Certainly makes you appreciate Moz more, witnessing what happens when others try to do it. I know the comparison's obvious, but you're not missing a thing by instantly dismissing these twats.


    Picked up Brighten The Corners as well, think I prefer Wowee Zowee currently but that may yet change.

  6. I find GnR less tolerable than more 'stupid' hair metal. They may have been nearer 'straight-up rock' (whatever people mean by that) but they still took themselves far too seriously. Waste of time trying to separate them from the genre entirely. They were essentially the next step upwards.

  7. We've got a couple of wolves rejects (Gray and Potter) on board. Nothing against either one really. Anyone who can play in midfield to any degree is IN. The new chairman has reduced tickets to a tenner for the charlton game to get some fans back. A good move. Lose that one and we'll be candidates for relegation, seriously.

  8. Moz's new album leaked yesterday. I'm on my third listen. It rocks a lot harder than anything he's done in a long time. If anything, it reminds me of Kill Uncle mixed with one of the two late nineties weird ones that nobody listens to anymore.


    Been waiting what seems like forever for the studio version of 'Something is Squeezing My Skull'. Great opener. I think he might have shot himself in the foot releasing 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as the first single (not an actively bad song, but not great or really reflective of the largely up-tempo album) and including both 'new' tracks off the Greatest Hits though.