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  1. 1. TV on the Radio - Dear Science

    2. Neon Neon - Stainless Style

    3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!

    4. The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent

    5. The Magnetic Fields - Distortion


    Other than that, I wasn't too keen on Sparks' Exotic Creatures of the Deep at first, but as with their last two albums I came around on it a lot after the live show. And I couldn't help but like AC/DC's Black Ice. Especially as they just tossed it off like all their others and it was still better than Chinese Democracy.

  2. More mid-table mediocrity and more fecking injuries. Nothing changes. Burton shipped out to Charlton despite being our only creative forward (we get nothing from the wingers esp with Esajas being out all the time). Because he doesn't run around like a headless chicken people think he isn't bothered, but he's 32 and was never that sort of player, that's not why you need him. He can control any ball you give him and works well with the other forwards. We hardly ever like scoring without his influence, especially when we're just hoofing everything to Leon fecking Clarke.

  3. Ok, the amount of away goals we concede is still taking the piss. I don't think we'll find anyone better than Laws who's willing to come, but the impetus of a new manager could give us an outside chance of the playoffs with a fit squad.

  4. A shower of shite with a result at the end is better than a shower of shite without one, I suppose. The difference in quality after Beckham came on was immense. Kazakhstan should have scored more! Gerrard was a disgrace again. Never really cared about England and hasn't performed in forever, give his shirt to someone else.