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  1. Sustained! Watched that with a blades fan, said it was the worst performance since Robson. And they were terrible under that pillock. Course, that was only about 10 games ago...thought there would have been a mass suicide pact from the Derby lot when that penalty got overturned...

  2. Ashley's statement lent him a fair bit of credit I thought. He's always been an obvious fraud as far as the 'one of the fans' image goes though, he's a Spurs fan for a start. Good win for us on sat, but more significant is our lowest home attendance for 6 years, ticket prices are just appalling these days....

  3. Ha, I couldn't be fucked with going to the pub to watch it on setantwat. Maybe if I never watch England again we'll win the world cup. I'm perfectly happy to do that. Anyway, to more pressing issues, Watford on saturday. Recently they've been one of those bastard teams who turn up to our place, play like a bunch of soiled tampax and fuck off with three points somehow. Hooray.

  4. Poyet is inexperienced but he was, methinks, the brains behind Wise's success with Leeds, almost as soon as he'd been poached by spurs Wise was looking for ways out of management, and cracks began to appear in the team. He took a do-nothing job with a fat salary that was so laughably vague in its remit he pretty much ensured he wouldn't get blamed for stuff going wrong. Until now, of course.


    Money in football is now sickening and obscene obv, but as for Man City, they deserve it more than Chelsea. They were regularly getting crowds of 30,000 plus in the third tier of the league whilst their closest neighbours were the biggest club in the country. Chelsea's fans don't compare to that.

  5. I can understand why you don't like them, but they bought you Torres, didn't they? I'm surprised more criticism isn't directed at Benitez in general. There are games, like today, where he just seems to get it fundamentally wrong. Figures like Hicks and Gillett are only a new thing on account of nationality, characters like that have been in football since before the premier league started.

  6. Well we tonked Burnley, leading to wry talk of this being our year et al, then it turns out Sodje (who played 20 mins, got 2 goals and an assist and was named in the team of the week) has another month-long injury. Considering how much of a panic buy he appeared to be at first, I can't overstate how massive he is for our side these days. Without him, we trundled along happily against Rotherham and fucked it up in the last minute of extra time before losing on penalties. Great.

  7. We've won all our pre-season games so far, last season we were all getting sent off in Holland then coming home to be stuffed by Port Vale, who ended up being practically the worst team in the country last season. I'm still not optimistic till there's investment, but Sodje makes a huge difference and he got through 90 mins last nite, setting up 2 for Burton.


    I'll warn you that Hulse doesn't seem to be half the player he was before he broke his foot, franchise. (coming from Blades fans)

  8. 'Spring Heeled Jim' Smith seems to rate himself pretty highly and he's signed on loan. If he can take corners, then that's smashing.


    We haven't yet been taken over, and the shittier teams in this division are all signing players.

  9. Maybe "hit and miss" wasn't the right description. I like most of the songs on it, I just don't like them as much as my favorite songs on the first two albums. I like "I Came For You," "The Moving Room," "You Will Remember Tonight," "Into the Clear", "One Brother" and "Pushing Drugs" a lot. "Mark My Grace" and "Don't Call Me Andy" are OK. But there's nothing on it that's as good as "Ready to Die" or "Got To Do It" or "I Get Wet" or "Totally Stupid" or "The End of Our Lives," in my opinion.


    That's pretty much true. In an ideal world, he'll get more experimental for a while then be ready for another 'classic sound' AWK album down the line.