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  1. Still love him, though initially my support for him was in defiant opposition to the nu-metal lot who shat on him for being repetitive and seemed proud of themselves for spotting a 'fake', whilst creaming over Lost Prophets, Incubus et al. He's great. And a gosh-damn handsome man.

  2. Some cock I know thinks Coventry are going to buy Richard Wood for £1m. If that happens, I'll kill lots of people. In other news, the takeover seems more 'on' than 'off' again and rumours persist that the prospective owners want Alan Shearer. Why? Not that he'd come anyway, he rejected Blackburn for frig's sake. Spend the money on players.

  3. Meh, Andrew Dice Clay rocked arenas without doing anything, and he was awful.


    Yeah, you don't like him, and I don't really either, but you're telling me you can't learn things about how to work a comedy audience from him?


    Nah, not really. The act would never work again. He didn't have any more charisma than the next guy, it's just that he had shock value at the time.

  4. So who are people wanting to sign? All's gone quiet on the takeover front (again) which is obviously the sticking point, but Bolton have just released that Andranik who looked decent to me, I think other clubs will offer him more than we can though. We basically need an entire midfield, then possibly a left back and a striker as well.