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  1. Incredible achievement by Hodgson, even though I have no real love for Fulham and their minimal fanbase, composed mainly of visiting actors. McBride and Bullard make them a different team, with those two even Sanchez might have stood a chance. If Hodgson can get Steven Davis back next year that'll be a big plus as well.

  2. I never realised that Slayer had an ironic appreciation for Man O War.

    I don't do hipster irony


    Uber-goofy "Metal is serious business" leather-clad image notwithstanding, they have several good songs, although they haven't done anything worthwhile since the early 90's


    also, Manowar is one word


    also also, real men play on ten


    "If you're not into metal, you are not mah friend!"

  3. I'd disagree, Rain Dogs is surely the place to start, as that one covers all the bases as well, but its also his best album. Alice has always been a favourite of mine too. Probably Swordfishtrombones next, then maybe you're ready for Bone Machine.

  4. Think we showed today we're more than just a hardworking side, don't know why that tactical genius Warnock used long ball tactics against McCombe and Carey with no Scowcroft.


    Yes, and how dare you all celebrate your screamer of a winning goal like that. It's just not on.





    We've still not been taken over.

  5. The best man at my wedding claimed to have had sex when he was 6. He told some story about playing hide and seek and hiding in the closet with another girl his age and catching his babysitter having sex. He said it looked like fun so he tried it with that girl. Whether believable or not it was a fun story to bring up when he met a new girl.


    Did he include that in his speech?