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  1. Teenage Fanclub, you guys. I'll upload some songs later tonight when I get home, but about half of Bandwagonesque is brilliant.


    Yeah, here's some other stuff I put in this bracket that rules.


    Centro-Matic - 'Huge In Every City'

    Superchunk - 'Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything'

    Afghan Whigs - 'Crazy'

    GBV - 'Teenage FBI'

    The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet


  2. Anyone else notice they've started with the cider? I just got completely sick of lager, and now I'm on cider all the time. It's not much better in terms of quality in the pubs and such, but gets you there quicker and I find I can drink it any time of the day. Worrying.

  3. SNL's best in years? Quite possibly, but that's not particularly funny these days either. As for what I do like, I watch a hell of a lot of standup and sitcoms, and it's Black Books, Curb Your Enthusiasm, South Park, classic Simpsons, Brass Eye, Blackadder (most of them are British, I admit that) and as for movie actors, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Peter Sellars etc etc, and I don't necessarily prefer them because they're more 'intelligent'. Their stuff is better executed. They don't all hinge on subtlety, but Ferrell's timing isn't especially good, and his one-liners predictable. I don't spend any time analysing him to realise that. He was inoffensive as a bit-parter, but didn't exactly stand out either. Except for the fact he was always the loudest.

  4. He's utterly, utterly unfunny. I can usually find a reason for most mainstream comedians I don't like being popular, but this guy just appeals to those with no intelligence whatsoever, the types who would laugh at say, a Jamaican with an upper-class English accent, or worse still, a black person basically saying something combined with a hand gesture. Fuck off, the lot of you. And no, we don't all find transvestitism the pinnacle of comedy over here. We just exported the comedies that were of a level you were all comfortable with. I cannot stand Will Ferrell, you bastards.