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  1. We all support where we're from, that's more important. Plus the premier league is discussed constantly everywhere here, so it's more interesting to hear about each other's local teams. If there were more people who regularly posted in here you'd see fans of the bigger teams.

  2. Oh cock, I'm worried again. Soton win, our young midfield talent is crocked for the season and Scunthorpe looked to have the better of the game from what I saw. Stoke have also gone to shit at the wrong time, as we need them to beat Cuntventry and Leictwats. Sorry, I hate this league and everyone in it.

  3. Point well taken.


    Anyway, uh...let's try The Replacements OR Husker Du. The latter has never been able to move beyond "Band I Don't Get" status for me, while the former is a sentimental favorite.


    'Mats. Husker Du at full pelt were something obscene, but I think the Replacements can claim better albums overall.

  4. I guess a point is ok, but having lived there when at uni, I fucking hate Stoke and everyone in it. Ameobi should have been sent off for 12 bookable offences, and some twat called Dickinson nearly killed our young midfielder. Still, I'm optimistic, I think Southampton are utterly fucked, and we'll stay up.

  5. Bastards. We just had to collapse 20 seconds from time. BASTARDS. Good performance despite that, Sahar took his goal well and looked to be clicking with Burton. Fuck though, that win would have been huge. Anyways, we've got Stoke next, and our record's decent against them, plus they only drew again today.

  6. What a win, knock that bloody Layer Road down already, that's the only time we've ever won there, literally. Burton and Tudgay look to be back on form, and Kavanagh's aiding the cause admirably now, you can tell he's keen to stay here.

  7. FourFourTwo's 50 best football league players was ridiculous. Andy effing Gray the 2nd best player IN THE LEAGUE? Has he even scored for Charlton yet? Does he even play? Having watched Lee Camp the day after I read the list, he's toss as well. All of QPR can fuck off while we're at it, appalling conduct just because Franck Songo'o was retaining possession with a couple of tricks in injury time. He had a great debut, and Burton was excellent when he came on, after Laws ragged off Showumni and the offensively bad Wallwork in the 40th minute.

  8. Well done to Mark Beevers on his Championship Apprentice award. Starting at centre half week in week out, just turned 18, going to be bloody good. And now Wood's back to partner him we've got three clean sheets in a row. I've become a big fan of our youth coach Sean Macauley, had us playing well in his brief caretaker spell and has obviously been doing something right, with Spurr, Beevers and Wood all academy products in the first team. Wish we'd produce a sodding striker though!