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  1. Fortunately it got postponed again! Our pitch can be useful like that sometimes. Ben Sahar's still not made up his mind, I'm all for him coming, but can't shake off the feeling that he gives the impression of a spoilt little shit.

  2. In far, far shitter news Glenn Whelan has joined Stoke, which can fuck off and means we're going to be in a real scrap for sure, despite my rating Kavanagh (who's returned), our midfield just won't have enough energy if we're playing him alongside Wallwork. O'Brien may have to move back into the centre with Esajas on the left, which could be fine, but one injury could really fuck things up.

  3. We should have been more than a goal up at half time. We were so knackered by the end that I didn't expect much, but why Lunt took a pen after completing approximately zero passes I don't know. We needed a break really so I'm not too upset.

  4. I'll listen to that, but I don't really like the idea of genre-crossing covers, they're often cheap and corny.


    Some exceptions: Ben Folds' "Bitches Ain't Shit" cover... it's so absurd it's almost Weird Al-esque...


    Uncle Tupelo's version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Uncle Tupelo have enough integrity to pull shit like that. Plus I think this was originally recorded as just them screwing around, only to be released years later.


    I'm aware it's been discussed fairly recently, but Bryan Ferry's 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' is fucking tits as well.

  5. Embarassing. 'Now all we need is Shearer as assistant, £25m and some quality players and we'll break the top four, what he's done at other clubs is irrelevant'. I haven't fabricated any part of that, it's the kind of crap that flooded sky sports news yesterday.

  6. Wednesday are going to be right in it come the end of the season. I think there's enough teams to go down before us, but only just. If Jeffers and Sodje had been able to get any number of games together I think they'd be a really good partnership by now. Clubs have also realised that we have to sell Whelan now for a pittance or lose him in the summer for nothing, as he ain't signing a new deal, hence bids of £400k for a player worth at least £1m.