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  1. After having seen the first two Strong/Danielson matches, I'd be inclined to say the 2nd was better. It had more weaknesses (mainly some selling problems and lack of direction at times), but it undoubtedly had a better stretch run then the first. Oddly enough, I thought that Daniels vs. Joe from Vendetta was better than the first Strong/Danielson match. It seemed to be more focused from start to finish and it was a masterful performance by Joe, as his selling was off the charts.



    If I remember right the Austin/Hart SS match is in the JoeDirt thread. It might still be active so check it there if you like.

  2. Unlike WP, I actually have an better understanding of girls. You are attractive but it's not your looks that put you over, so to speak.


    You know why these kids fear you? It's because you are a good looking girl, who actually calls out on their bullshit. This terrifies men. Real men, aren't intimidated but rather charged off it.


    That's your best quality, from what I have been able to determine from your antics here.



    I know her antics amuse the fuck out of me. Leena you should pick on Slayer more. He likes it.