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  1. I'm curious if anyone can envision a scenario in which McCain could win a presidential election.

    Consider that:

    -he's quite old

    -he can't publicly speak worth a crap

    -he's hated within his own party

    -he whole-heartedly supports a war that's about as popular as a heart attack

    -he belongs to the same party as the unpopular incumbent president



    Black babies and liking sex might hurt him too?

  2. I saw Jonah Goldberg give a speech on CSPAN today. He's like just about every fat professor I've ever had if they were all fucking retarded.

    The local newspaper prints his crap in the editorial page all the time here in NH. The inset photo of his face is your standard douche bag pic of some dude with a look that reads: "See I told you so because I'M the smartiest smart guy ever so you BETTER be listening to me." He was very clean cut and conservative with a collared shit and looked like everything you would expect from a righty-wing writer appealing to righty-wing readers. Then I saw him on MSNBC a couple weeks ago with a moustache /goatee combo that would have fit right in on an old school Star Trek episode (or that biker gang from the Clint Eastwood monkey movies). Jonah Goldberg rules.


    He is to politics what Necro is to rap music. He rules cuz he sucks.

  3. A friend of mine burned the whole first season for me and I just finished it the other day. The show has it's good points (the story, Hawkins, Mayor Dad) and it's bad points (the acting, The IRS chick) but so far I am digging it. The story makes sense as it pertains to a small town trying to survive under the circumstances so that is good. Man, I love that deaf girl too.


    I found the first 3 episodes of Season 2 here: http://www.free-tv-video-online.info/inter...o/season_2.html



    Things get... bigger... is all I'll say.


    Enjoy. :D