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  1. How ELSE is a revenge minded girl gonna get close enough to a Yakuza boss to kill him? It is actually a really calculated move on her part. Makes for a good excuse to build her becoming one of the worlds deadliest assassans so early in life as well. Cuz when the "underworld" hears about Matsumoto getting killed, they'll want to hire the resourseful person who did it. Hence at 20 years old, suddenly she is THAT highly ranked to be hired to snipe military dictators? Hells yeah!


    Plus, there wasn't any sex in the scene. It plays out like they never got to it cuz O-REN went right for the kill once he was vulnerable.

  2. Lets not overlook that in waiting the 7 minutes Bush did make a mistake. A forgivable mistake but mistake nonetheless. As an issue (which it IS considering how much debate has been lended to it) it is a small one and I doubt would be the turing point for any independent voting. Nor should it be. But if this is being cast as one of "Moores talking points" then the attempts to minimize his influence has failed.


    In conclusion, I will now investigate this mystery known as Monkey Island.

  3. I agree with you on your stance. For me, finding a candidate to my liking is very difficult. This time around it just seems like another round of holding my nose and voting. It's awful when the only choices available have their hands so deep in the corporate cookie jar that nobody can trust them regardless of what your beliefs are.



    Bush and Kerry are both dickheads for the obvious reasons "debated" here and elsewhere and now we have to choose.




    Just plain nifty.

  4. This is all well and good. I would suggest they expand it a bit beyond just being on the net. Tack these matches on the end of the PPVs or make use of the Comcasts On Demand service so you can watch them on your TV, tape them etc. Besides by being exclusively on-line not everybody will be able to take advantage of this considering alot of peeps have slow computers.


    I second the motion to get alot of older complete MSG events from back in the day. I know there have to be a huge number of events on tape from the old Boston Garden, MSG, and other places from what I saw on the old Prime Time show.

  5. Ok, here goes THIS:






    Shut up you whinny liberals

    "I'm Juxtaposing" by Eightheadz, creator of 8BM.com


    The headline on the front page of the Ann Arbor News yesterday read “Democrats pledge to stay positive” referring to the message they want to send out at the Democratic National convention that started yesterday.

    I swear if you hate the Democratic party I can’t say I blame you.

    Especially if your reasoning is based on the fact that too many in the democratic leadership are just wanna-be Republicans.

    Bill Clinton was not a republican, yet for whatever reason, the democratic leadership feels like they need to be a republican to beat a republican.

    Don’t get it twisted John Kerry is a republican. When republicans go off on Kerry they look like idiots. He is one of you. He married a republican and even wanted to nominate a republican to be his running mate in 2004.

    I don’t think Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter or John F. Kennedy even contemplated for a nano-second to putting a republican on the ticket.

    Now that I think about it, I am sure Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon didn’t have members of the republican think tank trying to talk them out of nominating a democrat to be their running mate either.

    Like I said don’t get it twisted. John Kerry is not a democrat.

    But that is another article altogether.

    This one is about you whinny liberals trying your best to be republicans.

    One thing I have noticed about conservatives is at the top of their list on why they hate liberals so much is because we “complain” too much.

    Hence this proclamation that the democratic convention is going to “stay positive”. But see therein lies the problem.

    In their eyes, liberals are always bitching and complaining about everything like America does nothing right.

    They hate that.

    They absolutely hate that.

    But you have to understand what they consider complaining.

    Complaining to them is talking about problems.

    It’s acknowledging that things aren’t perfect. That America isn’t flawless. Sometimes we are guilty. America doesn’t always wear the white hat and do things for the right reasons.

    To the liberal this isn’t complaining. That is what progressives do. We address problems. At the core of a progressive’s belief system is that through critiquing, things can be tweaked and then improved.

    We don’t hate America, if we didn’t love our country we wouldn’t bother. We would just sit there and let the conservatives run the country into the ground.

    Conservatives would much rather have liberals adopt their attitude towards problem resolution, which is, when left alone things usually work themselves out.

    And before you start, this isn’t about semantics either. I can hear you thinking.

    Complaining to a conservative is the same thing “complaining” is to everyone else. It’s the act of expressing feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.

    My point is that conservatives hate even knowing that people are in pain, dissatisfied or resentful.

    When Bill Clinton setup townhouse meetings to listen to the people “complain” Bush Sr. didn’t follow suit.


    Something like holding a town meeting to talk to the people about what concerns them didn’t even occur to him.

    Why would he want to talk to the people?

    They might complain.

    Talk about problems this country might be having? Are you serious? What problems? There should be nothing wrong with America that a feel good speech with an American flag backdrop on an aircraft carrier can’t fix.

    This desire to just ignore problems is one of the reasons they have such a poor relationship with minority groups.

    Minority groups complain.

    They complained about things like Jim Crow. They tell you about how you have fucked them and how shit still isn’t right.

    Conservatives do not want to hear that shit. And as a result,40% of all of the delegates to the Democratic National convention are minorities.

    Conservatives in the south during the 1950s used to complain that “northern agitators would come down south an rile up all the good Negroes that were happy, content, and living just fine before they came down and filled their heads with all of that voter registration talk.”

    Blacks weren’t happy and content. And trust me, conservatives did not fall into that opinion because they had personally gone down and asked blacks if they liked how they were being treated, if they had any issues with not being allowed to vote, school segregation or taxation without representation and got a resounding “yes, we like how things are!”.

    They came to that conclusion because they didn’t hear any “complaining” coming from the black community because they made damn sure there weren’t any avenues open to complain.

    From where they stood all of this ”complaining” didn’t seem to come around until those liberals came down from the north and filled their simple little heads with all of that equal rights nonsense.

    The April 12 th 2004 issue of Tim e Magazine asked William F. Buckley, "Over the past half century, you have engaged in virtually all the great debates in American politics and culture. Have you taken any positions you now regret?" Buckley: "Yes, I once believed we could evolve our way up from Jim Crow. I was wrong: federal intervention was necessary."

    Only a conservative would take the stance that things will eventually just work themselves out.

    And this man is the most respected and supposedly articulate American conservative they can find.

    ”...evolve our way up from Jim Crow.” Any man that can say that is not looking at his watch while he is waiting for social change to arrive.

    Evolution doesn’t take someone to be an active participant in order to happen. That is why creationists hate the concept. It doesn’t even take God.

    It is a natural progression that is believed to happen whether you stick your hand in to stir up the pot or not. That is how they would like problems to solve themselves. If government would just stay out of it things will fix themselves.

    When you think about it, complaining is also central to why there aren’t many poor people in the Republican Party.

    That’s because poor people tend to complain too.

    I wonder why that is?

    So all that leaves the Republican Party are those least likely to complain, the racial majority and the haves and have even more.

    That is why they liked Ronald Reagan so much.

    What do they say about him? What do they say was what endured Reagan to them, “he made us feel good about being American again!”

    As a liberal I’ve never felt bad about being an American. Then again, that might explain why I don’t have to watch “Patton” or a John Wayne marathon every so often to recharge my patriot batteries.

    Even when conservatives run for office, they don’t talk about problems they talk about feeling good again.

    If Dubya will say this once he will say this 1000 times before his campaign is over, “All my opponent wants to talk about is what is wrong about America . Well I would like to talk about what is right about America !”

    That line only resonates with one type of person.

    So once again, even the way Liberals and Conservatives campaign is so fundamentally different from one another.

    At least they are supposed to. That is when democrats don’t become obsessed with trying to be Republicans.

    The liberal thinks you have just wasted his time if he listens to a 40 min speech any all you talk about is “bringing dignity and honor back to the white house”.

    He is waiting on you to bring a plan as to how you are going to fix social security or how you are going to help create jobs for those who can’t find work.

    But see, likewise the conservative that sits there and listens to a 40 minute speech from a liberal about fixing social security and creating jobs so people can get back to work sounds like a bitch fest to him.

    The messages don’t cross over.

    That is when the conservative comes back at you with some “pull yourself up by your boot straps” or “I did everything by myself no one gave me anything” clichés.

    Liberals don’t think that problems just solve themselves.

    Liberals didn’t think that America would just evolve from Jim Crow.

    That is why conservatives label liberals “bleeding hearts” because they feel we buy into sob stories for problems that they never heard of because no one on their side of the aisle ever talks about them.

    If you want to win over conservatives talk about how great America is, how there aren’t any problems that an inspirational speech about God and the flag can’t fix.

    If Democrats want to stop taking our votes for granted and actually speak to their base then they need to understand that only an idiot thinks that the world is perfect.







    Source: Ann Arbor News, Time Magazine







    Finally somebody who realizes no matter what happens in this election the losing side is not going to go away. Talk maybe cheap, but only if nobody is listening. Which is too bad cuz the dems didn't really give me much hope for the issues that matter most to me during the whole DNC. If you are a left winger, doesn't it really kinda suck that Kerrys main platform is NOT being GWB?

  6. I don't know... if this were real, why hasnt the major media outlets picked it up and made a major story out of it?

    Doesn't the fact that they HAVEN'T answer your question effectively?


    ...Man, the right is so hateful!!!!

    Well for all the times you have whined about a liberal media, you'd think they would have covered this tenfold.

    They're not Michael Moore. They want to at least maintain SOME semblance of legitimacy.

    I also suppose anything you post on CE defaming liberals and the like is utterly useless unless it is front page news on all the networks.

    I do that regularly. ALL of the time.


    BTW, can I call you the names people call me? I imagine you wouldn't like it, but am I allowed to?

    I did kind of feel conflicted about posting this, I questioned the source since I saw the story about three days ago without further elboration, however CE has been quite dead lately, so I decided to go ahead and post it, and instead of any conversation over the issue of the story, it turned into the usual, "OMG I DON'T SEE IT ON FOX NEWS, I SMELL BUUUUUUULLSHIT"



    Can YOU find corroboration of this story? ANY?


    Then DON'T BITCH that this story is getting dismissed as the total fucking bullshit it is.


    Yeah, a semblance of legitimacy. THATS what the news media wants??? They want ratings, big ratings to sell ad time for BIG money. That rules everything every news desk runs as a story.


    As far as Bush being on something like Zoloft or whatever... so what. Not an issue. If he happens to be struggling with some GUILT burning the back of his mind... let him deal with it in whatever manner seems best. Good for him not keeping it all bottled up.

  7. I don't know about crying, but I did get a certain amount of satisfaction of seeing Eddy and Benoit in Hogans spot at the end of mania. They are two of my favorite wrestlers getting their time to shine in the spotlight. So kudos for them ya'know? I felt the same way being there for Foleys first title win. It was awesome.

  8. Unlike the DNC convention which had just the super left wing gutter trash (the anarchists/communists/ Ruckus Society types), the GOP convention will have all the normal liberals there as well.  They're going to need a much bigger cage, uh I mean Free Speech Rockin' Fun Zone .

    How much will they bitch that their Freedom of Speech is being violated?


    Depends on the size of the sticks the cops are carrying.

  9. Saw Hogan and Flair at the Boston Garden house show the night before Flair won the 92 Rumble. Hogan won by DQ.


    Saw Foley win the title for the first time at the Worchester Centrum at the end of 98. Had always been on the Foley bandwagon and at the time didn't realise how the match was going to affect the Monday Night Wars with Tonys comments on Nitro a week later. I remember hearing the comments about "Foley putting butts in seats" left me BULLSHIT with WCW. Austins music cue during the match popped the crowd so big that it rates as the loudest thing I have ever heard. TV doesn't even come close to doing it justice and watching you can the tell the crowd was going totally batshit!


    Saw Vince at the Fleet Center revealed as the Higher power.


    Had 2nd row seats the RAW after Angle won the King of the Ring. Best seats I have ever had at the Fleet or anywhere else for that matter. Total luck with Ticketbastard as I do not know anybody to get me tix that good. If any of you have that event on tape you'll see 3 idiots bowing to the new King right behind JR and the King as Angle goes to the booth to commentate.


    Saw Lita get twacked with a chair by Austin as he and HHH killed the Hardys. Again at the Defeat Center.


    Saw Mr. Americas debut in Manchester, NH.


    Also saw The Rock/Austin rematch in Providence at Backlash after Mania 15. The highest rated on the net match I have seen. Event had pretty much sucked up to that match too. Well the Foley/TBS boiler room brawl was kinda ok, but who wants to watch a match on TV when you paid to see a live event?






  10. No, he said that Rush reached way more people than Moore does via his movies. True, but it hardly makes much of a difference when the film has earned the money that it has. The word is out and people are talking more about this movie than the Rush broadcasts of the last 2 months even though "he reaches more people" and for a longer period of time.



    As far as going point by point. I could link something than you link something that is counter what mine was. Back and forth yadda yadda. So far nothing has convinced me otherwise as I find many of the righty counter-points to be just as suspect as they accuse the lefty media of being. However, I DID address the points made about me "being full of shit" by reminding everyone that so far the film has been out over a month with not a word uttered by Bush and his cronies. More importantly, no lawsuits so far! Nor will there be! Moores facts have stood up. He has come straight up with the sources he knew people would expect from him considering the right wing backlash they knew was coming (Except from Bush). Take it, leave it, spin it whatever. *I* thought it was good read.

  11. Benoits push this year has been awesome. Makes last years loss to Brock not seem so bad. Like the move to RAW was a smart move on Benoits part. Winning the Rumble having to pry Big Show out of the ring with a crowbar was a great start too. I never thought Benoit would get a push THIS strong.


    Having Eddy and Benoit at the end of Mania was almost like a gift to the smarks.


    HBK has been really good this year. Glad to have him around, and in small doses works. The tap out to Benoit prolly means "I'm sorry". At least to the canadian fans. Cheers.


    While many keep talking about how business is down the crowds have remained really hot for the shows. :cheers:

  12. Well the film has been out for weeks now. Last I checked it was 2004.... Nope still no lawsuits claiming LIBEL! WHat about the slander???? What about the lies! If Moore has just made the whole thing up without a shread of evidence or truth than he would have already been sued up the ass by now. Instead they have quiet letting the radio hosts, the FNC, etc do the talking for them. For what? Do they think its just going to go away? The longer this goes unchallenged the more credibilty Moore aquires and the more guilty Bush and company look. If they don't make a counter-point (facts of their own) other than just saying its "unmitigated bullshit!" over and over again then they have been exposed as the assholes they are. Maybe they can't.


    As far as the Goring quote. Sounds just like something I've heard alot about recently... can't quite put my finger on it though.



  13. Well for anybody who is a Bush supporter... After reading this things COULD be alot worse. I suppose.




    July 20th, 2004 12:52 pm

    Fahrenheit 911 is Fair and Balanced


    by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman / Common Dreams


    We've come to expect poisonous and unbalanced attacks from the paid far right propagandists denouncing Michael Moore's documentary "Fahrenheit 911." But more disturbing are the scolds from tepid moderate mainstream journalists who often fail to read their own newspapers. New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof attacks the film because "Moore hints that the real reason Bush invaded Afghanistan was to give his cronies a chance to profit by building an oil pipeline there." Kristof attacks Moore for even raising this issue,. But he conveniently ignores volumes of information readily available to back up Moore's claim.


    Perhaps Kristof, like President Bush, refuses to read. At least that would explain why he missed the raging international debate surrounding the Bush administration's well-documented, then-secret oil negotiations with the Taliban in the summer of 2001.


    The book FORBIDDEN TRUTH: U.S.-TALIBAN SECRET OIL DIPLOMACY AND THE FAILED HUNT FOR BIN LADEN was an international bestseller. Written by French Intelligence experts Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquié, the book asserts that the Bush administration threatened the Taliban with the now- infamous words: "Either you accept our carpet of gold or we'll carpet you with bombs." The threat was made about a month before the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


    Kristof and his ilk prefer the simple-minded version offered by President Bush: the Taliban and Al Qaeda hate our freedom and liberty. That the world's largest military power in search of new oil supplies for the 21st century would threaten carpet bombing is something the mainstream corporate media simply refuses to consider. Kristof also ignores the fact that the U.S. government installed Unocal advisor Harmid Karzai as the President of Afghanistan and provided him U.S. Special Forces as his praetorian guard. Moore mentions this in the film, but Kristof leaves it out of his column, saying the "Administration's huge errors aren't because of deceit." But that statement itself is very deceitful.


    Kristof also fails to acknowledge National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's THE GRAND CHESSBOARD. Brzezinski calmly outlines a thesis that U.S. domination of the globe in the 21st century depends on its control of Central Asian oilfields. He also says the American public would not back an attack unless there was a terrorist attack that galvanized public opinion to seize the foreign oil.


    Tom Teepen, syndicated columnist for the Cox New Service suggests that "Fahrenheit 911 is a polemic, not a documentary." Teepen says Moore "weaves conspiracy theories in part by conveniently leaving out key information." Teepen belongs to that most despicable class of columnists known as "coincidence theorists." He also doesn't understand the true meaning of "polemic."

    F9/11 opens with the 2000 election debacle in Florida. Moore could have recited from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which documented that 54% of the rejected ballots in Florida were cast by black voters and 93% of African-Americans voted for Gore nationwide. The government report singled out George's brother Governor Jeb Bush, and the Bush brothers' close friend and Republican ally, Katherine Harris, for blame. Moore could have presented investigative journalist Gregory Palast's reports for the BBC documenting that at least 58,000 eligible voters in Florida were denied the right to vote because their names were the same or similar to a felon.


    Moore could have shown footage of a roadblock and told how Florida law enforcement officers turned black drivers of vans and buses away from the polls for failure to provide limousine or chauffer licenses. Moore could have detailed how 20,000 Gore votes mysteriously disappeared in Volusia County and were later reinstated. That gap allowed Fox News analyst John Ellis to project his first cousin, G. W. Bush, to be the winner.


    What else did Moore leave out?:


    In his AMERICAN DYNASTY, Republican theorist Kevin Philips documents four generations of Bush family war profiteers dating back to World War I. This includes Samuel Bush's dual role as entrepreneur with Buckeye Steel Casting and government official on the Armaments Board. George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a key operative in the Union Banking Corporation that was seized by the U.S. government in 1942 and liquidated under the Trading with the Enemy Act for helping fund the Nazi war effort. Granddaddy Bush joined the Board of Directors of Union Bank in 1934 and stayed there as the bank aided Hitler's rise to power. The government liquidation yielded a reported $750,000 apiece for Prescott Bush and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker.


    The Bush family is close friends of the self-proclaimed Messiah and creepy cult leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon. In January 1995, Moon's Women's Federation for World Peace paid Bush the Elder at least one million dollars for a speech. Former President Bush was also the principal speaker in the November 1996 opening dinner for Moon's new weekly newspaper "Tiempos del Mundo" of Argentina.


    Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh reported in February 2002's New Yorker that the Bush administration authorized U.S. cooperation with Pakistan in the December 2001 "Kunduz airlift" that sent airplanes and helicopters to rescue Pakistanis fighting with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Note that the Unocal pipeline from Central Asia goes through Afghanistan into Pakistan. A coincidence?


    Article VI of the Nuremberg Charter defines "Crimes Against Peace" as "planning, preparation, initiation or waging of war of aggression or war in violation of international treaties . . . or participation in a common plan or conspiracy . . . to wage an aggressive war." The Bush doctrine of "pre-emption" really had nothing to do with pre-empting an Iraqi attack on the U.S. It is simply the widely discredited Nazi doctrine of "preventive war" established by Hitler to claim the right to attack any country that may pose some possible threat at an unspecific time in the future.


    FALSE PROFITS: THE INSIDE STORY OF BCCI, THE WORLD'S MOST CORRUPT FINANCIAL EMPIRE, by award-winning journalists Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin, documents in detail that Bush brothers Jeb and George both had close links to the drug-running Bank of Credit and Commerce International (aka "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International," according to the CIA).


    Criminal and civil suits against BCCI establish that Bush's good buddy James R. Bath, was a close business associate of Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law, terrorist financier Khalid bin Mahfouz. Moore correctly shows that Bath and Bush were both disciplined by the Air National Guard at the same time.


    Professor Katherine Van Wormer, co-author of the authoritative text ADDICTION TREATMENT, suggests that "George W. Bush manifests all the classic patterns of what alcoholics in recovery call 'the dry drunk.' His behavior fits a pattern of years of heavy drinking and possible cocaine use."


    These are just a few facts that Michael Moore left out of his fair and balanced documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Those who hate this moderate, well-documented film may be most bothered by the actual footage of President Bush. Key scenes include: Bush's infamous, endless study of My Pet Goat in an elementary school class while the World Trade Center burned; Bush's legendary banquet speech referring to "the haves and have- mores" as "my base"; Bush's bumbling, malapropic final warning to "don't be fooled again." What most bugs F911 critics is clearly not the material Michael Moore presents. It's the fair and balanced footage of George W. Bush revealing who he truly is.





    Finally a little quote from an old "pal".


    "Why of course the people don't want war...

    It is the leaders... who determine the policy

    and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along...

    all you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and

    denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing

    the country to danger. It works the same in any country."


    -Hermann Goring

  14. It's Bullshit!! Lies! This point doesn't matter!!! Hey, the guy backed his movie up with sources. Get over it Mike. The movie is out. The movie will make over a 100 mil. There isn't a fucking thing you can do about it. So keep yelling at the void. Your boy got caught with his own words and hung HIMSELF! Moore just pointed everyone in the direction to see it.

  15. Bah, I've seen Lefties do the same thing:


    Reporter: Congressman, why do you want to cut school lunches.

    GOP: We're not -- we're spending more.

    Reporter: But Clinton says you hate children, you don't hate children, do you?


    (I could go on, but I'm tired of typing the names already...)

    Like this one time I saw this guy make an example of something the guys on the right do. Then I saw the guy on the right make with a comeback using the same tactic the first guy had used as an example.



    And next time type all the names. Quit being lazy. :bonk: