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  1. Hope this isn't a pointless bump, but you can also get a ton of wrestling if you have broadband (or a lot of time to kill) by going to the "Media Guide" section of your Windows Media Player and typing "AJPW" or "NJPW."


    AJPW yields Misawa vs. Kobashi 1/97.


    NJPW gives you a ton of clips from Asahi-TV.


    "Ric Flair" gives you a bunch of stuff from Mid-Atlantic.

    Thanks for the hint about the media player. The Misawa/Kobashi match was awesome.

  2. But that's an idiotic comparison, because Italy and Germany were CLEAR allies of Japan. Obviously, as has been proven time and time again, Iraq aren't allies of the group that attacked us.

    Might need to re-check the info, as links between Al Qaeda and Iraq existed as far back as 1991. There is a reason why they never caused problems in Iraq.


    Were they allies of the group that attacked us at the time of the attack? Not according to the 9/11 Commission, who completely dismissed the idea.


    Oh, wait, you're a conservative, I'm sure you've got some conspiracy theory about commission members attending liberal movies or something....



    Because in the conservative world, Republicians really want to hurt their own party!

    Whether or not they were actually involved in 9/11 doesn't mean they weren't allied in one way or another, nimrod. Even if 9/11 didn't have any Iraqi involvement, that doesn't dim the fact that Iraq was big into helping terrorist groups and other dangerous extremists in the Middle East.


    Eh, wait, you're a yuppie. You don't actually know how the real world works, so what's the use in trying to explain anything to you.



    ... Damn, you are just so friggin' familiar...

    Thank you!

  3. I'd like to find out from the leftists on this board what they'd think if today were 1943 and we were fighting Mussolini and Hitler in addition to Hirohito's fightin' kamikazes.


    Maybe you could tell my grandfather who was in Italy in '43 that he fought in a 'for what?' war too.

    Oh and we'd be speaking german today if we didn't get involved in WWII? Riiiiight. Either way Hitler went he was gonna have his Waterloo. Either with the Russian winter or that big pond 'tween us and Europe. DUH! Besides all the guy writing the article wants is for the Bush Admins. to put more focus back on bin Laden and al Queda! What is wrong with that?

  4. Stoned Del. student gets lost in Conn.


    Associated Press



    A Delaware college student ate a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and drove around in a pair of stolen cars before arriving, confused, on a mountain in northwest Connecticut police said.


    Paul Cunningham, 21, hiked to a nearby home Thursday night and asked to call 911, police said.


    "I think I stole a car," Cunningham told a dispatcher. "I'm not sure."


    Police said Cunningham, of Dover, Del., confessed that eating an entire bag of mushrooms, "probably wasn't a good idea." He allegedly told investigators that he had no idea how many laws he broke during a three-day excursion that took him 300 miles from home.


    A student at Wilmington College, he told a state trooper that he bought the drugs in Dover on Monday, according to the Republican-American of Waterbury. The next day, he went for a drive and twice got lost in Connecticut.


    He told police he remembers taking a train to LaGuardia Airport in New York, where he found a car with its keys in it. He's unsure where he went from there.


    "I once again found myself lost in Connecticut," Cunningham reportedly told police.


    After locking the keys in the stolen car, Cunningham allegedly stole a van from a Southbury rest stop.


    In Canaan, he decided to climb Music Mountain to see what was on the other side, police said. Investigators believe the exercise cleared Cunningham's head.


    "I want to correct my mistakes," Cunningham reportedly told Trooper Andre Roy. "In retrospect, this was a bad idea."


    He volunteered a written confession, police said. He was arraigned Friday and was held on $2,500 bail. Both stolen vehicles were recovered.





    Hahaha! What a dolt! I've taken plenty of shrooms and never done that much stupid shit. Though I did get lost on a street I had driven down many many times.




  5. How vets get treated in this country is one of the central reasons I am against this war. My step-father has been a counselor to vets his whole career and during my younger years I met quite a few of them. Alot of these guys are messed up in the head resulting from seeing alot of the shit they have experienced. They would tell me all kinds of stories of tragic human horror, that would often blow the mind of a 12 year old. I often wondered why it wasn't THEM who were on the frontlines of the protests to stop subsequent wars. I guess they gotta make it mean something, to help them feel a little less empty.

  6. A little something that makes a point.






    The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face


    July 12, 2004, New York Times


    Justin Hunt, a young man from Wildomar, Calif., about 75 miles east of Los Angeles, was determined to join the Marines. When recruiters pointed out that he was grossly overweight, he spent a year losing more than 150 pounds. Then he signed up and was promptly sent to Iraq, where he was killed last Tuesday in an explosion. He was 22.


    Three American soldiers, not yet publicly identified, were killed yesterday in two separate attacks on military patrols north of Baghdad. On Saturday four marines were killed in a vehicle accident near Falluja. And five more American soldiers were killed Thursday in a mortar attack on a base in the Sunni-dominated city of Samarra.


    For what?


    Even as these brave troops were dying in the cruel and bloody environs of Iraq, the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington was unfurling its damning unanimous report about the incredibly incompetent intelligence that the Bush administration used to justify this awful war.


    The bipartisan committee, headed by Republican Senator Pat Roberts, declared that the key intelligence assessments trumpeted by President Bush as the main reasons for invading Iraq were unfounded.


    Nearly 900 G.I.'s and more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians have already perished, and there is no end to the war in sight. The situation is both sorrowful and disorienting. The colossal intelligence failures and the willful madness of the administration, which presented war as the first and only policy option, can leave you with the terrible feeling that you're standing at the graveside of common sense and reasonable behavior.


    A government with even a nodding acquaintance with competence and good sense would have launched an all-out war against Al Qaeda, not Iraq, in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11. After all, it was Al Qaeda, not Iraq, that carried out the sneak attack on American soil that destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon and killed 3,000 people. You might think that would have been enough to provoke an all-out response from the U.S. Instead we saved our best shot for the demented and already checkmated dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.


    Bin Laden and Al Qaeda must have gotten a good laugh out of that. Now they're planning to come at us again. On Thursday, the same day Iraqi insurgents killed the five G.I.'s in Samarra, the Bush administration disclosed that bin Laden and his lieutenants, believed to be operating from hideouts along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, were directing an effort by Al Qaeda to unleash an encore attack against the United States.


    According to Tom Ridge, the homeland security secretary, the latest effort may well be timed to disrupt the fall elections.


    If that happens, I wonder if we'll finally get serious about the war we should be fighting against bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Maybe not. Based on the impenetrable logic of the president and his advisers, a new strike by Al Qaeda might lead us to start a war with, say, Iran, or Syria.


    If we know that bin Laden and his top leadership are somewhere along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and that they're plotting an attack against the United States, why are we not zeroing in on them with overwhelming force? Why is there not a sense of emergency in the land, with the entire country pulling together to stop another Sept. 11 from occurring?


    Why are we not more serious about this?


    I don't know what the administration was thinking when it invaded Iraq even as the direct threat from bin Laden and Al Qaeda continued to stare us in the face. That threat has only intensified. The war in Iraq consumed personnel and resources badly needed in the campaign against bin Laden and his allies. And it has fanned the hatred of the U.S. among Muslims around the world. Instead of destroying Al Qaeda, we have played right into its hands and contributed immeasurably to its support.


    Most current intelligence analysts agree with Secretary Ridge that Al Qaeda will try before long to strike the U.S. mainland once again.


    We've trained most of our guns on the wrong foe. The real enemy is sneaking up behind us. Again. The price to be paid for not recognizing this could be devastating.






    No shit. It's about time SOMEBODY started yelling about getting the "Mission Accomplished" with bin Laden and Co. Then again, maybe we can hold out til the elections and have bin Laden "found" just in time. Right? RIGHT??? Poor Abby Hoffman, you warned us about these kinds of people.



  7. Well that is what happens when pretty much you have lost massive support for other sings such as Iraq and the Economy.  Hell, he needs to get his support from SOMEWHERE these days, and looks like he is going to use the good ol' religious right.

    Except the economy is doing well and Iraq is much better off now than it was a year ago.


    But if living in denial makes you happy, feel free.


    Well I keep hearing about more of OUR soldiers being killed all the time. I won't call the economy "good" til its starts to pay off for ME. More rich assholes getting richer doesn't mean shit to ME or the majority of people I know. Show me the money. Show me the proof.


    Gay people can do what they want. It's their right. The right likes to believe that since thay "have religion on their side" they have the moral high ground. Even though most of them support this bullshit war, which features lots of people getting killed everyday.

  8. Star Ratings:


    Benoit/HHH - **** Really hot match without the predictable HHH always goes over crap. Sure, it leaves things WIDE open for a rematch. I think that was the point tho.


    Molly/Victoria - * Nothing special, but didn't suck too bad. Popcorn match.


    Edge/Orton - ****1/4 One of the best matches this year. The early portion that everybody seems to not like sold the exhaustion factor really well. Not all weardown moves are worked towards wasting time and resting. Orton was ACTIVE during them IMO (i.e. trapping Egdes legs in a grapevine keeping him from escaping).I was calling out for a Tully Blanchard Slingshiot suplex from Orton but never got it


    Kane/Hardy - **1/2 Match was decent til the finish, which I have seen Kane use that spot waaaaay too many times. Plus, I agree Kane should have gone over but with a semi-screwjob like feet on the ropes or something to set up a match perhaps after Hardys surgury.


    Flair & Eugene - *** A good time. Eugene got much of his face heat back here. Flair just being there helped alot. La Rez looks pretty good these days too.


    Rhyno & Tajiri/Coach and Cade - Missed most of this have to watch the tape. Crowd seemed into it tho.

  9. I was thinking about what moves would be added to Eugenes moveset in some of the next wrestling games. Since he mirrors so many other wrestlers should they also add some other wrestlers moves like Hogan? Easily recognisable, but maybe something he hadn't done before?


    Rock Bottom and the Peoples elbow... of course. After tonite, add some of the Flair moves. The Stunner....



    Anything else?

  10. Benoit was screwed over tonight like nobody has ever been screwed over before. HHH meanwhile gets protected for the millionth time. Words can not begin to express my disgust at the whole Benoit vs HHH match. What it did and what it means. I've never been more disgusted over a wrestling match in my entire life.

    I dunno I remember a guy named Bret Hart getting screwed pretty bad awhile back.

  11. Among games' most vocal critics is Jack Thompson, a Florida lawyer who has tried, so far without success, to argue for acquittal of defendants in violent crime cases in which he believed that games made them do it.


    I heard this guy on a local talk radio show some time ago. He's a real douche who's only hoping for a big payday. I think I remember him saying that his gameplan is to also sue some big retailer that didn't require ID checks or something, too...

    Wasn't Thompson also involved with the 2 Live Crew bust back a million years ago? His name rings a bell. He can eat my BUTT. There I said it. I hope he is properly dismissed and angry. He can blame Vice City for this outburst.

  12. Before, most notably, Slipknot and Insane Clown Posse made putting on masks and playing loud music cool, there was GWAR.



    Since when do the ICP wear masks?




    I hope GWAR finally eats my car. It's an Audi. It deserves it. :)

  13. I gotta laugh about the high praise for the HBK angle. I was on the old Prodigy board at the time and I remember the Smarks at the time were PISSED about something, ANYTHING getting by them. The WWF pulled a fast one on them and they didn't like feeling like marks I suppose.

  14. The conventions are really just a big pep rally now. The networks are really only interested in ratings and advert money. So they give a shit about as much as I do. Which is very little. Maybe if they hired the Nitro Girls between speeches and had a monster truck run over the opposing parties symbols. Like say, the republicans could hire Grave Digger to crush a paper mache donkey or something. Cut to commercial: "Brought to you by CASTROL GTX!!"




    "I got lots of great ideas. Problem is most of them suck" George Carlin

  15. Socialism has killed far fewer people for starters. Socialism isn't based on violence like Communism is.


    Most European nations have socialized policies like health care. It basically operates under everyone gets equal everything.


    Again it typically falls apart when people who work their asses off realize the lazy ass next door gets as much as they do.

    Very true. Which is why I think people suck. Its a nice idea, but those who try it usually end up being shitheads.