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  1. I don't see why conservatives get all tied in a knot over this movie. It is simply a counter-point to the Rush, Hannity, Fox News type material. So some liberals had their say and others are happy to have heard it. So what. Calm the fuck down.


    The movie IS quite the ride as it covers much of the last 4 years. Moore does a good job of making his point using whatever details he has available. The most damnig IMO was the double-cross he made with Bush releasing his medical records. Since he already HAD a copy, the reason for wanting BUSH to release it becomes more clear: What would Bush black out of the records. That being that Bath guys name. Make no mistake about it. Moore played them for suckers on this one. They bit on it, as in Moores mind James Bath is the glue that holds together his claim about the Bush/Bin Ladens connection.


    I so did feel terribly for that woman who had lost her son last march. It was the hardest part of the film to watch... for me at least. Which is weird since I had just seen fucked up gross little kids with chuncks missing out of their arm, as well as more footage of those people that were burned and hung from that bridge.


    I am reminded (by this film) of the old news footage that used to come back during Vietnam which so many have blamed for turning so many peoples minds 30 years ago. We don't see very much of this type of thing on the news very often anymore, as it is right away labelled as hurting the war effort. It pisses me off that things are so sanitised. It makes me grateful that this movie is out so I can make an even better and more informed opinion now that I know what the left thinks (cuz I'm sure as hell not gonna get it from Tom Dachle sp?). I do agree that there should also be a balance of news stories showing the successes of the war if any. Of our troops doing great and benevolant things but we cannot ignore the toll that is paid. It must be seen and not showing the results good or bad misrepresents the war to those it matters to the most.


    In fact by the end of the film I had more of a feeling of partriotism than I had felt in years. Which is unusual considering the feeling of dread I have as it concerns Americas future.

  2. Just saw F-911. What a kick in the balls. Not for me, but for GW. Maybe he can apply for unemployment next year in Flint.


    Moore totally made Bush Senior and Junior his personal bitch. The standing ovation at the end of the film nearly brought me to tears.


    Its not even like Moore really even had to do anything. GW and all of "those people" did it themselves right out in the open.


    . :spank:

  3. Not being a Bush supporter myself, nor of King George the First. I did support Bush Sr. in pulling out when he did back in the 90s. In those days, the idea was "If we didn't go home we'd still there 20 years later". This is a sinking ship. Never ever should this war have started because their IS no plan that will work to acheive the goals set forth by the American Govt. You can kill them over and over and they will still keep coming back. I can't look past the ages of some young palistinian boys I saw throwing rocks at soldiers in Isreal. Generation after generation they will grow up be killed and do a shitload of damage before they are.


    I find almost nothing to admire or envy about the people who live in the Middle East. I do know however, that the fanatics over there have an iron will that just will not be broken no matter how much money we spend on high tech toys. They have "GOD" on their side you see. Sigh.


    I saw the video on-line of the Korean guy begging for his life and then being killed. This IS going to keep happening. I also see that there are no answers that are acceptable to me. I always used to think we could buy them off if we fed them, but I doubt it now.


    So for myself I'll keep on doing as I have always done. Stay atheist. Stay out of the Middle East. Try and be ready should I encounter any of the maniacs on either side of the fight.

  4. A shot to the head as a defensive move. Understandable IF the officers life were in danger i.e. the guy had a fucking gun. Hell, shoot him in the face. But it sounds like the guy was pretty much TAKEN at that point so hitting him in the head with a baton is just plain bullshit. Not that anything will happen for it. So score another one for the conservative brigade.

  5. Oh sure the movie is going to make ALOT of money. It remains to be seen how much sway it will have over the public. As forceful and heavy handed as Moore happens to be often times, even when slapped in the face, the masses tend to not react at all. Sort of an apathy induced by shock, if you follow my meaning.


    All the same, I'm still not sure what significance the listing of all the famous folks means. The right wing seems to have a real distain for politically motivated celebs. When really, all they have is one vote to cast by themselves. Good review, which makes me want to see the movie even more now.





  6. I too thought the fuel/drug example was a good one. I don't understand the schizo comments in regards to this column. *I* didn't have any trouble following what he said. Is it a real downer? Perhaps. I have always found that recognising a problem is the first step towards finding a solution. There willl always be people who don't wanna hear it and label those folks as simply being negative. Sad. :bonk:

  7. Moore said: "It is sadly very possible that many 15- and 16-year-olds will be asked and recruited to serve in Iraq in the next couple of years.


    "If they are old enough to be recruited and capable of being in combat and risking their lives, they certainly deserve the right to see what is going on in Iraq."


    Since when has there been talk of recruiting kids that young to serve in the military? It's the first that I've heard of it. And maybe WHEN that happens people would be willing to let them see his unbiased documentary. But to say that they should be able to see it NOW just because something MIGHT happen in a couple of years is a joke.


    And, Jimmy Saint, a lot of us are making fat jokes about Moore because he's fat, not to 'defend America' per-se. And I'm actually in reasonably good shape, certainly better than average, am I allowed to make fat jokes, or am I too fat of a bastard to do so?

    I have heard several discussions limited to a few talk radio shows that have thrown the idea around of how people might react to a draft being implemented should the soldiers have to stay for a long period of time overseas. I guess the lure of the GI Bill doesn't pack em in like it used to. The discussions weren't any big deal as in "BUsh and co. were thinking about starting a new draft". Just theory.

  8. Maybe he IS a Rasslin' fan. It doesn't stop him from putting his points in here and there so he can backtrack on wrestling as soon as somebody accuses it of being fake and scripted. Ya just KNOW he has the whole "I was doing it for an article" bullshit excuse to any of his friends who hate wrestling, or can't get past the words scripted and fake.



  9. Anyone surprised that a mainstrean sports journalist would wanna slag wrestling? Boy, he sure does seem "edgy" and "in the know" about it all being "scripted" and "fake". Fuck Bill Simmons. Fuck ESPN. Fuck football and all other "real sports". They have no respect. Nothing would make me happier than to hear the news that the Sports Gal has fallen down a flight of steps.



  10. All debate aside about which Pixies album is best I think it's awesome they are doing a tour. If only they'd come to the Mass/New Hampshire area so I can see them. I should also note that the "Complete B-Sides" disc is quite a good comp. of good songs. I also like the "Live on the BBC" cd as it has a much better version of "Levitate Me" than the original recording.

  11. Angle has been a slow burn heel turn going back to at least the Rumble. After he got eliminated, check out his mannerisms. He acted all dick heelish with the disappointment of dedicating the Rumble to the troops and not coming through. A second chance at the SD Rumble saw Eddie squeeze by him and AGAIN Angle got all heated outside the ring. No congrats to his "buddy" Eddie, nothing but piss and vinegar in the moment. Only THIS time it was slightly more overt than at the RR PPV. This is the part that connects him to Eddie for sure (AS is right about this). But I think Angle has been working towards it going back a bit more. Including January.

  12. It's funny...


    Kurt's only been in the game for What 5 years? He has shown more desire and devotion to his sport than many others ever have in 10-15 year careers.


    However, it speaks of how selfish and conceited Angle is...


    Notice he keeps saying everything he does will be the GREATEST match ever...(He had an obvious out for the WM match but he didn't deliver for the Slam or Iron Man)...


    He actually thinks he can carry a "crippled" Bret hart to a ***** because he watched his matches on Videos a couple times.


    Why does Kurt do this? He KNOWS Bret can't do this, Bret has even told him face to face that...Yet he keeps pressuring Bret like he's a little boy that doesn't want to play little League.


    Sorry, Kurt that your career will end because you took bump after bump that you knew well enough that you're neck couldn't support...but don't cocktease not only the fans but Bret himself.


    He should know Bret would give ANYTHING to go one more time in that ring, esp at WMXX with Kurt Angle...But He can't.


    Kurt is willing to die for his own slefish reasons...He shouldn't drag Bret with him.


    If Kurt wants a fucking High Profile match...Push for a Match with Shawn or Rock...


    He's not gonna get a high profile match like he wants because Vince can't trust him to NOT get injuried again.

    Well if there is money to be made.....



    All the same, while it may not be a good idea for Angle to keep trudging along with all the germans and high angle bumps. I really want to see an Angle/Bret match if it can be done. I can remember wincing and keeping my fingers crossed for both Angles WM match with Brock and the Summerslam match with HBK and HHH and everything turned out fine there. Thankfully so. If Angle trusts his instincts maybe he is better off than we think.




    I'll also take a match with HBK, but for some reason it doesn't interest me as much.