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  1. For me Angle/Benoit is the MOTY. I was so down in the dumps realising that the match I had ordered the PPV for was gonna have to follow the stinker that was HHH/Steiner. But being the wrestling gods they are, Angle and Benoit won the crowd back in a big way. The way the crowd reacted to the 3rd flying headbutt attempt... I was awestruck.


    Haven't seen any ROH as of yet. But some of the matches discussed here seems like a good guide to find some quality matches.


    I have Misawa/Kobashi on the way in the mail, which I have heard surpasses Angle/Benoit, but I'll believe it when I see it.


    Big ups to Michaels/Jericho as well as TWGTT vs The Filthy Animals.

  2. While I don't think overall it was the best SNME October 87 had Savage vs. Bret Hart in a really good follow up to the Mega-Powers angle/Honkey Tonk Man angle from the Sept before. The match was great, with some great selling by Savage, who took an awesome bump to the guts from the megaphone after jumping off the top to the outside. Plus, it was the first time I think Bret got featured prominantly in a one on one match. I took notice of Bret right about that time, as Savage, Vince, and Jesse all worked wonders in getting Bret over a a serious singles threat to the more established Macho Man.

  3. RRR is a great album that i have listened to more times than I can count at this point. The other two were a mixed bag to be sure. Some stuff I liked alot some stuff not at all. The live disc and the rare and b-sides cd were also a mixed bag as well. But damn, songs like Plexiglass Gate just own me. Great emotional metal that kicks your ass.


    Lets hope they can catch lightning in a bottle yet again.

  4. Do you actually unlock anything for beating the revenge mode in WM19? Maybe I'm out of the loop but what about Ted Dibiase being a hidden character? Otherwise, I've decided to be just as cheap as the game and play the first level over and over to earn cash for the shopzone. It seems faster, as it will jump start my sim-fed.

  5. Moore makes alot of sense. Whatever critiques you may have of him, the information is still really solid. Moreso than say... the 6 o'clock news. Black guys DO get the shaft in the news. Americans ARE scared shitless. Canada IS a vastly different culture in spite of being a kid brother nation to the US. Sad but true,. the United States has purpetuated a cycle of violence (in attitude and practice) over the years that has left its sense morality and responsibilty at polar opposites.


    Like it or not, Charlton Heston HAD a big chance to redeem himself after the 2 NRA conventions, and he flopped. Exposed as a racist (obliviously so), having no teleprompters, and lacking the courage of his convictions, he ran for the hills and didn't even have the guts to show these people out the door for fear he might have to continue to speak to them. Because, say what you will about the timeline of the footage from those NRA conventions, it doesn't disproove anything. They are indeed ASSHOLES considering the timing of the shootings and their attempts at damage control in its wake.


    :firing: :cheers:

  6. In a way, the real villain is not Sauron, but the ring itself.

    INdeed, the One Ring is really the true heel in all of this and I think the way things have been presented thusfar support that. Such as Galadriels speech sequence, and at the end there is a soft dissolve to the ring flipping chaoticly, just show remind and show everyone what this is all about.

  7. Ok, I have seen the film now. What I want to know is what these lies and half truths are. Could someone point them out? He makes a good standing for himself (Moore) in the movie and I have heard alot about the aforementioned lies and such, but I haven't heard anybody gibve an example. Anybody got something?

  8. I don't think calling Angle overrated is very accurate. Angle is indeed over praised in the sense of how some folks go on and on about how he is or can be the next Flair (which remains to be seen). I see the difference being a slightly different definition of the two wordings. But lets face it. Angle is really friggin good in the ring. Rarely does he have a match where i feel like its just him going through a laundry list of his signature spots. Having good matches with guys like say KANE, really adds to his rep. PLus, the guys has good to great matches all the time!!!


    In closing: When was the last time you saw Angle totally fail in the ring?