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  1. Well after 91 sucked a dick in it's last half you really got to give WCW kudos for finally pulling it together at that point. Vader tearing shit up. The Steiners getting upset by by Williams and Gordy. The Japanese coming over fairly frequently. This was the peak of my interest in WCW.

  2. Honestly, can any of you tell me how Death Proof is good without saying "because I liked it" or "it's supposed to be bad"?

    Firstly, the car chase scenes were just fucking awesome. I usually don't give a shit about car chases, there have been thousands of them and most of them all look alike. But the ones in Death Proof were truly spectacular. Even if the rest of the movie was nothing but Tarantino sitting on a couch and eating Cheetos for an hour, I still would give it a thumbs up just based on the carmageddon alone.


    Secondly, I thought Stuntman Mike was a hell of a villain. The way Russell played him, he could be creepy or charming, sadistic or cowardly, and it all worked. He was a memorable and unique entry in the Sociopathic Heels of film history.


    Thirdly: your main problem seems to be with the actresses and their dialogue. Well, I liked that part too. I thought all of them did just fine in portraying their characters, even if Tracie Thoms's lip-smacking recitation of her overbaked 70s blaxploitation one-liners did get old by the end. I had no problem with all the dialogue scenes, I found them amusing. I would willingly watch an entire movie of just these girls talking, with no car chases, and probably be entertained by it. Would such a movie be better than Jackie Brown? Of course not. But just saying "Jackie Brown > Death Proof" doesn't mean that the inferior choice is worthless.


    Well it takes a little more than a good car chase/crash to make me enjoy a movie, otherwise I'd be a big fan of most action flicks. Although the car chase in the French Connection was far superior and that movie had good acting and an actual story to go along with it. I like Kurt Russell but I found his role as Stuntman Mike to be a rather uninspired performance. Maybe I need to watch it again to notice the little subtleties of his performance but I was pretty underwhelmed from what I saw.


    Last night I listened to a one hour interview with Tarantino discussing Jackie Brown and he repeatedly mentioned how he wanted us to "hang out" with the characters in JB. Well I think he ran a little too far with that idea when making Death Proof. It was a lot more fun to hang out with the characters in JB because, a) they had vastly different and interesting personalities, and b) actually did something of interest in the film. All the broads in Death Proof were the same annoying bimbo with no distinguishable traits or empathetic qualities.

    Yes, but Tarantino films are a character unto themselves regardless of the characters (or lack thereof) in them. I dig them and I really dug Death Proof.


    Union Pro-Wrestling

    No-rope Barbwire Poisonous Snake Death Match

    Poison Sawada Vs The Mummy



    ZERO-1 Max (01/01/08)

    Motor City Machine Guns (Shelley & Sabin) vs Skull & Bones (Hidaka & Togo)




    Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon (WAR)



    The Thrillseekers (Lance Storm & Chris Jericho) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Smokey Mountain Wrestling)



    Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm (ECW One Night stand 2005)



    MTV - True Life - Im A Pro Wrestler

    Interviews with Triple H, Chyna, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Les Thatcher, Tony Atlas, Sharkboy, & Indy wrestlers.



    Candido/Nigel McGuinness/Double C/Steve Stone vs. CM Punk/Matt Sydal/Ace Steel/Danny Daniels IWA Mid-South





  4. Some Stampede Wrestling greatness. Lots of early Dynamite Kid and Bret Hart matches.


    Bret Hart vs The Dynamite Kid December 1978

    An early match-up



    Bret Hart vs The Dynamite Kid 1979

    Another match between two all time greats.



    The British Bulldogs vs The Cuban Commandos



    Hiro Hase vs The Great Gama



    Bruce Hart vs Dynamite Kid - Hair vs Manager's Hair



    Bruce Hart vs The Dynamite Kid - World jr Mid-Heavyweight championship



    Bruce Hart vs Dick Steinborn World Mid-Heavyweight Championship



    Owen Hart vs Johnny Smith



    Owen Hart vs Makhan Singh for the North American Heavyweight Championship



    The Dynamite Kid vs The Great Gama for the World Mid-Heavyweight title



    Davey Boy Smith vs The Cobra pt.1



    Davey Boy Smith vs The Cobra pt.2



    The Dynamite Kid/Lochness Monster vs Bret and Keith Hart for the International tag team championship



    Bret Hart vs Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie



    Bret and Stu Hart vs Archie "The Stomper Gouldie and J.R. Foley

    Stu comes out of retirement for one last match.



    Bad News Allen vs Archie Gouldie - Strap Match

    Result of one of the best angles, and interviews in Stampede History. Unfortunately, it was so 'over' it ended up hurting the territory, and announcer Ed Whalen quit on air.



    Abdullah The Butcher vs Jerry Morrow

    Watch for a suprise ending!



    Keith Hart vs The Dynamite Kid for the World Jr Mid-Heavyweight championship



    Nick Bockwinkle vs "Dr.D" David Shultz Non title match



    Bret Hart vs Nick Bockwinkle AWA World Heavyweight title match

    Not the best match, but exciting for Stampede fans all the same.



    Bad News Allen vs Bret Hart Ladder Match



    Owen Hart vs The Dynamite Kid Streetfight



    The Dynamite Kid vs Robbie Stewart



    The Dynamite Kid vs Tatsumi Fujinami

    A match-up they had in Calgary early in their career.



    The Dynamite Kid vs The Cobra



    Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith

    After they made it big in the WWF, both returned home and ended up in a couple of very intense matches two weeks in a row. Here is the first match.



    Bret Hart and "Dr.D" David Shultz vs The Dynamite Kid and Duke Myers.



    "Rotten" Ron Starr vs Phil LaFleur



    Robbie Stewart vs The Great Gama



    Bruce Hart and Davey Boy Smith vs The Tenessee Studs (Ken Wayne and Danny Davis)







    Matt Sydal vs. Naomichi Marufuji / Ring Of Honor (05/11/07)



    Matt Sydal vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels / Ring Of Honor (11/19/05)



    Dr Death' Steve Williams vs. jobber

    Col. DeBeers vs. jobber

    ****Main Event****

    Cactus Jack vs. David Sammartino




    Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage - Final Resolution 2008 (01/06/08)