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    Fallout 3

    The thing with the cap is that the game's skill point structure really isn't built to go beyond 20 as of now. Pretty much any build can kill everything with minimal effort by level 15, and the bobbleheads and books let you max out a ton of skills even in just 20 levels. Barring a revamp of the skill system, there won't really be builds anymore since everything will naturally flow to an almost-maxed character unless you explicitly try to avoid that by, say, not taking Educated or Comprehension, avoiding bobbleheads, etc. Any word on how Bethesda plans to address this yet? All that said, it's going to be worth having the extra 10 levels just to maintain the satisfaction of exploring; it's more fun to discover a random radio tower if you get the little "cha-ching" and welcoming green letters. I'm personally waiting for Broken Steel to get and play all the DLC. With that much new content integrated, a fresh playthrough will be significantly different from the first time around.
  2. Edwin MacPhisto

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    I don't think Krauthammer's argument has any legs.
  3. Edwin MacPhisto

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Keep still. His visual acuity is based on movement.
  4. Edwin MacPhisto

    '90s Song Tournament

    Way to hit one out of the park, Kinetic!
  5. Edwin MacPhisto

    '90s Song Tournament

    I couldn't justify Extreme, but I'll definitely go with Lisa Loeb or Faith No More next round if that's how this here bracket works. +++ to Czech for "Sorry, Mannie."
  6. Edwin MacPhisto

    Let The Right One In

    Beautiful and unsettling movie. I love pretty much everything about it. Re: "Eli's voice"--I think that credit is for the moments in the film where .
  7. Edwin MacPhisto

    '90s Song Tournament

    The pictures for each bracket are brilliant. The 2nd and 4th brackets are utter powerhouses. I think I actually know all 128 of these. Based largely on positioning, my early prediction to win the whole thing is "Epic," which has the right blend of nostalgia and quality.
  8. Edwin MacPhisto

    The Beer Thread.

    Finishing up the Oaked Arrogant Bastard now as a work's-over reliever. If you like the regular Bastard, I recommend it. Extremely hoppy but flavorful--maybe a bit of citrus, bit of pine?--and a lasting aftertaste. Also, it smells fantastic.
  9. Edwin MacPhisto

    Talking Quarterbacks

    The split thread should have been called QBeez Nuts.
  10. Edwin MacPhisto

    Any interest in doing another big song tournament?

    I'm good to complain about the outcomes no later than the third round, so let's get in there.
  11. Edwin MacPhisto

    Talking Quarterbacks

    I think Montana's somewhat overrated as well, but Vinny's nowhere near him for the reasons I laid out after Agent's post. His better numbers took longer and were way less consistent. Montana had half a dozen seasons you could call legitimately great, another 4 or 5 good ones, and of course the 4 Super Bowls. Better completion percentage, better career QB rating by 18 points, better everything. Yeah, Vinny played on a lot of bad teams, but he also just sucked often; in the 14 seasons where he got significant playing time, he threw more TDs than INTs a whopping 6 years. I only remember seeing his play in the mid-90s, but I feel safe putting him in the Hall of Okay at best.
  12. Edwin MacPhisto

    Covering Coverage

    That's one of the worst things I've ever read. Not coincidentally, the first thing I've ever read by him.
  13. Edwin MacPhisto

    The Beer Thread.

    I'm working through a 22 oz. of Southern Tier's Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout tonight: Minimal head, lots of coffee taste, and hoo boy a lot of alcohol. Strong scent of it, but it actually blends well with the coffee, cocoa, and caramel. 11% ABV, which means this is a solid 3-hour project, but worth a shot if you're interested by the prospect of a coffee stout that kicks you in the teeth. 8 bucks at Whole Foods. I also grabbed a single bottle of the Oaked Arrogant Bastard. Might crack that tomorrow or over the weekend.
  14. Edwin MacPhisto

    Talking Quarterbacks

    Maybe he can get an honorable mention for Years of Service and a pension or something instead. In 20 NFL seasons, he had all of maybe 3 years I'd call good, and another 4-5 I think you could call decent. And people used to think he was color-blind cause he was so bad! Man, I love Vinny.
  15. Edwin MacPhisto

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I pay $1200 for my room in a tenth floor 3BR/3BA next to a metro station. It's gorgeous and huge, about 2200 square feet. High ceilings, wood floors, big rooms, and various accoutrements that give it a bit of a charming porno feel now and then (a hilarious fireplace that works on a light switch, an oversized tub with brass fittings and mirrors all around it, etc.). I could definitely save a good chunk of money living elsewhere, but between the convenience and how much time I spend at home by myself or having people over, it's worth it. We even have plants and shit inside; I almost feel like an actual adult when I'm here. My roommates and I would totally buy the place if the landlords would sell.
  16. Edwin MacPhisto

    This week in the NBA

    For anyone who somehow didn't see it:
  17. Edwin MacPhisto


    I know 9/11 is probably the reason Snyder/the studio didn't do a bloody New York, but why? 9/11 was, as viewed by most, bloodless; there weren't bodies all over the city or anything. Assuming some sort of sensitivity to the event anyway, why the almost-insulting shot of New York being rebuilt, with the WTC towers quite prominent in the middle of the shot? That felt like a joke/reference the movie hadn't quite earned. The movie was all over the place.
  18. Edwin MacPhisto

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Over/under for number of days it takes for Byron to come around on "Stanky Leg": Millionaires +4.5
  19. Edwin MacPhisto

    Talking Quarterbacks

    Even if he does stay healthy and start all year, I could see him coming up juuuuust short. I know he only needs 200 yards a game, but he didn't quite average that last season.
  20. Edwin MacPhisto


    Oh, Christina Model.
  21. Edwin MacPhisto


    The straps and sole on mine are dark brown. So there.
  22. Edwin MacPhisto


    I paid $100 or so for a pair of Birkenstocks 3 years ago. They're still in fine shape. Think of them as having the same longevity as Doc Martens, but for sandals, and thus much more prone to be on you while you're blowing someone under a lifeguard stand. Either PBone or EHME, whichever loses this fight, will ultimately be declared to know a little somethin' about that.
  23. Edwin MacPhisto

    Lil Wayne is releasing a rock album

    Kreesey F. Losery
  24. Edwin MacPhisto

    Ben Folds - Way to Normal

    It was "Best Imitation of Myself" that I liked. And, if I recall, "Sports and Wine" that killed that buzz and made me want to rape all over again.