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  1. Edwin MacPhisto

    Obama Sides with Bush

    Figured this might happen. Not happy about it, but it's not like McCain was going to get rid of this either. Hopefully this administration will come around on this before the end of these first 4 years.
  2. Edwin MacPhisto

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I dunno about the Chiefs taking an offensive tackle at #3. They grabbed Branden Albert last year and seem to have him locked in at LT, and I don't think you need to spend #3 money on a right tackle. Albert was a fantastic left guard in college, so you could take either of the Smiths or Monroe and move him there, but that's a lot of money to have invested in a second-year guard. The pick at 3 has gotta be someone on defense, I think. The Chiefs had only ten sacks last year, and ranked 28th and 30th in pass/rush defense, respectively. Curry's a pretty good choice, though I think they really need a monster DE above anything right now. Not sure there's anyone who really rates #3 this year in that category, but I'm sure someone will work up there in the combine.
  3. Edwin MacPhisto

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    1. Prince - Sign o' the Times 2. Prince - Purple Rain 3. Sam Cooke - Live at the Harlem Square Club 4. Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde 5. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 6. The Beatles - Abbey Road 7. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs 8. Outkast - Aquemini 9. The Replacements - Tim 10. Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Most of these albums are old veterans of my top 10 lists. Order has shifted fairly frequently, but I'm settling down on these being pretty firm where they are, with little more than a delta of 1 or 2 for any of them.
  4. Edwin MacPhisto


    Really, no one should get a TV from anywhere but Amazon. HDTVs are a lot cheaper, no tax in most states, shipping is usually free, and they bring it into your house and plop it right on your TV stand for you.
  5. Edwin MacPhisto

    Executive Orders

    "The turrists'll break outta da prisons!" is a new level of retarded. Is that the best new talking point anyone could come up with? There are tons of terrorists incarcerated all over the country, and they include plenty of Islamofascist muzzie fundos, or whatever we're calling them today. The dude who tried to blow up the World Trade Center the first time and shoe bomber Richard Reid are here, among others. Abdel Rahman, the WTC guy, has been locked up since the mid-90s without problem.
  6. Edwin MacPhisto

    Oscar Nominations Thread

    What, were those not good enough for you?
  7. Edwin MacPhisto

    Executive Orders

    They're actually in 1080p.
  8. Edwin MacPhisto

    Executive Orders

    Excellent start. Fuck that place and "enhanced interrogation."
  9. Edwin MacPhisto

    The current economy

    I just start with a bit of oil and toss things I've got lying around in till I hit a good complementary taste. Last night I squeezed out about half a lemon, some dry mustard, some red pepper, and some fine-crushed pine nuts, and ended up with a robust little acidic number. Still, I can definitely see buying some of the more exotic dressings, as you might not be well-equipped to make, say, a walnut pomegranate vinaigrette on short notice.
  10. Edwin MacPhisto

    The current economy

    We have sweet jobs, and we managed to kick our coke habits. I spend too much because I buy lunch at work too often. My latest attempt to remedy that is to make highly awesome salads in the morning and haul them in with me. You can go pretty far with a 3-pound bag of apples, various canned fish, and a few bags of lettuce, nuts, and dry fruits. And making your own dressing is fun!
  11. Edwin MacPhisto

    Titles or Talent: What's More Important?

    I don't believe it. You did not talk to girl.
  12. Edwin MacPhisto


    Go back a few pages and you'll find a healthy discussion of those very changes.
  13. Steely looks more human than the kid. Arizona, 24-23.
  14. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    I want McGahee to get up, start to leave the field, and then 5 seconds later his head rolls off. And next, it's Rob Thomas and Santana with "Smooth"! I guess you could say it's a parade of big hits.
  15. Edwin MacPhisto

    The Office Season 5

    I must have just been in a different mood than the rest of you, as I thought Thursday's episode was one of the funniest they've done in a while. The Prius gag had me rolling.
  16. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    That was the blurst roughing the kicker. Ouch. And I think Sweed just won the crowd back with that hit. Serious ouch.
  17. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    Haha. Were the fans just booing Sweed as he got up from the injury?
  18. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    Interesting that Jim Leonhard wears the radio helmet with the green dot. I would expect that to be on Ray Lewis, but maybe he just wants to focus on murdering the opposition instead of relaying defensive sets.
  19. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    I'm mildly confused by that. Why wouldn't that be just a fumble that Holmes then recovered? Two feet down, possession of the ball...what am I missing?
  20. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    So much confetti. I bet they've been making a little every year, just in case.
  21. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    He'll demand a trade in the offseason, no doubt.
  22. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    Or get some gravy in his beard.
  23. Edwin MacPhisto

    List things that don't interest you

    People you saw when you were out somewhere. Oh, wow, you saw a senator. So did I, on C-Span. The only exception to this is the time someone called me at 2 in the morning to tell me that Matthew Lesko, the "get free money!" guy with the goofy suits, was hammered and repeatedly trying to grab a woman's ass outside a bar in downtown DC. Add another one for cars, too. I'll puke if anyone brings up "hemi" in my presence.
  24. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    Rackers' kick would have been good from 60. He boomed that. Cardinals looked incredible this half.
  25. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    After that awful call, I expect the Cardinals to be dialing up extremely insidious and violent pass rushes as vengeance. Edit: There you go.