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  1. Edwin MacPhisto

    NFC Championship Thread

    Shoulda stored the ball more carefully on the return. Maybe in a RAMBOX.
  2. Edwin MacPhisto

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Boldin isn't really the guy you want if you're looking for a primarily long ball solution, but he would be a tremendous addition to the Ravens, as he would be to any team. Especially since I'm pretty sure Derrick Mason's arm is just going to fall off tomorrow.
  3. Edwin MacPhisto

    Let's Talk About: Hair Metal

    Decline is awesome. I really want to see that again. In other hair metal news, it was only very recently that I learned that Stryper stood for Salvation Through Redemption, Yielding Peace, Encouragement, and Righteousness. I knew they were a Christian hair metal band, but: awesome.
  4. Edwin MacPhisto


    I meant more because he has no mouth, but I agree with you anyway.
  5. Edwin MacPhisto

    Gears of War 2

    Never got into online with Gears all that much, though Horde mode is a hoot with a couple of friends.
  6. Edwin MacPhisto

    Gears of War 2

    Gears 2 sort of fell by the wayside with Fallout 3 eating so much time and attention (both for me and on this board, I'd say), but I beat this last night. Hell of a game. I played through on Hardcore, and found it to be a little easier than the same on the first Gears, but that may be somewhat attributable to having less of a learning curve this time. The only real black marks are the two major boss fights at the ends of acts 3 and 4; they're cool conceptually, but are really all about memorization and timing and somewhat ignore the level of firepower and versatility you boast through the rest of the game. Mood-breakers for sure. I could have done with fewer rail-shooter sections as well, though I do admire the design team's insistence on meeting every expectation of "it would be sweet if I could control that vehicle...oh, and that thing...and that thing too."
  7. Edwin MacPhisto

    Book recommendations

  8. Edwin MacPhisto

    The MagicJack Offseason Bowl

    Yes it does, along with the rest of the defensive two-deep. Ouch.
  9. Edwin MacPhisto

    US Airways plane crashes into the Hudson River

    Birds? Pussy-ass plane.
  10. Edwin MacPhisto


    Sweaters are probably my favorite article of clothing. In the winter months, sweater + dress shirt is my standard office wear. Parties, too. The versatility, the classiness! I also wear far too much argyle lately.
  11. Edwin MacPhisto


    I've recently begun to notice that all the "badass" Rorschach lines, particularly those plucked from his internal monologue in the comic, come off as entirely ridiculous onscreen. Whoops!
  12. Edwin MacPhisto


    I heartily endorse an upscaling DVD player. Definitely notable visual difference, stronger contrasts and color depth. If you can get the Sony NS700H or its equivalent down in Auzzieland, it's totally worth the $70 or so.
  13. Edwin MacPhisto

    Hey Guys

    I listened to "Tha Crossroads" while I read this one.
  14. Edwin MacPhisto

    2009 TSM Poster Tournament: The Semifinals

    Boarding hard to the last. Kinetic, I choose you! And Agent. Finally, the battle of tight-pantsed, hipster-skinny rebels with come-hither stares for which we've all been waiting.
  15. Edwin MacPhisto

    24 -- Season 7

    Well, this is an interesting shift; so much for "FBI is the new CTU." Well, they are, but they're actually tracking down our protagonists rather than being them. I kinda like that. The undercover stuff calls back pretty heavily to the beginnings of both season 2 and season 3, but those are two of my favorites so I'm happy to revisit the trope. I think what I'm happiest about is that Tony actually was a dick mercenary for three years.
  16. Edwin MacPhisto

    In Dandy Veritas

    Pfft. You'd be nothing more than a fullback or tight end if you left TSM early anyway.
  17. Edwin MacPhisto

    Fallout 3

    I believe that's Evergreen Mills. There's a generator next to the cage door that you can blast. One missile from any distance should do it, and if you do that the behemoth will probably kill all the raiders for you (and be quite softened up for when you tangle with him).
  18. Edwin MacPhisto

    What is your favourite Beatles album pre Rubber Soul?

    Weird timing. I was listening to Beatles' songs from this period for about three hours on Saturday. A Hard Day's Night is my fave from those, though I'll listen to any of them more or less anytime. Early Beatles are awesome. All Beatles are awesome. I think I'm about to go through one of those week-long periods where I'll listen to nothing but them.
  19. Slayer - Okay, I'll back up on the no-hokies thing now. And I feel bad for him for liking so much fruity power metal. Edwin - Guys, I was Metal Ed! That ought to do it. If Kinetic wins it all, I'll see if I can round up $20 and some frequent flier miles to have Jon Gruden come shit on his porch (do you have a porch at your new place?). Agent - KOAW. treble - I couldn't decide on this one, so I flipped a bag of Twinings Indian Spiced Chai Tea. Treble rides the "Brewing instructions" side to victory.
  20. Edwin MacPhisto

    24 -- Season 7

    I'm hoping the mole was really just that guy on the SWAT team. If that was it, no problem. If there's someone more heavily involved, then yeah, how many times have we seen this before?
  21. Edwin MacPhisto

    "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg

    A strong counterargument, and one I can allllmost get behind. I think their respective verses on that song are better than anything they do on "Regulate," but there's something about this one being the showcase for them and them alone that makes me content to note it as the peak. This extra-smooth g-funk sound is also one of the most distinct to come off the early-mid-90s g-funk mixing boards, which suits the two of them even better than the slightly bouncier party-track feel of "Ain't No Fun."
  22. Edwin MacPhisto

    AFC Championship Thread

    There are a handful of die-hard Ravens fans in my office, along with some very committed Steelers fans. I'm looking forward to some extremely mean-spirited banter.
  23. Edwin MacPhisto

    24 -- Season 7

    I'm guessing Tony's dead or incarcerated no later than the 6th or 7th episode, and really doesn't serve as much more than a hook to get people into this season's larger plot. Thought last night's two hours were very dull, very by-the-numbers 24. Already hate it's-not-CTU-it's-a-real-government-agency. At least we're off the west coast for once, though.
  24. Edwin MacPhisto


    Somewhat, but the constant defensive breakdowns on third and long have nothing to do with Plax.