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  1. I'm gonna post this while I'm in the middle of reviewing the tag match, but I think maybe one of the retirees or someone who has a lot of energy to burn could do maybe a "Confidential" style show every week, highlighting the history of the fed and maybe a wrestler or two, active and retired. I suggested one a while back, but as more of a recap show, to which it was pointed out that people would read that rather than the shows. I think that doing it with the Historical match of the week, posting maybe an AIM shoot interview with a person or two, and recapping the history of some more prominent figures in the fed would be cool. Call it "SWF Walk Off" (Which was suggested for one of the new shows, but fits the type of show more. Plus it has a nice ring to it) and do it once a week. I think it'd be a pretty cool thing to do, but I dunno if I have time to do it. So... what do you guys think?

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Whoever does it would probably need access to an IGN insider account for some of the stuff, but I know that some of us have them and could probably lend 'em too. I know TNT used to his From The Vault bit, which is sorta in this vein, so maybe when he gets back we can get him to pick it up again.

  2. I think you're overshooting. The Beatles albums I'd consider *absolutely* essential:



    Sgt. Pepper's

    Abbey Road


    Which is not to say that I don't own and adore everything from A Hard Day's Night forward. Those three--and, if you stretch it, the White Album--are the only ones I think everyone *needs*. Similar take on Zeppelin, though I don't kow their whole catalogue as well as I do the Beatles.

  3. Heh. This is strikingly familiar to me. If you go deep into the archives, you'll find that Kibagami and I ran a similar sort of blood feud with background in the past last year. This is good--it has the dirty, low-lit feel of the gymnasium, and the sheer relentlessness of Ebon giving everything a very reckless feel. Shift to first-person at the end is a good way to RP it up, make things even more direct and bring them into the now. I think it might have gone on a little too long...too many sentences that fold back on themselves just for the sake of increasing drama in the middle...but I diggity dig.

  4. Window Pain 2k3


    Okay, I was PRAYING for someone to do a Blondie reference, and you did it in the first 500 words. Bless your heart, Frosty. Riley is a bit over the top, but the fact that he actually seems to be expressing genuine concern that Flesher could get hurt actually ratchets stuff up--when was the last time Captain Shill-pants ever thought Superhuman Flesher was in the slightest danger? Tom's short promo is the bomb, and the glass all over the ring is already a new element to Window Pain that has me hyped to read this. You're getting all the little touches right, even having Eddy Long totally out of the way and explaining that he's there for one reason only. The early teases with the first glass table gets thing going well, and it's odd to see such a garbagey brawl from these two, but I think I like it. All the rubbing of faces into the glass in the mat has me kinda sick to my stomach, but it's certainly effective. Like Ejiro said and you acknowledged, the commentary is a bit ever-present. It cuts back a bit once they get in the ring, but still feels a little overbearing--not so much the content, but the presence of so much announcer talk in such a mondo brutal match. Then again, you write with a pretty laid-back approach to in-ring action, so it kinda helps amp stuff up. I could go either way on that.


    The match really turns from good to great when Tom reverses the chokeslam. From there on out your writing kicks up and it feels like a whole different ballgame--probably because Frost is in absolute danger of losing or worse for the first time. "Glass crunching underfoot" makes me feel like I'm in the future scenes of the first Terminator movie, which makes me happy. I loved seeing the smaller glass pieces come out--that's more Flesher's realm and adds to the feeling that he might be getting over on Frost again. After the cut, the match goes from great to balls-out bombastic, and I'm buying every move hit as a lead-in to the end. The steak sauce is cheesy, but whatever, I don't care at this point--the match is going on and on, and I mean that in a good way--after the slice on Tom's stomach, I'm afraid these guys are going to die. Boilermaker through the tables--no, superplex! Touch of Frost! Early Winter! Holy shit! TFDB! BOOYAH. The feud ends the only way it really good, with Frost finally getting the big win. And still, Tom doesn't lose heat because he can act like it was a garbage match even if the fans know otherwise. Nice.


    Frickin' brutal, one of the most hardcore matches the WF has seen. Maybe a little too much at points--I really must emphasize that I didn't like the glass swipe across Flesher's stomach, cause that could have really killed him if it was off a few inches, and I think it's going a bit too far. Still, this was all good enough to have me batting it back and forth with the great story of Danny and TNT as MOTN.

  5. I thought people just liked to heap praise on me because of my 14-inch penis. Shows how much I know.


    On the Mark/King angle: What Ejiro suggest definitely has merit, but I think even more so might be this: it's one segment on a PPV with 20, and most of them are around 8000-10000 words. Very easy to miss. Some sort of history/recap board promo done from an interesting perspective might pick people up more quickly. Also, Frost suggests that the angle needs to have long-running consequences that makes new stuff for the people who are permanently active. I don't know any big details (damn you CC, keeping secrets from your own!), but I would actually be kinda surprised if this didn't conclude with some sort of thing along those lines. For what it's worth, though, even at this point, I'm liking it muchly.


    And Frost, I'm finally up to your match. That's what you get for being second to last on the card, sucka.

  6. Gladly seconding Sam Cooke. His live album--not Live at the Copa but Live at the Harlem Square Club--is raw n' stupendous. "Bring It On Home To Me" = required listening.


    Prince, however, may be my all-time favorite vocalist. I've never heard anyone else who just goes so balls-out (sometimes literally) on everything he delivers. Awesome range, too.

  7. I know jack about copyright law, so Vyce or someone with more knowledge, step in any time, but aren't satire and parody given protection in this sort of situation? I don't think anyone who's not an idiot is going to believe that Franken's doing anything but poking fun and mocking Fox News in parodical/satirical/ironic fashion.

  8. And it sure helped in 1992, when the last republican president we've elected was tossed out of office.

    I know you guys are just blowing air up each other's skirts at this point, but Tyler, I'm a registered democrat, and you need to cut that shit out. The election was almost two years ago. You're making us look dumb, and the guy with the Prince avatar certainly doesn't need your help on that.

  9. F v. J bombs--though I bet they didn't spend much on it anyway. I'm gonna guess $18 million as a really generous upper limit if the fans turn out in droves, and $8 million as much closer.


    I, of course, have minimal expertise, but a niche internet community is the only place I've seen anyone giving a shit about this one.

  10. An explanation of my notes, for anyone who hasn't received them yet: a + denotes something I thought was neat while reading the match. A - is something that detracted. Sometimes I use a points system to judge the matches--for the PPV, I didn't feel I needed to, and instead used a bulk rating. On bulk ratings, I called both Sacred and Judge's matches 7 out of 10, and Craven's an 8. When I use words like 'poofling' or phrases like "too much CGI Spiderman"...well, they made sense at the time.


    Without further adieu...




    +Very compelling, hot-start approach to intros. Odd to have Craven in last, though.

    -Disappointed that Judge just copied entrances. Unfortunate time-saver, lacks PPV polish.

    +Oo, kip-up DDT. Way to suck up to me. Seriously though, it was smart.

    +Like canny Sacred hovering on the edge of things, taking apart Craven quickly while the other two hash it out. I think that’s a very effective characterization.

    +Fun bit with the temp Sacred/Craven alliance.

    +EXCELLENT payback for Sacred with the Narcosynthesis.

    -Awk. Transition into the triangle scissors.

    +But great Shining Triangle Hold! Disappointed it was blown so quickly, but oh well.

    +Loved Sacred getting both submissions. It takes balls to get a strong push behind someone in a match, and you did it exceptionally well.

    +Northern lights is a great Cruel Fate counter I don’t think I’ve seen before. Into the triple-chain is awesome!

    -But where’s the crowd reaction? Stuff starts to slip in this last fall—it feels like you ran out of time.

    -Hurricanrana is a bad desperation choice after that death combo. Why not a Muzz forearm?

    -Weak ending.

    Overall: A good match, lots of good spots. It was best during the first fall. Unfortunately a lack of excitement kinda killed the last fall. It was very cool to give Sacred the strong, clean submission wins on the first two falls, but the last battle lacked much tension. Also an utter lack of crowd reaction to most things—I know they’re both heels, but you’d think the amazing Northern lights combo would at least get them fired up one way or another. It’s a simple thing but something to pay attention to in the future.





    -Oh god, the entrances. Way way way too much. I like the background and the hype but gawwwwd was I bored. It’s PPV but it felt like 3000, 4000 words.

    -What the hell? Your commentary is reeeally spacey. Were you high? YOU WERE ON THE MARIJUANA.

    -Weak crossbody spot off the ropes, too CGI Spiderman for me.

    +Very much liked Judge’s submission school.

    -But I don’t like the guys talking to each other. FROOTY.

    +Very much like the pull-out into figure-four, plus Silent’s submission stack.

    +Like the moonsault, hate the speech. Cut it out already.

    +Craven Driver is great, as is the following sequence with Silent. Does as much for Craven as can be done in this environ. He’s gotta job first but he doesn’t go out like a chump.

    +Silent’s attitude is good. Very much like the Sacred/Judge double-team lariat. After you hinted at their tag prowess in the opening, I hope you pay it off by having the two of them defeat Kibs together.

    -Why the hell would you break up a submission in an elimination match? That’s retarded, even for wrathful Silent.

    -Have I mentioned this match is too long? I love detail, but this match is poofling. It’s utterly unnecessary and not well-paced. Way too much back and forth that just seems to be there for the hell of it, with not much progress happening through all the words. It’s back, forth, back, forth, and you could cut out a shitload of this and not lose much.

    -Still don’t know why all the break-up. Shrug.

    +Really loving the chain at the end. Encore Cross is a fun tease, you lovable suck-up you. As is the juji-gatame.

    +I like the finish. It picked up at the end.

    Overall: I’m gonna put this on about level with Judge’s. It’s got a lot of stupider stuff—all the people breaking up pinfalls and submissions, for one, and the horrifying attention to detail for another. It’s also got a lot of drama, detail, and a great Craven section (pun intended. I don’t know. This is just too long and loses a lot of its focus in the middle, especially the third quarter.

  11. My pleasure, my good man.


    I come into this with high expectations--after last year's match with Erek Taylor, Strangler's character seems tailor-made for street fights. The question is, does Thoth hold up as well?


    The answer is, unfortunately, a slight no. But I still liked it very, very much. The match doesn't really get going when they're still at the ring, but as soon as they start wandering all over the place, things really pick up. Strangler and the car is brilliant on all accounts. I love him driving Thoth's body out to the ring as a fast way to get him there. It's very cool. This match is not really my style--the big all over the place brawl was never something I was very good at, nor really too interested in--but I really dug this match. It was flat-out fun--not a technical masterpiece by any stretch, but very clever use of the environment and some great superhero face vs. weaselly sadistic heel interplay. The brawl in King's room makes a particularly effective use of props n' setpieces, and it's too rare that we see people go through windows. Kudos there. I also usually don't like run-ins, but TNT's was great--how could a tag partner not do that for his pal? I don't know why TBS wasted his time with the table, though. That kinda killed some of the momentum--if he was going to do that, the announcers should have played up him actually wanting to hurt, humiliate, and destroy Thoth, when it seemed like he really just wanted to get a pinfall and took that circuitous route. The ending slows down to a crawl, which is unfortunate--the Scum Gale counter and Massacre through a table is a brutal finish, but it sorta plods its way there. But with what came before, there's really no way around it...both men should be absolutely exhausted and murdered after going off ramps, going through tables, and bleeding all over the place. In the future, I might suggest some more energetic prose--we can feel the burnt-up struggle, but can also get more drama and intensity if you amp up the atmosphere end of it. All in all, a very solid, inventive brawl, but one that loses a bit of its crispness in the final act. The match suffers a bit because Thoth's character seems poorly engineered for the wild street fight, but Strangler the writer pulled it together very well thanks to the tenacity and bad-ass herodom of Strangler the character. A fine first title defense for the Superstation.

  12. Why would Beck make the list? Odelay was in 1996, and since then he's been overshot by the Flaming Lips as the quirky indie but also accepted by the mainstream rock artist. Rolling Stone adored Sea Change, but that wasn't really a huge trend, and very few people gave much of an extensive crap about Midnite Vultures or Mutations.